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文章原始标题:What is one place on Earth you would never go to? Why?

Nigeria! “Everything in Nigeria will kill you”
With a population 180+ million people, Nigeria is truly endowed with diverse talents, potentials, and resources. However, all these are just latent.
The education system is so bad, there are so many half educated illiterates getting churned out of Universities - becoming almost unemployable. Even if they were employable, there are obviously too few avenues to get meaningfully engaged professionally.
The Government! Well, that is just synonymous to corruption. It is more like they have absolutely no idea what it takes to make a country tick…Electricity is a luxury here, internet is insanely expensive; if you have to learn some new things online…some new skills, then, you'd better have a sponsor.

尼日利亚拥有 1.8 亿多人口,确实拥有各种人才、潜力和资源。然而,所有这些都只是潜在的。

And the youths? Well, some of us working really hard have to constantly watch our backs to avoid getting scammed of our hard-earned money.
Religion? More than half of people have become enslaved mentally, following blind doctrines. Imagine a country with so much unemployment, poor infrastructures, so many people below poverty line, having some of the world's richest pastors…
I have promised myself, that I will work hard, until I can afford to move out of this country, give my kids a chance at better education, and ultimately a chance to fully realise their potentials…
No matter how long it takes!

我对自己承诺,我会努力工作,直到我有能力搬出这个国家,给我的孩子们一个接受更好教育的机会,最终让他们有机会充分发挥自己的潜能... 无论需要花多长时间!

Faith Paul B.S. in Zoology and Biology, Delaware Valley University (Graduated 2021)
Sea World
Unfortunately, I’ve already been there, long before most Americans knew of the cruelty harbored there. I was very young.
In 2013, the documentary, “Blackfish,” was released. The film quickly gained notoriety for the distressing nature of its content, which uncovered the shocking, miserable truth that Seaworld withheld from the public for decades.
For anyone who has not seen “Blackfish,” I urge you to. It’s extremely interesting and well executed, but incredibly disturbing. “Blackfish” is currently on Netflix.
“Blackfish” is informative and covers everything from how the first orcas in captivity came to be, to the multiple human deaths associated with the whales. It also emphasizes the intellectual and emotional depth of the killer whale.


2013 年,纪录片《黑鱼》上映。这部电影很快因其令人痛苦的内容而臭名昭著,它揭示了海洋公园向公众隐瞒了几十年的令人震惊的悲惨真相。
对于没有看过《黑鱼》的人,我建议你去看看。这部影片非常有趣,制作精良,但非常让人不安。《黑鱼》目前正在 Netflix上播放。

But after watching the documentary, it wasn’t the small tank enclosures or blatant lies that Seaworld spread that angered me so much, although both of those things are unacceptable. What truly shocked me to the core was learning about an Orca’s brain and that it is built unlike those of other mammals. Aside from being extremely large, the emotional processing portion of a killer whale’s brain is far more elaborate and proportionately greater to that of a human brain. Orcas feel and think in ways unimaginable to us. They aren't just intelligent. They’re biologically engineered to collaborate with others of their kind. In other words, socialization, as well as stimulation, are incredibly important to the well-being of these animals. In many ways they are like humans in that they are capable of expressing emotions and thinking things through.
After learning about an orca’s mental and emotional capacity, the tiny tanks, stolen babies, isolation, and lack of entertainment no longer seemed simply cruel. It seemed like unimaginable torture.
An account of one whale, who, after having her baby taken away, emitted long-range echolocation in an effort to communicate with her child— a sound never registered from an orca before — only further solidified my new feelings towards seaworld.


And, later, I heard news of an “Orca Suicide.” A male killer whale known for ramming his head into the walls of his enclosure all day long, had finally succumbed to an aneurysm. I just about broke down.
Keeping animals as intelligent and sensitive as orcas isolated and locked up is wrong. Plain and simple. There is so much evidence against keeping killer whales in captivity that it’s practically a joke — most animals in captivity can expect to live longer than their wild counterparts, but the life span of a captive killer whale is significantly lower than the life span of a wild orca. If that alone isn’t enough evidence to keep such beautiful animals out of tanks and in the wild where they belong, I don’t know what is.
Seaworld has announced that this generation of whales will be the last generation. It’s a step in the right direction, and I am impressed by their initiative, but it still won’t change how many and for how long Seaworld’s past and present orcas suffered. It almost seems like a cruel science experiment. Likewise, Seaworld's current whales are still kept in the same living conditions. While rescue organizations have successfully retired orcas from other parks to sanctuary sea pens and closed off ocean coves, therefore giving the animals a much better life, Seaworld’s whales will still be housed in their small chamber-like tanks that are still on display for public viewing. Keeping the whales in their current situations, but no longer breeding them, is equivalent to Ringling Bros retiring itself elephants to a concrete “sanctuary.” Despite captive orcas having a mortality rate 2.5 times higher than their wild relatives, Seaworld may have its orcas for another 30 years or more. For the whales, that’s the rest of their lives spent in the equivalent of a kiddie pool.

