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文章原始标题:If you had to live in a third world country for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?


John Garrison History Buff, Accountant, and International Adventurer
I’m an American and the short answer for me is:
The original definition of third world is meant to be, any nation not aligned with the first world(NATO) and the second world(USSR).
So there are a lot of pretty interesting countries in the third world, apparently Sweden, Ireland, and Finland would classify as the third world. You could theoretically answer this question by saying you would move to one of these nations, but that’s no fun because these countries are extremely developed. So if I were to move to a developing nation in the third world for the rest of my life, I would look at 3 things.
1.) Safety(that’s the biggest thing, I want to be able to take comfort in the safety of myself and my family).


2.) Overall happiness(Are people happy with their quality of life? If so then that would be a place I’d like to move there)
3.) Lack of Corruption(I don’t want to live somewhere that wastes my tax money on trivial things, and I certainly don’t want police to pull me over for no reason and demand a bribe)
(this last one eliminates a lot of nations because apparently globally corruption is pretty bad)
Still though there are a few nations that jumped out to me as fulfilling all of these criteria, and being a developing third world nation.


After looking at the top 50 least corrupt countries, and comparing them to the happiness index, the peace index, and the list of third world countries, I’ve come up with the following map.
Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Qatar, Bhutan, and Malaysia.
Personally I’d go to either Chile or Uruguay. I love soccer, love the Spanish language, and love the food of both countries.
After taking environmental factors(earthquakes especially) into consideration Uruguay is looking like the place for me.
(note: Uruguay is not a perfect country, but no country is perfect, they obviously still have safety issues, threats of natural disasters, some corruption, etc. but as far as countries(especially in the third world) go, Uruguay is among the best)


Jorge Miguel Frankon
I am from Argentina, very close to Uruguay, and I want to congratulate you for your choise. I know Uruguay very well, and I certify that Uruguay is a great small country where to live.


Markus Williams
In the most recent World Happiness Index, Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, and Chile are Latin American countries that scored higher than Uruguay.
And as for the Corruption Perception Index, it’s based on perception, which means it doesn’t measure actual corruption… Also, Ireland is definitely not third world.

至于腐败感觉指数,它是基于感觉的,这意味着它不能衡量实际的腐败情况... 此外,爱尔兰绝对不是第三世界国家。

Jose Ortiz
Good choice. But I wish to have been born in Mexico. All the tacos, enchiladas & burritos, plus tequila for me! And the Mexican senioritas are quite nice!


Jose Ortiz
Also Mexicans are known for their wild sense of humor!


Ana Paula Gouvêa de Barros
It’s a great choice! I visited uruguay years ago and is such a nice country!

【回复】这是一个很棒的选择! 我年前访问了乌拉圭,这是一个很美好的国家!

Sean Young Senior Consultant at International Development
It’s an impossible question to answer as I have no desire to remain in one country for the rest of my life. It would have to be a place where
* I can speak the language i.e. English, French or Spanish (which rules out most of Asia and Africa)
* Where I need neither air-conditioning nor heating (which rules out most of Africa, most northern countries, most of Asia) for most of the year.
* A place with high cultural variety and interest
* A place with good healthcare and decent infrastructure
* A place that is not insecure to an unreasonable degree (natural or man-caused).
Mexico (of the countries that I know)
Some people are concerned about insecurity in Mexico but it has been targeted to those in the drug trade and mostly border zones. Nonetheless, it is something of which to be aware. (Nowhere is “ideal” in the world from this point of view.)

* 我能说英语、法语或西班牙语的地方(这排除了大部分亚洲和非洲国家)
* 我一年大部分时间都不需要空调和取暖设备的地方(这排除了非洲大部分地区、大部分北方国家和亚洲大部分地区)。
* 一个文化多元化和富有特色的地方。
* 一个拥有良好医疗保健和良好基础设施的地方。
* 一个没有不安全到不合理程度的地方(自然或人为的)。

Climate of Highlands. Perfect climate in the highlands of the central plains. Not hot, not cold, not humid.
World class and varied food. No, I’m not talking about the ersatz Tex-Mex slosh but the World Cutural Heritage Cuisine, the center of which is Puebla. Highest number of World Heritage Sites in the Americas.
Other factors: Proximity and logistics. Healthcare in major cities. Esthetics of modern architecture. Hospitality.
Other possibilities
Colombia (like Mexico but fewer World Heritage Sites and less varied cuisine) - to be explored in future
Uruguay (may be too small and isolated), Argentina (a bit isolated and lacking cultural variety), Chile (earthquake and tsunami risk; isolated), Peru (highlands)
South Africa - Cape area (Mediterranean climate but isolated and unknown security.

