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文章原始标题:If China is forging statistics, they must have a time machine - Stanford Prof. on COVID-19


Speaking to RT’s Going Underground, Nobel Prize-winning biophysicist Levitt said that there was no reason to doubt China coronavirus figures, since its statistics are corresponding with the dynamics observed elsewhere.


“What happened in China outside of Hubei is exactly the same dynamics of the curve as what happened in New Zealand,” Levitt stated. “If China is forging statistics, they must have a time machine. And if they have the time machine, they would’ve beaten us in any competition anyway.”


The lockdown measures that have been implemented across many countries worldwide were actually not that effective, the scientist believes. The vast majority of the disease transmissions actually occurred before the lockdowns went into force – and in many countries the people were not that eager to abide by the rules, making the restrictions even more useless.


Levitt believes that the best strategy for governments would have been to focus on protecting the elderly population while letting others move freely.


“This virus really does seem to be limiting. It gets to about 500 to 1,000 fatalities per million people and then it stops. And this we’ve seen at so many places. I don’t think that Northern Italy practiced wonderful social distancing, I don’t think that social distancing was practiced wonderfully in New York City,” he said.


What happened is that the virus is most infectious and most dangerous before you actually know it’s there.


Sweden, for instance, which has been harshly criticized for its laissez-faire approach to the pandemic, remains within the European averages – and even falls behind the worst-hit nations, such as Belgium and the UK.


“Sweden has had a much milder lockdown than anybody. The predicted number for Sweden was around 60,000 [deaths]. Sweden looks like it’s going to stop at 6,000 at the most,” Levitt said.


TheTruth Hurts
CHINA don't just have a "time machine" for the past, they also have a "time machine" for the future to "steal" future American technologies and patent it now. That's why they have the most patent applications among all countries for few years now. Evil China! - UP: 11


Seventh Anubis
Must be why the US is so mad at China. They won't share the time machine with them. - UP: 104


Chinese Cannabis Party CCP
They use the time machine to steal the 5G from US - UP: 12


S Liu
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Kefir & Yakult
I would steal 8G if possible though - UP: 0


i always KNEW that aliens were helping china........ against the dictator nation ameriKKKa. - UP: 1


Duke Yang
Yes, we have one. And of course, it’s stolen from US, as usual. - UP: 40


How could a country with 1.4 billion people keep the number of infected people below 90,000 by contrast to the USA who already got 2 million confirmed cases?
Let's first take a look at how China response to the outbreak of the virus.When the majority of provinces in China has not reported confirmed cases for almost one month, we can see that, almost every Chinese citizen, even the expats, are practice self-discipline cautiously. They stay at home as much as possible and wear mask wherever they go, even if their local living areas have never reported an infection case. At the entrance of each community, there is a intelligent temperature monitoring device. Also, there are also very few companies reopen on weekends, and most of them still encourage their employees work at home. All those measures are working for prevent a second outbreak of virus.

让我们先来看看中国是如何应对病毒爆发的。当中国大多数省份近一个月没有报告确诊病例时,我们可以看到,几乎每个中国公民,甚至包括外国人,都在谨慎地实行自律。 他们尽可能多地呆在家里,无论到哪里都戴口罩,即使他们的当地居住区从未报告过感染病例。 在每个小区的入口处,都有一个智能温度监控装置。 此外,很少有公司会在周末重新开业,而且大多数公司仍然鼓励员工在家工作。 所有这些措施都在防止病毒的第二次爆发。

Gabe B
Its A time machine....lol - UP: 2

这是一台时间机器... 哈哈

no person ever
Gosh darn it, give it back! - UP: 1


X99 Z5
The Americans definitely have a time machine.
They went back to the Cold War of the 1950s, and now they're stuck there. - UP: 3


Rushahidi Khalid
As always, the west lie. Interesting enough, there a still people who believe the liars. - UP: 18


Raven Lynx
The US and the rest of the world always have two countries to blame on.
"The Russians did it!"
"China did it! It's because of China!" - UP: 25

“这是俄罗斯人干的! ”
“这是中国做的!因为中国! ”

Spot on....morons the entire lot of them.. - UP: 3

完全正确... 他们所有人都是白痴..

