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文章原始标题:1,000 Chinese railway workers race to finish track in overnight operation

内容简介:一个约1000名铁路工人的团队通宵工作,为福州-平潭铁路铺设一段铁轨。 2019年10月17日至18日夜间,该团队花了4.5个小时,完成了连接省会福州和平潭岛的88公里(50英里)线路的任务。

A team of about 1,000 railway workers in China worked overnight to put a section of track in place for the new Fuzhou-Pingtan line in the southeastern province of Fujian. The group spent 4.5 hours during the night of October 17-18, 2019, for the task on the 88km (50-mile) line linking the provincial capital Fuzhou with Pingtan island to the southeast.

一个约1000名铁路工人的团队通宵工作,为福州-平潭铁路铺设一段铁轨。 2019年10月17日至18日夜间,该团队花了4.5个小时,完成了连接省会福州和平潭岛的88公里(50英里)线路的任务。

Jack Tan
100+ bridges collapse in USA every year. So far no accidents in China bullet trains :)) - Like:0

美国每年有100多座大桥倒塌。 到目前为止,中国的子弹头列车还没有发生任何事故

Jack Tan So far no accidents on USA bullet trains either. - Like:0


That's great, talk about man power!💪 - Like:45


Anshul Kaushik
Meanwhile the California high speed rail with $77 billion funding has only 3000 workers and won’t even complete a fifth of the project until 2029. - Like:118


Alex Max
Only 1% of US railroads are electrified. Think about it! - Like:10

只有1% 的美国铁路是电气化的,你想想!

TK Baha
Max we drive. - Like:9


Wayne H
Baha errr auto manufacturers are selling more cars in China than the USA.
You can only choose to drive. - Like:8


abar rolugos
Cause they cant pay their workers 50 cents - Like:4


Anshul Kaushik our government is a joke in California. They are very corrupt, and they don’t care about finishing the railway. They just give the $77 billion to their friends. - Like:15

我们加利福尼亚的政府简直是个笑话。 他们非常腐败,他们不在乎修完铁路。 他们只是把770亿美元给了他们的朋友。

Joshua Metcalfe
Meanwhile the UK is still using trains from the 1980s - Like:1


Fuad Huda
Meanwhile in my country it took a decade - Like:0


happy mass shooting usa
Marsh and how long will the american or other countries take? - Like:1


Jack Tan
Did you know SHENZHEN used to be a ghost city??? Now its one of the most high tech cities in China! - Like:0

你知道深圳曾经是一座鬼城吗? 现在它是中国最高科技的城市之一!

widayanto setio
It will take years in my country, sad 😭 - Like:18


It need very precise team work and coordination. - Like:40


Swad Bodhy
Meanwhile down south.. They're racing to destroy what's left..!!! - Like:46

与此同时,在中国的南方某个地方... 那些人正在加速摧毁剩下的一切... ! ! !

kandy Girl
Take America 4 years to finish the same amount rail track - Like:17


Endelig Gnist
Incredible. Endeavours like these are precisely the reason for the west's paranoia. - Like:12


Here in Canada politicians would be arguing about the project for 5 years before construction actually begins. It would then take another 5 years to complete the job start to finish and end up costing 200% more than originally thought. - Like:9

在加拿大,政治家们会为这个项目争论5年,然后才真正开始施工。 然后需要另外5年的时间来完成这项工作,从开始到结束,最终的成本比原先预计的要高出200% 。

Kay Win Lim
The problem with western culture... I've worked for several companies as a freelancer, too much politics and not enough work getting done. This is the primary reason why I'd rather get sub contracted work than working full time at a company. It hurts my soul when I see managers having to deal with these politics from a time to time basis, wasting money invested on sub-optimal results. And Unions are the worst creation by american society, it makes people lazy. "Human rights is an addictive drug, too much and they abuse it. "- Like:3

西方文化的问题... 作为一个自由职业者,我在几家公司工作过,太多政治,而工作做得不够。这就是为什么我宁愿分包工作也不愿意在公司做全职工作的主要原因。 当我看到管理者必须时不时地处理这些政治问题,把钱浪费在不是优先事项上时,我感觉受到了伤害。 工会是美国社会最糟糕的产物,它使人们变得懒惰。 “人权是一种会让人上瘾的东西,人们滥用人权。”

Juan Hsu
This is the Chinese speed. - Like:10


Akash J Dutta
Wowwww.. Amazing..great man.. - Like:12


Robert fg
America will say China steal their hard work 😂😂😂 - Like:39


Since when has America said that? China doesn't steal hard work, they only steal technology. Which is a fact. - Like:6

美国什么时候开始这么说了? 中国不偷辛苦的工作,他们只偷技术。 这是事实。

Metisy White
Yes, they stole the technology USA doesn't have...... Suggest you to read some magazines such as "Nature", 90% of the new technology innovation on the paper are from Chinese scientists now. Maybe you also should go to check how much money Chinese have invested in innovation now. Don't be brainwashed by western propaganda. - Like:9

是的,他们偷走了美国没有的技术... 建议你读一些杂志,比如《自然》,现在90% 的新技术创新都来自中国科学家。 也许你也应该去看看中国人现在在创新上投资了多少钱。 不要被西方的宣传洗脑。

Kitten And everyone also knows that America steals everyone's oil. Don't believe me? Look at the Middle East. - Like:6

所有人都知道美国偷了每个人的石油。不相信我说的? 看看中东。

Kitten , Come on, it is a known fact that United Snakes of America is a stolen land and country. They've stole technologies from Germany during WW2 yet Americunts are not ashamed to accuse other of stealing. Go and read this fact. 6 things the US stole from the Nazis during WWII. - Like:4

