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文章原始标题:What do you think about the idea from Tom Cotton of banning Chinese students from studying STEM subjects and make them study Shakespeare?

内容简介:所以,你需要了解一点美国国内政治,然后你就会知道参议员汤姆 · 科顿是从哪里来的。

What do you think about the idea from Tom Cotton of banning Chinese students from studying STEM subjects and make them study Shakespeare?
So, you need to know a little bit about the US domestic politics, then you’ll know where Senator Tom Cotton comes from.
Basically, there’s a class of US politicians who are accountable to nobody, other than the political money behind them. You see, the US domestic politics is dominated by billionnaires. There are the East Coast banking billionnaires (i.e., Bloomberg). Those are the traditional Republican party. Then there are the West Coast tech billionnaires. Those are mostly democrats. Then there are the mid-west tea-party billionnaires. The likes of Koch Brothers. These guys basically do not want to have ANY REGULATION ON BUSINESS. It was named by Rick Santelli on the floor of Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Rick Santelli is this guy here: CNBC’s Rick Santelli suggests giving everyone coronavirus to spare the economy

Robin Daverman 学习中
你怎么看待汤姆 · 科顿提出的禁止中国学生学习 STEM 并让他们学习莎士比亚的想法?
所以,你需要了解一点美国国内政治,然后你就会知道参议员汤姆 · 科顿是从哪里来的。
基本上,美国有一个政客阶层,他们不对任何人负责,只对他们背后的政治资金负责。你看,美国国内政治是由亿万富翁主导的。 有东海岸银行业的亿万富翁(即彭博社)。这些都是传统的共和党。然后是西海岸技术界的亿万富翁。这些人大多是民主党人。 此外还有中西部茶党的亿万富翁。 像科赫兄弟这样的公司。 这些家伙基本上不想有任何商业规则。茶党这个名字是里克·桑特利在芝加哥商品交易所上命名的。 里克 · 桑特利就是这样一个人:CNBC的里克 · 桑特利建议让每个人都感染新冠病毒来拯救经济

I mean, I”m still waiting to see him lead by example and wipe his own face with Coronavirus live on CNBC, but no such luck - he only meant that those meatpacking plant workers should be getting the virus, not himself. He should be the one getting the “herd immunity” protection from the masses of poor people and the immigrants.
Cut regulation for businesses and cut taxes for the rich. These are the goals. So these guys set off during the last two decades to buy themselves some governors and some senators, and they targeted those small, poor states in the mid-west and in the South. Why? Because those are cheap. A couple million bucks. You can’t buy those in big, rich states like New York and California as easily, because those are big, wealthy states, and a local politician can raise a lot of money locally, $50 million, $100 million, etc., and beat back the onslaught of massive out-of-state cash train.

我的意思是,我仍然期待看到他以身作则,在 CNBC 的电视频道中用新冠病毒来涂抹在自己脸上,但是没有这样的运气:他只是说那些肉类加工厂的工人应该感染病毒,而不是他自己。他应该是那个从大量穷人和移民那里得到“群体免疫”保护的人。
削减对企业的监管,减少富人的税收。这些就是目标。 所以这些人在过去的二十年里开始为自己买一些州长和参议员位置,他们把目标对准了中西部和南部那些贫穷的小州。 为什么?因为那里很便宜。几百万美元而已。在像纽约和加利福尼亚这样的大而富裕的州,你很难轻易买到,因为这些是大而富裕的州,当地政治家可以在当地筹集大量资金,5千万美元,1亿美元等等,来击退大规模的州外现金列车的冲击。

But for States like Arkasas, ranked 47th out of the whole 50 states in GDP per capita, a couple million bucks, and you can run a candidate with spare. So you look at Arkansas (Tom Cotton) and/or Kentucky (Mitch McConnell), these guys have never done anything good for their own states, and their campaign funding are all from big corporations and PACs. Arkansas, for example, is a big agriculture state. Farming and livestock are the biggest industry there. The US is the big exporter and China is the big importer. So why does Tom Cotton jumps out. It doesn’t make any sense. Until you realize that the only thing they need from their state is the zip code.
Thus you end up with this bizarre political phenomenon in the United States, where these poor little states who take in the most tax money from the rest of the country, argue the most vehemently for tax cut and deregulation. Bulgaria leading the charge to reduce member contribution to the European Union. Happening in real life in the US!
Tea Party movement - Wikipedia

