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文章原始标题:Which country can be called India's best friend?

内容简介:人们可以说俄罗斯、日本、以色列和不丹是印度最亲密、最值得信赖的朋友和伙伴,但是这种所谓的友谊必须从整体上看待过去、现在和未来。 这四个国家都满足了印度的部分或其他战略或发展需要,但没有一个国家能像法国

Anand Utsav , Humanist, Reader and Writer
Freinds and Foes are things of the past, in today’s world what matters is only national interest and growing strategic convergence.
One can argue for Russia, Japan, Israel and Bhutan to be India’s closest and trusted friends and partners, but such a thing called ‘friendship’ has to look holistically into the past, present and future. Each of these four countries fulfil some or the other strategic or developmental needs of India, but none comes as close as France in seamlessly fitting across the framework.
Diving into the past, France chose to peacefully cede its colonial territories in India unlike Portugal which resorted to war. France was the first country to have a strategic partnership with India, stood besides India during the 1998 nuclear tests and support a permanent seat for India at UNSC with a veto power. France is the only foreign military to ever participate in a Republic day parade where she has been the Chief Guest for a record five times in last four decades.

Anand Utsav 人文主义者、读者和作家
人们可以说俄罗斯、日本、以色列和不丹是印度最亲密、最值得信赖的朋友和伙伴,但是这种所谓的友谊必须从整体上看待过去、现在和未来。 这四个国家都满足了印度的部分或其他战略或发展需要,但没有一个国家能像法国那样完美地适应这一框架。
回顾过去,法国选择和平放弃其在印度的殖民地,而不像葡萄牙用战争的方式。 法国是第一个与印度建立战略伙伴关系的国家,在1998年核试验期间,法国还支持印度在联合国安理会拥有否决权。法国是唯一一个参加共和国日阅兵的外国军队,在过去的四十年里,她五次作为主宾国参加阅兵。

Presently, India and France has growing convergence in the Indian Ocean realm with growing Chinese inroads. Their shared commitment for a multipolar world provides an alternative to the US- China bipolar world. With Brexit, France becomes the natural option for India as the entry point for European markets. French trust on India is evident from the fact that she is ready to share her defence technology for Rafale jet and Scorpene-class submarines, challenging Russian relationship.
In future, a lot would depend on how the International Solar Alliance, initiated by the two countries turns out to be. A global energy alliance in step far ahead of the military and strategic alliances and provides an alternate vision for a better world. Moreover if the promised nuclear reactors take shape, India could have a better energy security and an alternative to the below-par Russian reactors.

目前,随着中国的侵入,印度和法国在印度洋的联系越来越频繁。他们对多极世界的共同承诺,为美中的两极世界提供了另一种选择。 随着英国脱欧,法国成为印度进入欧洲市场的自然选择。 法国对印度的信任是显而易见的,因为她已经准备好分享自己的“阵风”喷气式飞机和“天蝎”级潜艇的防御技术,这对俄罗斯的关系带来挑战。
未来,很大程度上将取决于两国发起的国际太阳能联盟的结果。 一个远远领先于军事和战略联盟的全球能源联盟,为一个更美好的世界提供了另一种愿景。 此外,如果承诺的核反应堆成型,印度可能拥有更好的能源安全,并可以替代低于标准的俄罗斯核反应堆。

Mostly bilateral trade is regarded as a parameter of friendship. But this is proving to be a fallacy, as huge trade deficits can lead to protectionist measures and result in trade wars. Here too, India and France with minimal bilateral trade stands ground. Both country recognises each other as the prime partner in the region, which is most important for any relationship.
Just as India was an epitome of an ancient glory, France is the cradle of modern civilisation. ‘Fraternity’ and ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ are essentially the same and their shared vision can make this world a better place. Their convergence on strategic, defence, developmental, environmental and energy needs is unique whose true potential is yet to be fully realised.

大多数情况下,双边贸易被视为友谊的一个参数。 但事实证明,这是一种谬论,因为巨额贸易赤字可能导致保护主义措施,并引发贸易战。 在这一点上,印度和法国的双边贸易也很少。 双方都承认对方是该地区的主要合作伙伴,这对任何关系都是最重要的。

Achal Gautam, lives in India
There are no friends or enemies in International diplomacy.
* If there is some sort of tension on Sino-Indo border, then Japan will become the best friend of India. In case of conflict with China, America may also come to Indian Aid.
* If there is Indo-Pak conflict, then Israel & Afghanistan would become India's best friend. Even Russians may sell some weapon systems in emergency to India.
* If India ever have any conflict with United States (not possible in reality), then Russia would become India's best friend and even China may come to aid of India.
India maintains good relationship with Bhutan, Russia, America, Israel, Japan, Afghanistan, Bangaldesh, Vietnam, Britain, France (not in any particular order). India has a working relationship with almost every country including Chia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, European Union etc.

