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文章原始标题:New bullet train starts operation in Xinjiang, China

内容简介:在中国西北部的新疆维吾尔自治区,时速160公里的高速列车已经投入运行,以取代老式和低速的列车。 电气动车组列车被命名为复兴号,与北京和上海之间运行的时速350公里的列车相同。 它可以在该地区现有的铁

Bullet trains that can run at 160 km/h have been put into operation to replace the older and slower models in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
The electric multiple units (EMU) train is named Fuxing, the same as the 350 km/h model that runs between Beijing and Shanghai. It can run on the existing rails in the region but has sealed compartments, internal temperature control, and runs quieter.

电气动车组列车被命名为复兴号,与北京和上海之间运行的时速350公里的列车相同。 它可以在该地区现有的铁路上运行,有密封的车厢,内部有温度控制,运行更安静。

The first such trains started operation on August 8 from Urumqi to Korla, with a total of three pairs of trains running daily. The train can cut the intercity travel time from five to three hours.
In the future, there will be 20 more sets of Fuxing trains linking multiple cities in the region, according to China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd.
The region received about 75.9 million visitors in the first half of this year, up 46 percent compared with the same period last year, according to regional officials.

首列这样的列车于8月8日开始运行,从乌鲁木齐到库尔勒,每天总共运行3对列车。 这列火车可以把城际旅行时间从五小时缩短到三小时。据中国中铁乌鲁木齐集团有限公司称,未来将有20多列复兴号列车连接该地区的多个城市。
据当地官员称,今年上半年,该地区接待游客约7590万人次,同比增长46% 。

Great achievement for China and the People of Xinjiang. - Like:102


just live
Western media spreads propaganda and anti China rhetoric but Chinese government just work and gets work done day by day....i am really inspired by Chinese work ethics...go China 💪 - Like:43

西方媒体散布宣传和反华言论,但中国政府日复一日地工作和保证工作的完成... 我真的被中国的工作道德所鼓舞... 加油吧中国

Cob 702
All we have in America is more and more Homeless tent ⛺ cities popping up on city sidewalks hahaha - Like:16

在我们美国,所拥有的就是城市的人行道上,越来越多的无家可归者的帐篷 哈哈哈

XP JR 22 88
There's three high speed rail lines that will be in Construction in 2020. Not including California HSR because that will never be done. Two by Virgin Trains USA and other by a company inspired by Japanese HSR building a line in Texas. - Like:0

美国有三条高速铁路线将在2020年建成。 但不包括加利福尼亚州的高铁,因为那是永远不可能完成的。两条由美国维珍火车公司建设,另一条线路由一家受日本高铁启发的公司在德克萨斯州建设。

Go go go China you have shown the world that, wonders can be done without wars and ripping off other nations - Like:95


jerry daniel
no other nations can bully forever 💪💪💪💪
Hypocrites dark side jealous of China wish China failed because China more advanced country in the 🌏 today China time 😁😁😁 - Like:3


Stanley Marzec
Why the west doesn' have it? I mean the most woaining is America. In reality the Chinese are very hard working 24/7 they deserve all the best. They know that nothing is free but only though hard work, discipliine and persistency can be something acheaved to the greatest results and prosperity. Stop complaining ok? Start working harder. - Like:2

为什么西方没有? 我的意思是,最令人悲哀的是美国。 事实上,中国人每时每刻都在努力工作,他们应该得到最好的。 他们知道,没有什么是免费的,只有通过努力工作、遵守纪律和坚持不懈才能获得最大的成就和繁荣。别抱怨了,好吗? 开始更努力地工作。

Except all China does is rip off other nations and put Uighurs in camps - Like:0


Yoga Andoyo Aji
Next indonesia will have first bullet train in asean on 2021 by china railway company. - Like:9


Endelig Gnist
Fun fact: China has more high speed rail than all other nations in the world combined. - Like:19

有趣的事实: 中国拥有的高速铁路比世界上所有其他国家加起来还要多。

Cisco Kid
That is not very accurate.. China's HSR tracks are 24,000km while the rest of the world combined is only 12,000km. China's HSR is DOUBLE the rest of the world combined! - Like:7


tino v
Who cares what US thinks. Greece loves China!! - Like:5


Art Zhao
Hater gonna hate. Lol look no one hate the weak and helpless.
butthurt them lol - Like:2