后来,我听到了 "虎鲸自杀 "的消息。一头以整天用头撞围栏墙壁而闻名的雄性虎鲸,最终死于动脉瘤。我几乎崩溃了。把像虎鲸这样聪明敏感的动物隔离起来关起来是错误的。简单明了。反对人工饲养虎鲸的证据太多了,这简直就是个笑话,虽然大多数人工饲养的动物都比野生动物活得长,但人工饲养的虎鲸的寿命明显低于野生虎鲸。如果单凭这一点还不足以证明应该把如此美丽的动物从水箱中拯救出来,放归大自然,我不知道还有什么能证明这一点。
海洋公园已经宣布,这一代鲸鱼将是最后一代。这是朝着正确方向迈出的一步,他们的举措给我留下了深刻印象,但这仍然无法改变海洋公园过去和现在的虎鲸遭受了多少和多长时间的痛苦。这几乎就像是一场残酷的科学实验。同样,海洋公园现在的鲸鱼仍然被关在同样的生活条件下。虽然救援组织已经成功地将其他公园的虎鲸退养到保护区的海洋围栏和封闭的海湾中,从而使这些动物过上了更好的生活,但海洋公园的鲸鱼仍将被饲养在它们的小密室般的水箱中,这些水箱仍在展出供公众观赏。让鲸鱼保持在目前的环境中,但不再进行繁殖,这就相当于畸形秀马戏团把自己的大象退养到一个混凝土的 "避难所 "中。尽管圈养虎鲸的死亡率比野生虎鲸高出 2.5 倍,但海洋公园可能还要再圈养虎鲸 30 年或更久。对于这些鲸鱼来说,它们的余生都将在儿童游泳池中度过。

Shanfa Chaiyadi Lives in Jakarta
Saudi Arabia
There’s no reason to visit this country.
No tourist visa available.
I’m not a Muslim, so I’m automatically banned from visiting Mecca.
The weather seems unpleasant. I wouldn’t want to wear abaya under such extreme sun heat.
No cinema or any form of entertainment. The only fun things to do seems to be eating and shopping.
It’s still an oppressive place, and is one of the biggest human rights’ violators.
A global exporter of “Wahabbism”, which is an extreme form of Islam.
Not a good thing.


Ronny Nielsen Business & Real Estate Consultant
Oh man, I have just the perfect place for you. Take a look at the picture below, it doesn't look that bad, right?
Welcome to Oymyakon in Russia.
This remote Russian town is known as the coldest inhabited place on Earth. Its 500 residents live in darkness for 21 hours a day with an average temperature of -50°C and temperatures have been recorded as low as -67°C.
It's impossible to grow crops there, so people live on reindeer meat, frozen fish, and ice cubes of horse blood with macaroni, according to WIRED. Indoor plumbing is also tricky, since the water freezes, so most people use outhouses.
Getting there can take several days. From Moscow, a flight to either Yakutsk or to Magadan is the closest you can get, and both are over 900 km (560 miles) away. The road from those cities that leads to Oymyakon is called "The Road of Bones." Don't drive it alone.

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Martin Dièdre Lives in Lyon, France (2020–present)
I’m very open to discover most of the countries in the World but I’d say:
Saudi Arabia: The climate is suffocating and it’s mostly sand dunes and rocks. But the desert is not the only reason. Saudi Arabia to me is morally the most disgusting, cold-hearted, fake, conservative and hypocritical country in the World. It’s a bit the same for Qatar, Koweit, UAE, but Saudi is much more powerful which makes it even more influential and boundless.

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Tomasz Filipczak Studied Business Management & Leadership (Graduated 2019)
The North Sentinel Island.
In the Bay of Bengal, home to the Sentinelese tribe, lies an island whose people are known for killing anyone who ventures too close to the island’s shores, be that intentionally or by accident.
In 2006, two eager Indian fishermen were mud crabbing not far from the island.
As night fell they put down a makeshift anchor, which failed them while they were sleeping. The current pushed their boat too close to the shore, and the Sentinelese murdered them in an instant.
When Indian officials came to retrieve the bodies, a volley of arrows was shot at the helicopter forcing the pilots to retreat and eventually give up.
So little is known about the island that the population is estimated to be between 50 and 400.
The violent and defensive tendencies of the Sentinelese people have left India’s Government to enforce a 3-mile ban around the island, urging people to leave the North Sentinel Island alone.
Safe to say it’s a place on Earth I’d never go to.

【回答】学习商业管理与领导力(2019 年毕业)
2006 年,两名热心的印度渔民在离岛不远的地方捕捉泥蟹。
人们对这座岛知之甚少,估计人口在 50 到 400 之间。
森提奈人的暴力和防御倾向使得印度政府不得不在该岛周围 3 英里范围内实施禁令,敦促人们不要靠近北哨兵岛。