得了吧,众所周知,美国就是一个偷来的国家。他们在二战期间从德国窃取技术,然而美国人并不羞于指责别人窃取技术。 去看看这个事实,二战期间美国从纳粹那里偷来的6样东西。

Scythal The US drills more oil than it imports. - Like:0


Philippines will take 10 years only half done - Like:0


here in Germany it would take 3 months of politician arguing to whether it would be approved or not, 5 weeks to survey the area, and 3 months to do the actual project with hundreds of questionable or inexperienced so called 'experts' - Like:19


Canadian Crafter
I guess its really just down to government structure. I think that each culture, country, and people have different optimal government structures. China's government simply takes a little freedom for a lot more efficiency which is a fair trade off. after all, as hobbes says, all societies need governments of sorts to remove a bit of freedom to instil peace and stability - Like:0

我想这只是政府结构的问题。 我认为每种文化、每个国家和每个人都有不同的最佳政府结构。 中国政府只是用一点点自由换取更多的效率,这是一种公平的交换。 毕竟,正如霍布斯所说,所有的社会都需要某种政府来限制一点点自由,来保持和平与稳定。

That is because there arent that many construction project available in Germany, if they finish too quick, there wont anyone pay them salary in the next few months. - Like:0


Here in croatia it would take 10 years... - Like:0


The Ghost
That's great..China 👉Wo Ai Ni
Love from Malaysia - Like:21

太棒了. . 中国我爱你(拼音)

RunFor OurLives
Another nationalistic propaganda.
Hope they get overtime paid. 😉 - Like:1


With 1,000 workers we can see most of them are really hand on and working just a few supervisors standing to make sure the work is done correctly. In Endia I have seen 20 workers on the roadside repair work, only 5 or 6 hand on and working the rest just standing doing watching. - Like:2


Jim Tso
In Dallas, a short section of freeway expansion takes for years. Drivers’ right is often not a priority. - Like:0

在美国达拉斯,一小段高速公路的扩建需要几年的时间。 司机的权利往往不是优先考虑的问题。

Trey Morris
Now I like to the see how fast the US can bet this - Like:2


Temjen Yanger
and in my state to make a 2 mile brigde it takes 5 years and counting - Like:1


Ezio Auditore
and billions of dollars and years talking bs - Like:0


mukkesh kris
Just like finishing the construction of Great Wall of ch8na 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣 - Like:0


satria amiluhur
Because quantity is a quality in its own right - Like:0


Indra Gunawan
Well, can the overproud indonesian do this? - Like:0


cloud ix
Meanwhile in the us it takes 6+ months to repair a pothole on the road. - Like:1


In some brain,democracy is everything. - Like:0


Adblock NYT
I was one of the worker. You can't see me because I am the cameraman. - Like:0


Ryan Tan
Meanwhile, some places. Construction workers take 2 months to complete a sheltered walkway - Like:0


Dominic Koo
This is how they build Great Wall of China - Like:0


thibaud drion
Well in France it will take something like 4.5 years to complete the same job... - Like:0


Yudee Saetang
Compare to my country, this may take time 5-6 years to complete. Sigh...Mine is toooo slow... - Like:0

与我国相比,这可能需要5-6年的时间才能完成。 唉... 我们国家的太慢了..。

Tourdo ops
Meanwhile, US plan bombing of Iraq. - Like:2


J Putera
Lol, in Indonesia for the same project and manpower, it would take two to three years to be compeleted (if it is ever complete) - Like:1


This is how we make a country move forward, no useless blabla or debates, JUST DO IT - Like:3


pradeep grg
I know Chinese people are very hard working ⚒ people, and they proved.. 😊 😊 👍🏼 - Like:0


Paddy Man
Mainland Chinese do construction and Hong Kong rioters make destruction. 😂😂😂 - Like:14


Chaitu Lion
indian take generation to finish that in the mean time escalating the cost and corruption blaming each takes place - Like:0


Monsieur P.
Wow - Like:0

Alshow ali
this is why noone can beat china - Like:0


Angel's Wings
I wish Australia has that much manpower. And cut the red tape. And nearly no unions. Things will get done much quicker. What takes several years for us to build, China can do within a few months. - Like:0

我希望澳大利亚有那么多的人力。省去繁文缛节。 而且几乎没有工会。 事情会做得更快。 我们需要几年时间来建设的东西,中国可以在几个月内完成。

Jin Soon Chin
Which country can challenge the Chinese speed? - Like:2


In America, you’ll find most of the workers standing around checking their phones, while few Mexicans actually working. - Like:0


bee lotus
China Mission And Vision Possible - Like:0


Turtlesoup 81
most importantly willpower. - Like:0


Mugil Murugan
Is it up to standards and Will it be safe to travel??🙄 - Like:4

它是否符合标准? 乘坐是否安全?

White Wolf
Safer than Canadian rail I bet. The tracks here are so outdated and poorly built/maintained the trains feel like they might derail. Can you imagine a train ride more bumpy and unstable than an airplane in heavy turbulence? You take a risk every time you get up to use the washroom LOL. A large portion of our passenger tracks is not even continuously welded in 2019 (you get that clickity clack sound). I have no doubt China's high speed rail far surpasses Canada's supposed first world safety standards. - Like:11

我敢打赌,比加拿大的铁路更安全。 这里的铁路太老旧了,建造和维护都很糟糕,让人觉得火车可能会出轨。你能想象火车比飞机在强气流中更颠簸、更不稳定吗? 你每次起床上厕所都要冒险,哈哈。 2019年,我们很大一部分客运线路甚至没有连续的焊接。我毫不怀疑中国的高速铁路远远超过加拿大所谓的世界第一安全标准。