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文章原始标题:heartwarming moments from China


That dude caught a baby falling from 5+ stories easier than a punted football


The guy who jumped into the pool just straight dropped his phone. Not even a thought to it. That's some dad energy right there, and I respect it.

那个跳进泳池的家伙直接把手机扔了。连想都没想 这就是父亲的能量,我很敬佩。

Alt_Boogeyman -> Roomy
And both the cop and the courier gave no f*cks about dropping their mopeds unkindly, in order to stop the respective suicide attempts.


There are both kind and unkind people everywhere.


The absolute rizz of the guy who carried the luggage up the stairs, then carried the girl up the stairs princess carry style


Rich-Option4632 -> SirAwesome789
",and that children is how I met your mother".
One legs notwithstanding, she does have a pretty face.


It is heartwarming to see a positive post about normal Chinese people at Reddit.

在 Reddit 上看到一篇关于普通中国人的正面帖子,真是暖心。

YeahOKSureThingBuddy -> dennis-w220
yeah I was expecting more negative comments


bananacc -> YeahOKSureThingBuddy
Same, I am surprised to see so many positive comments.


Most people are good.


BlairClemens3 -> BeefStevenson
People are mostly good. 


Such a rarity from all the other types of videos that come from China


cookingboy -> _Leme_
Says more about our media bias than anything else.
Just like any other huge country, there are millions of great people and millions of assholes in China, with most people just your average human being trying to make a good living for their loved ones.
If you only focus on the negative reports in the U.S without ever living here you’d think America is an utter hellhole where schools are war zones and cities are homeless camps and the police are all KKK and the average Americans are like Florida Man lmao.
But that alone isn’t an accurate portrayal of America is it?
China is no different, and I’ve lived there for years. A ton of awful and shitty stuff but also a ton of actually great stuff too. The good doesn’t cancel the bad but the bad doesn’t invalidate the good either. The good exists alongside the bad, just like every country I’ve lived in.
But guess which angle does our media, which loves negative content in general, tend to focus on?
Edit: For people who insist this is some sort of propaganda video, just watch it.
It doesn’t paint the government in any good light whatsoever (the video contains attempted suicides, bad working condition, dangerous traffic, flooded streets, unsafe building, etc). All it shows is that some Chinese people act kindly toward each other when shit happens.
If that is too hard for you to believe, then it’s time to do some introspection and re-evaluate where the actual propaganda lies.


Deadpoulpe -> cookingboy
I love the objectivity of your answer.


cookingboy -> Deadpoulpe
I have lived in 3 countries: U.S, China, Japan, with duration in that order as well.
There are long lists of things I love and hate about all three countries. I have my preferences about certain things and I’m sure that’s true for most people.
But at the end of the day my first hand experience tells me the world is far more nuanced and complex than simple media headlines that’s designed to quickly elicit emotional responses for views and clicks.

我曾在 3 个国家生活过:我先后在美国、中国和日本生活过。

Phoenixness -> cookingboy
The world isn't black and white.


Reasonable_Power_970 -> cookingboy
I have only lived in the US but have done extensive travel in China and Japan. Couldn't agree with you more. Too many people believe media about all 3 of those countries.


Aggravating_Ad_1885 -> cookingboy
Wait why am I seeing sensible and logical comments here??? Where are the hate provoking statements?
I am just really happy to see such balanced and thoughtful words being put.


Lemonsnot -> cookingboy
I remember visiting China from the US and realizing that these are normal people living normal lives. It clicked for me how biased the US media is against China. You only hear about negative things coming out of there, never positive. And their media probably does the same thing. We need to do better.


roguedigit -> Lemonsnot
Both superpower sabre-rattles, both superpower engages in propaganda - the key difference here, I think, is that only one of these two superpowers is surrounded by an chain of military bases that belong to the other.


gtwucla -> roguedigit
And one claims an entire patch of ocean that stretches thousands of miles away from the mainland coast into seven different countries maritime territory and built military islands to back it up. Don't get the video twisted, people are people, governments are a whole different animal. Reducing the key differences down to the US military is disingenuous, especially considering those countries invited and want the military there to protect against China.


roguedigit -> gtwucla
Reducing the key differences down to the US military is disingenuous
No, I think it's very relevant when you compare and contrast the amount of armed conflict the US has been involved in compared to China.