Patrick Vien
The blame China, Iran & Russia lol - UP: 2

指责中国,伊朗和俄罗斯 哈哈

Mary Davis
Lol 💙, tel Aviv accusing CHINA for having time machine. Bwahaha - UP: 29


USA unprepared coz busy leading the world in laughing and poking fun at China during outbreaks there then. - UP: 1


Victor Jodias
India right now have over 300000 reported infection and many more unreport. - UP: 37


ben chen
who cares? it's india!!!!! - UP: 0

谁在乎? 那是印度!!

Red Pill
The United States will start World War 3 with China in an attempt to divert attention from its failed economic system and economic and social collapse. China better prepare to be attacked by the United States. United States is becoming a fascist surveillance police state and it will export this fascism to Taiwan. - UP: 16


In the case of the America, according to the study conducted by Columbia University, researchers created a model describing the spread of the virus in the united states, using epidemiological modeling to measure the rate of transmission from March 15 to June 3. If the United States had taken steps two weeks earlier, 84% of death and 83% of cases could have been prevented. Medical statictics show that in societies where everyone wear masks voluntarily, infection rates are 50 times lower than in the society where half the population doesn't wear masks.
Well, truth will not turn into false because of some fake information. Every act has its consequence.


Andrew Z
nah... gotta deal with the master, not the dog. - UP: 0


The US is becoming a fascist police state???? Dude....its been a fascist police state for decades. The morons are too poor and too stupid to have gone anywhere else so they are too stupid to understand. - UP: 7

美国正在变成一个法西斯警察国家? ? ?兄弟... 美国几十年来一直都是法西斯警察国家。这些笨蛋又穷又蠢,他们哪儿也去不了,他们太笨了,不明事理。

Red Pill
@EmperorJuliusCaesar true, but there are also levels. United States stop being a constitutional democracy a long time ago, but things can always get worse and things are getting worse. - UP: 1


Well, if i has time machine i want go back to the past to see famous China figures like Confucious, Sun Tze, Qin Shi Huang and etc😆😆😆 - UP: 0


Uh Oh
China's 5G is way ahead of anyone else ..... - UP: 25


Atlas Network
Except they were late to join the development of 5G, and they were much later to deploy 5G than South Korea Telecom was :/
SKT had deployed their 5G in many places in South Korea, while China was trying to get everyone else to use their 5G, while it hadn't been installed anywhere in mainland China yet...
Don't believe the RT propaganda. - UP: 0

只不过他们加入5G开发的时间较晚,而且他们部署5G的时间比韩国电信要晚得多 :/
不要相信 RT 的宣传。

Darlene Sjostrom
@Atlas Network Nope! Already done, have a look at some of the 5G videos on CGTN! - UP: 3

不对!中国已经完成部署了,看看 CGTN 上的一些关于5G的视频吧!

Truth Matters
The US has a blame machine. It's very effective. It deflects the monumental missteps of the the US to China and bcos lots of idiots do not accept accountability of Trump and it's heading towards election in November China would make a perfect fall guy. - UP: 3


Julien Matuszak
Their time machine can compute faster than any other. - UP: 1


Ranvir Singh
Too many Trumpig's shills here😥 - UP: 3


kangfamily kang
BLM ~ Why USA nuked yellow japan and not white Germany? - UP: 1

黑命贵~ 为什么美国用核武器轰击黄色的日本而不是白色的德国?