其他可能性:哥伦比亚(就像墨西哥一样,但是世界遗产地很少,菜肴种类也较少)——未来有待探索,乌拉圭(可能太小和孤立) ,阿根廷(有点孤立和缺乏文化多样性) ,智利(地震和海啸风险; 孤立) ,秘鲁(高地)
南非 - 开普地区(地中海气候,但与世隔绝,安全状况也不明)。

Thomas Chilton
You might have to rule out Brazil since they speak Portuguese.


Sean Young
You’re right. Although, lusophones can largely understand Hispanophones.


Carolyn Patton
Costa Rica which is where I'm headed . Health care is cheap and so good that Americans go there for dental and health care to pay less than at home.plus it is only 3 hour plane ride from Texas Or Florida .


Shoaib Khan
Mexico is damn dangerous


Aziz Jalel
You can survive easily with French in Tunisia :)
Many French persons are living there after their retirement :)
Good choice !

【回复】你用法语可以很容易在突尼斯生活 :)
许多法国人退休后住在那里 :)

Joe Hall Lived in The UK all my life.
I would opt for the Caribbean. The Caribbean is picturesque, and it's where my parents are from; so I have the automatic right to live there. And as I am a graduate, I could participate in the Caribbean's “Freedom of movement” scheme, if I took out a Jamaican passport as my second passport. But I have a British passport, so probably wouldn't need to take out a Jamaican passport to travel around the Caribbean.
Also they speak English. No tropical diseases like in Africa. 1st world health care system. Luxury hotels and villas. I could make a good living through holiday rentals. And if I ever get seriously ill Miami is only an hour's flight away.
And come retirement I can pick up an index linked British state pension in Jamaica, Barbados, & on a few of the other islands. I wouldn't have to return to the UK.


It probably saves the UK tax payer money, when Caribbean migrants die “back home” rather than in the UK. That’s why I rekon the UK government has agreed to pay retirees who opt to live in the Caribbean, West Africa, The Philippines, & in a few other Commonwealth countries the same pension rate as they would have got had they opted to stay on in the UK after retirement. Long haul flights back to the UK for treatment when you are in your 80s or 90s may be out of the question at that age.


Xuanzi Zerene (Еремей Сенько) BS Biological Anthropology & Archaeology, Binghamton University
Using Cold War era definitions:
Either Finland or Singapore would be my first choices. Probably Singapore #1, Finland #2 then #3 would have to be some other unaligned region in the pacific.
Singapore is a culturally diverse city, with many familiarities (& food) that would make me feel more at home there. It is advanced, commercially successful with networking stretching across the globe. It’s also in my top 8 for cities globally. It’s not a large country, but I feel I could be content given the opportunity.

新加坡是一个文化多元的城市,有许多熟悉的地方(和食物) ,使我感觉更像在家里。它很先进,商业上很成功,网络遍布全球。它也在我的全球城市排行榜的前8名之列。它不是一个大国,但我觉得能有这个机会我会很满足的。

Ley Lujuo Born and Raised in a Third World.
If by "Third World" you mean "Developing Countries" then I'll opt for my country, Tanzania.
* Peaceful (We haven't had War since the 70s with Uganda)
* People here are nice to foreigners. (No Xenophobia)
* National Parks, we have the best national parks you can enjoy visiting in the world.
* Reasonable living standard.
* Come on man, come over :).
The only setback you will have to learn Swahili.

* 和平(自70年代与乌干达的战争以来,我们就没有战争)
* 这里的人们对外国人很友好(没有仇外心理)
* 国家公园,我们有世界上最好的国家公园,你可以尽情游览。
* 合理的生活水平。
* 来吧,朋友,过来吧 :)

Dave Buttski
On behalf of Somalia your welcome


Matt Chanoff studied at Johns Hopkins SAIS
Most answers take issue with the obsolete phrase “third world country,” which actually refers to nations that weren’t aligned with either side in the Cold War, but correlated roughly with poorer countries and came to mean that. Alternatives like “developing countries,” “newly industrializing countries”, but they all have the same problem - they impose a convenient categorical distinction on a complicated reality, so they obscure more truth than they reveal.
One of the things that gets easily obscured is the question of “live as.” When I picture myself in Indonesia or Burundi it’s as some kind of foreign diplomat, since those are the people I hung out with in those countries. When I picture myself in Kenya it’s as an aid worker. In India as a tourist. If I were to imagine myself as an inhabitant of one of those country, what would I be? Rich, poor, middle class? Professional? Urban or rural? which tribe or ethnic group? Speaking which language?