ValiantCharizard -> cookingboy
same with india ngl, in a country of more than a billion, only the bad is reported


Hardass_McBadCop -> cookingboy
Generally, in my experience, folks don't hate Chinese people. They hate the Chinese government. Same with Russia. I don't hate Russian people, I hate the Russian government.
I think that's an important distinction to acknowledge.


tuhronno-416 -> Hardass_McBadCop
folks don’t hate Chinese people
This is very clearly bullshit according to the very same thread we are in


mobambah -> Hardass_McBadCop
Which is so weird to me because the US government has done far worse things than both the Chinese and Russian governments combined but doesn’t get nearly as much hate as it deserves, proof the propaganda does work


Hardass_McBadCop -> mobambah
I dunno, starving millions of your own citizens seems pretty bad. The US is far from perfect and has done some bad shit, but it's far better than Russian or Chinese authoritarianism.


mobambah -> Hardass_McBadCop
US Imperialism has made so many victims all over the world lmao they call them “casualties” to make it sound cuter, like an inevitable unfortunate event but they’re really just victims. American bombs have killed millions of civilians around the world, and don’t get me started on deaths caused by US planted/backed regimes…. The numbers are astonishing really

美帝国主义在全世界制造了如此多的受害者,他们称其为“伤员”,这样听起来更婉转,就像是不可避免的不幸事件,但实际上他们就是受害者。美国炸弹在全世界炸死了数百万平民,不要让我再提美国扶持/支持的政权造成的死亡... 这些数字真的很惊人

roguedigit -> Hardass_McBadCop
Idk man, having your own two choices of leadership be between one right-wing party and another slightly less right-wing party seems preeeeeetty authoritarian to me.


Hardass_McBadCop -> roguedigit
Then you don't understand what authoritarianism is.


roguedigit -> Hardass_McBadCop
Maybe it should occur to you that different places in the world have different ideas on what authoritarianism is.


exivor01 -> cookingboy
The thing is, good and awesome people along with normal ones will just try to live their own lives and deal with their own problems, help or reach out to strangers when they’re in contact with them IRL.
Bad ones however, will actively try to make others feel miserable as well. In a country like china and India, even if the percentage of people that are bad/scammers are the same, since the population is immense compared to others, we will have many bad people at our hands. And since these have an alignment to spread their misery, they do so via internet and since they’re usually not social people and don’t have families and stuff, they have all the time for spreading bad stuff on internet to the whole world to see.
It’s not like china or Chinese are bad, we’re all humans and the same. It’s just that you don’t hear such things like “in a small town in china x people helped y people because of sheer good will, or x amount of people lived their lives without any problems for a day today.” Because this isn’t interesting or shared.


alphapussycat -> cookingboy
If there's mostly bad, and some good, then showing mostly bad is not biased.


cookingboy -> alphapussycat
The fact that you believe it’s mostly bad shows the result of such media bias in the first place.
Most people I know who’ve actually been there agrees there is a huge gap between reality and media portrayal.
You can go on YouTube and watch visitors or expats showing what their experience is like, and you can talk to people who’ve visited there, or you can visit yourself like millions of Americans do each year.
Or you can just keep reading media headlines and continue to build upon your bias.

你可以在 YouTube 上观看游客或外籍人士展示他们的经历,可以和去过那里的人聊聊,也可以像每年数百万美国人一样亲自前往。

alphapussycat -> cookingboy
There are paid shills.


cookingboy -> alphapussycat
“Anyone showing me things I don’t want to see or telling me things I don’t want to hear are paid shills”. — people like you.
The fact that you think the Chinese government pays tens of millions of foreign travelers each year just to say good stuff is straight up insane, but again, not surprising.
This is why our society is fucked, everyone can build their own reality bubble and choose to ignore facts and objective information when presented.
And nothing can change your mind.


Thoughtsarethings231 -> _Leme_
Which tells you how scarily biased the western media is about a country that's full of normal hard working, generally kind and sweet people. China should really not be hated. 


Triseult -> Thoughtsarethings231
I find it scary that American propaganda is so pervasive that people are shocked that Chinese people can be kind and considerate. It's one thing to demonize their government, but to deny their humanity is pretty horrifying.
Then again, I've seen people characterize shows of solidarity in disasters as a typically American response, so it shouldn't be so surprising. Every country in the world tend to highlight their own positive traits as if they defined their nation and not our species as a whole.


