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文章原始标题:Chinese government office tour


​In this video, I am going to a local government centre in China to renew my residence permit. The whole process took an hour. Meanwhile I show what a typical government office building in China looks like.


Whoa! I've never seen such a well organised and neat office in India! This was a real eye opener. - UP: 20

哇哦! 我在印度从来没有见过这么有条理和整洁的政府办公室!真让人大开眼界。

Ruchi in China
More public places in the future!! - UP: 8

(播主)未来会有更多的公共场所! !

Incredible,can’t believe this is China,that’s much different from our media!!! - UP: 26


Ruchi in China
Western or Indian media? Believe it or not, I have travelled all over China. Government offices, hospitals etc are pretty much same in cities and villages. Roads are great, as clean as it can get. - UP: 18


Anupam hb
@Ruchi in China western and Indian media never show this to the public. They show only negative things and false news. If they see your channel by mistake they will not believe I am sure. Because public are totally brainwashed by barking TV channels. - UP: 4

西方和印度媒体从来没有向公众展示过这些。 它们只会报道负面的东西和虚假的新闻。如果他们不小心看到你的频道,我肯定他们不会相信的。 因为公众完全被咆哮的电视频道洗脑了。

Ruchi in China
I never believed the tv channels. At least not in China. I was shocked by the level of development here. It is unprecedented. I want to show it to more people . Thankfully, the subscribers are growing fast. - UP: 15

(播主)我从来不相信电视频道。至少中国不是这样。我对这里的发展水平很震惊。这是前所未有的。我想把它展示给更多的人。 值得庆幸的是,我的订阅数增长很快。

William who
I am Chinese in India now!!good vlog,hope two countries can have more mutual understanding.you husband very lucky to marry you - UP: 7


kavita rajput
are you really a chinese living in india? - UP: 0


mahesh birari
Good very clean ,n clear city.....exllent flower city - UP: 17

非常干净和整洁的城市... 美丽花城

Ruchi in China
Thank you sir! Your comments are always kind - UP: 0


Ajaz Naqvi
I live in ny we don’t have this kind of hitech office - UP: 14


Ruchi in China
I was always curious about such offices in western countries but couldn’t find any videos about it - UP: 1


Ajaz Naqvi
Ruchi in China my wife work in hospital is located in Manhattan infrastructure so bad - UP: 0


Mike Liu
because the infrastructures in new York was built and completed nearly 100 years ago hardly renovated bht where infrastructures in China had been built new in last 20 years. Having said that, GDP per capital in NY is 5 times higher than any large city in China. - UP: 0

因为纽约的基础设施是在近一百年前建成的,几乎没有翻修过,而中国的基础设施是在过去20年中新建的。话虽如此,纽约的人均 GDP 是中国任何一座大城市的5倍。

catbert evil
@Ruchi in China well, in the US you are forbidden to take pictures or videos inside government buildings most of the time... infrastructure-wise, in most cities, china is well ahead of the US. however, in terms of peoples' general manner/behavior/mindset china still has some way to go to catch up. the newer generation is already far better in that category than their parents/grandparents generations. being a developed country is more than just physical infrastructure. best wishes to you and your family. - UP: 0

好吧,在美国,大部分时间你都禁止在政府大楼内拍照或拍视频... 就基础设施而言,在大多数城市,中国远远领先于美国。 然而,人们的总体态度 / 行为 / 观念,中国还有很长的路要走。在这方面,新一代的情况已经比他们的父辈或祖辈好得多了。 作为一个发达国家,需要的不仅仅是有形的基础设施。祝福你和你的家人。

kanchan baletia
Wow,so beautiful office and smoothly working👌👌 - UP: 13


I was waiting for ur video. Though it was short it was informative. You showed us government Office well. Shay shay - UP: 9


Ruchi in China
Thanks a lot. I wanted to make it long and show the second floor too. But I could not go far from our counter. - UP: 1


Mashuk Tanwar
Beautiful china 💙 - UP: 16


Ruchi in China
It is very beautiful. It will take many years to show the real China! - UP: 5


maya chandran
Very informative video Ruchi. Like the way you explain everything. Feels as if we are with you in China. - UP: 7


Ruchi in China
Thank you! Your comments are the best!!! - UP: 1

(播主)谢谢!你的评论非常好! ! !