但是对于像阿肯色州这样的州,人均国内生产总值在全部50个州中排名第47位,只要几百万美元,你就可以得到一个备用的候选人资格。看看阿肯色州(汤姆 · 科顿)和 / 或肯塔基州(米奇 · 麦康奈尔) ,这些人从来没有为自己的州做过什么好事,他们的竞选资金都来自大公司和政治行动委员会。 例如,阿肯色州是一个农业大州。 农业和畜牧业是那里最大的产业。 美国是最大的出口国,而中国是最大的进口国。 那么为什么汤姆 · 科顿要跳出来呢?这没有任何意义。直到你意识到他们唯一需要的就是他们所在州的邮政编码。

A corollary feature of American politics is the almost complete separation of the upside vs. the downside. The Responsibility vs. the Power. Chinese graduate students were instrumental in developing the Johns Hopkins Covid-19 tracker that everyone uses. Maybe Mr. Cotton wants to take over the responsibility of writing and maintaining the code himself, after he booted those Chinese students out? Massive numbers of Chinese graduate students and faculties are involved in developing treatment and vaccine. Maybe Mr. Cotton can develop a better vaccine on his own from his basement? Billions of dollars a year goes into US universities and colleges from Chinese students. There’s actually an amazingly simple way to release them from their dependency on the Chinese students. Mr. Cotton, just write the check to the universities and do the work yourself. So simple! Yet so impossible!

美国政治的一个显著特征,就是几乎完全分开了正面和负面,责任和权力。中国研究生在开发人人都在使用的约翰霍普金斯新冠疫情跟踪器方面,发挥了重要作用。 在他把那些中国学生踢出去之后,也许科顿先生想自己承担起跟踪器编写和维护代码的责任?大量的中国研究生和教师参与了新冠病毒治疗和疫苗的开发。也许科顿先生可以在他的地下室自己开发出一种更好的疫苗?中国学生每年向美国大学和学院投入数十亿美元。实际上有一个令人惊讶的简单方法,可以让他们摆脱对中国学生的依赖。科顿先生,只要把支票寄给大学,你自己去做就行了。就这么简单! 然而,这是不可能的!

But he’s not responsible for any of that. He doesn’t have to write check to universities to keep the lights on. He doesn’t have to write the code or develop the vaccine. He doesn’t have to shoulder any responsibilities.
This is why the “upper drawers” are occupied by a great bunch of spoiled selfish imbeciles. They never have the responsibility to make anything work, ever, for other people. A “permanent upper class” who gambles, and a “permanent lower class” who pays. But that’s just history repeating itself.

这就是为什么“上层抽屉”被一大群被宠坏的自私蠢货占据的原因。他们从来没有责任为别人做任何事情。冒险投机的“永久上层阶级”和承担代价的“永久下层阶级”。 但这只是历史的重演。

Your practical insight to US politics is amazing. Are you writing a book yet?

Ozgur Zeren

We are so screwed.

Wenhong You

please forward a copy to every news outlet in the good old USA

Brian Greene

What do you think about the idea from Tom Cotton of banning Chinese students from studying STEM subjects and make them study Shakespeare?
First off Tom Cotton is a snake.
Secondly it is all explained here:
If you prevent Chinese or whoever from studying STEM in the USA then they’ll simply go elsewhere.
Like Europe or Australia.
Checking the stats:
How reliant are US colleges on Chinese students?
360,000 in the USA during 2017–18
Imagine how much backfire there would be if one of those people was a genius?
Oh we’ve seen this happen already
Qian Xuesen
He was a founder of the Jet Propulsion Lab. He was persecuted in the USA and detained for 5 years. He went home to China and helped them build an A-bomb in 8 years. 4 years after that they had their first Hydrogen bomb.

