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文章原始标题:As a person living in Sudan, people who live in Europe and the US that call their countries third world, don't know how good they have it.


I'm a university student that studies here in Sudan, the third largest country in Africa. Let me tell you about just a few of the struggles that I have to endure on a daily basis;
Electricity? What's that? I'm literally typing this post as I'm going through my daily 8 hour power cut. Can you imagine living in a country where it's 41°C (105.8°F) because we're in the Sahara desert and not having electricity for a good portion of your day?
Water? Most houses here get their water pumped to them through a motor which is, yep you guessed it, electric powered. No electricity? No running water too.
Internet? I hope you enjoy stellar speeds of 1 to 2 Mbps (on a good day) because that's what you're getting. Which drops down to about 700 kbps at night because the telecom companies said "our servers can't handle this load."
It barely rains here but oh ho ho when it does, prepare to cancel all your plans for the next few days because a little rain is the perfect excuse for everyone to shut everything down.
So when I see people complain about a something as tiny as bad service from FedEx for example, I really wish that something like that would be my biggest worry. I don't want your sympathy or your pity. I just want you to take a step back and not take what you have for granted.


Hey OP,
You forgot to mention that when the little bit of rain comes so many houses get damaged and some are literally gone like they wear never there. And that the people were being killed and nobody gave a single shit about us.
Its really sad to be from a country like this and you have to ask yourself before you sleep "what it" and "where would I go"... And that your life goal is literally to just have a safe place you can go back to.
I hope one day we get to lay our head knowing the the land under us and the walls around us.. Are enough to keep us safe

来自这样一个国家真的很难过,你必须在睡觉前问问自己“是什么”和“我要去哪里”... 而你的生活目标实际上就是有一个你可以回去的安全地方。

Amen to that brother/sister


People in western society are mostly snowflake whiners. They would not be able to handle real adversity.


That's true.. I don't mind others having better or judging them for that... But I just hope they can stop complaining for a moment to see how lucky they are and be greatful

没错,我不介意别人拥有更好的生活,或者因此而评价他们... 但是我只是希望他们能停止抱怨一会儿,看看他们有多么幸运,并心存感激。

100% agree as someone from Ethiopia. The United States has a fuck ton of problems but it is not a “third world country with a gucci belt”. In my father’s home they don’t have electricity during the day, and instead have a few solar panels to get power during the night. They have no clue what poverty or third world life means, and just use it whenever something doesn't go right for them... try not being able to use hot or cold water during certain seasons...

作为埃塞俄比亚人,百分百同意。美国有很多问题,但它不是一个“戴着古琦腰带的第三世界国家”。在我父亲的家里,他们白天没有电,晚上只有几块太阳能电池板供电。那些人不知道贫穷或者第三世界生活意味着什么,只是在某些事情没让他们满意的时候就利用它... 在某些季节,试着不使用热水或冷水...

These are generally people who have never traveled outside of the US


*people who have never left their city.


Agreed. As an american who has lived in other countries i wanna punch people in the face when they say its third world or say that having to wear a mask is a dictatorship. Stfu seriously. These idiots have no idea what oppression feels like.

同意。 作为一个曾经在其他国家生活过的美国人,当他们说自己是第三世界,或者说必须戴口罩是一种独裁统治时,我真想一拳打他们脸上。说真的。这些白痴根本不知道压迫是什么感觉。

Americans don’t realise just how good they have certain things that when the smallest change is made or something different has to be put in place for the good of everyone and not just the few (I.e masks) they feel like all their civil liberties are being trampled on. It’s genuinely disgusting


We’ve had it good for far too long that people take it all for granted.


Its not even just travel, there are just too many people who don't know about the outside world at all. I don't mean to sound stereotypical but I wish people in America would have a better understanding of the world. A few days ago i saw a tweet with like 300k likes unironically saying "OMG THERE'S A COUNTRY CALLED CHILE LMAO WHY IS IT SHAPED THIS WAY???". I'm not even from South America but for some reason this isn't common knowledge? Do Americans not go on vacation often? Or do your schools not teach this?

这不仅仅是旅行的问题,还有太多的人根本不了解外面的世界。我不想听起来显得刻板,但我希望美国人能更好地了解这个世界。几天前,我看到一条有30万赞的推文,不开玩笑的写道: “我的天哪,有个叫智利的国家为什么会是这样的形状? ? ? ”我甚至不是来自南美洲,但出于某种原因,这难道不是常识吗?美国人不经常去度假吗?还是你们学校没有教这个?

When I was in India people talked like I was going to be surrounded by hordes of starving beggars. I went to some remote parts of India and some of the big cities. Yes, I saw some serious poverty but I also saw a lot of pretty comfortable people and some upscale places. There is a wide range.


