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文章原始标题:Trump accuses news media of trying to crash the economy


President Donald Trump on Thursday baselessly accused the press of trying to tank the American economy, shrugging off any blame for a prospective economic slowdown and possible recession heading into his reelection next year.


“The Fake News Media is doing everything they can to crash the economy because they think that will be bad for me and my re-election,” he said in a tweet. “The problem they have is that the economy is way too strong and we will soon be winning big on Trade, and everyone knows that, including China!”


The president offered no evidence to support his claim that the media, a frequent target of his ire, is working to weaken the U.S. economy.


The White House has shrugged off concerns that another recession is looming, pointing to a strong jobs market and continued wage growth and echoing Trump’s rhetoric that the U.S. is not on a level playing field when it comes to monetary or trade policy.


Despite the Trump administration's insistence that the strong economy is on track to continue, many economists have warned of the potential of a recession amid a global economic slowdown. The president’s trade war with China and his threats to level tariffs on other U.S. allies and trade partners have created uncertainty in global markets and contributed to lower spending by businesses.


Late last month, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the first time since the 2008 recession, a step the president had hammered the central bank for not taking earlier, and is set to slash them at least once more this year. That the Federal Reserve could cut interest rates again is seen by some as yet another warning of potential economic turmoil.


But despite widespread talk of a potential economic downturn, the stock market began to rebound Thursday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbing slightly by mid-afternoon. The federal government, too, offered good news, reporting that consumer spending exceeded expectations last month.


Angus Duggan
Dementia caused by untreated syphilis.


Kirk Nelson
Dictators always blame the press.
Tariffs are a tax on the American people.


John Schneider
WTF! Everything bad is always everyone else's but his fault. What a load of $#!t!
He started a trade war, he's failed at getting the new NAFTA into effect, but it's the media that's making things go bad?
Trump is a total waste of space!


Steef Pip
Every accomplishment made by someone else is his accomplishment alone and all his failures are because of someone else. Textbook narcissism.


Jacob Crim
"Everything bad is always everyone else's but his fault"
This has been Donald Trump his entire life. It was so predictable that we'd have a clown show of a Presidency* if he won.


Greg Joslyn
This is not without precedent; I believe Sen. Smoot and Rep. Hawley also lambasted the media scalawags.


Alan Miller
Excellent point, but you unlike our tempermental toddler-in-chief is generally clueless about cause and effect.


Felice Sage
All politicians, including Presidents, have their complaints about the press/media. The difference is that Trump, who has wracked up more lies in a few years than most could manage in a few lifetimes. The man shouldn't be in charge of a lemonade stand much less our executive branch, armed forces.


Bill Given
I remember distincly reading about Lincolns scorn for Cable News.


Bret Denning
Come on Trumpites, even you can't believe this nonsensical claim. Donny boy has lost whatever marbles he once had.


Ch Hoffman
he blames the media
he blames the fed
he blames the democrats
he blamed ted cruz' father for killing kennedy
he''s a lunatic


Jeff Carlock
While the ten-year trend of economic expansion continued, he took credit for it.
Now that his incompetence may be bringing it to an end, he looks for someone - anyone- to blame.


Tom Etter
Yeah. I'm still pretty sure that this is somehow Obama's fault. I hope he'll explain that soon.


Danny Goffinet
Tom Etter Or he will blame Hillary


Irene Demkowicz
62 million like minded idiots are responsible for all that has happened, is happeneing and will happen for putting this global embarrassment in office
Tired of winning yet? If not, let us know when you are--


Jenny Davidson
I don't know about them, but I am sick of it!


Kevin Kneale
Pokeapornstar needs no help from the media in crashing the economy: he's doing a fine job of that all by himself.


Pat Buser
I wanted to make a meaningful, well thought out statement, but Kevin, your comment still has me laughing. Thank you.


Gary Fairchild
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha You're doing such a great job of crashing the economy that you don't need anybody elses help.


Chris Champagne-Padilla
Why did people think he would behoove this country? He's no businessman. Just an empty head that we have been financing for years.


Sylvie Byrnes
No. You do not get to blame anyone but yourself. It took less than 4 years for Trump to tank the economy (indicators are all oresent) Obama handed him. As usual, Republicans get us in recessions and Democrats get us out. The problem is that Trump with his tax cut has pretty well removed the cushion to stimulate the economy. With his attack in food stamp users, Medicare, we could see starvation in the States. #Trumpsrecession vote with your brains next year. We Americans can not take another 4 years of Trump. He is clueless on his an economy works and refuses to listen to anyone. There is no helping the narcissist. We need to stand up for our country.


Mark Henderson
Whew, that's good news. Yesterday I almost believed the fake media reporting that the DOW was down 800 points. Don't believe what you see in your 401k portfolio, believe Trump!