Mylxen -> _Leme_
I wonder how many of these are staged propaganda.


gravitysort -> Mylxen
These can be anything but propaganda. Unless the government wants to emphasize how problematic the society is that children are neglected, disabled people can’t get around, and so many people are desperately trying to commit suicides. The real propaganda always tries to make it look like none of these ever happened at all.


kirsion -> gravitysort
Before a lot of people would say that Chinese people wouldn't help bystanders or be a Good Samaritan, due to videos of them not helping. Because they could be sued for helping out the other person. Which I think sounds kind of ridiculous


So Chinese people are like other people, amazing!


One question. I heard they have something like social credit for every one. And lots of cctvs everywhere. Do you think this could be a factor? Or there is no such thing and people are genuinely nice? Please correct me if I'm wrong about the social credit thing too.


ilove420andkicks -> asthaSrivastava
First of all, that’s not really how they use the social credit system. They’re tracking if you do community service, how much education one receives, how well you progress in education/work. Also, they track creditworthiness such as if you pay your rent and bills on time.
But this has NOTHING to do with people being kind on the streets to one another. You don’t get points for helping a neighbor/stranger carry heavy stuff. It’s just a part of being a good human being. What you’re seeing in this video is a compilation of Chinese people just being good and kind to one another and that’s it


asthaSrivastava -> ilove420andkicks
Great to know that! Thanks.


The boy who gives the umbrella to the cat. I’m crying


Victorrhea -> missoleen
I’m glad I wasn’t the only one


The people jumping is hard to watch but jumping with the baby about broke me. Hug your family. Tell people you love them.


I feel like this should be proof that even in the most demonizing of times, when most people consider China the enemy of western civilization, that their every day normal people are just as human as the rest of us. It’s disappointing to think our governments might try to force us to fight for no more of a reason than what we would have fought about 500 years ago


does anyone know the name of the song


gimme_death -> thrik
Yixin wen - lu shenghua (using Google translate)

温奕心 - 一路生花(使用谷歌翻译的)

Americans can’t begin to fathom that Chinese people are capable of being nice without it being propaganda or being related to their government


WhipMaDickBacknforth -> atastyfire
Not really. I live in China and the video is hard for me to believe as well. 


Dry_Appearance9117 -> WhipMaDickBacknforth
I lived in China and it is not hard to say this is real.


Something to keep in mind when the U.S. and China inevitably fall into open conflict / war. Humanity and goodness are found everywhere and on both sides.


heartwarming but also seems to be an awful lot of people trying to kill themself too


Chinese people being nice to each other? Obvious propaganda. Only hate allowed here!


cookingboy -> PoppyTheSweetest
China is a country of 1.4 billion people. The fact that you don’t believe any positive human stuff can happen in a country that size without it being propaganda says more about how propagandized you are.

中国是一个拥有 14 亿人口的国家。你不相信这么大的国家会发生任何正面的人文事件而不是宣传,这更说明了你被宣传得有多厉害。

PoppyTheSweetest -> cookingboy
I never said any of that, you are reading way too much into my comment.


This is great. I wonder if it being a collective country makes them want to help more. Like you don’t just see 1 person helping, you see a group a lot of times.


idobi -> as_per_danielle
It is a similar standard distribution everywhere. People are people; some help, some don't. If one person acts, often others will take their lead and help out also.


All those rescues in the pouring rain, wow


This is weird. For once the comment section is being reasonable, obviously not all is bad in china, but the amount of comments saying something so sane is very unusual for reddit. This may actually be propaganda.


Thoughtsarethings231 -> StillHaveaLottoDo
Not even most is bad in China. 99% of the time everything is just fine and normal just like any over country that isn't at war. People are so easily manipulated by social media it terrifies me. Like, they don't even see it happening.


ssrcrossing -> StillHaveaLottoDo
Probably because certain types of content draws more rational ppl vs more hateful people from others, but lmao that reddit being sane is sus. Maybe it says something about the state of the country and Internet.

可能是因为某些类型的内容吸引了更多理性的人,而其他类型的内容则吸引了更多仇恨的人,但我觉得 reddit 是理智的。也许这说明了这个国家和互联网的现状。

Here in America half of the population would just pull out their phones and record


China produced promo.


tuhronno-416 -> iammabdaddy
You just saw a video of Chinese people doing nice things and made the logical leap that it must be propaganda


Dockle -> tuhronno-416
To be fair, if you were Chinese living in China and surfing a Chinese website and saw a video like this portraying Americans in America having a grand ol’ time, what would you think?


bread93096 -> Dockle
If a Chinese person went on Reddit, they would see mostly videos from western nations. Doesn’t mean those videos are ‘propaganda’

如果一个中国人上 Reddit,他们看到的大多是西方国家的视频。并不意味着这些视频就是“宣传”。

Seon2121 -> Dockle
Stop projecting your hate. Most Chinese people don’t hate nor care about the America. Only Americans have a hate boner for anything Chinese.


