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文章原始标题:Why did Hamas think attacking nuclear-armed and USA-allied Israel would be a good idea?

Mansa Musa Researcher 2018–present
India was occupied by British for almost 200 years. Indian fought for freedom for decades. Most of the time it was non-violent movement and sometimes it was violent. But, everytime Indians used violent means was against british forces and police. They didn’t just rampaged in british colonies and killed british women and children who are unarmed.
If Hamas thinks by killing random jewish children and women they are leading a freedom fighter movement, then they are wrong. That’s purely a terrorism.
Now, question is why do they do this when they know the opposition is so powerful. The reason is in Islam. They think Every non-Muslims have no right to exist. By killing infidels, they will get their seat confirmed in Heaven where 72 virgins will be given. They are doing this just because their religion sanctions such atrocities against non-believers. They also believe that, Allah will save them. No powerful force on earth can defeat them because they are chanting “Allahu Akbar”.
This isn’t a freedom movement, its act of terrorism.

【回答】研究人员 2018年 - 至今
现在的问题是,既然他们知道对方这么强大,为什么还要这样做呢?原因就在于伊斯兰教。他们认为所有非穆斯林都没有生存的权利。通过屠杀异教徒,他们将在天堂获得 72 个处女。他们之所以这样做,只是因为他们的宗教认可对非信徒的这种暴行。他们还相信,真主会拯救他们。因为他们高呼 "真主至大",所以认为世界上没有任何强大的力量可以打败他们。

Paul Anthony Lives in Washington, DC 1999–present
What do nuclear weapons have to do with this equation? Israel isn't going to drop a nuke on Gaza. Not only would that eliminate 2 million innocent people, it would irradiate a significant portion of Israel.
Funnily enough, Hamas would LOVE Israel to do that because this is in the manual.
The point of the attack is to create a strong overreaction by Israel. That overaction is going to kill civilians in orders of magnitude more than dead Israelis. Seeing those images will make sympathizers into activists and observers into sympathizers. The greater the overaction, the better for Hamas.
This is how every small force vs large force conflict has ever gone. The American Revolution did not start with the Boston Tea Party but with the Boston Massacre. In Ireland, it was Bloody Sunday. How did peace finally come about in Ireland? When the British stopped reacting to the acts of violence with violence. When terrorists can no longer provoke the response that gains sympathy, it simply looks like terrorism.

【回答】住在华盛顿特区 1999年 - 至今
核武器跟这个等式有什么关系?以色列不会向加沙投下核弹。那样做不仅会消灭 200 万无辜民众,还会辐照以色列大部分地区。
每一次小部队与大部队的冲突都是这样发生的。美国革命并非始于波士顿茶党,而是始于波士顿大屠杀。在爱尔兰,是 "血腥星期天"。爱尔兰最终是如何实现和平的?当英国人不再以暴制暴的时候。当恐怖分子无法再激起人们的同情时,这些行为就看起来像恐怖主义了。

Dixit Lives in Auckland, New Zealand 1900–present
For years, the Arab states have been moving towards normalizing relations with Israel. Hamas counts upon the support of Arab states, both material and financial, to exist since it has very limited means of its own. Even what comes from Iran has to be routed through Arab states since Iran doesn’t share a border with any part of Israel/Palestine, and there is no airport in Gaza to fly in the supplies. Arab support and cooperation are essential to the survival of Hamas.
Normalized Arab-Israeli relations would be the coup de grace for Hamas and the “Palestinian liberation” movement since a precondition of normalized relations with Israel would be ceasing support to Hamas.
Part of the reason why Arab states were warming up to Israel was that Arab leaders have been losing faith in the Palestinian forces for decades now, and an improvement for the Palestinians was nowhere in sight.

【回答】住在新西兰奥克兰,1960年 - 至今
阿以关系正常化将是哈马斯和 "巴勒斯坦解放 "运动的致命一击,因为与以色列关系正常化的先决条件就是停止对哈马斯的支持。

Regardless of where you stand on this conflict, it's hard to argue that Palestinian forces have had much in the way of success recently (or ever, for that matter), having lost land to Israel almost continuously since Israel's inception. The reasons for this are not surprising. Palestine isn't really even a nation at this point, it's two paltry strips of impoverished land run by a corrupt elite and barely educated militants with no resources of their own. They are facing a prosperous, well-organized nation-state with a highly competent military and the direct support of the world's premier powers. It was never going to turn out well for them.