Trump has a blame machine dialed backed to 1950. - UP: 14


Amy Christer
The numbers? Whether or not the numbers are accurate, it is lunacy to suggest that the number WOULDN’T go down, considering China has taken more drastic actions than any nation. If their numbers don’t drastically go down, that means that quarantining and testing don’t work. Then take it up to science, because it will essentially disprove a whole discipline of science on the nature of how viruses spread.
All first cases in the western world were reported AFTER China both submitted the WHO report AND provided the genome sequencing. It is a fact that the world didn’t do anything for almost three months, and now apparently have the nerve to point fingers at China.


if china had a time machine we would need to go back and ice chris columbus so that america would not have been discovered leading to the greatest viral zombie infection the world has ever experienced. 340 million walking cases - UP: 9


Ursula. M
I wish I could get my hands on a time machine and go back right to the 80s. - UP: 5


kangfamily kang
USA/5eye n the world got 2-3months window to prepare for c19. - UP: 0


At this point what does it matter if China was lying or not?
If you want to see good numbers, you can look to South Korea for an example of what fast response, extensive testing, diligent tracking and strict quarantine can do to curb the spread of a disease as infectious as the COVID-19.
If you want to see bad numbers, you can look to Italy as an example of where initial negligence, reluctance to quarantine and a generally uncooperative crowd leads you.
I know a lot of people want to set the fault on Asia by saying stuff like “only if the Chinese informed us the real figures, we’d be much better prepared!”.
Let’s forget for an extra that China locked down a city of 11 million people whenever there were 400 confirmed situations, that ought to have communicated an extremely obvious and noisy message that virus is dangerous as f***.F*** rest of the world somehow missed it?

我知道很多人想把错误归咎于亚洲,他们会说这样的话:“只有中国人告诉我们真实的数字,我们才会准备得更好! ”

kangfamily kang
CIA told 5eye n Europe that virus infect only Chinese ppls, won't infect white guys. Moreover China is very far away. - UP: 0


Not to say China is telling the whole truth, but those who dislike this video deserved to be DEHUMANIZED for not speak out the name FORT DETRICK and BILL GATES. - UP: 1


Donald Trump J
The time machine is stole form US - UP: 2


Ignatius Chua
China is stupid. Just admit they have a time machine and the rest of the world will prostate at their feet. - UP: 0


kangfamily kang
Look what happening in Brazil coz USA/trumpeo believe c9 is a hoax. - UP: 0


kangfamily kang
How come USS t Roosevelt, USS Kidd n few nuke subs infected? Juz bcoz they busybody in south China sea. - UP: 0


Just like in school. The people who are angry are those who flunk the test. They would also need to come up with a reason for failure. Like blaming others. But they would omit that they dismissed the difficulty of the problem. - UP: 0


Parr Snipps
Well US stop being so lazy and violent 👍 - UP: 2


John McSween
Then don’t vote democrat. - UP: 1


John McSween all on Trumps watch 🕰 - UP: 0

约翰 · 麦克斯温都在特朗普的监视下

Wouter Hoogers
If they would have a timemachine they would have won so that doesn't matter.... - UP: 7


Spoken like a man who is actually being financed by the Chinese. - UP: 10


Sam Karthik
No, China isn't lying. I live in China and have seen China's massive response against the Covid-19 pandemic. As of now, life in China is by and large back to normal. I have been back to work since 16th March (in Suzhou, Jiangsu).
Well, overall, China is leading by example. It's really surprising how the western countries failed to recognize Covid-19 pandemic situation, and they keep blaming China. This blame game won't help.


Ironic Fate
Why even bother putting "Stanford professor" in the title when numerous "professors" have been found to be paid by China 😂😂 - UP: 6


Yeah even donald "dumpster" trump is also paid by china to destabilize thr US 😂 😂 - UP: 7

是的,就连唐纳德 · 特朗普也被中国雇来破坏美国的稳定。

RT has been trash for years. Buddies with China - UP: 0


I gRape Babies
Lol you sound like a child throwing a tantrum - UP: 0


Ranvir Singh
Sour grape😛😛😅 - UP: 0


All I can say is that he said something you don't want to accept. - UP: 0


earthSCAN NZ
this wont go well with US lies - - UP: 8


The Chinese don’t have a time machine, they have a play book called 1984. - UP: 7


Yes the chinese can't erase history like the americans did, like they erased 1921 from history - UP: 9