Achal Gautam,生活在印度
* 如果中印边境出现紧张局势,那么日本将成为印度最好的朋友。 如果与中国发生冲突,美国也可能向印度提供援助。
* 如果印巴冲突,那么以色列和阿富汗将成为印度最好的朋友。 甚至俄罗斯人也可能向印度出售一些紧急武器系统。
* 如果印度与美国发生任何冲突(事实上不可能) ,那么俄罗斯将成为印度最好的朋友,甚至中国也可能援助印度。

Gurjap Singh , Born and brought up in India
If you asked me a month ago, I would have said "Russia". Indo-Russian relations have been very warm since our independence, or perhaps should  I say Indo-Soviet relations? Anyway, after the fall of the wall and soviet breakup Russia inherited the warm Indian relations of the USSR, and as a permanent member of the UN Security Council they have vetoed resolutions for us that would have hit us hard. Ever since our economy opened in 1991, however, things have changed a lot. Russia has become quasi-capitalist by itself, with President Putin's hyper-rich friends controlling megacorporations like Gazprom. The average young Russian doesn't feel the same bond towards Indian society in general as the older generation did; in fact, Russians' opinion is more negative towards India than even Mexico or Brazil (you may also be interested to know that it's actually the Germans who have the most negative opinion of India, not Pakistanis). Indo-Russian relations also soured over the purchase of Admiral Gorshkov by India. Look that one up; the Indians are still massaging their bum over the deal. Russia's tactics have changed a lot over the decade under Putin, too. Miffed by Indian purchase of French Rafale fighters, Russia sold some Mi Attack helicopters to Pakistan, something which would never have happened during the Khuruschchev or Brezhnev eras. So, who's our friend, really? Ask yourself a couple of questions. Who has been funding our nuclear submarine problem? Which country do Indians prefer to go to for higher education and for jobs? Whose strategic interests in West Asia (Middle East to y'all westerners) align most closely to ours? The companies from what nation outsource their work to us, driving local economies in our megacities? In which country have Indian expats settled, made a name for themselves in every niche of society and politics, unhindered by racism and nationalist mentality?The answer to that is: the United States. Some of their attitude towards us is still a bit colonial, but in time that will change. Indo-US partnership is the way of the future, and the only hope of world against the eventual domination of China. Strategically and tactically, the US is our friend and ally, and maybe the only major one we have.

Gurjap Singh ,出生和成长在印度
如果你一个月前问我,我会说“俄罗斯”。自从我们独立以来,印俄关系一直非常友好,或者我应该说是印苏关系? 不管怎样,在柏林墙倒塌和苏联解体之后,俄罗斯继承了苏联与印度的友好关系,作为联合国安理会的常任理事国,他们否决了对我们造成沉重打击的决议。然而,自从我们的经济在1991年开放以来,情况发生了很大的变化。俄罗斯已经成为准资本主义国家,普京总统的超级富豪朋友控制着俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司这样的大型企业。普通的俄罗斯年轻人对印度社会的感情并不像老一辈人那样,事实上,俄罗斯人对印度的看法甚至比墨西哥或巴西还要负面(你可能也有兴趣知道,对印度持最负面看法的实际上是德国人,而不是巴基斯坦人)。 印俄关系也因印度购买戈尔什科夫号航空母舰而恶化。
在普京统治下的十年间,俄罗斯的策略也发生了很大变化。 由于对印度购买法国阵风战斗机感到恼火,俄罗斯向巴基斯坦出售了一些米式攻击直升机,这在库鲁什切夫或勃列日涅夫时代绝不会发生。 那么,我们的朋友到底是谁? 问自己几个问题。 谁在资助我们的核潜艇问题? 印度人更喜欢去哪个国家接受高等教育和找工作? 谁在西亚的战略利益与我们最为一致? 哪个国家的公司把他们的工作外包给我们,推动我们特大城市的地方经济? 在哪个国家,印度移民定居下来,在社会和政治的每个领域都成名,而且不受种族主义和民族主义心态的阻碍? 答案是:美国。他们对我们的一些态度仍然带有殖民主义色彩,但是随着时间的推移,这种情况将会改变。印美伙伴关系是未来之路,也是世界对抗中国最终统治的唯一希望。在战略上和战术上,美国是我们的朋友和盟友,也许是我们唯一的主要盟友。

Paras Kumar
I think that USA can't be anyone's friend ever . A friend is who help in your bad times . As we know that USA and Pakistan are allies . USA left them abandoned in the war of 1971 . it my view

回复:我认为美国永远不可能是任何人的朋友。朋友是在你困难的时候帮助你的人。正如我们所知,美国和巴基斯坦曾是盟友。 但美国在1971年的战争中抛弃了他们。 这是我的观点

Ram, Analyst
Answer for Question like these reminds me of the Quote by Sir Vladimir Putin.
"You asked me - who am I, friend or foe (to the west) ?
I am not your friend, I am not your bride or Your Groom,
I am the President of Russian Federation, 146 million people who have certain national interests. It is my job to protect these interests.
States must respect each other's interests and not change the rules whenever it doesn't suit you. "
- President Vladimir Putin. ( In an interview to European Journalists)
The last 2 lines of What Putin said is the answer for the question.
There is no permanent enemy or friend when it comes to relationship between States.
As a developing country, India should work on its external affairs based on its interests and taking decisions carefully which would also helps India in future.

这些问题的答案让我想起了弗拉基米尔 · 普京爵士的名言:
我不是你的朋友,我不是你的新娘或新郎,我是俄罗斯的总统,1亿4千6百万人民拥有一定的国家利益。保护这些利益是我的职责。各国必须尊重彼此的利益,不要在规则不适合你的时候改变规则。”——弗拉基米尔 · 普京总统(在接受欧洲记者采访时)

As the leader of ‘Non Aligned Movement’ , India should not make any permanent enemy or friend, but making agreements with the important countries, may it North or West, should help us in longer term.
Russia indeed helped us in difficult times, but we should not forget the fact, as a country they have certain interests on behalf of their people.
We should always prepare for unexpected decisions from countries that we believe as a soul mate.
Like, what India did on Jerusalem controversy (Voting against USA) !
Thanks for reading.