Ken Morgan 前商法及经济讲师(2019年)
你怎么看待汤姆 · 科顿提出的禁止中国学生学习 STEM 并让他们学习莎士比亚的想法?
首先,汤姆 · 科顿是个狡猾的家伙。
如果你阻止中国人或者其他人在美国学习 STEM,那么他们只会去别的地方。比如欧洲或者澳大利亚。
他是喷气推进实验室的创始人之一。 他在美国受到迫害,被拘留了5年。 然后他回到中国,帮助他们在8年内制造了一枚原子弹。4年后,他们有了第一颗氢弹。

Now considering 1% of the population of super smart. Of that 360,000
3600 or 1% will be potential Qian Xuesens if given the right opportunities and circumstances and quite frankly that’s scary.


If a Chinese student wants to study Shakespeare why on earth would they want to go to America? Wouldn't it make sense to go to the UK where Shakespeare is actually from? Namely Stratford upon Avon (ask an American to point to that place on s map)

Joey Yu
如果一个中国学生想学习莎士比亚,他们究竟为什么要去美国呢? 难道去莎士比亚的故乡英国不是更有意义吗? 也就是埃文河畔斯特拉特福(让一个美国人在地图上指出那个地方)

Tom Cotton is a moron.

Cas Methar
汤姆 · 科顿就是个白痴。

I recalled an event at the height of feverish anti Japanese sentiment in early 90’s when I was in a graduate school at one of top engineering schools in the Midwest. A few weeks prior, one Chinese guy, mistaken to be Japanese, was killed in Michigan (or perhaps Indiana) and there were signs at some parking lots saying that no Japanese car was allowed. The Dean of the School of engineering conducted a town hall to impart a reassuring message that Asian and foreign students were not only welcome but part of long and storied tradition of STEM education in the school. At the time a whopping 90% of all engineering grad school students were foreign students. A few went on to become faculties and deans in top-rank US universities. Many graduates worked for Fortune 500, producing prolific amount of patents. Some went on to start companies. They now employ a combination of tens of thousands of Americans. It’s sad that congress and the executive office are infested by short sighted, xenophobic folks like Tim Cotton, whose reflexes are to resort to baser emotion of fear and anger instead of the greatness of American values and tradition. America is already great. It’s these types of people, in the name of MAGA, who are taking America down by a few pegs.

Pierre Oey
让我回忆起90年代早期的一件事,当时我正在中西部一所顶级工程学校读研究生,那时的反日情绪正高涨。在那几周前,一个被误认为是日本人的中国人在密歇根州(也许是印第安纳州)被杀害,在一些停车场有标志牌写着禁止日本车开入。工程学院院长主持了一次市政厅会议,传达了一个令人宽慰的信息,即亚洲学生和外国学生不仅受到欢迎,而且是学校历史悠久的 STEM 教育传统的一部分。当时,高达90% 的工科研究生都是外国学生。 其中一些人后来成为美国一流大学的教职人员和院长。 许多毕业生在财富500强公司工作,获得了大量专利。 一些人继续创办公司。 他们现在雇佣了成千上万的美国人。 令人悲哀的是,国会和行政办公室里目光短浅、排外的人大量滋生,比如汤姆 · 科顿,他们的本能反应是使用恐惧和愤怒的低级情绪,而不是伟大的美国价值观和传统。美国已经很伟大了。但正是这些人,以让美国再次伟大的名义,把美国拉下了几个档次。

Can't agree with you more. These moronic pollies, the like of Cotton, have no idea how much benefits they have gotten and will get from those smart, young Asian immigrants - the Chinese, the Indians and others.
They just paddle xenophobic sentiments to deceive and scare the ignorant and uneducated masses, hoping to gain political support. How sad to see there are still these sorts of daft, mentally-deficient (supposedly educated, I just wonder) in leadership in 2020?

Yunlok Lee
他们只是利用排外情绪来欺骗和恐吓无知和没有受教育的大众,希望获得政治支持。 看到2020年还有这些愚蠢、智力缺陷(我只是想知道,他们是否受过教育)担任领导职务,该是多么令人难过?

Back then US was China’s best friend. On the other hand, Nazi Germany topped the list of stupid stuff. They kicked out all the Jewish scientists who dominated physics and math, including Einstein. As Obama puts it, don’t do stupid stuff.

Yevgeniy Leto

Our economy would definitely suffer in the long-term if Chinese students stopped coming here to study.

Wenhong You

Hence better to have them come to US, and if they ever try to go back to China, arrest them on treason and espionage charges and throw them in jails for a few decades.