Dockle -> Seon2121
Logically pointing out a social symmetry is hate? You okay there buddy?


roguedigit -> Dockle
Generally speaking, Americans are much more ignorant/xenophobic of China and Chinese people than Chinese people are of Americans.


Sea-Value-0 -> Seon2121
We're just jealous they took all our manufacturing jobs. Which also tells you why pur government churns out so much propaganda to convince us to blame China when it was our own wealthy upper class and government who did that to us. They were the ones who fucked us over to get richer themselves. Not China and not your average Chinese citizen. They only accepted trade to help their country modernize as any country would do. But of course, no one's thinking critically for themselves here because our government-run education doesn't make that a priority. Hell, I love being from the US and living here, we have bad and good like anywhere else. But our history books are written as pure US propaganda. Unless you learn more for yourself or go to college and take those courses, you'll stay ignorant of that fact.


cookingboy -> Dockle
What did you think? You know American entertainment and culture is wildly popular in China right?
Of course they know America is a pretty nice place, why else would they send their kids to schools here, spend big money on vacationing here, buying properties here, etc.
The Chinese has a far more positive view of the American people than the other way around.


These are mostly scrlpted. I see you, propaganda!


Dry_Appearance9117 -> Jordanc369
That’s hilarious that you believe that.


Jordanc369 -> Dry_Appearance9117
You can’t tell the scrlpted ones? A lot of this is very obviously scrlpted


Dry_Appearance9117 -> Jordanc369
Is there any one of those positive actions you would not do?


Jordanc369 -> Dry_Appearance9117
I help at any opportunity, there just usually isn’t somebody stood filming me with their phone


Dry_Appearance9117 -> Jordanc369
You have seen the internet in the Western world of people caught on camera carrying out these same acts I assume.


Jordanc369 -> Dry_Appearance9117
Yeah, those are scrlpted too


Dry_Appearance9117 -> Jordanc369
Not everything online is scrlpted. People living their real lives are also caught on camera. I absolutely agree with you that these days it is getting worse and worse with fake stuff.
However someone caught on the billions of cameras in the world are just living their lives day to day. Lots of positive actions lots of negative actions and many more just mundane happen and are shared. Invariably the positive and negative ones get more attention.


I have noticed that Chinese people seem very willing to help out a stranger. I can't tell you how many times a random person on the street has offered help. There seems to be this mentality that a problem is everyone's problem. It's pretty cool.


Weird propaganda. 


What song is this? It's pretty good!


Song grew on me what is it.




I won't ask why some of this clips were suddenly recorded by a stranger. Especially the one at 3:15 with the genuine rain and multi angles.

我不会问为什么有些片段会突然被一个陌生人录下来。尤其是 3 分 15 秒下着雨的那段,还是多角度的。

In the west were taught kind of indirectly to consider China an enemy because of their rapid industrialization and legit classification of their military as a near peer adversary. They people are just as much our brothers and sisters as is any other person on this planet. Love to see this post the gentle reminder. Very few “evil” people in the world imho.


The fact that most of the clips are from surveillance footage makes it much better.


There's good people everywhere


This video was sponsored by the CCP


Despite the ridiculous level of anti chinese propaganda that exist in Reddit, the Chinese are a very great people. As a muslim, i must confess that their sense of community and social cohesion is off the charts. Westerners, we can all learn from that.

尽管 Reddit 上存在荒谬的反华宣传,但中国人是一个非常伟大的民族。作为一名穆斯林,我必须承认,他们的社区意识和社会凝聚力是超乎寻常的。西方人、我们都可以从中学习。

The guy who grabbed the suitcase and ran up the stairs with it then back down and scooped up the woman on a crutch would be ruined by an American woman screaming bloody murder (unless she knew the man).


A reminder that most Asian cultures have a community mindset. Whereas American culture has a me mindset. Asians countries also have assumption culture. Where as American culture is all about asking.


And every time someone just happened to be filming the exact right spot


Spoiledsoymilk -> AndroidDoctorr
They have CCTV cameras everywhere in China


Not gonna lie, went into the clip without much feelings, but I could feel the tears forming. The clips are heartbreaking but at the same time heartwarming.


When communism actually works


This is how society should work. We should be there for each other.