比如,印度在耶路撒冷争议上的所作所为(投票反对美国) !

Vinam Singh
USA1) USA helped India with free food when Indians were starving inspite of  Nehru and Menon were famous for giving anti-west rhetorics.2) USA put pressure on Britain for India Independence.3) USA aided India Green Revolution and helped to make it self sufficient in food.4) USA helped India in its atomic research and gave first reactor to Tarapur Atomic Power Station. USA wanted India to become a Nuclear power at that time.5) USA proposed India to become a permanent veto powered country in UN.6) USA supported of India in 1962 war forced China to move its army from North Eastern States.7) USA gave India Civil Nuclear deals inspite of India not being a signatory of NPT. USA changed not only its domestic laws but lobbied for it internationally.8) USA supported India in investigating Mumbai attacks and during Kargil war.9) USA stopped Pakistan to attack India in 1962 and take Kashmir.10) USA and its allies helped India to set up IITs.11) When India neglected Yoga, it was USA who allowed and pushed that to International level and projected that as India first soft power.12) USA helped India in setting IT services.

Vinam Singh
4、美国帮助印度进行原子能研究,并向塔拉普尔原子能发电站提供了第一座反应堆。 当时美国希望印度成为一个核大国。
7、尽管印度没有签署《不扩散核武器条约》 ,美国还是给了印度民用核能协议。
12、美国帮助印度建立了 IT 服务。

Aman Kashyap , Learner
The statement of no”best friend nation” is not valid for every nation. Way back, it was Russia and now those fools who are taking name of USA, i would say, get well soon. US is the most advantage-seeking nation, it can never be someones best friend(however, can be a permanent rival ,of Russia).
So, at present, the answer is ISRAEL. One of the most technologically advanced nations and on which India can bear full faith. Never lose this great nation’s friendship what diplomatic failure did to Russia.

Aman Kashyap 、学习者
没有“最好的朋友国家”的说法,对每一个国家都不适用。 很久以前,是俄罗斯,现在是那个愚蠢的美国,我会说,快点醒醒吧。 美国是最追求利益的国家,它永远不可能成为某人最好的朋友(然而,它可能永远是俄罗斯的竞争对手)。
所以,目前的答案是以色列,是技术最先进的国家之一,印度对此深信不疑。 永远不要失去这个伟大国家的友谊,就像外交失败对俄罗斯的影响一样。

Prakhar Misra , Collector of curiosities
There are no friend or foes when it comes to international affairs...just nations with either similar or conflicting interests. But since the question has been asked, it merits an answer.
(in no particular order)
"Cultural" Friends: South Korea,Sri Lanka,Nepal,Bhutan,Iran,Afghanistan,Bangladesh,Myanmar,Vietnam,Mauritius,Fiji,Japan
"Strategic" Friends:Russia,Israel,France,UK,Brazil
"Business" Friends:Singapore,USA,China,Australia,Egypt,Nigeria,Saudi Arabia,Sudan
These are usually the countries who side with India in UN resolutions (obviously depending on the issue), justifying the dictum A friend in need is a friend indeed. But it would be a grave folly to freeze this list, as all diplomatic relations are highly dynamic and sway according to vested interests.

Prakhar Misra 、珍品收藏家
在国际事务中,没有朋友也没有敌人,只有利益相似或冲突的国家。 但既然已经提了这个问题,那么它就应该有一个答案。(没有特定顺序)

Russia indeed is India's closest ally till date. It backed India during the 1962 Sino-India war and 1972 India-Pakistan war where Pakistan was backed both economically as well as by weapons by China and US. It has placed faith in India's commitment on nuclear non-proliferation, though India is on a Non-Proliferation Treaty holdout. India has built its biggest nuclear power plant at Kundakullam with Russia's aid. Russia and India are also involved in joint research and development of BrahMos missile system and many 5th generation weapons.

俄罗斯确实是印度迄今为止最亲密的盟友,在1962年的中印战争和1972年的印巴战争中,巴基斯坦在经济上和武器上都得到了中国和美国的支持。它相信印度对核不扩散的承诺,尽管印度对不扩散条约犹豫不决。 在俄罗斯的援助下,印度在昆达库兰建成了最大的核电站。 俄罗斯和印度也参与了布拉莫斯导弹系统和许多第五代武器的联合研发。

Harsimran Bhasin , thinking......
No country's any other's friend(ally as they call it).Be it America,Russia,China or any other wannabe superpower.They just look at the prospects of a country in terms of the resources it has.If there are chances that they might get profited by 'helping' some other country they are most willing to do it.And for this let it be America 'helping' Vietnam, 'helping' Iraq or the recent Arab countries.Russia 'helping' Tajikistan or Ukraine for that instance.China also has been 'helping' Pakistan ever since India's partition.Let me tell you ,in most of the cases the 'help' these countries have provided has left these countries in destruction.Just wait for the proper time and they'll show the world how nice a friend they are.As of now, yeah Russia seems to be supporting India and hasn't done much wrong yet.