Joe Hedge
Carter Smith Those adults who understand economics know that an incoming POTUS only gets economic credit for his first fiscal year, and that fiscal years begin in October. Meaning everything before 10/1/2017 is Obama's, and everything after that is Trump's. Dow was at 22,458 on 10/1/2017, and it's at 25,448 now. That's 13%. Obama took the Dow from 7550 at the start of his first fiscal year (10/1/2009) to 10302 on August 16 2011 (his first 2 fiscal years). About 25%. Double.


Paul Foster
Of course Trump blamed the media without evidence.
It's his go-to move because it's never HIS fault and he's a pathological liar: >12,000 lies and counting.


Ed Fritz
What a whiny, slimy, immature, irresponsible, WORM of a man. Apparently, now the media has all the power over the U.S. Economy, and also, apparently, president Trump seems to be powerless to effect the economy...Bad economy, the media and illegal democtatic Mexicans caused it.


Steef Pip
Unfortunately his base is incapable of rational thought


Patricia Sanford
Candidate Trump said the Electoral College was rigged and the popular vote determined who should be president.


Arthur Ruiz
Sure, it's anyone's fault except the political party which had complete control of the federal government for most of the past 2.5 years.


Patricia Sanford
But the fact that around 37% continue to insist he is doing a great job shows the US has a problem that goes deeper than him. Changing who is president won't fix the systemic problem. Unfortunately, the presumed Democrat candidate (Biden) seems to have some of the same faults, he just can act presidential and is more honest. What a low bar this president has set for his competition!


Chris Champagne-Padilla
Patricia Sanford Yes, and we lose. Biden is too old, I wish he would retire. I'm thinking that the 37% you mention have no critical thinking skills, but that's too easy. Perhaps it's laziness and complacency. Some people just look at who is shouting the loudest and think it equates to leadership. All it indicates is a spoiled bully.


Joe Hedge
Every republican administration for the last 30 years has crashed the economy - and the last GOP POTUS that didn't (Reagan) would be considered a liberal today.


Mary Bellestri
You threatened the Federal Reserve, that if they didn't do what you wanted, you'd fire them.


Steef Pip
This is just Trump priming his base to blame anyone but him when the impending crash and recession happens. As usual, Trump has to obfuscate reality in order to maintain support.


Terry Blattner
Trump thinks the news media is trying to crash the economy; as if that is even possible. Trump's incompetence and bad policies ARE crashing the economy. He is desperate to find a scapegoat that his supporters will believe.


Chris Champagne-Padilla
Perhaps they will believe anything. Unless you are filthy rich it makes no sense to back this guy. He is ruining us.


Greg Dunham
Well if the media would stop pointing out the truth about his horrible policies, nobody would ever have to hear about it.


June Beleford
Crazy is....as Crazy Does, he’s predictably blaming everybody but himself. This man leaves a trail of slime wherever he goes. He has established a pattern of lying then trying to look like a victim. This is what privileged people who were raised to think they never need to be accountable for their actions.
His father looked like Hitler and is German, could be that they share DNA.
He needs to stop lying to farmers...has anyone else looked at the price of fresh produce?????
More families who live in urban areas are growing their own fresh fruit and vegetables....urban gardening.Prices are passed on to US consumers. Have you noticed oil prices creeping up again??? By the time any remediation happens it will be too little too late for farmers.
Trump is a Child of the Corn....


Allan Hangaard
Of course it is the media's fault, it is not at all related to one stupid economic decision made by Trump, following the last stupid economic decision made by Trump, following the stupid economic decicion before that made by Trump...
The fake news is to blame, surely!
Obama and Hillary did it, for sure... The president cannot be held accountable for the decisions he has made while in office!


Kathy Pease
Is he saying the media has more power and control than he does?


Steven Danis
There's nothing fake about the reporting of the simple fact that much of the world economy is now slowing down and/or slipping into recession. Most countries had had a fairly good economic run for some years, and there's no repealing of the business cycle. Which is perhaps most evident in the statistics regarding automobile sales. A major and growing factor in the slowdown is the effect of the easy to win trade war. The US and China have already lost a small part of their incomes and other nations are feeling the effects. With the best evidence of widespread unease being the plummeting of interest rates in advanced countries


Bill Given
Yesterday it was the Fed, today it's the Fake Media, tomorrow is anybodys guess.


John Schneider
Obama's and Hillary's.


Evan Matwijiw
Tomorrow it will be windmills. They kill birds,cause cancer and now they cause recessions.