I completely agree. I’ve lived in a second world and first world country and I’ve had it so good my entire life in comparison to the 3rd world. My aunt is a teacher of some sort in Tanzania and I’ve visited her there once, it was an eye opening experience. Of course, there’s massive amounts of wrong happening in America and Europe, but just by quality of life we have it so much better.

我完全同意。 我生活在一个第二世界和第一世界的国家,与第三世界相比,我的一生都过得很好。 我的姑姑是坦桑尼亚的一名教师,我曾经去那里看望过她,那是一次令人大开眼界的经历。 当然,在美国和欧洲有大量的错误发生,但是仅仅从生活质量来看,我们的生活要好得多。

Eh.. Second world can often be much worse to third world. Try having a life in smaller towns or villages of Moldova or Ukraine. After a while places like South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, Mexico etc. will start looking like paradise.
My early life (90s) was spent on dirt floor. We had like a couple of diapers so washed same ones and reused them. There was no washing machine, just a huge bowl of water and a washing board, full manual, no dryer, just a wire to hang clothes outside. No indoor toilet, just a chair with a hole and bucket under it outside. We could only dream about air conditioning during hot summer and tried to save logs to stay warm when it was most important during winter. Pretty much all clothes I ever had were from thrift stores. Sometimes we struggled with food. I was beaten up at school so was too afraid to get meal there after kids spilt hot soup on me, preferred to boil pigs lung at home myself on a stove. I got my first smartphone less than 4 years ago (account created on a computer in the local library).
And r/politics are full of little shits which tell me how privileged I am to be white? Fuck them.

呃.. 第二世界往往比第三世界糟糕得多。试着在摩尔多瓦或乌克兰的小城镇或小村庄生活。过一段时间,像南非、沙特阿拉伯、阿联酋、马来西亚、墨西哥等地将开始看起来像天堂。
我的早期生活(90年代)是在泥地上度过的。我们有好几个尿布,所以洗了又重复使用。那里没有洗衣机,只有一大盆水和一块洗衣板,全是手动操作,没有烘干机,只有一根电线把衣服挂在外面。没有室内厕所,只有一把带洞的椅子和放外面的桶。在炎热的夏天,空调对我们只是做梦,在冬天最重要的时候,尽量节省木材来保暖。我几乎所有的衣服都是从旧货店淘来的。有时候我们为食物而挣扎。我在学校被打了,同学们把热汤泼到我身上,我不敢去那里吃饭,宁愿在家里自己在炉子上煮猪肺。 将近4年前,我拥有了自己的第一部智能手机(账户是在当地图书馆的一台电脑上创建的)。
政治版块上都是些无聊的狗屁,告诉我作为一个白人有多幸运? 去他妈的。

I feel like when people talk about Europe they mostly think about countries like Germany/UK/France/Sweden and completely forget the existence of places like Moldova/Ukraine/Kosovo.

我觉得当人们谈论欧洲时,他们大多会想到德国 / 英国 / 法国 / 瑞典这样的国家,而完全忘记了摩尔多瓦 / 乌克兰 / 科索沃这样的地方。

Meanwhile there be landmines in Bosnia.


Hi - Kosovar here. I can't speak for Ukraine/Moldova but Kosovo is awesome. Kosovo was torn and burned by Serbian forces and paramilitaries. In the last 20 years the country has been rebuilt by scratch and the economy is growing 3.5 - 4% year over year. You're right Kosovo is no Germany, but neither is Louisiana like New York or Tennessee like California. Please don't diss my country. We are a proud country.

嗨,我是科索沃人。我不能代表乌克兰 / 摩尔多瓦说话,但科索沃很棒。科索沃曾被塞尔维亚军队和准军事组织蹂躏和烧毁。在过去的20年里,这个国家已经重建起来了,经济正以每年3.5-4%的速度增长。你是对的,科索沃不是德国,但路易斯安那州不是纽约,田纳西州也不是加利福尼亚州。请不要侮辱我的国家。我们是一个自豪的国家。

Hey, I had no intention of dissing your country - it was just an example of countries that are tend to be forgotten by outsiders as they're not as shiny and "western" as some of the most popular ones in Europe. Sorry if it came off as insulting, that's not what I tried to say, especially given that I'm also from the former Eastern Bloc. I'm glad you guys are doing well.