Harsimran Bhasin ,思考中...
没有一个国家是其他国家的朋友(他们称之为盟友)。无论是美国、俄罗斯、中国还是其他任何想要成为超级大国的国家。 他们只是从一个国家所拥有的资源的角度,来看待这个国家的前景。如果他们有机会通过“帮助”其他国家而获利,他们是最愿意这样做的。 为此,美国“帮助”越南、“帮助”伊拉克或最近的阿拉伯国家。俄罗斯“帮助”塔吉克斯坦或乌克兰。自从印度分裂以来,中国也一直在帮助巴基斯坦。让我告诉你,在大多数情况下,这些国家提供的“帮助”使这些国家处于毁灭之中。 只要等到合适的时机,他们就会向世界展示他们是多么好的朋友。到现在为止,是的,俄罗斯似乎在支持印度,而且还没有做了什么错事。

Shreshth Vashist , understand Indian foreign and military policies
Thanks for the request
Their are no best friends in the international political arena... leader officials of various countries decide on various matters whom to support and who not to support on the basis of the benefits of the own country in the international arena...
Like Pakistan's best friend was USA for many decades giving them arms & ammunition, civilian aid and international protection since its independence to stop the Russian or soviet influency in South and South East Asia. They have been aware all that time that the Pakistani agencies use and encourage Jihad elements and terrorist from their soil towards India. Now that same America is focusing on India giving Indians support at the international level making highest and the best of its war machine available for India to purchase and Make in India because now India can help them maintain their hegemony on the international level by containing China and only India can do it militarily and economically in the future and very repeatedly mock Pakistan and it's policies over terrorism.

Shreshth Vashist 了解印度的外交和军事政策

Now the Russians being the supporters of India since the 1960's directly or indirectly helped us out in the 1971 war dramatically when signal handedly it disposed off all threats from China USA UK and many other countries to India... but these days when the Russian economy took a hit from the decrease in oil rates it decided to help out even Pakistan by selling them Mi-35 one of theor heavy lift attack and transport chopper

现在,俄罗斯是印度的支持者,自20世纪60年代以来,直接或间接帮助我们摆脱了在1971年的战争中,所有来自中国、美国和许多其他国家对印度的威胁... 但这些天,当俄罗斯经济受到油价下跌的打击时,它决定向巴基斯坦出售米-35重型攻击和运输直升机。

Mayur Shetty , Journalist
The country that has been most supportive of India in recent years is Japan. You can see it in the statement from the political leaders, the billions of dollars of investment and the support in international fora. Russia has been a historical supporter of India, a strategic defense supplier and has stood by the country even when international sanctions were imposed in the wake of the nuclear tests in Pokharan II. Among the immediate neighbours India has the best relations with Bhutan. The King of Bhutan has been the most frequent chief guest at the republic day parade. The Bhutanese currency Ngultrum is pegged to the Indian rupee. Apart from this South Korea too has a very favourable opinion about India and has made large  investments in the country. India has has dramatically improved relations with Israel after diplomatic relations were established in 1992. The USA and the European Union too are friendly to India but they have multiple interests and partnerships which sometimes clash with that of India.

Mayur Shetty 、记者
近年来最支持印度的国家是日本。你可以从政治领导人的声明、数十亿美元的投资和国际论坛的支持中看到这一点。 历史上,俄罗斯一直是印度的支持者。印度是一个战略防御供应国,即使在博克兰二世核试验之后,国际社会对其进行制裁,俄罗斯也一直站在印度一边。在近邻中,印度与不丹的关系最好。不丹国王是共和日游行中最常见的主宾。 不丹货币与印度卢比挂钩。除此之外,韩国对印度也非常看好,并在该国进行了大量投资。 自1992年建立外交关系以来,印度与以色列的关系有了显著改善。 美国和欧盟对印度也很友好,但他们有多种利益和伙伴关系,有时与印度的利益和伙伴关系相冲突。

Ziad Khan , Investor, Funder, Social Venturepreneur at ::iCube Ventures (2004-present)
India has enjoyed a long stable run of democracy which hasn’t always been strong enough the steer its policy initiatives but has definitely done better than its neighbors. For the longest time, India was a close ally of Russia and kept its economy close to the capitalistic world. Increasing population, changing strategic geopolitical conditions and political powers shifted that balance.
The whole Gandhi family had to go to give way to Capitalism. Markets were opened to the rest of the world and overnight India became the darling of ruthless money makers. Then India gave way to accumulation of wealth and its billionaire class and became a close ally of US and its cronies. Most of that was to counter increasing influence of a longtime powerful regional rival; China!

Ziad Khan ,投资者,资助者,社会企业家(2004-现在)
印度享受着运行长期稳定的民主,虽然它的政策主动性不总是很强大,但肯定比其邻国做得更好。 在很长一段时间里,印度是俄罗斯的亲密盟友,并且保持着与资本主义世界的紧密联系。 人口增长、战略地缘政治环境的变化和政治力量改变了这种平衡。
整个甘地家族不得不向资本主义让步。市场向世界其他地区开放,一夜之间,印度成为无情的金钱制造者的宠儿。 随后,印度让位于亿万富翁阶层,成为美国及其亲信的亲密盟友。 其中大部分都是为了对抗一个长期强大的地区竞争对手——中国日益增长的影响力!

Siva Murugan , Random observer.
Bhutan, but they don’t play an active role in world politics.
I would’ve said Bangladesh too, but the massive pollution fostered by us, and the BSF’s shoot-to-kill policy is a prickly thorn in the relationship between these two countries.
The EU seems to be quite cool with us, but they aren’t a country.
It’s rather difficult to pick India’s ‘best friend’ from a list of western (and eastern) countries, because most of these countries’ relationships with India tend to one-sided and usually the other countries benefit from the relationship more than India. The chances that any of those countries supporting us at an armed conflict, regardless of the cause, is rather low.