Rodolfo Herrera Rodríguez Avid researcher of different countries history, economic systems and cultures
I believe you wanted to say "developing country". There are just so many countries that there is no way I can recommend you one
I and also it's hard for my to be objective, because I come from a developing country. So I would definitely recommend you the Dominican Republic.
The main reasons I could give you are the following :
It has some of the best beaches in the world. Not only that but lakes, rivers, mountains and a desert, and in les than 54,000 Sq miles! (Smaller than most US State). So it is diverse and easy to explore.
has a thriving expat community (and a vibrant local one) in the popular seaside communities.
The capital has all sorts of modern amenities, so you will find everything you could find in a regular global big city :)
Also if you go for example to Punta Cana you will find a really low crime rate.

首都有各种各样的现代化设施,所以你会在一个普通的全球性大城市里找到你能找到的一切 :)

Glen Lee Roberts former American, now stateless by choice
I vote for Paraguay. I've been living here for 6–1/2 years or so and enjoy it. For me it is quiet and comfortable. I lack all the daily stress I had living in the US (and being American).
Not to mention there are plenty of fruit fruits and vegetables. Also, it is rare to be confronted by Americans who have nothing else to do than blab about all the political nonsense there.
Also, since Spanish is a second language for a good part of the population, my much less than perfect Spanish fits right in!
I do find that Paraguay tends to be a place that people who have never visited have an enormous dislike for. And, after people visit for the first time often are surprised at how much they liked it.
If you want to find the answer for yourself, you should ignore everything written here and start visiting some places and see which one you connect with.


Helen Blake Retired Teacher
Without any hesitation at all, I would return to Kathmandu, Nepal. Specifically Pilgrims Guesthouse in Thamel Why? Because that is where I feel at home.
All the problems are nothing, compared to the warmth and compassion of the people.
(I would also go back to India in a heartbeat, but that is no longer a “third world country.”)
My heart longs for Nepal and India, but this old body needs the Canadian social safety net now.


Deepak S Fernandes Lived in Bahrain, India, UK, US, Poland, Hong Kong and Belgium
There is no such thing as a third world country since the collapse of the Soviet Union (first words = US+allies, 2nd = USSR+allies, 3rd = everyone else, including Switzerland and Sweden) — you mean developing.
In case of developing, I already chose Poland, a developing country to live in for the rest of my life — though by 2025 it may be classified as a developed country (GDP per capita > $15K annually)

自苏联解体以来,第三世界国家就不存在了(第一世界国家 = 美国 + 盟国,第二世界国家 = 苏联 + 盟国,第三世界国家 = 其他所有国家,包括瑞士和瑞典),而你是指发展中国家吧。

Chanda Chishimba
It's difficult for me to answer this question without bias towards my home country Zambia because this is where i have lived all my life so it's quite the comfort zone and there's a lot of familiar people ,places and cultures I've grown accustomed to. So I wouldn't mind being here for the rest of my life for the simple reason that adapting to a new third world country with its different challenges would be a process I'm not willing to go through


Allen W. McDonnell Historian (2010-present)
Even though I would have to learn a different language at my advancing age I would opt for Chile. I would choose the region around El Bolson, it is in a high broad mountain valley where the air is pure, the people are friendly and the weather is like I grew up with except the seasons are in reverse.
What more could any sane person wish for?


Stan Brin
Wrong. Chile is a rich and prosperous FIRST WORLD country. It is not Peru, or Bolivia, or even Argentina.


Urbano Arotce
Bolsón is in Argentina, Rio Negro province


Allen W. McDonnell
Sorry the border runs very near there and I said the wrong country. the climate and attitude of the population remains the same no matter which side of the border line it is on so my location remains the same, just with a different government in charge.


Thomas Schaefer
Switzerland? (It is by definition 3rd world.) But I’m not sure, if they would acccept me poor guy. 1st option because it is quite similar to my current home Germany.
India? I’m too young for retirement and I don’t like to work in India, but it is at least 2nd option. I have relatives and friends in India.


Aarti Nair From India
As I’ve already lived in India, I might try Kenya this time. Especially because of the stark similarities between the south asian culture and the african continent. A lot of our problems and behaviour are similar. I would like to dig deeper.


Eloy Haughton Panama-born US citizen
Panama for two simple reasons: It’s capital is a first world class city and I was born there.

巴拿马,有两个简单的原因: 它的首都是第一世界水平的城市,而我就是在那里出生的。

Jishnu Das
I would live in India in these cities


Chris Holst Clerk at Tax Authorities (2019-present)
Not sure if it goes into the catagory, but Costa Rica. Peaceful, beautiful, developing quite well.


Bob Killam cannabis cultivation consultant with 20+ years growing exp.
I’ll stay put and wait. Trump is already doing his best to imitate a third world dictator and turn the US into a third world country with oligarchs and peasants.