Angelus Marcarita
Amazing. USA is a dinosaur now. Old and near to the end. - Like:5


th ear
The purpose of fake news is really scary - Like:10


xihang yang
they keep on showing prison in Xinjiang as concentration camp. Remember Muslims need halal food and they also need Uyghur speaking guard since most of them do not speak mandarin. When a Uyghur rob someone and end up in jail in big city like Beijing they need to be send back to Xinjiang. Since there family is there where they can visits them. and there prison also can providing with halal food education program for when they are release from prison. - Like:5


Sorin Tiplea
BRAVO CHINA 🇨🇳 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 !!! THE DRAGON MOVED HIS TAIL !!! 🐉 - Like:14

为中国喝彩! ! ! 龙移动了它的尾巴! !

I am here to read butt hurt westerner's comment ... lol, let's see how many I can find - Like:2

我来这里是为了阅读受伤的西方人的评论... 哈哈,让我们看看我能找到多少

Abu Zafar
china dominate in bullet train technology - Like:10


Ploppy Ploppy
Mmmmmm brilliant our cousin's are rising and we rise as one . - Like:3


أشور Ashur
Love to Mather china - Like:7


Great Monkey King X
Absolutely beautiful. You forgot to mention it's all sustainable energy compatible. - Like:10


Cisco Kid
Now that's what I call progress - Like:6


Very beautiful train this time.. - Like:18


The train station even had Arabic language sign. That show the Chinese is taking good care of the Muslim in China. See the video at 1.23 timing. - Like:4

火车站甚至还有阿拉伯语的标志。 说明中国人很关心中国的穆斯林。

western media:fake news - Like:8


Andrew Manook
Wish we had this in Australia. - Like:45


Kenny Ng
Yeah, Australia is such a big continent. It should have bullet trains to shorten the travel time. - Like:8

是啊,澳大利亚是个很大的大陆。 它应该有子弹头列车,以缩短旅行时间。

Certainly, Australia too can have China HSR if its politicians can just concentrate on doing business with China instead of following Big Bully disastrous foreign policies on containing China legitimate rise - Like:18


Randy Fisk
Russia need this - Like:7


i think Australia is stupid. China treat you as good paterner. but you want to be the follow chicks of the USA. - Like:6


Cheer up for the Great Chinese rejuvenation under Great meritocracy prevail - Like:31


Free the Uighurs from the CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN XINJIANG - Like:0


dollan song
Close guantomo bay and your filthy american mouth! - Like:2


Ploppy Ploppy
Please please please know we do not believe our western politicians and governments . Normal everyday people do not judge China we know America is scared of Chinese development . So a happy hello to all of our cousin's in China. - Like:3


As another ungreatful Indian, I am ashamed of our creeping progress.
Facts speak for themselves...we need to learn a lot from China - Like:33

事实不言自明... 我们需要从中国学到很多东西

Paul Baransky
The first thing you can learn is one child per family. Once you get that, then other things will fall into place. - Like:0

你能学到的第一件事就是,每个家庭只有一个孩子。 一旦你做到了这一点,其他的事情就会迎刃而解。

beryl thienhaus
Enjoy... love it China..😁😁 - Like:13


statorworks 345
You guys work hard, well deserved - Like:3


In the near future, Xinjiang will have a 600 kph bullet train to shorten the time.
Now, it is almost like a test running in desert environment. - Like:0


Truth Win
Indian Cites don't even have a good footpath to walk around cites for pedestrians in India - Like:38


Colin Tan
They can use cowdung to pave more footpaths. - Like:6


Anna Chan
India , the so called democracy yet so many Indians need to immigrate to the west to survive though they have much freedom & democracy , gee I wonder why. - Like:13


Hindu Indian
I am Indian nd i agree with this.
Our Country sucks nd our Media keep on saying that China is a loser country.
Indian Army is more powerful than Chinese army that's what Indian Media shows nd people in our country believes that rubbish media. - Like:13