Siva Murugan ,随机观察者。
很难从西方(和东方)国家的名单中挑选出印度的“最好的朋友” ,因为这些国家与印度的关系大多倾向于一边倒,通常其它国家从这种关系中获益比印度多。 这些国家在武装冲突中支持我们的可能性相当低,不管原因是什么。

Ajay Arora , lived in India
In international diplomacy, there is nothing called --Best Friend. Appropriate terminologies to use are "ally", " enemy" and "cold war situation". In the past, Russia used to be the biggest supplier of India for defence equipments and that prompted both the countries to come closer. With time, as situation changes; diplomatic relations between countries also undergoes certain changes. India's increased procurement of defence equipments from other nations like France,  Israel and US triggered more proximity in our diplomatic relationship with these countries whereas our relationship with Russia took a little backseat. So all in, it all boils down to how much level of strategic deals ( of national importance) we are on with any natio is what matters.

Ajay Arora ,住在印度
在国际外交中,没有什么叫做——最好的朋友。比较适当的术语有“盟国”、“敌国”和“冷战局势”。 过去,俄罗斯曾是印度最大的国防设备供应国,这促使两国走得更近。 随着时间的推移,随着形势的变化,国与国之间的外交关系也发生了一定的变化。 印度增加了从法国、以色列和美国等其他国家采购国防设备,这使得我们与这些国家的外交关系更加接近,而我们与俄罗斯的关系则处于次要地位。 因此,归根结底,这一切都取决于我们正在进行的(对国家至关重要的)战略协议的水平有多高。

Saraswat Rahul , I believe in my leader I believe in namo.
Obviously its one n only RUSSIA For reasons looks back Russia has always stood with us whether it was 1971 war , boforce in kargil war .We have developed BRAHMOS with russia.Rakesh sharma went in space with the help of russia.

Saraswat Rahul 我相信我的领袖,我相信纳摩。
很明显,唯一的朋友是俄罗斯。无论是1971年的战争还是卡吉尔战争,俄罗斯总是站在我们这边。 我们已经和俄罗斯一起开发了布拉莫斯。 拉凯什 · 夏尔马是在俄罗斯的帮助下进入太空的。

Siddharth Dvivedi , worked at Law
We dont use 'best friend' in International Relations/ Diplomacy. We've allies & enemy states.. The closest of ally which India shares a long term relationship, Strategic & cultural partnership and is hassle free as far as exchange of views are concerned, can be Russia. Other than Russia, India shares an extremely porous relationship with Nepal & Bhutan with which India has a very good  understanding. France, Germany and Iran falls next which are all good allies. However, strategically the role of USA is very much sought with which India is trying to accomodate better ties.

Siddharth Dvivedi 、在法律部工作
我们在国际关系或外交中不使用“最好的朋友”。 我们有盟友也有敌国... 印度与俄罗斯有着长期的战略和文化伙伴关系,就交换意见而言,两国关系最密切的,可能是俄罗斯。 除了俄罗斯,印度与尼泊尔和不丹之间的关系非常疏松,印度对此了解很多。 法国、德国和伊朗都是紧随其后的好盟友。然而,从战略上讲,印度非常希望与美国建立更好的关系。

Arghya Sengupta , Senior Software Engineer at Accenture (2015-present)
At least not Pakistan.

Arghya Sengupta ,埃森哲高级软件工程师(2015年至今)

Rajkumar Ramasamy , studied Mixed Martial Arts (2014)
The best friend to India right now will be Israel .
The Geographic condition of India and Israel are somewhat similar, both the countries are surrounded by enemies (non friendly countries for India).
India is the first country to acknowledge Israel as a country when it was formed ,and currently Modi 's visit made the bond between two countries even stronger,
So in this case not scenario the country which we can rely upon as our best friend could be Israel.

Rajkumar Ramasamy ,研究综合格斗(2014)

Chinthak Murali
Russia, USA and Israel

Chinthak Murali

Aaditya Prakash , Follows politics since 2014

Aaditya Prakash 自2014年以来一直关注政治

Prashant Singh
Russia can be considered as the closest ally.Because we do not have a common border and don't have any major beef on important matters.But yeah,still each can't expect other to support them in every matter.Each has their own interests to look after.Though Our interests do coincide at many places like we don't want to see Taliban and terrorists succeed in Central Asia due to Chechanya and Kashmir.We are developing a lot of military technology like PAK-FA and Brahnos missile.

Prashant Singh
俄罗斯可以被视为最亲密的盟友。因为我们没有一个共同的边界,在重要的事情上也没有什么主要的意见。但是,是的,每个人都不能指望别人在每件事情上支持自己。每个人都有自己的利益需要关注。尽管我们的利益在很多地方都是一致的,比如我们不希望看到塔利班和恐怖分子因为切查尼亚和克什米尔而取得成功。我们正在开发许多军事技术,比如 PAK-FA战斗机和 布雷诺导弹。

Bhutan. Bhutan's economy is completely dependent on India. So, India provides security to Bhutan.Also Bhutan doesn't have Chinese Embassy.Bhutan also always supports India in international affairs.