Michael Iger
Trump went after the Federal Reserve earlier, now it is the media for reporting the reality of what's happening. Trump is responsible for the bad news and the stock market tanking. He hasn't done anything right along with the Republican Congress that backed up his disastrous economic policies.
Our economy is huge, it is a behemoth and takes a lot to slow it up and create a problem. Once you do it, it takes a long while for it to turn around again. After almost three years of ballooning deficits and a trade war settling in Trump has managed to sour the economic outlook. His propaganda and lie


Michael Roush
"Trump accuses news media of trying to crash the economy"
Yesterday, Trump was accusing the Fed.


Mark McCullough
When you elect the class bully to be president, you can't expect his dialogue to be intellectual. I guess you gotta blame somebody, can we get this idiot out of office and elect someone more competent? A rock maybe?


David Strait
Everyone is to blame for anything bad but anything good, he will take credit for. We all know Twitter is the real news source, LOL!


John Schneider
If it wasn't for Trump, the Earth wouldn't be here! #Sarcasm


James Rautio
Always someone else's fault. If I find I have employees like that, I fire them.


Rus Dawolfe
Hey Trump go choke on a golf ball...


Ad Stair
GOP always takes the economy on a roller coaster ride. Sugar high up and then crash and burn. Middle class and poor always have to pay. Then, Democrats have to come in and clean it up. How many times do we have to witness this in one lifetime?
Obama's economy would have helped more folks, especially in places like the rust belt, but McConnell obstructed everything. People should have realized that instead of going out an voting to jump from the frying pan into the fire by electing Trump and not voting for Democrats in the Senate.
Voters need to smarten up. Trump is an idiot. Just because he says something with his big mouth does not make it true. He is destroying the economy with his moronic policies, mouth and tweets. And because of the tax cuts and other things he has done, it will be much harder to recover.


Ken Dosenbach
Mr. Trump, most of us know the truth, and if we didn't you would be the very last person that could convince us. I believe NOTHING you say anymore.
Besides, you don't need any help crashing the economy. Between stupid trade and fiscal policies (calling them 'policies' is being kind), the economy is sinking on its own.


Evan Matwijiw
As the USS Economy slowly sinks into the Recession Sea, Admiral trump, forever at the helm, curses the entire world and proclaims that he could never make a mistake. His enthralled and loyal base base prefer to go down with the ship rather than admit it made a mistake voting for the schmuck. The two have a lot in common.


Patrick Lowry
Fed rate cuts during low umemployment has never happened. 2.1% GDP growth and likely similar Q3 numbers. Foreign investment is down by close to 40% compared to peak in 2015. Job growth is falling off. As soon as gthe unemployment numbers begin to increase this will officially send the signal to head for the doors.


Geo Mill
News media reporting on all the stupid shit tRUMP does and spews and they are the ones trying to crash the economy......what a Dotard.


Laverne Brison
When are we going to get a grownup in the oval office?


Michael Walters
.....Come on Donald, we all know this prospective economic slowdown and possible recession is the fault of Bill & Hillary and the most guilty of course Obama....


Rebecca Hargens
This guy has no grasp of reality. He's the one tanking it by his stupid decisions and comments.


Neo-Feudal Notes
If you think this adminstration has been good for our economy, then you need to go back into your parent's basement and pick up a book on macro-economics.


Dan Fritz
Trump is telling the truth. The media has been on a propaganda campain to stoke fear and drive down stock prices. Then, when investors react by selling, the media crows about the "fears" in the market and predicts a recession. It's been all the news today on CNN and MSNBC.
It would really disapoint a lot of journalists if the economy just kept humming along. They see this as one way to discredit Trump before the 2020 elections.


Pat Olsson
LOL! trump wouldn't know the "truth" if it sat on his fat orange face.


EJ Smith
Can't this guy ever take responsibility for any of his mistakes?


Kelly Alexander
This guy is like a 5 year old who can’t take the blame for anything. failed marriages? Failed businesses? Tanking the economy by doing stupid crap like picking a fight with china? Nope. trump is perfect he is supreme leader! LOL fucking loser.


Debra Soles Jones-Bell
Forget impeachment, what needs to brought forward is the 25th amendment. I have read dozens of reports by shrinks that all claim trump is insane - just gather up his crazy texts and talking points, that is more than enough to show this creature has serious mental issues.


Pat Olsson
LOL! What we're seeing here is "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". The media angle has been played out, nobody believes it. The end is drawing near for the uninspired, impotent trump. It's kinda fun to watch.


Nathan Newman
Making America Poor Again.


Lobetine Taylor
The economy was fine , ticking along after all the work Obama did over 8 years. Trump just had to come along and destroy it all. It beggars belief. Truly!


John Stahl
I find it interesting that there are people who live in the US and want their economy to fail.


Lloyd Williams
Trump hates himself so much he's acting out by destroying an entire nation. Meanwhile, U.S. politics continues to do nothing to stop the inevitable train wreck.