I really love china.One day i will sure visit china - UP: 6


Ruchi in China
It is easy to travel to China from India,- UP: 0


prathik kundaragi
I was watching this video in our govt office waiting for an officer for 4 hours!! - UP: 5


omkr 01
We have many things to learn from China. Building an empire is the first one to learn. - UP: 2


Archen Ye
beautiful Indian girl! - UP: 3


Tracy L
It used to be bad 30 years ago when I was like 7 years old. But nobody noticed since when service of China local government has become more and more convenient and thoughtful.
But still I hope it keeps good work and make improvements. People deserve better. - UP: 0


Deepesh Choudhary
That's why China is growing faster than India, Pakistan 😅😅😅 - UP: 12


Efficient governing is the reason why China was able to grow at double digits for 3 decades. - UP: 0


Arya kapoor
Super Office.. - UP: 2


Arthuro L.C.
Wow, so clean so efficient! - UP: 1


Bombay Bhai
Nice and interesting video👍. I wish u can make little bit longer, if u have time I love to see more
explore china. - UP: 3


Ruchi in China
I will try. We are so busy these days, we will be changing our job and house too. I will try to make a video about that. Thank you for a nice comment. I remember the names of so many subscribers now haha - UP: 1

(播主)我会尽力的。这些天我们太忙了,我们也要换工作和房子了。我会试着做一个关于这个的视频。谢谢你的友好评论。 我现在记住了很多订阅者的名字了,哈哈

Anupam Hongba
First time I am watching mind opener video on your channel about China. This is great to see they are gradually developing and poverty rate is decreasing slowly. - UP: 1


Ruchi in China
Thank you for carefully watching the video! I can say that development of all Chinese cities is at par or even better than American cities. Just for comparison. In the history, growth of China is the fastest. The technology is better than western countries. Poverty rate in China is only 0.7 % now. Stay tuned. I want to show the real China which the media never does! - UP: 8


Congratulations u have crossed 1000 subscribers. - UP: 1


Ruchi in China
Thank you! It was faster than I expected. - UP: 1


Yay...I’m your 1000th subscriber! :D - UP: 1

耶... 我是你的第1000个订阅者!:D

Ruchi in China
Wow really? Thank you very much! I can send a little gift to show gratitude - UP: 1


Ruchi in China You continue to make great videos especially about China will be the perfect gift! - UP: 1


david chan
but WION always say......... 😑 - UP: 3

但是 WION 总是说...(译者注:WION 印度很有影响力的反华媒体)

Bombay Bhai
Hehe I already unsubscribe wion propaganda channel. - UP: 1


Ruchi in China
Wion’s propaganda is too obvious. And extremely negative towards China. Shame on zee - UP: 0


@Ruchi in China wion could be sponsored by the US - UP: 0


You're no daisy
Your husband is a lucky man and I like to see China through your eyes. - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
Just want to tell the truth, You will certainly see that - UP: 2


Srushti Suryawanshi
Hey... Video was very nice.. Share video regarding ur love story /marriage..how u guys met? - UP: 0

嘿... 视频很不错。分享关于你们的爱情故事或婚姻的视频吧.. 你们是怎么认识的?

Ruchi in China
I have plan to make it. I will need to gather a lot of photos and content for that. So it will take time. - UP: 0


Manu Garg
Please tell us in your next video how can we know which packed food is veg and which packed food is nonveg - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
Are you thinking of traveling to China? - UP: 0


junhui Xie
Do you go to university in China? - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
No, my husband is Chinesep - UP: 0


Viking Ma
I do understand your video even I can't understand Hindi. - UP: 2


Ajaz Naqvi
Why don’t u learn Hindi watch some Bollywood movies - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
sorry no english. - UP: 1


TOT with PM
Vlogs going better day by day...hope you will keep doing best.. - UP: 0

视频一天比一天好... 希望你能继续做到最好。

Ruchi in China
There will be better. We are moving to a high story building. Lot of busy streets around. There will be more to see. - UP: 0


Deepesh Choudhary
Are you sure ye office tha ya mall😅😅😅 - UP: 1


Ruchi in China
Haha - UP: 1


Don Corleone
Good job.
Beautiful sister.
Are you afraid of cameras in government buildings or on the street? - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
No I am not afraid. I think only the people who have done something wrong are afraid. - UP: 10


Lavish Sahu
Have you ever been to HK. Would love to enjoy Disneyland. 😁❤ - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
We are planning to go to Hongkong soon. But baby should be a little older. Otherwise he can’t enjoy disneyland😅 - UP: 0


Mike Liu
there is Disneyland theme park in Shanghai as well. but I guess hongkong is closer to Guangzhou - UP: 0


dong wang
I don't care positive or negative videos about my country as long as it's truth. - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
That is the right attitude. I am not afraid to show the truth whether people like it or not! - UP: 0


kavita rajput
hi ruchi, can you please make a video on how you met your husband and about your marriage life with chinese. my bf is also chinese so can you please make a video on this topic. - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
Definitely. One of my friends has a Singaporean Chinese boyfriend and she keeps taking advice from me. There are many things to share. But give me a week or two. We are shifting to a new house right now. - UP: 0


zthis is very user friendky advanced, even better than any thing in USA - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
Many people have told me that. The technology is better than the west - UP: 0


Amelia D.
good video,hope india and china will be friend foerver,not war! - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
But Indians are emotional. Emotions mess with the priorities. - UP: 1


Gaurav Chopra
China allows people to shoot videos in government offices? Strange! - UP: 0


Gaurav Chopra
I think ,by law, recording videos in Indian government offices is also prohibited.
Even some supermarkets in China won't allow you to shoot videos ,let alone government institutions. - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
There was no sign which showed video taping it prohibited so I went ahead - UP: 3


jack Wells
Fake news , India number one ! - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
Haha - UP: 0