Luke Wang

Then they won’t come ever.

Joseph Xue

Europe will welcome those students. At least West-Europe.

Reinhard Lohmann

Qian Xuesens was the best among the very best from China at that time (1930’s). He scored number one in the exam that qualified Chinese students going oversea to study.

Arthur Chen

I do wonder what benefit he could possibly see in having a potential 360,000 people able to read 16th Century English(I know he probably really just meant study English or don’t come here), rather than learning STEM subjects.

Ian Starr
我真的很想知道,如果有36万的人能够读懂16世纪的英语(我知道他可能真正的意思是要么学英语,要么就别来这里) ,而不是学习STEM课程,他会有什么好处。

The World Economic Forum reported that China had 4.7 million recent Stem Graduates, India had 2.6 million Stem graduates, while the United States had only 568,000 Stem graduates as of February 2019. China will continue to rise academically in the area of Stem research and development without having to attend a university in the United States.

Priscilla Ferguson

I think the most able American students would study subjects that leads to the best paid and most prestigious jobs like doctor, lawyer or stockbroker.
Engineering is seen as what lonely nerds did and lacks prestige and social cache.

Shing Chan

If people pays close attention to technical and scientific articles, to book authors, researchers, prominent professors (even in the USA), senior officials in American companies, etc., it turns out that contrary to what was happening years ago, names related to Asian citizens, of which China and India stand out, are appearing in large quantities. If the USA closes its universities to citizens of other countries, it would not affect to much the knowledge disseminated around the world or prevent other countries from continuing to evolve in terms of knowledge.
Maybe they, the USA, should invest in education, encourage and give more chances to the young Americans to continue to higher education without being in debt for many years! It looks that many other countries are going in that direction!
Note: If I remember what I read in history, much of the American progress is based on "foreigners" who have gone to work in America!

Vitor Almeida
也许他们,美国,应该在教育上投资,鼓励和给予年轻的美国人更多的机会继续接受高等教育,而不是背上多年的债务! 看起来其他许多国家也在朝这个方向发展!
注意: 如果我还记得我在历史书上读到的,美国的进步很大程度上是建立在那些去美国工作的“外国人”的基础上的!

These sorts of proposals come from people who are clueless of what happens outside the US. They think the US is the only place that has science and technology.
If the US don't want students from China, there are dozens of countries that would fall over themselves to get them to come to their universities.

Shing Chan
这类提议来自那些对美国以外发生的事情一无所知的人。 他们认为美国是唯一拥有科学技术的地方。

Ummm…. since when did Shakespeare become American? Won’t the British get upset with this?
Anyway, concerning Tom Cotton’s idea of not letting Chinese students study STEM subjects, perhaps there is no need for Tom to do anything because it looks like they are not coming to the US much nowadays.
Visa uncertainties and the worsening US-China relationship is discouraging Chinese students from coming to the US to study.
Furthermore, COVID-19 has caused uncertainties on when US universities will open. US entrance exams in China have been delayed or cancelled. This is another reason Chinese students are not coming as much as before.

Ridzwan Abdul Rahman 生活在亚洲
额... 从什么时候开始莎士比亚变成美国人了?英国人不会对此感到不安吗?
无论如何,关于汤姆 · 科顿不让中国学生学习 STEM 课程的想法,也许汤姆没有必要做什么事情,因为看上去他们现在不怎么来美国了。

US universities are looking at a loss of $15 billion from the loss of Chinese students in the 20/21 session. Bear in mind that the majority of Chinese students are paying students. They are not receiving grant from any US body.
So what do I think of Tom Cotton’s idea? I think that many of the Chinese students themselves are already doing it without being told.

由于20/21学年中国学生的流失,美国大学正面临着150亿美元的损失。请记住,大多数中国学生都是付费留学的。 他们没有得到任何美国机构的资助。
那么我对汤姆 · 科顿的想法怎么看? 我认为,许多中国学生已经不知不觉在这样做了。

Regarding that Shakespeare one, I think he’s saying that Chinese students should only be allowed to study useless liberal arts subjects.