不丹。 不丹的经济完全依赖于印度。 因此,印度为不丹提供了安全保障。 不丹也没有中国大使馆。 不丹在国际事务中也一直支持印度。

Sheetal Patel , worked at Self-Employment
Nepal and Bhutan have been in India's pockets sice ages but they are very weak nations to help India. Nepal and Bhutan need India more than the other way.Amongst the powerful nations, Russia is always our friend. France is also stepping forward with the Rafale deal  occurring soon.  Other nations friendly with India would include South Africa, Israel, the USA, Japan, etc.

Sheetal Patel 、自主创业
尼泊尔和不丹一直在印度口袋里,但它们对印度无法提供足够的帮助。 尼泊尔和不丹比其他国家更需要印度。 在强大的国家中,俄罗斯始终是我们的朋友。 法国也加快了阵风战斗机交易的进程。 其他与印度友好的国家包括南非、以色列、美国、日本等。

Chetan Mangla , B. A. (POLITICAL SCIENCE) from University of Delhi (2021)
No one is friend of anyone all have expectations to each other. A bitter quote is …….. Every friendship have some expectations to each other and the second name of friendship is expectationship. you can see your friend why they are friend of you? Or you can see why they are my friend?
Expectations don't mean wealth it's may be you feel better when you talk to them. May be Japan and Iran.

Chetan Mangla ,德里大学政治学学士(2021)
没有人是任何人的朋友,所有人对彼此都有期待。 一个刻薄的话是... 每一段友谊都对彼此有所期待,友谊的第二个名字就是期待。 你可以看看你的朋友,为什么他们是你的朋友? 或者你可以看到为什么他们是我的朋友?

Vivek Porwal

Vivek Porwal

Parthiban Srinivasan
* India has a good relationship with former USSR but it declined afterwards.
* Israel ( the most trusted friend nowadays).
* Japan( The enemy of an enemy is a friend).
* Bhutan(India's small brother).
* Afghanistan(same as Japan).
* USA cannot be consider as a true friend.but can be considered as friend with benefits.

Parthiban Srinivasan
* 印度与前苏联关系良好,但后来有所下降。
* 以色列(当今最值得信赖的朋友)。
* 日本(敌人的敌人是朋友)。
* 不丹(印度的小兄弟)。
* 阿富汗(与日本相同)。
* 美国不能被认为是真正的朋友,但可以被认为是有利益关系的朋友。

Gaurav Chaudhari , And still i love my country
Lets have a story
In 1914 when the first WW started Italy was on side of tripple alliance that is germany and austria hungery but in 1915 Italy suddenly changed side and join tripple entente that is Britain and France. Why? Because the reason joining the alliance for Italy was to get territory of north africe which was under the rule of France at that time and hence she joined alliance first but as war moved on and italy realised that we can have more benefits from entente than alliance and hence she just changed side.
So conclusion and very fundamental thumb rule of diplomacy is

Gaurav Chaudhari ,我仍然爱我的国家
1914年第一次世界大战开始的时候,意大利站在德国和奥地利这一边,但是1915年意大利突然改变了立场,加入了英国和法国这一边。 为什么? 因为意大利加入联盟的原因是,为了得到北非的领土,当时法国统治,因此她先加入了联盟,但随着战争的继续,意大利意识到可以从协约中得到更多的利益,因此她做得仅仅是改变了立场。

Satyam Kumar , works at Bank of Baroda (2018-present)
RussiaWhen India conducted its first successful nuclear then all others nations were saying that ' India is not able grow as much as crops to feed their entire population and wants to become a superpower'. They created joke of it but only Russia supported India that time.

Satyam Kumar ,在巴罗达银行工作(2018年至今)

Prahlad Yeri , Indian
When it comes to International Diplomacy, there are no such things as friends, only nations that co-operate on certain matters that are mutually beneficial to them.Having said that, I believe Russia has been a faithful ally to India since beginning. It emphatically sided with India during the Indo-Pak war of 1971, when the American President Nixon was totally against India and stood with Pakistan.I'm sure you can find many more instances of Russia coming to India's help if you search the topics on Quora and Reddit.

Prahlad Yeri 、印度人
谈到国际外交,没有朋友这回事,只有在某些对双方都有利的事情上合作的国家。 话虽如此,我相信俄罗斯从一开始就是印度的忠实盟友。 在1971年印巴战争期间,美国总统尼克松完全反对印度,与巴基斯坦站在一起。如果你在 Quora 和 Reddit 上搜索相关话题,你肯定能找到更多俄罗斯帮助印度的例子。

Ashish Tiwari , M.S. Computational Fluid Dynamics & Thermal Engineering, Linköping University
There is nothing like a best friend when it comes to countries. But most people in India who take interest in foreign policies consider Russians to be the closest ally without a doubt.

Ashish Tiwari 计算流体力学与热工程学硕士,林雪平大学
在国家问题上,没有什么比最好的朋友更好了。 但是,大多数对外交政策感兴趣的印度人毫无疑问地认为俄罗斯人是最亲密的盟友。

Shashank Juyal , works at S&P Global Market Intelligence
This is International Politics which invariably means that there is no concept of friends and foe.Its a matter of mutual interests and allignment.

Shashank Juyal ,就职于标准普尔全球市场情报公司
这是国际政治,这必然地意味着没有朋友和敌人的概念。 这是一个相互利益和平衡的问题。

Ajay Chaurasia , works at Damodar Valley Corporation
South Africa....India shares a great bond with Proteas ppl n culture...Mahatma Gandhi spent quality time spent there n started freedom movement...when he returned back home.Moreover the great Nelson Mandela was awarded highest prestigious honour of our land "BHARAT RATNA".