Proposing projected numbers is a way to fight a virus is ridiculous. The persons always fast to blame what China says is numbers when China gave ample warning it's a SARS variant well known for extreme sickness and asystematic making it a virus to shutdown. Classic retards. - UP: 4


Sheeple are Lame
Trump's mishandling of Covid19 has killed more Americans than 9/11 & it's amazing the sheep & media have not pickedup on it <<< COUGH COUGH - UP: 5


China has written a new page in combating epidemic. As Bruce Alyward put it, "...it will require speed, money, imagination and political courage." - UP: 1

中国在抗击疫情方面翻开了新的一页。 正如布鲁斯 · 阿里沃德所说: “ ... 这需要速度、金钱、想象力和政治勇气。”

no person ever
how the hell did this man get a nobel prize.... the research and judges must be mental- UP: 1


This is a leftist professor that will do everything to protect China... - UP: 0


Why is everyone not talking about U.S. under-reporting?
Some states in usa has their "pneumonia" deaths doubled and tripled this year! On top of that, some aren't even counting nursing home deaths. And ALL the states are not counting coronavirus death at home! U.S. death is probably half a million by now. - UP: 3

今年美国的一些州的“肺炎”死亡率翻了一番,甚至翻了三倍!最重要的是,有些人甚至没有把疗养院的死亡人数计算在内。 而且所有的州都没有计算因新冠疫情在家中的死亡人数!到目前为止,美国的死亡人数可能有50万。

Andrew M
I wonder how much is China paying him to gaslight his own people with lies. - UP: 0


hayato gonzalez
Less than us politicians - UP: 1


Zachary Hughes
That's just this guy's opinion after looking at some numbers. HARDLY INFALLIBLE. You would have to be a brainwashed idiot to just take what a "stanford professor " has to say at face value. But if you hate america, and love china, this already confirms your bias. - UP: 0


Ranvir Singh
Sour grapes 😂 - UP: 1


Black American
I need that time machine. 2020 was the worst year of my life. Absolutely horrible to where reflecting on it hurts. I need to restart my life over. - UP: 0


Porn Wolf
Maybe it was a mistake that you were born?? - UP: 0


Leon Chan
It’s not over yet. Don’t let it be the last year of your life. - UP: 0


It's a Bill Gates style population reduction scheme, and it's going to make hundreds of billions of dollars for little Billy when he presents his vaccines, which will have even greater extermination effect. I'm going to hold out for the Chinese vaccine, myself.

这是一个比尔 · 盖茨式的人口减少计划,当小比尔拿出他的疫苗时,这将为他带来数千亿美元的收入,这将有更大的灭绝效果。我自己会坚持用中国疫苗的。

I think many have no idea what real lockdown means,
western style lockdown = for sure useless,
China style lockdown = super efficient.

西方式的封锁 = 肯定没用,
中国式的封锁 = 超级高效。

Western regimes are desperate to accuse China of faking the figures, it is the only possible reaction open to them. After all, China has succeeeded while most NATO regimes have failed, something that anybody with detectable brain function is now reflecting on.


Solvere Lim
CLEARLY Prof Levitt is right " The vast majority of the disease transmissions actually occurred BEFORE the lockdowns." Therefore without lockdown, more will be infected. I AGREED with his OBSERVATION, but DISAGREED with his REASONING that lock down did not prevent transmission. The earlier we lock down, the fewer get infected, the earlier we can reopen our biz..


Bobby Chipper
How is the BLM protests in Moscow going ?
Oh no, they don't do BLM do they, I forgot !


Because they did not colonise the world, and they did not import millions of slaves from Africa.


I will take the word of this great scientist before the word of the fake news media or the various armchair experts out there.


What I find very interesting is that people actually living in China (and even in wuhan) generally believe that the data provided by the Chinese government are accurate, perhaps because the fact that few people around them have actually been infected or died has convinced them of this.Outside of China, some people who don't know much about China, have been largely brainwashed by the media into being suspicious of Chinese government data.
Whatever the truth, China is indeed the global leader in the global fight against COVID-19 now.
And China's political system is better equipped to deal with a crisis and better able to bring everyone together.