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文章原始标题:India may become winner in US-China trade war


The Indian economy could benefit by $11 billion as some international manufacturers move production to the country due to trade tensions between Washington and Beijing.


That’s according to a report from Singapore’s DBS Bank. It said that ″India could increase its trade footprint in [the] midst of the US-China trade conflict, particularly under categories on which US has imposed tariffs on China.”

这是根据新加坡星展银行的一份报告。 它表示,“印度可能会在美中贸易冲突中增加自己的贸易足迹,尤其是在美国对中国征收关税的类别中。”

The bank’s economist, Radhika Rao, told CNBC: “Apart from trade, diversion in investment flows is an opportunity that India could benefit from, as manufacturers seek alternative origination destinations.”

世行经济学家拉迪卡 · 拉奥对 CNBC 表示: “除了贸易,投资流动的转移也是印度可以从中受益的一个机遇,因为制造商正在寻找其他的投资目的地。”

According to Rao, the top three sectors in India that could benefit from the trade war are pharmaceutical, chemicals, and engineering. She noted that the South Asian country is already competitive in those industries globally and will likely be well-placed to meet further demand.

拉奥表示,印度可能从贸易战中获益最多的三个行业是制药、化工和工程。 她指出,南亚国家在这些产业中已经具有全球竞争力,很可能完全能够满足进一步的需求。

A report from the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) showed that the nation’s pharmaceutical industry supplies over half the world’s vaccine demand, and 25 percent of medicines in the United Kingdom. The country also exports more than 60 percent of its engineering goods to the United States and Europe.

印度品牌资产基金会(IBEF)的一份报告显示,印度制药业供应了全世界一半以上的疫苗需求,以及供应了英国25% 的药品。 该国还有60% 以上的工程产品出口到美国和欧洲。

Experts point out two key challenges that businesses face in India, such as land laws and labor regulations. Among the major hurdles for manufacturing, they mentioned lack of proper infrastructure.


11 bil wont even cover the sanctions the US removed from preferential trade.. Not sure why this is even a news item. Its not even a blip in china's economy. Maybe if it was for nepal, it would make a difference.
Also the things china sells to the US are also the same things india imports from china.


It open the flood gates.


Hindu power is much stronger than Amercian zio-juice.


This is coming from an Indian - we are not in a position to take advantage of anything. Instead of relaxing the investment policies our politicians were busy to rake up unnecessary (not ASAP) issues, especially when the economy was slowing down.

这是一个印度人的说法——我们利用不了任何事物。我们的政治家们没有放松投资政策,而是忙于处理不重要的问题 ,尤其是在经济放缓的时候。

I agree with you.


You can't win a trade war. You can't win a propaganda war.
You can win a military conflict. You can win through regime change.


thats why they lie about everything


Yes, India can take over production of flip flops. Win Win.


Ancient ancestor once say, “Words cannot cook rice.”


India can rejoice at the expense of China. Enjoy it because it won't last. China has its sight at the bigger trophy, and that is what worries American.


Not surprised, the manufactures have no loyalty, just greed, that's why they left the US to begin with.


What to win. India only know how to make more babies.

赢什么? 印度只知道怎么生更多的孩子。

Yes and their and other regions and so called religions multiplying exponentially, is the cause of the climate crisis, if not yet but in any case later on if they don't stop multiplying uncontrolled like rats. The Western Christians and secular cutting back on how many children they have while certain religions and countries encourage their people to multiply more and take over the world. Stop talk climate crisis when the real problem is overpopulation.


Anyone who has dealt with Indian business knows that wont happen ! Indian trade ethics don't exist !!!

任何一个和印度商业打过交道的人都知道这是不可能的! 印度的贸易道德根本不存在! ! !

This is pure speculations. Products moved from China to India are unlikely to be allowed to re-enter China for sale. Companies planning these moves are also taking a risk on their Chinese operations if they have any left in this country.

这是纯粹的推测。 从中国运往印度的产品不太可能被允许重新进入中国销售。 计划采取这些举措的公司,如果在中国还有任何业务的话,也是在冒险。

Kevin Mark Bauer
Certainly India's Economy will take off with the US / China Trade War but at the same time , they have to avoid making the same mistakes China did or they will become the subject of many a Tariff for their goods in the US. The President and Prime Minister ( President ? ) Modi are supposed good Friends , being allied with the US keeps Pakistan at bay for the most part so I am sure they will work it out , if they already haven't.


allan Kaplan
Just wait and see one day Trump get pissed off at India and the entire trivial love affair takes a nose dive China style in a minute!