Mohit Sharma
Indian government with USA trying to destroy chinas economy. Indian government has planned for nationalism to boycott Chinese product. Some northeast Indian people who look like Chinese are beaten now many places in India. Just read times now article regarding China. All the news channel trying to everything bad about china. India dream to destroy china economically - UP: 1

印度政府与美国联手企图破坏中国的经济。印度政府计划用民族主义来抵制中国的产品。 一些外表看起来像中国人的东北印度人,现在在印度许多地方被打。现在只需要看看有关于中国的文章。所有的新闻频道都在报道抹黑中国。 印度幻想在经济上摧毁中国。

main hoon Pakistan hazara
sister u hindu ya Muslim? does your husband love Indian culture?will you teach your kid hindi?Will you go back to India to live when you are old?have you emigrated?did you get the Chinese green card? - UP: 0

你是印度教还是穆斯林呢?你的丈夫喜欢印度文化吗? 你会教你的孩子印地语吗?你老了还会回印度生活吗? 你移民了吗? 你拿到中国绿卡了吗?

Saqib Shaikh
Hey sister there is ongoing tension between India and China border dispute - UP: 1


Anjali gupta
Why u r not getting Chinese citizenship.. U marry with Chinese. - UP: 1


I haven't seen many Indian-Chinese marriages. You guys make a wonderful couples, wishing you a happy life. - UP: 14


prathik kundaragi
After watching your vlog, decided visiting China in 2027( after my education) ! - UP: 6


Ruchi in China
Excellent choice. I will make videos on VR and AI in China too. There are unlimited things that make China different. - UP: 3


I'm curious how you communicate with your mother-in-law?English?Mandarin or Cantonese? - UP: 4

我很好奇你是怎么和你的婆婆沟通的? 英语? 普通话还是粤语?

Ruchi in China
English mostly and a little mandarin with my mother-in-law. - UP: 5


Sanjeev Atri
Can you do a tour of your home and which things are different in Chinese home from Indian homes - UP: 4

能参观一下你的家吗? 中国的家和印度的家有哪些东西不一样。

Ruchi in China
There is not much difference honestly. And the house has been a mess because of the baby. - UP: 2


qing sheng
I have some Indian colleagues,but they are all boys… - UP: 1


Though we love your videos, I think you probably should spend more time communicating and interacting with your family. In most videos, you were busy video taping things and talking, while your family were left out...best wishes for you and your family! - UP: 0

虽然我们很喜欢你的视频,但是我认为你应该花更多的时间和你的家人交流和互动。 在大多数视频中,你忙于录制视频和说话,而你的家人却被忽略了... 祝福你和你的家人!

Ruchi in China
Me and my husband both like to be quiet most of the time. Unless it is something important, we don’t talk. It may be shocking but works for us haha - UP: 1

(播主)我和我的丈夫大多数时候都喜欢安静。除非是什么重要的事情,否则我们不会交谈。这可能很让人吃惊,但我们挺习惯的 哈哈。

Farooq Hafeez
Can you speak Chinese perfectly? - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
Not perfectly. Very basic - UP: 0


Don't care those bad comments, happiness forever! - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
Very few of those. I usually ignore or delete - UP: 0


kanchan baletia
Very beautiful city .👌👌 - UP: 4


Sanjeev Atri
And also make a video about 10 things u like and don't like about china and Chinese culture - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
I have been trying to stay away from the negative aspect of things because there is already a lot of criticism of China right now. - UP: 3


Deepesh Choudhary
Is China a vegetarian-friendly country? - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
54 million people are vegetarian here. So you will find vegetarian restaurants everywhere. You can even find vegan ones in the big cities. Although I am not a vegetarian, I can always cook at home anything veg I want - UP: 1


Ranvir Singh
@Ruchi in China 54 millions in whole of China? You must be lying - UP: 0


Q:How did you and your husband meet each other? Curious, any obstacle before marriage such as religion/culture differences? - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
I am gonna make a video about it but I can still answer this. No obstacle of any kind whatsoever. Cultural differences still exist but we have to weigh pros and cons. Compromise just like any marriage - UP: 1

(播主)我要做一个关于这视频,但我还是可以回答这个问题。没有任何障碍的。文化差异虽然存在,但我们必须权衡利弊。 就像任何婚姻一样,妥协也是一部分。

If USA sanctioned China, Will China survive? - UP: 0


tiger ke
china will collapse,india will rise - UP: 0


Ruchi in China
I don’t want to talk about politics but I consider China and USA at same level of power - UP: 0


Anupam Hongba
So clean everywhere. Incredible!!! - UP: 9

到处都是干干净净,难以置信! ! !

prathik kundaragi
di are you a citizen of China? - UP: 0


mere aziz jaan
Chinese green cards are not easy to get, not to mention nationality?Do you have a nobel prize? - UP: 0