And I suppose the Arabs were tired of tying their money up in so clearly a lost cause. Oh sure, they still outwardly broadcast support for Palestine for religious reasons and internal appeasement (most Arab Muslims are extremely against any rapprochement with Israel), but I suspect they have been planning a move away from being active stakeholders in the Israel-Palestine conflict for a while.
So why the attack from Hamas now? Well, it's an apparent attempt to sabotage the normalization of relations across the ME, which would have sounded the death knell for them. I cannot imagine the Hamas leadership would stand idle and let the war coffers they plunder empty out. So they attacked Israel, performing the attack in a way that would cause the most severe reaction from the Israelis. Massacring Jews, abducting Jews, the whole shebang! They were trying to force Israel into the largest possible retaliation against them (they might have succeeded), thereby forcing the Arab powers into taking a stance against said Israeli retaliation. That's my only explanation for this attack. Otherwise, the immediate tactical value of killing a few hundred Israeli civilians eludes me.
And it seems to have worked…for now.

而且这招还挺管用... 目前看来。

Henri Smith Specialized in Patterns of Organizational Behaviour
Regardless of what happened NEXT, Hamas had already won. Hamas never harbour the illusion that they can defeat Israel. They always understood that Israel will retaliate by killing them, their people and inflicting more devastation on their land.
Despite an all powerful opponent supported by the United States and Europe, Hamas had succceeded in launching a multi-faceted invasion - involving land, air and sea forces - into Israel at multiple points. In that invasion, Hamas had seized territories and hostages.
In that attack, Hamas has demonstrated the ability to plan and execute complex military plans in secrecy. More IMPoRTANTLY:, Hamas’s actions will:
* inspire similar such actions in the future; AND
* ithe wider Muslim world where the Americans and NATO allies had occupied Muslim lands and killed and dislocated tens of millions of them
Hamas courage will now mark a turning in the Muslim world where they will likely be inspired to push the Western world and their brutal white supremacist ideology of hate and oppression out of their land.
The courage of Hamas against Hate and Oppression
will surely be celebrated for all times.

* 鼓励今后采取类似的行动;
* 在更广阔的穆斯林世界里,美国人和北约盟国占领了穆斯林的土地,杀害了数以千万计的穆斯林,使他们流离失所。

Bora Taş Lives in The Netherlands
It is funny people still think Israel needs an excuse to bomb Palestinians. Israel keeps Palestine under occupation despite multiple UN resolutions and is running an apartheid regime.
The most infuriating thing as a Dutch citizen is that European leaders who preach about morality all the time are talking about Israel’s “right to defend itself”.
So Israel kills and displaces Palestinians anyway. Hamas today falsified “all knowing MOSSAD” and “all competent IDF” memes. It also ruined Saudi-Israeli normalization talks (especially considering Israel will bomb a lot of civilian buildings to look tough).
Israel failed to prevent such an attack from a tiny territory they kept under blockade. A territory which they also spent a sizable fraction of their state’s resources on surveilling. Hamas is not a strong force at all. Yet it doubled the Gaza Strip in a day. Hamas is going to lose but Israel’s reputation is irreversibly damaged regardless of how many people they kill after this.

作为荷兰公民,最让我气愤的是,整天宣扬道德的欧洲领导人却在谈论以色列的 "自卫权"。
所以,以色列无论如何都要杀害和驱逐巴勒斯坦人。哈马斯今天证明了 "无所不知的摩萨德 "和 "无所不能的以色列国防军 "就是个假的段子。它还破坏了沙特和以色列的正常化谈判(特别是考虑到以色列会轰炸大量民用建筑来显示强硬)。

Nikolai Karlovich Lives in Russia
Hamas and other Palestinian militias excuated a well planned assault on the Israeli occupied territories of Gaza catching the Israelis completely by surprise.
Hamas militants using paragliders to inflitrate behind enemy lines
Those who are calling the HAMAS a terrorist organisation and that HAMAS is commiting terrorist attacks aganist the “poor Jews”. When Chechen terrorists captured and killed Russian civilians, the entire West shouted that they were “freedom fighters, not terrorists”! Let that sink in! This is Palestinians rising up aganist a colonial master who has been oppressing them for many years and now they have formed a resistance to take back there rightful land.


那些称哈马斯为恐怖组织,称哈马斯对 "可怜的犹太人 "实施恐怖袭击的人。当车臣恐怖分子俘虏并杀害俄罗斯平民时,整个西方都高喊他们是 "自由战士,不是恐怖分子"!让我们好好想想吧!这是巴勒斯坦人奋起反抗多年来一直压迫他们的殖民主子,现在他们组成了一支抵抗力量,要夺回他们应有的土地。