I am from India and I want to migrate to Western Countries if not possible China, Japan, Korea Australia etc there country will also be preferable there is huge unemployment, work opportunities, high medical expenses not even basic facilities like mentioned above a footpath to walk around cites, Politics is rising day by day, Regional , Language, Caste, Religion barrier is much common also daily I said daily train is late by 2-4 hour some are late 8-18 hours even days, also foreign currency is rising and Indian Rupees is depressing that also become a barrier and made budget high, tension hypertension is growing day by day population plus pollution with chemical fertilizer with no affordable ealth facilities not even good footpath to walk around cites - Like:9


Kiran G
China was in same situation few years ago. - Like:0


Randy Fisk
G Every Country was in a bad situation but India is a hell lot from different with it's huge hypocrisy - Like:8


n krish
20 year ago China also look like shit stfu - Like:2


Stingy India has no chance to became like China in the next 300 years - Like:5


That what Indian do find a excuse in every thing China founded at 1 October 1949 and India got independence at 1947 and it's feel suffocation in India and there are more like these shit people India cannot prove himself only they have words I am living in India and I know that there is not even good footpath in India - Like:4


Please don't condemn our Indian brothers. China should assist them. They are our Asian brothers and neighbors. - Like:2

请不要谴责我们的印度兄弟。 中国应该帮助他们。 他们是我们的亚洲兄弟和邻居。

Great Monkey King X
I believe America, India and the whole world have a lot to learn from China! - Like:1


Darknight E
krish now indian still didn't change and still look like a shithole stfu - Like:0


It’s green because China shows respect to Islam, a beautiful religion if practiced properly. - Like:0


just want to be the top of the world. work hard and gogogo - Like:0


Chris P Bacon
Australian trains are old, slow and disgusting. - Like:21


David Lloyd-Jones
That's nice -- but I don't think 160 km/hr qualifies as a bullet train. The French TGF, the original Japanese bullet, the Shinkansen, and a number of Chinese lines qualify. This one doesn't seem to. - Like:0

这很好——但我不认为160公里 / 小时的速度可以称得上子弹头列车。法国的 TGF、原来的日本子弹、新干线和一些中国线路都符合标准。但这看起来不像。

zong zonj
this is not bullet train it is 160 kmph - Like:0


This is Social Media. Shall we all behave in the utmost decorum please? I sincerely ask everyone not to insult fellow commentators who have all the right to post their views. If there are trolls ignore them, replying or insulting them makes you one of them and that's what they want. Let's all enjoy the clip. With malice towards none with charity for all. - Like:1

这就是社交媒体。请大家举止得体一点好吗? 我真诚地请求大家不要侮辱那些发表自己观点的评论者。如果有网络喷子就忽略他们,回复或者侮辱他们会让你成为他们中的一员,这就是他们想要的。让我们一起来欣赏这段视频。对任何人都不要怀着恶意,对所有人都怀慈悲心。

The train station even had Arabic language signages. That show the Chinese is treating the Muslim equally in China. See the video at 1.23 timing.
I don't think in India train station they have Arabic language signages. - Like:7

火车站甚至还有阿拉伯语的指示牌。 这表明中国人对穆斯林一视同仁。

Amazing!!! - Like:0


Alan Tan
I hope they'll use the 600 kph for this route. - Like:9


But speed is just 160km/h - Like:1


Finn Hansen
AZEEMABADI Yes because they are in desert. Can not run 600 Km/h with flying sand. - Like:2

是的,因为他们在沙漠里。 不能在沙漠跑到600公里 / 小时。

Finn Hansen
So not for this route but for other routes for sure in the future. - Like:2


Reece Martin
Hansen that's not true, Saudi Arabia has a line at 320 running through desert. - Like:0


Finn Hansen
Martin Then what is the reason it is only running at 160 km/h. Not because they can't build faster trains. Of course they can. Chinese trains can 500 km/h. So what is the reason genies ? - Like:0

那为什么它只跑160公里 / 小时呢。 不是因为他们不能建造更快的火车。 他们当然可以。 中国列车时速可达500公里。 那么你的天才高见是什么呢?