Quan Zhang

I believe China can come up with better Stem universities that can equal the west. China should seriously build up their U rankings. Who knows, students from the west may end up coming to China to study stem and work in the technological fields. China can grab the education pie from the world. This is a good opportunity for China.
When their Universities start to fall because of poor demand, Americans can blame Tom Cotton.

Elia Hartono
我相信中国可以建立更好的STEM大学,与西方平起平坐。 中国应该认真建立他们的大学排名。谁知道呢,说不定来自西方的学生最终可能会来到中国学习STEM,并在技术领域工作。 中国可以从世界上抢走教育这块蛋糕。 这对中国来说是一个很好的机会。
当他们的大学因为需求不足而开始关门的时候,美国人可以责怪汤姆 · 科顿。

It's our loss in the U.S., not China's loss. This will add to another wound in the U.S. economy. Oh well, we can thank the right wing idiots at D.C. for this unnecessary discriminations against Chinese exchange students.

Pete Okuhira
这是我们美国的损失,而不是中国的损失。 这将加重美国经济的另一个伤口。 哦,好吧,我们应该感谢华盛顿特区的右翼白痴对中国交换生的这种不必要的歧视。

I’d like to see graduating Chinese students remain in China to contribute to and build the Motherland. Of course it’s not up to me, but recently it seems the US and Australia are inadvertently helping in this regard.

Daryl Ho
我希望看到毕业的中国学生能留在中国,为祖国做出贡献,建设祖国。 当然这不是我能决定的,但是最近美国和澳大利亚似乎无意中助长了这趋势。

It means China is doing in the right way.
Now my dear friends, you know what a great teacher Mr. Tom Cotton it is now. He actually told the developing coutries all around the world what is the best way to develop a country from dirt poor to rich - STEM.
Literature has no borders. We love Shakespeare, we also love Gabriel García Márquez, Mark Twain, Jack London, Rabindranath Tagore. They are the light of human kind. Yes they are important. But not that important if you don’t have enough food for your kids.
Back to the topic, banning Chinese students from studying STEM in US is no big deal. They can go to universities in other countries. Even all developed countries have banned Chinese STEM students. It is still no big deal. It’s only a matter of time.
Just like the Wassenaar Arrangement.
Once China made a breakthrough im some area, it is immediately deleted from the relevant category in this arrangement.

Floyd Chou, 懂德语
现在,我亲爱的朋友们,你们现在知道汤姆 · 科顿先生是一位多么伟大的老师了。 实际上,他告诉了世界各地的发展中国家可以让一个国家从赤贫状态走向富裕的最佳途径:STEM。
回到这个话题上,禁止中国学生在美国学习 STEM 没什么大不了的。他们可以去其他国家上大学。甚至如果所有的发达国家都禁止中国的 STEM 学生。这仍然没什么大不了的。只是时间问题。

Cotton is a Trumpian clone. China hopes Cotton’s views prevail because that means those Chinese grad students that do the grunt work in University research would go home and not contribute to US research. 80% of US grad students in STEM are foreign students. Cotton fails to realize that 75% of America’s Silicon Valley are immigrants, mostly Chinese and Indians. They are the backbone of America’s technology rise. Most want to become US citizens, but the US makes that process arduous and lengthy.
Since Tsinghua is ranked number one in the world in engineering and IT, beating out the proverbial champ MIT, the shift is on for China to be even stronger in STEM. Cotton should have looked at the PISA report because that shows to some degree the abilities of future students for success in STEM academia.

Masao Miwa 在亚洲生活了50年
科顿是特朗普的克隆体。中国希望科顿的观点是主流,因为这意味着那些在大学做繁重研究工作的中国研究生将会回国,不会为美国的研究做出贡献。 80%的美国 STEM 研究生都是外国学生。 科顿没有意识到美国硅谷75% 的人都是移民,大部分是中国人和印度人。他们是美国科技崛起的支柱。大多数人希望成为美国公民,但美国让这一过程变得既艰难又漫长。
由于清华大学在工程和信息技术方面排名世界第一,击败了众所周知的冠军学院麻省理工学院,中国将在 STEM 方面更加强大。 科顿应该看看 PISA 报告,因为它在某种程度上显示了未来学生在 STEM 学术领域取得成功的能力。

“Experts have complained for decades that Americans don’t excel enough in the so-called STEM (i.e. science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines. But leading trends in our higher education suggest that the U.S. is fast approaching a STEM crisis like no other---one that systematically benefits foreign countries and companies, at the expense of our own. A future shortfall in Americans trained in science and engineering bodes ills not only for our economic well-being, but for our national security as well. This is because so many current and future defense systems will depend on technologies in which America still leads in development and innovation, such as cyber, artificial intelligence, quantum research, and even nanotechnology—but where competitors are pushing hard to overtake us and dominate the high-tech future.”
One day when that realization hits, it will be too late.

