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文章原始标题:Going to China next month


Hi guys. I'm going to visit China next month and I would like some recommendations on places I should go. I have a few in mind but I would like to see more.
The cities I'm going to are:
Chongqing (3 days)
Chengdu (3 days)
Xi'an (3 days)
Xinxiang, Zhengzhou and Luoyang (4 days)
Beijing (3 days)
Shenzhen (1-2 days)
For Chengdu, I'm planning to visit the Panda Base, Xi'an the Terracotta Army, Beijing Forbidden City and Great Wall. What other places you recommend in these cities I listed above?
Edit: This'll be the second time I visit China. Last time I went was in 2019 and I visited Guangzhou, Guilin and Shanghai. I'll also be visiting my relatives in HK for another 13 days.


Chongqing is close to the 3 Gorges Dam. Also Ciqikou is nice.
Beijing -Add Tiananmen, the Forbidden city, and if you can some of the hutongs which western media claimed was totally destroyed. In regards to the Great Wall, just be aware there are different parts with different names, and depending on where you are in Beijing, they could be in opposite directions. From memory the main touristy areas of the Great wall are Mutianyu and Badaling.

北京 - 加上天安门、紫禁城,如果可以的话,再加上一些西方媒体声称被完全摧毁的胡同。关于长城,你要知道长城有不同的名称,而且根据你在北京的位置,它们可能在相反的方向。我记得,长城的主要旅游区是慕田峪和八达岭。

If you are only spending a couple days in a city, visiting tourist sites can take a whole day especially if it's outside the city. So you may actually miss seeing the city itself! For example, in Chongqing, if you visit the Dazu Rock Carvings. It's a 2 to 2.5 hr drive each way plus sightseeing time.
Even staying in the cities, it takes time to get orientated and find things, unless a local friend or guide is helping. Shopping malls are so huge you can easily spend a day or two in just one building. Some people can easily spend several days at Huaqiangbei, the Electronics market in Shenzhen.

如果你只在一个城市逗留几天,参观旅游景点可能需要一整天的时间,尤其是在城外。所以你可能会错过城市本身的美景!例如,在重庆,如果你参观大足石刻。单程车程加观光时间需要 2 到 2.5 小时。

Cyrone007 -> shanghaipotpie
Yeah 2 days in SZ is absolutely nothing, unless he rides an e-bike all day.


quack3927 -> shanghaipotpie
I'll also be staying in HK for another 13 days to visit my relatives so I can travel to Shenzhen quite easily. I have Petal Maps so it should be fine. I'm wondering if Huawei's Ox Horn campus is available for touring.


skyanvil -> quack3927
Try the ferry from HK to Shenzhen, it's a 30 minute boat ride that has some nice scenery.
As for high tech HQ's, go to Nanshan district in Shenzhen, a lot of high tech companies have HQ's there. Tencent, DJI, etc.
Tencent's new HQ building is open for tour I believe.

试试从香港到深圳的渡轮吧,船程 30 分钟,风景不错。
至于高科技总部,可以去深圳南山区,那里有很多高科技公司的总部。 腾讯、大疆等。

snake5k -> quack3927
If travelling to SZ by the new HSR know that do immigration on the HK side so arrive at West Kowloon station about 45-60 minutes before your train departs - as opposed to 20-30 minutes with trains within the mainland. It should be a bit faster if you have mainland ID, but I assume you don't.

如果乘坐新高铁前往深圳,要知道在香港一侧办理入境手续,所以要在火车出发前 45-60 分钟左右到达西九龙站,而在内地乘坐火车则只需 20-30 分钟。如果你有大陆身份证,应该会快一点,但我觉得你应该没有。

My recommendation is to not go to eight cities in two and half weeks…


snake5k -> midlife-crisis-actor
There's pros and cons to this approach. You won't get into anything too deeply, but you will get a very wide range of experiences that you won't get by staying very long in one place. I did 12 cities in 2 months in China just a few months ago, overlapping with some of the above.

这种方法有利有弊。虽然你无法深入了解,但你会获得广泛的体验,这是你在一个地方呆很长时间所无法获得的。就在几个月前,我用两个月的时间在中国游历了 12 座城市,与上面提到的一些城市重叠。

AxelllD -> snake5k
I was in Shanghai for a month, walked like 15-20km per day and at the end still felt like there was a lot I wanted to see. And that’s just one city.

我在上海待了一个月,每天步行 15-20 公里,最后还是觉得有很多地方想去看看。而这还只是一个城市。

Cyrone007 -> AxelllD
Yeah Shanghai is its own entire planet.


Fiyanggu -> midlife-crisis-actor
I agree, this itinerary is rushed.


I just got back from a month visit (Beijing, Xi’an, Chongqing, Guilin, Changsha, Shanghai). You’ve covered a lot of what I did but the summer palace in Beijing was so beautiful and lovely to visit!


If I have a recommendation, DON'T try to do too many cities in one trip. You see, China is a big place. Even with high speed rail (or plane), it takes HOURS to transfer between cities, and combined with down time for you to get to/from the railway station and airport, that is time you won't be on the ground sightseeing. I learned that in my travels all over the world. Unless you literally have a month or two off, don't try to jump all over the map, because you'll end up spending most of your time on transport and you'll see less.
A huge city like Beijing and Xi'an with so much history can easily get a few more day. For example, you can spend an entire day in the National Museum, a day just to see Forbidden City properly, another day to Summer Palace and adjacent sights in the same area, etc.
If it's your first trip, you probably want to get Beijing and Xi'an, and maybe Shenzhen to see a "new" China to contrast with the history you'll see in the older cities (Guangzhou is right next to Shenzhen and effectively part of the same area with plenty of history and "new China" too). The other cities can be visited on another trip. You haven't even listed places like Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai. Again, remember China is double the size of the European Union. You have to be selective which part you want to visit on one trip.


jorvis_nonof -> SonOfTheDragon101
Buying tickets is also a big PITA after the pandemic because there are so many added security checks for buying HSR tickets on the app, especially if you're a foreigner. Also don't forget to bring your passport to everything - hotels, museums, etc. you will be required to show it. Bring it, but don't lose it, or you will be arrested for illegal immigration and banned from China forever.