Midnight Daemon
This is amazing. China can get things done quickly. Building railroads and bullet trains are a monumental task. Meanwhile, Fat Mike (aka Pompeo) will take 50 years to run a 3 mile marathon. Lol. 😄😄😄 - Like:1

这太神奇了。 中国可以迅速完成任务。 修建铁路和子弹头列车是一项艰巨的任务。 与此同时,胖迈克(又名蓬佩奥)将需要50年来跑一条3英里的马拉松。 哈哈。

Andrew Manook
Pisspeo is a disgrace to the human race - Like:0


Scooby Skullx
Amazing ! The world needs to see it ! - Like:5

惊叹! 世界需要看到这个!

Ricardo de Oliveira
Can you guys show an up to date map of the bullet trains in China? - Like:2


Colin Tan
Fuxing trains can run even faster in Xinjiang - Like:7


Finn Hansen
I think slower because of flying sand that is why it's only running at 160 km/h i think. - Like:0

我认为慢是因为风沙,这就是为什么它只能跑160公里 / 小时,我想。

Reece Martin
Hansen no, Saudi Arabia has a line at 320 lots of flying sand there - Like:0


Finn Hansen
Martin Maybe there is less strong winds in Saudi Arabia. - Like:2


Reece Martin
Hansen dont think so . . They could have made this line 320 if they wanted - Like:0

我不这么认为... 如果他们愿意的话,他们随时可以把这条线改成320公里时速

RAM 1996
China can help give one to singapore
We also want from tuas to pasir ris
We cannot make as we don't have factory
Can make us one ? - Like:8


Kong Wee Peh
Can't even make money with such short distance. - Like:0


Liong Evil
Singapore can build this if
1. Their workers ready for haressment and low salary (must endure without complain)
2. Their workers share their experience to others - Like:0

1. 他们的员工准备好了应付艰难,但工资却很低(必须忍耐,不能抱怨)
2. 他们的员工与其他人分享他们的经验

Franky Alferado
Singapore is too small to build this - Like:0


Chciałbym być poniakiem (klocuszek123)
why only 160? Expected more from China... - Like:0


Finn Hansen
Because it's in the desert. Can't run faster because of flying sand. Or it could but would be too dangerous. - Like:3


Chciałbym być poniakiem (klocuszek123)
Hansen naruhodo - Like:1


Awdesh Yadav
This kind of development can never be happened in India 😢😢😢. - Like:15


a khun
India is also a big and a populous county, it's suitable for this kind of bullet train. That's depends on her government support it or not. - Like:2

印度也是一个人口众多的大国,很适合这种子弹头列车。 这取决于她的政府是否支持。

zoqx sa
india already has trains touching 160kmph like this one..although india doesn't have any bullet trains - Like:1


Is modi OK with belt and road loans in India? If yes, China lend India money, India use Chinese trains. Settle. - Like:2


Awdesh Yadav
Tan we have pro USA government right now, which assumes CPEC as threat. Just because of U.S and our pro us, Modi government we are loosing the friendship of China. - Like:3

我们现在有亲美政府,他们认为中巴经济走廊是威胁。 正是因为美国和我们的亲美政府,莫迪政府让我们失去了与中国的友谊。

Anil Bhadke
khun government support but people are lezzy n corrupt - Like:0


Oiled Up And Ready !
I like the green color! - Like:2


zs Xie
color choice is awful terrible - Like:0


Jeroen Jansen
160kh/h is a normal train - Like:0


👍wonderful and VERY BIG THANKS TO FRANCE which give to CHINA help and the great opportunity + the way how to make SPEED TRANSPORT TRAINS (TGV in French) ! - Like:3


Finn Hansen
The technology is actually from Germany Siemens. Maybe they got some from France also don't know. - Like:0

这项技术实际上来自德国西门子公司。 也许他们从法国得到了一些,不清楚。

tvb nut
China are a sovereign nation who kicked gi joes teeth in in Korea. do not need to debase ourselves with fake humble pretenses. - Like:0


John Doe
Not a single Uighur in the crew or passengers. 😐😐😐😐😐 - Like:1


Philip W
John Doe Yup, just like in America, I don't see any native Indians in sight. I wonder what happened to those millions of Indians. Why so many white people there? - Like:4

是的,就像在美国一样,我没有看到任何土著印第安人。 我想知道那几百万的印度人后来怎么样了。为什么那里有这么多白人?