“几十年来,专家们一直抱怨美国人在STEM (科学、技术、工程和数学)学科方面不够优秀。但是我们高等教育的主流趋势表明,美国正在面临一场前所未有的 STEM 危机:牺牲本国利益为代价,有计划地让外国和外国公司获益。未来缺乏受过科学和工程训练的美国人,不仅对我们的经济福祉不利,也对我们的国家安全不利。这是因为现在和未来许多国防系统将依赖于美国在发展和创新方面仍处于领先地位的技术,比如网络、人工智能、量子研究,甚至纳米技术,但竞争对手正在努力超越我们,主宰高科技的未来。”

LOL, I think Cotton and Trump are under the delusion that American students can fill the gap. I know Putin is delighted with Trump.

Ahsun Hon

No. Cotton and Trump think that Chinese students benefited from STEM education in USA, and then they go back to China and help propel China’s technology advancement in 5G, in AI, in Space etc. Cotton and Trump think that Newton’s Laws are more advanced or sophisticated than those in China.

(作者)Masao Miwa
不是。科顿和特朗普认为,中国学生从美国的 STEM 教育中受益,然后回到中国,帮助推动中国在5G、人工智能、太空等领域的技术进步。科顿和特朗普认为,牛顿定律比中国的那些更先进、更复杂。

That’s true, but who fills the holes? The threat is some US universities could close down without grants for research. No researchers, no grants. They are there for research.
Also, if immigration didn’t restrict graduate STEM students, a lot of them would stay. They think the US is the place for pushing the state of the art. The US is making graduate school less attractive for foreign students. Silicon Valley tech workers are 75% immigrants, it was a brain gain that Trump etal are turning into a brain drain.
But again, what do these guys know about research? Funding for research in the US has been in decline. Schools like Tsinghua now tops MIT.
Chinese University Tops MIT in Engineering Rankings

(作者)Masao Miwa
没错,但谁来填补这些漏洞呢? 威胁在于,如果没有科研拨款,一些美国大学可能会倒闭。没有研究人员,没有拨款。而他们在那里做研究。
但是,这些家伙对研究又了解多少呢? 美国的研究经费一直在减少。 像清华大学现在已经超过了麻省理工学院。

I think it is entirely too cruel to ban any subset of people to do anything when others are allowed and is probably illegal under international law and many countries laws.
China's university system has developed over the years, so their need to study elsewhere is greatly reduced.
Science though is a need most countries especially those developing need to pursue. They may not end up working on theoretical science because applied science is more necessary.
International students are partly funded through grants from colleges and partly funded by the home country. The US charges extra for foreign students including students from out of state and often find this good business.

Sheri Fresonke Harper 教授计算机技术超过10年
然而,科学是大多数国家,尤其是那些发展中国家所追求的。 他们可能最终不会致力于理论科学,因为应用科学更加必要。
国际学生的部分资金来自大学的助学金,部分资金来自母国。 美国对包括外州学生在内的外国学生收取额外费用,而且发现这是一笔不错的生意。

In order to win the geopolitical contest you can upgrade yourself or you can kill, oppress, suppress, maim, or handicap your competition. You can rob and pillage all his stuff, impoverish him, drug him up, burn his cities or starve him. The thing is it's all been done to China before. It's called the century of humiliation.
You can exclude them altogether. It's called the Chinese Exclusion Act. Lol !!!
You don't educate subhumans. You don't teach your slaves to read and write. It's too threatening. That's all been done to African Americans before. It's what the US civil war was all about.
Tom Cotton? The thing is it isn't new. The boy's thinking has form. It's been tried before. Lol !!!