Ajay Chaurasia 在达摩达尔谷公司工作
南非... 印度与普罗特斯文化有着巨大的联系... 圣雄甘地在那里度过了宝贵的时光,当他回到家乡时,开始了自由运动。 此外,伟大的纳尔逊 · 曼德拉被授予我们国家的最高荣誉“ 印度国宝勋章”。

Prakul Verma , worked at Maccaferri Environmental Solutions
Internationally, friendship between countries comes at cost. A country becomes another country's friend only when there's some interest involved. India has enjoyed cordial relations with Israel, Russia, Bhutan and Japan and US lately. But to pinpoint one best friend who has been helping us unconditionally will be very difficult.

Prakul Verma ,曾在 macaferri 环境解决方案公司工作
在国际上,国与国之间的友谊是有代价的。 一个国家只有在牵涉到某种利益时才会成为另一个国家的朋友。 最近,印度与以色列、俄罗斯、不丹、日本和美国都保持着良好的关系。 但是要找出一个无条件帮助我们的最好的朋友是非常困难的。

Krishna Paul
Before 1991 Soviet Union Now in 2015 Russian Federation.That's all.

Krishna Paul

Milind Joshi , Analysing political events passionately but without bias.
Like every other country, India is the best friend of herself.
Foreign affairs work on national interests and hence there is no permanence of friendship or enmity.

Milind Joshi 热情而不带偏见地分析政治事件。



Gopal Joshi GJ , A human geography student
Yes it's Russia it is called also as India's sister

Gopal Joshi GJ 人文地理系的学生

World Bank and IMF


Vijay Sharma , former Independent Consultant
Currently France who Agreed to sell 36 High end  rafale jet directly  to India. Nepal and Bhutan are always our trusted neighbours.

Vijay Sharma 、前独立顾问

Rishi Meena , works at Resonance
world bank :)


Ashif Akram , Senior Research Fellow at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (2015-present)
Nepal & Bhutan.

Ashif Akram ,印度理工学院高级研究员,孟买(2015年至今)

Prateek Sati , works at Indian Army

Prateek Sati ,在印度军队工作

Anil Chowdary , proud to say i am enjoying every second as a being Indian.

Anil Chowdary 我很自豪地说我很享受作为一个印度人的每一秒。

Shubham Sharma

Shubham Sharma

Khan Sohail (M.S) , BE Mechanical Engineering (2017)
Russia and Israel both are the best ally of India.

Khan Sohail (M.S) ,BE 机械工程(2017)

Sharad Jain , studied Pursuing CA (2017)
Russia Russia Russia Russia Indian people love Russia This is the Russia who helped us every time when we faced any problem especially in 1971 war US is enemy not friend .They want to occupy kashmir

Sharad Jain ,在Pursuing CA学习(2017)

Nikhil Kizhakkedath
There is no objective answer to it. There are many countries who have friendly relationship with India.

Nikhil Kizhakkedath

Dileep Kumar M , studied at VPT Puttur
We can surely say that Israel. It is the country who helped India on kargil war against pakistan without looking back.

Dileep Kumar M ,曾在 VPT Puttur 就读
我们可以肯定地说,以色列。 正是这个国家在印度与巴基斯坦的卡吉尔战争中毫不回头地帮助了印度。

Ganesh Kumar
only one word is enough.

Ganesh Kumar

Shiv Kumar Sharma , former Articled Assistant
Japan And America on this date.

Shiv Kumar Sharma ,前见习助理

Megha Megha , studied Bachelor of Arts Degrees in History with Honors at Lady Brabourne College (2018)
Russia mainly but America nowadays

Megha Megha 2018年,在布拉伯恩夫人学院以优异成绩获得哲学硕士历史学位

Gyanesh Krishna
Good friends of India are Russia, Israel, Japan, Bhutan.

Gyanesh Krishna

Mrutyunjaya Nayak
Russia and isrial the true friend of India ,in1971,and till now …

Mrutyunjaya Nayak

Arnab Dash , Student of Economics (2015-present)
In international politics
There is no permanent friend
There is no permanent enemy
There is only permanent interest.

Arnab Dash ,经济学系学生(2015年至今)

Jaya S
Russia is the best friend of india

Jaya S

Yuvraj Bhosale , Managing Director at Vanguard Organic Industries (2016-present)
The term would be wrong but I would say Israel is on the best possible terms. They have offered to bomb Pakistan in a Indo-Pak war. That counts as a big friendly gesture.

Yuvraj Bhosale ,先锋有机产业董事总经理(2016-至今)
这个术语可能有误,但我要说,以色列可能是最好的朋友。他们提出在印巴战争中轰炸巴基斯坦。 这算是一个友好的姿态。

Muhammad Iqbal , MBA Military History and Wars , Pakistan (2003)
India is best friend of itself besides Israel it's ally in anti Muslim agenda

Muhammad Iqbal ,军事历史与战争,巴基斯坦(2003年)

Deepak Kakade
Which countries are India’s best friends? This is a tricky question. Mind you, I am talking about countries, which carry weight at International level. Countries like Bhutan do not carry any weight, so are not counted.
Many influential countries have excellent relations with India. With exception of China and to a certain extent Australia, India has good working relationship with every major country.
In my list, top two positions obviously go to Japan and Russia, in that order. After a long gap, third and fourth position holders emerge as the U.S.A. and Israel, respectively. Finally, the fifth position goes to the European Union.
In recent years, Japan has become India’s strategic partner, thanks largely to China’s aggressive posturing. An assertive China is dangerous for both countries, therefore two are friends in need.