Avdesh Alvaraz
Fake bullet trains. China's economy is dependent on Hong Kong and taiwan. Once they separate from you you will become most poor.
India will always be 20 years ahead of you. - Like:6


abdul harith ibrahim
What cock are you talking about!? - Like:25


erling cantik
INDIOT Delusional - Like:18


Jeffrey Chiang
U gotta be kiddin me..hahahaha - Like:3

你一定是在开玩笑... 哈哈哈

Yo Yo
Keep dreaming Hong-Kong plus Taiwan not even the half the population of Guangdong. - Like:9


Ade Pratama
Fuck INDIA 🇮🇳💩🇮🇳 - Like:10


Paulvanlalmalsawm Gangte
Cow worshippers should know ur place - Like:12


THATS HILARIOUS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 - Like:6


xtw zyz
lol no need to care about this person, keep him in his dream - Like:4


Chao Wey
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, thx bro u made my day!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 - Like:1


Milan Grg
Avdesh Alvaraz you are dumba u dnt know anything i had been India more thn hundred time Nd China several time China is 100 time better thn India Nd hongkong is China but with two rule Nd there is several city like honkong in China mainland!!! China is more ahead thn your imaginary!!! May be you are from bihar India !!! And in China there is more bullet train thn rest of the world combined!!! Lol in India even not 1 bullet train also and you comparing India with China haha - Like:7

真是傻瓜,你不知道我去过印度超过一百次,去过中国几次,中国比印度好100倍,香港是中国的,但有两条规则,中国大陆有几个城市像香港!!!中国比你想象的还要先进!!!也许你是来自印度的比哈尔邦!!! 中国的子弹头列车比世界其他地方加起来还要多!!! 哈哈,而在印度连一辆子弹头列车都没有,你拿印度和中国做比较?哈哈

Alan Tan
You're highly ignorant, my bro. In the past, yes, HKas GDP is 27% of mainland China, while Taiwan's GDP was almost half of mainland m now, the situation is changing. - Like:2

你太无知了,兄弟。在过去,是的,香港的GDP是中国大陆的27% ,而台湾的GDP几乎是大陆的一半,然而现在的情况变了。

What a fool, so many Indians need to immigrate to the west & yet it is a democratic country. I really wonder. Whole bunch of fraudster set up in Indian to scamp people in the western world. - Like:3


Avdesh Alvaraz
Chan Western countries are much better than china. In new world order now India is also considered as a Western country. We're true Ally of US and Europe.
Your days are over. - Like:0

西方国家比中国好得多。在新的世界秩序中,现在印度也被认为是西方国家。 我们是美国和欧洲的真正盟友。你的好日子结束了。

Jonathant Kent
Ha ha ha indian not even have good toilet - Like:3


Avdesh India economy depends on Pakistan. 😅😅😅 - Like:2


Gary Chung
LOL.......tell your mum to breed more people like you, one day it will become the world superpower - Like:4

哈哈... 告诉你妈妈再培养更多像你这样的人,总有一天印度会成为世界超级大国的。

Sher Bangash
why the fk r these dalit indians so delusional - Like:0


India should be compered with African subsaharian countries not Asians countries - Like:3


tvb nut
Yeah man everything faked. Just stay in India. Don’t come here. Please - Like:2


Paulvanlalmalsawm Gangte
nut there are lots of indians staying in Singapore send them back home to their superpower country - Like:1


Angel Yew
Sour grape - Like:2


th ear
Your words are ridiculous! So far, China's development has not been easy. The current development is very optimistic, and the economies of Taiwan and Hong Kong will not affect China's development. China does not want certain countries to cause China to split - Like:1

你的说法太荒谬了!到目前为止,中国的发展并不容易。但当前的发展是非常乐观的,台湾和香港的经济不会影响中国的发展。 中国不希望某些国家导致中国的分裂。

tvb nut
Colonial? That’s a white man think. Han Chinese been in xinjiang since Han dyanasty. 2,000+ years ago - Like:1