Min Lim
你没有教育低等人类。 你不教你的奴隶读和写。 这太有威胁性了。这些都是以前对非裔美国人做过的。这就是美国内战的由来。
汤姆 · 科顿?这并不是什么新鲜的事情。这个孩子的想法是有前鉴的。以前就试过了。哈哈!!

So, slavery is okay, oppression is ok, lynching is ok, but upgrading oneself is not okay. Lol !!!
That should play well in the confederacy. My thinking, Donny should win again. Lol !!!
China protected it's common citizens and average Joes by locking down the country regardless of the economic pain. China put the little guy first and the national economy second. GOP pointing out China's leadership as immoral or evil is a sick joke. GOP is ready to put elections and stock markets first and little guys and average Joes last. Is there a better explanation for the covid 19 numbers anywhere ?
The mass media demonization of China is not going to stop anytime soon. Sigh !!! To all the right wing mass media hate mongerers and war mongerers out there, I got only two words for you. Sieg Heil !!!

中国为了保护普通老百姓,不顾经济困难,把国家锁起来。中国把平民放在第一位,把国家经济放在第二位。 共和党指责中国不道德或邪恶,这就是一个令人作呕的笑话。共和党准备把选举和股票市场放在第一位,平民放在最后。对于新冠疫情的数字还有更好的解释吗?
大众媒体对中国的妖魔化不会很快停止。 唉!!!对于所有的右翼大众媒体的仇恨贩子和战争贩子,我只有两个词送给你们。 胜利万岁!(译者注:纳粹分子敬礼的口号)

First of all, I think he does not understand the current situation of US STEM education. Chinese scholars and researchers account for almost 1/3 of the STEM areas in US. Many of the studies and research are conducted by Chinese scholars. They are the integral part of the research community in US.
On the other hand, many US universities rely on tuitions paid from Chinese students. Most of them come to US to study STEM majors, such as computer science and electrical engineering etc. If you look at schools like Carnegie Mellon, UIUC, USC or even MIT and Harvard, you will see many Chinese students. In Carnegie Mellon, many professional masters programs have 90% of their student bodies from China. So financially they are also very important to keep many US schools from poverty.
Finally, kicking all Chinese students out of US will not make this country a better place. There is no causal relationship between Chinese students and US economic downturn. Actually things can be even worse if we do that, because many schools and institutions will be heavily affected. China is now the world No. 2 R&D power, and their talents are wanted everywhere in the world.

Zhipeng Wang 苹果公司高级研究员(2018年至今)
首先,我认为他不了解美国 STEM 教育的现状。 中国学者和研究人员占美国 STEM 领域的近三分之一。 许多研究是由中国学者进行的。他们是美国研究界不可或缺的一部分。
另一方面,许多美国大学依靠中国学生支付学费。 他们大多来美国学习 STEM 专业,如计算机科学和电气工程等。 如果你看看卡内基梅隆大学,伊利诺伊大学,南加州大学,甚至麻省理工学院和哈佛大学,你会看到许多中国学生。 在卡内基梅隆大学,许多专业硕士课程 90% 的学生来自中国。 而且在财政上,他们对于保证许多美国学校陷入贫困也非常重要。
最后,将所有中国学生赶出美国不会让这个国家变得更好。 中国学生与美国经济低迷之间没有因果关系。 实际上,如果我们这样做的话,情况可能会更糟,因为许多学校和机构将会受到严重影响。中国现在是世界第二大研发力量,世界各地都需要他们的人才。

the fact that chinese graduates seldom get to remain in the US.

Harvey Kane

…he is from Arkansas…
Getting rid of Chinese student in STEM subjects means getting rid of half of all STEM student in US…And then the STEM students would be entirely Indian…
It will decisively stop Chinese from stealing US technologies…for there would be little technology left worthy of stealing left…
Just take a look at the ethnic composition of STEM graduate school and you will realize what will happen next…
And regarding to Shakespeare…his works are actually well studied as part of Chinese K12 education…
But again, he is from Arkansas…

Long Yu 在美国生活和工作的中国人
... 他来自阿肯色州...
取消中国学生的 STEM 课程意味着取消一半的美国 STEM 学生... 然后,所有的 STEM 学生将是印度人...
这将决定性地阻止中国窃取美国技术了... 因为剩下的值得窃取的技术就寥寥无几了...
只要看看 STEM 研究生院的种族构成,你就会意识到接下来会发生什么。

It makes no sense to do this in most areas. As a rough cut, 90% of all STEM knowledge can be known by anybody without their being any military or cyber advantage. If you are talking about Calculus, it’s a fool’s errand to try to exclude learning by nationality. The only way to maintain a competitive advantage is to train more Westerners and Easterners from allied nations to excel in STEM, as China is committed to undemocratic political practices. However, be kind to any student you meet. They could be your friend some day, or a friend to the West.