Kevin Mark Bauer
Yup and their bid to be seen as a "Developing Nation" to get favourable Trade terms with the US would do just that. I'm sorry but if your Nation has Nuclear Weapons and are sending Probes to Mars , the Moon etc. You are NOT a developing Nation. At least that is what I believe the President will tell P.M. Modi

是的,中国希望自己被视为一个“发展中国家” ,以获得与美国的优惠贸易条款,就是这样做的。 我很抱歉,但如果你的国家有核武器,并正在发送火星、月球探测器等,那么你们就不是一个发展中国家。至少我相信美国总统会这样告诉莫迪总理的。

And what mistakes did the Chinese made ?? For being too optimistic? For advancing and progressing too rapidly and speedily? For the advances in their technological know hows like AI etc? For rolling out their Belt and Road Initiative without US on board? ???
India too have substantial protectionism in their home market.
Friendship with Trump lasts until the next tariff charge, or when Trump lost the upper hand.

中国人犯了什么错?因为过于乐观? 还是说进步太快太快了?还是说他们科技的先进,比如人工智能等?还是说在没有美国参与的情况下,他们推出了他们的一带一路计划???

Kevin Mark Bauer
No , their mistake was stealing American and other Countries technology to be this advanced. Plus their manipulation of currency that a few Presidents besides Trump have called out. Their Forced Technology Transfers for Corporations wanting to do business in China. Etc. , Etc. , etc. Name me one Chinese Advancement they didn't steal from another Country. I'll wait right here.

不,中国的错误在于窃取了美国和其他国家的技术,从而达到了如此先进的水平。 加上他们操纵货币的行为,除了特朗普之外,还有几位总统提出过这个问题。他们为想在中国做生意的公司强迫技术转移,等等很多。 告诉我一个中国进步是他们没有从其他国家偷来的。我就在这儿听着。

The same modus operandi was practiced by the likes of Japan, S.Korea and now India.


Being optimistic these days is a winner already. Go India !


Suchi Baat
India dont have the industrial capacity and resources to counter balance the rate at which chinese were able to produce. This will remain just remain as a wet dream.

印度没有足够的工业能力和资源来平衡中国的生产速度。 这仍将只是一场梦遗。

No problem as long its from BRICS country....


venze chern
An Indian expert speaks on behalf of India. On one hand, 'The Indian economy could benefit by $11 billion as some international manufacturers move production to the country.' On the other, ' the main hurdles are land laws and labor regulations, lack of proper infrastructure.' So?
There will only be losers in China-US trade war, and hardly any other winner.


As long as non Muslims benefits, it is good for world peace.


The world would be a better place if Indians & Asians, stayed In there own country's and made it a success.


Unfortunately, India does not make quality products.


As if Chinese products has any quality.


That's true, the west makes the best quality products.


As an Indian, I am more interested in China receiving punishment then India benefiting from it. China needs to be stopped at any cost.


Unlikely, the only thing that can stop China is China.


US is pumping India with technology and money to tackle China but India is on suiside mission and destroy itself in coming days if Modi Hitler stays in power.

美国正在向印度提供技术和资金来对付中国,但印度正在忙于抹脖子,如果莫迪 · 希特勒继续掌权,印度将在未来几天内毁灭了自己。

Why US Factory from China moving to India, only few US Factory are moving to India, GOOGLE China will definitely moving to INDIA, to avoid Chinese stealing intel property and forced Tech transfer policy. WALMART will definitely building FACTORY in India, what you see inside Walmart soon will see all Made in India. TOILET paper-Made in Mexico-cheapest, China=2nd cheapest due to 15% tariff, Canada-USA expensive, soon Made in India will be the Cheapest, Walmart sells Million items ..

为什么美国工厂要从中国转移到印度?只有少数美国工厂转移到印度,谷歌中国肯定会转移到印度,以避免中国窃取英特尔资产和被迫实行技术转让政策。沃尔玛肯定会在印度建立工厂,你在沃尔玛内部很快就会看到所有的东西都是印度制造。 厕纸,墨西哥制造的是最便宜的,中国第二便宜,由于15% 的关税,加拿大和美国最贵。沃尔玛销售的万件商品中,很快印度制造将会是最便宜的。

India will not become a winner in US China trade war as its the highest world economy with 50% dirty people, US is fake economy as it prints dollars from thin air and oils-dollar exchange , chines economy is budget deficit , fake economy .


China already partly moved production capacities to India and Africa. So, our American friends must not fear that the beloved Nikes and Dollar shop haut couture wear become more expensive.

中国已将部分生产能力转移到印度和非洲。 所以,我们的美国朋友一定不要害怕心爱的耐克、一元店和高级定制服装变得更加贵啊。

India's economy is not based on exports like China's economy, we have a domestic market economy. We do not have the time to be involved in or care about trade wars between China and the US.