嘿,我无意贬低你们国家,这只是一个例子,说明一些国家往往被外人遗忘,因为它们不像欧洲一些最受欢迎的国家那样光鲜亮丽“西方化”。如果你觉得我是在侮辱你,我很抱歉,我不是这个意思,特别是我也是来自前东欧阵营的。 我很高兴你们过得很好。

Honestly I’d much rather live in Tennessee than New York/California

老实说,我宁愿住在田纳西州也不愿住在纽约 / 加利福尼亚州

Yeah second world can be pretty bad, I was lucky. Grew up in a really touristy area of Bulgaria and we moved to America when I was 10


I'm an American who has spent years living in various rural areas across different countries in Africa. I've been through it all. Hauling all my water from a dirty stream 300 meters away, electricity out for days, dirt roads that completely wreck any car that tries to drive on them, corrupt police threatening me with automatic weapons because they want a bribe, malaria and schisto, routine threats to my life by random people because I'm white, 110 Fahrenheit heat with no air conditioning or fan, hijackings in the middle of the road at night.
Americans truly have no idea how lucky they are and how well all the systems run here, and it's infuriating how we will complain over the smallest things that don't really matter. I am not being sarcastic when I say the continent of Africa truly has some beautiful people, culture, and landscapes and I look back on my time there mostly fondly, but most Americans wouldn't even last until the end of the week before they were begging to come back to the comforts of America.

我是一个在非洲不同国家的不同农村地区生活了多年的美国人。我都经历过了。 我的生活用水需要从300米外的肮脏的小溪里打出来,好几天的停电,泥泞的道路会完全破坏任何打算在上面行驶的汽车,腐败的警察用自动武器威胁我,因为他们想要钱,疟疾和分裂,任何人都会威胁我的生命,因为我是白人,华氏110度的高温没有空调或风扇,在半夜的路上被抢劫。

I haven’t traveled outside the US or Europe, but I have been taking time to study other countries, mainly through educational youtube videos. I marvel every day at my running water and air conditioner. I know I’m really really really lucky to live in the US.

我没有去过美国或欧洲以外的地方,但我一直在花时间研究其他国家,主要是通过油管上的教育视频。 我每天都惊叹于我的自来水和空调。我知道我真的很幸运能住在美国。

I've been to tourist friendly places in Latin America and even there it's often striking how poor and less fortunate their communities are. It's astounding once you go just a few blocks away from the more glamorous spots. It's awful.
My brother is in the marines and he has been to a number of different countries. He has seen some awesome first world places and some hellish 2nd-3rd world places. He came back after his first deployment and said "average Americans don't know how insanely lucky they are..."

我哥哥在海军陆战队服役,他去过许多不同的国家。 他已经看到了一些令人敬畏的第一世界的地方,和一些地狱般的第二,第三世界的地方。他在第一次部署后回来说“普通美国人不知道他们有多幸运... ”

I'm from Egypt originally before I moved to the US at age 13. The house I grew up in had no electricity or running water. I'm not religious at all but my family is Christian which in a place like Egypt makes me Christian. We suffered constant discrimination and my father was a political prisoner in an Egyptian jail.
When I was 13 I made it to the US with limited English skills and immediately started working to help with family income even while I was going to school.
In college I had an argument with a black girl who told me I could never comprehend the 400 years of oppression she faced as a black person and my experiences didn't compare.
This is someone who I know came from a middle to upper class family and was on a full ride scholarship despite having pretty mediocre grades and SAT score.
Not that the US doesn't have its issues but some of the loudest people are the most privileged.

我来自埃及,13岁时移居美国。 我小时候住的房子没有电,也没有自来水。 我一点也不信教,但我的家人是基督徒,在像埃及这样的地方,我便是基督徒。我们一直受到歧视,我父亲是埃及监狱里的政治犯。

Went to Europe for a trip one time and sitting in the hall at a school waiting for a class and I only saw one black teenager. He got called the n word just walking down the hallway. Pretty brutal.


It's ok to generalize, Americans are to coddled. If 360 million americans spent 8 months in another country like sudan or iraq, we would be protesting a whole different lifestyle change.


I lived in Russia for a few years. The first 3 apartments I had in Moscow were literally worse than any HUD housing apartments I've seen in the US.


I went to the Philippines once. Can’t imagine living in a shanty town with weather like that. Manila is so fucked.
Even the nice cities like Iloilo still have shanty houses everywhere because concrete cracks in hot, humid weather

我去过一次菲律宾。 真不敢想象在那样的天气里住在棚户区。马尼拉一团糟。

After visiting my wife's cousins in the Philippines, it pretty much re-defined the meaning of "poor" to me. There were 4 people living in what amounted to some plywood thrown together in a shanty town area. Yes, not having access to the nicest stuff sucks, but this is probably the best country in the world for being "poor".