Steven Knudsen 西弗吉尼亚大学物理系博士(2015)
在大多数地区这样做是没有意义的。 粗略的说,任何人都可以知道90%的 STEM 知识,而不需要任何军事或网络优势。如果你在谈论微积分,那么试图排除国籍学习是愚蠢的行为。保持竞争优势的唯一途径是培养更多来自盟国的西方人和东方人,让他们在 STEM 领域出类拔萃,因为中国致力于非民主的政治实践。但是,对你遇到的任何学生都要友善。他们将来可能是你的朋友,或者是西方的朋友。

I think that Chinese students should study what interests them and not what Tom Cotton recommends. Some will study Shakespeare but some will prefer Mathematics. And contrary to what Republicans think science contributes a lot to society. Tom Cotton would rather chew his tongue off than admit it but we don’t see small pox or poliomyelitis because of science.
I like Shakespeare well enough but do not feel courses on Shakespeare would be a good use of my time.
Maybe if Tom Cotton and other Republicans had studied science the federal government would have been able to control the Corona virus.

Roger Kinnard 神经学家兼投资者
我认为中国学生应该学习他们感兴趣的东西,而不是汤姆 · 科顿建议的东西。 有些人会学习莎士比亚,但有些人更喜欢数学。 与共和党人认为的相反,科学对社会有很大贡献。 汤姆 · 科顿宁愿咬掉自己的舌头也不愿承认,但是我们现在没有看到天花或小儿麻痹症的出现,就是因为科学。
也许如果汤姆 · 科顿和其他共和党人学习科学,那么联邦政府就能够控制科新冠疫情了。

Cotton is in no position to tell Chinese Students what to study. He can certainly work with the US government to ban Chinese students from studying in the US at all. The average Chinese student brings in $60K - $100k to the US economy per year to study in the country. If the US government does not want them to come here to study STEM, I am sure the UK and Canadian governments would be very happy to put them into their respective university systems. What a narrow minded proposal from Cotton.

Shubin Marx
科顿不能告诉中国学生该学什么。 他当然可以与美国政府合作,禁止中国学生在美国学习。平均每个中国学生每年为美国经济带来6万到10万美元的收入。如果美国政府不希望他们来这里学习 STEM,我相信英国和加拿大政府会非常乐意将他们纳入各自的大学系统。从科顿口中抛出的,多么狭隘的建议。

Since quite a few STEM graduate are Asians, the actual Teaching Assistants and PHD candidates doing the actual work and instruction are Asian and perhaps Chinese to begin with.
So perhaps the reality is that our universities were running a nice profitable setup where they got the Chinese to pay full tuition to teach each other, while paying the TAs like $20k a year.
As China gets richer and more confident, they will get to the point where they see no point coming here and learning from one another.
What China lack at the moment are the scope of institutions to soak up all the talent. A lot of researchers and grad students came here because they did not get top grades in China (scary, huh?). So, instead of accepting their fate in 2nd or 3rd tier schools, they got some parental funding to come here for a “workaround”.

Kevin Lam 自2001年起担任美国陆军军官
由于相当多的 STEM 毕业生是亚洲人,从事实际工作和教学的助教和博士候选人是亚洲人,也许一开始就是中国人。
中国目前缺乏的是吸收所有人才的机构。 许多研究人员和研究生来到美国这里,是因为他们在中国没有得到最高分(很可怕吧?)所以,他们没有接受自己在二三线学校的命运,一些父母会资助他们,来这里“变通”。

Anyhow, United States is what it is today because we absorbed best of Europe after WWII and best of Asia from 1970 to 2000.
Keep a 1/4 of the human populace, or perhaps 1/2 of the world’s middle class away and you are bound to miss out on some talents.