Deepak Kakade
哪些国家是印度最好的朋友? 这是一个棘手的问题。请注意,我说的是国家,它们在国际上有分量的国家。像不丹这样的国家没有任何影响力,因此没有被计算在内。
许多有影响力的国家与印度有着良好的关系。 除了中国和一定程度上的澳大利亚,印度与每一个主要国家都有着良好的关系。
近年来,日本已成为印度的战略合作伙伴,这在很大程度上要归功于中国咄咄逼人的姿态。 一个自信的中国对两国都是危险的,因此两国都是需要帮助的朋友。

Japan has been one of the main forces behind the “India story”. Japanese have funded numerous infrastructure projects, both financially and technically. Delhi Metro was the first example. The upcoming projects like Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, Delhi-Mumbai Freight Corridor, and Chennai-Bangalore Corridor are some of the examples of this relationship.
Apart from that, Japanese companies like Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, Sony etc. have poured billions of dollars in India.
Russia is the oldest and the most reliable friend, India has got in diplomatic circles. Russia, being a permanent member of UNO, makes a valuable asset for India. India compliments it by being Russia’s largest arms buyer. Russia too has taken care of India’s interests. Russia was only major country, which did not imposed sanctions on India, after 1998 nuclear tests. Russia does not sell arms to Pakistan. Russia’s influence in Central Asia has been useful in getting India oil fields in the region.
The U.S.A.

日本一直是“印度故事”背后的主要力量之一。 日本为许多基础设施项目提供了资金和技术上的支持。 德里地铁就是第一个例子。 即将到来的新德里-孟买工业走廊、新德里-孟买货运走廊和钦奈-班加罗尔走廊就是这种关系的一些例子。
俄罗斯是印度在外交界,最老、最可靠的朋友。作为联合国组织的常任理事国,俄罗斯为印度提供了宝贵的资产。作为俄罗斯最大的武器购买国,印度对此表示称赞。俄罗斯也关心印度的利益。 俄罗斯是1998年核试验后唯一没有对印度实施制裁的大国。俄罗斯不向巴基斯坦出售武器。俄罗斯在中亚的影响力有助于印度在该地区获得油田。

The U.S.A, by virtue of being sole superpower, has become third most important foreign policy partner. Problem with the U.S. is that nobody can be sure for how long you are going to in its good books. Pakistan, Turkey and Brazil are good examples of this. It has only permanent national interests. Problem with that is that its interests keep on changing, very fast.
Political and business relations between two countries have strengthened in recent years. But as the U.S. is becoming more protectionist, the concerns are growing.
This small but power packed country has been India’s valuable asset for more than a decade. Apart from being one of the biggest arms exporter, Israel has been a major technology provider and investor.

作为唯一的超级大国,美国已成为印度第三大外交政策合作伙伴。美国的问题在于,没有人能够确定你在它的好友名单中能坚持多久。巴基斯坦、土耳其和巴西就是很好的例子。 美国只有永久的国家利益。问题在于,它的利益在不断变化,而且变化非常快。
近年来,两国之间的政治和商业关系有所加强。 但是随着美国的保护主义越来越严重,人们的担忧也越来越强烈。
十多年来,这个小而强大的国家一直是印度的宝贵资产。 除了是最大的武器出口国之一,以色列还是一个主要的技术提供者和投资者。

But a relationship with Israel comes with big baggage. It has enemies in the region, which is vital for India’s interests. Apart from that, due to Palestine issue, it is difficult for any ruling party in India to get too cozy with Israel.
The European Union
Best part about the European Union is that it truly values democracy and believes in spreading it. Relationship with democratic India is much more appreciated in Brussels than Washington D.C. Its interests are much more permanent in nature than the U.S. India has good diplomatic and business relationship with England, France and Germany. It is already is India’s the biggest trading partner and Free Trade Agreement should be finalized soon.
Only problem with EU is that right now, it is going through severe economic problems, which has reduced its weight in diplomatic circles.

但与以色列的关系中背负着巨大的包袱。 它在该地区有自己的敌人,这对印度的利益至关重要。 除此之外,由于巴勒斯坦问题,印度任何执政党都很难与以色列关系融洽。
欧盟最好的一点是,它真正重视民主,并相信民主的传播。 与华盛顿相比,布鲁塞尔更重视与民主印度的关系。与美国相比,布鲁塞尔的利益更为持久。印度与英国、法国和德国有着良好的外交和商业关系。它已经是印度最大的贸易伙伴,自由贸易协定应该很快就会敲定了。

Is it a coincidence that none of the India’s closest foreign policy partners are not its neighbors or even in close vicinity. May be that is the reason, they are friends with India.
Ironically some of these countries are not friends with each other, Japan-Russia, the USA – Russia and Israel – Russia. India has an opportunity here, to be some kind of mediator for Russia.
Best wishes !!

印度最亲密的外交政策伙伴中没有一个是邻国,甚至近邻都不算,这是巧合吗? 也许这就是原因,他们是印度的朋友。
具有讽刺意味的是,其中一些国家彼此之间并不是朋友,如 日本-俄罗斯、美国-俄罗斯和以色列-俄罗斯。印度这样就有机会成为俄罗斯的调停者。