印度的经济不像中国的经济是以出口为基础的,我们有一个国内市场经济。 我们没有时间介入或关心中美之间的贸易战。

FM Sheheryar
Very Unlikely ... India's serious institutional impediments, structural abnormalities, and institutionalises inequalities place serious impediments to Efficient Conversion of its Human Potential into Economic Output ...


Dixon Varghese
Future Days Belongs to INDIA!


Blockchain harley_slamm
I doubt it very much! The biggest winner with be Taiwan and Indonesia


PURYASTAK पुर्यष्टक
Yes,But it needs fast strategic decisions.
Like providing tax benefit to thise migrating company unit from China to india.


Dreams remains cost less


Blockchain harley_slamm
Lack of infrastructure and continues chaos and political bureaucracy is the biggest hurdle to the Indian dream...Wont happen any time in the next century

印度缺乏基础设施,持续的混乱和政治官僚主义是印度梦想的最大障碍... 在下个世纪任何时候,成为赢家什么的都不会发生

Shiva rudraksh
india has done enuff for Engineering infra... Lets do something about world's everlasting demand on food cereals, pulses & Vegetables & Dairy products.


We have to Focus on Increasing FDI, JV manufacturing & Internal manufacturing/consumption bond.


Chutintorn Sam Gongsakdi
The Indian economy could earn USD 11 bn as some international manufacturers move production due to China-US trade war. Top sectors that could benefit are pharmaceuticals, chemicals & engineering.


Sigilosamente India cobra importancia y se beneficia de idioteces de otros.


Mohammad Farooq
The South Asian nation’s pharmaceutical industry supplies over half the world’s vaccine demand, and 25% of medicines in the United Kingdom, according to a July 2019 report from the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF).

根据印度品牌资产基金会(IBEF)2019年7月的一份报告,印度的制药业提供了全世界一半以上的疫苗需求,以及供应了英国25% 的药品。

Asia Customs & Trade
CNBC: India could benefit from the fallout in the U.S.-China trade war but much-needed reforms on land and labor could prove to be a challenge for companies trying to do business there.


Puneet Thakkar
Only if India can reform land and labor, as well as the lack of infrastructure.


India could re-bounce it's economy if the next six months are spent on reviving infrastructure and reforming agricultural investments, instead of foreign investments seek answers within.. financial and political initiatives are just not the right ways now


Shamsher Singh Mann
The opportunity is there, but do we have the ability to score?


India needs to move fast, through innovative policies and clear focus on infrastructure development ... But lot more remains to be done and done urgently.

印度需要快速行动,通过创新的政策和着重基础设施的发展... 但还有很多工作要做,而且迫切需要尽快完成。

Celery .Z
India has enough labor force,area. But religions,thinking limit the development and caste system still not eliminated completely which results low efficiency

印度有足够的劳动力,土地面积。 但是宗教思想制约了发展,种姓制度还没有完全消除,效率低下。

Dream on......


Zheng Peejay
In fact, other Asian countries should consider importing manufacturing management talents from China. China has a lot of manufacturing talents


Kiron Das
bangladesh,vietnam has also got benefit


Amy Kazmin
India hopes to benefit from the US-China trade war. But the big winner is Vietnam, whose exports to the US have surged by 40 percent in the first four months of 2019 vs 2018.

印度希望从美中贸易战中获益。但最大的赢家是越南,2019年前四个月,越南对美国的出口相对于2018年猛增了40% 。

Eurasia Group
Winners in a US-China #TradeWar: EU, Brazil, Canada, India ...
Losers: US and China


Indian stock markets have actually not only discounted this trade war, but has actually celebrated easing of inflation. Ultimately India would emerge winner in this US-China trade war.


allan Kaplan
India's possibilities of gaining a few crumbs is not going to put a dent in China's gigantic manufacturing world class consumer and industrial product manufacturing capabilities. India has a long way to go to manufacture world class product due to its 1st and 2nd generation manufacturing plants and its old generation labor culture! Despite the windfall from USA-China's trade war, India will not gain any considerable amount of benefits. China has become the force to reckon with thanks to the greedy and immoral American Corporate thieves who are responsible for China's incredible climb!

印度可能会得到一些零头,但不会削弱中国庞大的制造业、世界级的消费能力和工业产品制造能力。由于印度的第一代和第二代制造工厂以及老旧的劳动文化,印度在制造世界级产品方面还有很长的路要走!尽管从美中贸易战中获得了意外之财,但印度不会获得任何可观的利益。 多亏了那些贪婪和不道德的美国企业小偷,中国已经成为一股不可忽视的力量,他们对中国令人难以置信的崛起负有责任!

محمد الحركان
because India is the one who's playing in the shadow!