By far, no question.
What personally opened my eyes to extreme poverty on this planet was a trip to India. I watched a man in one of the slums of Mumbai who likely had his arms and legs chopped off in one of the northern villages crawl several dozen feet through the five or six inches of human feces in the street, just to get a tiny little cup of some sort of grass soup that was boiled in a makeshift trash can looking object over a small fire where a man was using old clothing as fuel.
I’d seen impoverished areas before such as in Haiti and in parts of Brazil, but witnessing that demolished all of my previous notations about what true poverty meant. It drives me nuts being in the US and seeing people complain about the poverty here. I obviously can’t say that it doesn’t exist in America, but it’s just an entirely different category of poor.

我以前见过贫困地区,比如海地和巴西的部分地区,但亲眼目睹这一切,使我之前所有关于什么是真正贫困的记忆都荡然无存。在美国看到人们抱怨这里的贫穷,让我抓狂。 我当然不能说美国不存在这种现象,但这是一种完全不同的贫困类型。

I've never heard someone I knew call the US third world. Almost no one of the general population here does that. We aren't all fucking idiots.

我从来没有听过一个我认识的人称美国为第三世界。 这里几乎没有一个普通人会这么做。 我们不都是白痴。

Spend 2mins in Politics, News or Chapo


We’re at a point where we’ve run out of life threatening problems to fix so we make up our own or elevate very minor ones to national status to be outraged about
Funny how all the social justice outrage went away when people started dying from covid. No one gave a shit about gender rights and other things


On a similar note, there definitely are pockets of America that loosely resemble these Third World conditions, particularly poorer/rural areas.

同样,美国肯定也有一些地区与第三世界国家的情况大致相似,尤其是贫困 / 农村地区。

This is bullshit for one simple reason. We have the technology to make thing FAR better than they are right now. Just because people in Africa have to walk for their water and having rolling blackouts in their power infrastructure does NOT mean that big banks are suddenly no longer laundering money for drug cartels that kill thousands of people each year. It doesn't mean that judges who do not represent the will of 70% of the people are being forced down our throats by the current administration. It does not mean that people aren't being abused by police. It does not mean that our government is letting our infrastructure crumble while giving tax breaks to the wealthiest citizens. It does not mean that people like Eric Prince aren't training foreign adversaries and making millions off of it. It does not mean that senators aren't using insider knowledge to make tens of millions by selling stock right before it crashes.
Just because other people have problems and we get to watch TV does not mean our problems are not valid. The fact is many African countries got fucked over and continue to be fucked over by the same class that is fucking the American public as we speak. Because they have it worse does not excuse the fact that we all should have it better. Let me ask something to you all here. Once you have running water and electricity and internet, what then? Will you be content to ignore the problems Americans face today? If your police kill your neighbors in a no-knock raid that they executed at the wrong address are you simply going to say, "Oh well, we have a good life so it doesn't matter!"

这是胡说八道,原因很简单。我们拥有技术,可以把事情做得比现在好得多。仅仅因为非洲人民不得不步行取水,电力基础设施不断停电,并不意味着大银行突然不再为每年杀死成千上万人的贩毒集团洗钱。 这并不意味着那些不能代表70%人民意愿的法官,会被现任政府惩罚。这并不意味着人们没有被警察虐待。这并不意味着我们的政府让我们的基础设施崩溃,同时给予最富有的公民税收优惠。这并不意味着像埃里克 · 普林斯这样的人不会训练外国对手并从中获利数百万。这并不意味着参议员们没有利用内部人士的消息,在股市崩盘之前出售股票,赚取数千万美元。
仅仅因为其他人有问题,我们可以看电视,并不意味着我们的问题就没有了。事实上,许多非洲国家被耍了,而且还在继续被同一个阶级戏弄,我们说话的同时,这阶级一样正在戏耍美国公众。 因为他们有更糟糕的情况,并不能成为我们都应该过得更好的借口。让我问你们一些问题。一旦你有了自来水、电和互联网,然后呢?你愿意忽视美国人今天面临的问题吗?如果你们的警察在一次不敲门的突袭行动中,杀死了你的邻居,而他们却只是在错误的地点执行了这次行动,你会简单地说“哦,好吧,我们过得很好,所以没关系!”吗?

Thank you for summing up everything I was ranting in my head whilst reading this.
It's horrific to think that basic human needs are not met in many countries across the world (and that is also my family experience too just to note that I'm well aware of that experience - war, lack of resources, inflation, no electricity etc.) but that doesn't make other issues irrelevant. If anything, first world fuckery has a lot to answer for in those issues

想到世界上许多国家都没有满足人类的基本需求(这也是我的家庭经历,我也很清楚这种经历——战争、缺乏资源、通货膨胀、没有电力等等) 就让人毛骨悚然,但这并没有让其他问题变得无关紧要。如果有什么区别的话,就是第一世界的混蛋们在这些问题上有很大的责任。