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文章原始标题:Huawei to unveil its own mapping service to challenge Google Maps

内容简介:在推出自己的操作系统鸿蒙OS以取代谷歌的安卓后不久,中国科技巨头华为就誓言要与谷歌地图抗衡,并计划推出一款国产地图。 此举旨在应对美国政府在中美贸易战之际对该公司的打压。据中国官方媒体《中国日报》报道

Shortly after launching its own operating system, HarmonyOS, to replace Google’s Android, Chinese tech giant Huawei vowed to take on Google Maps, with plans to unveil a domestically-created alternative.


The move is aimed to cope with Washington’s crackdown on the company amid the simmering trade war between the US and China. In case the company loses access to Google Maps due to US blacklisting, Huawei can launch its own mapping services as early as October, state-owned outlet China Daily reports.


However, the tool, called Map Kit, is not directly intended for consumer use, but is designed to encourage developers to create software based on its mapping capabilities. Russian internet major and mapping service provider Yandex, sometimes called the ‘Russian Google’, as well as US travel aggregator website Booking.com, are among the software companies that are partnering with Huawei on the mapping service, according to China Daily.

然而,这个名为Map Kit的工具并不直接面向消费者使用,而是鼓励开发人员根据其映射功能创建软件。据《中国日报》报道,俄罗斯互联网巨头和地图服务提供商Yandex,有时亦被称为“俄罗斯谷歌”,以及美国旅游聚合网站Booking.com,都是与华为合作开发地图服务的软件公司之一。

Map Kit will support 40 languages at launch and will use Huawei’s advantage in the telecom sector to provide better services. It will use the telecom base stations in over 160 countries and regions. This will allow the service to access real-time traffic flows and a highly sophisticated navigation system which can even recognize a car changing lanes.

Map Kit将支持40种语言,并将利用华为在电信领域的优势提供更好的服务。它将使用160多个国家和地区的电信基站。这将使服务能够实时访问交通流和一个高度复杂的导航系统,甚至可以识别正在换车道的车辆。

The news comes shortly after the Chinese tech giant officially revealed its own operating system called HarmonyOS, which can operate on different devices, including mobile phones. Huawei plans to invest $1 billion to encourage software developers to design apps for HarmonyOS. It has also promised that app developers will enjoy more profits than they make with US tech heavyweights Apple and Google, as it will reduce its cut from transactions on the platform.


The US placed Huawei on its ‘Entity List’ in May, effectively barring American tech companies from dealing with the Chinese firm. While the ban on government contracts with Huawei is already in force, Google has received a 90-day license enabling it to provide software updates to Android-powered handsets and maintain “continued operation of existing networks and equipment.”


However, the extension is set to expire next week, leaving the Chinese firm without the Android license. The company could lose access to widely used Google apps such as Maps, Docs, and Play Store, among others.

然而,这份许可将于下周到期,使得这家中国公司将没有安卓的许可证。该公司可能无法访问广泛使用的谷歌应用程序,比如地图、文档和Play Store等。

An OS to replace windows next please


Linux? Not as hard to use as in the old days...

Linux ?不会像以前那么难用了…

I love Linux but Windows still has the monopoly on many apps and games.. Would be awesome if more money went into developing Linux apps.


Yeah that's good for certain applications but it's not really a solution for the more complex programs and especially games.


You can play any game on Steam (also Linux), maybe except a few.


Now i'm excited this is what we need collaboration between similar minded people Yandex and Huawei. Alone it will be a little harder to take on Google.


Sounds like the US has unleashed Pandora's box of goodies to give the US some tough competition, ophs that backfired on Trump and his gangsters.


Trump is such a karma magnet, anything he touches turns to sh1t, eventually.


Like every US president. Hahahaha


Seems like everybody on the planet will be sanctioned for using non US products


That is important. In general, I am not attached to Android in any way, and I want to avoid giving Google and other NSA Prism companies data, but I must admit that I find Google maps on mobile phones very useful. I hope Huawei's map program is similarly convenient (e.g. for public transportantion schedules).


USA set to lose market for sure. Count the number of Huawei devices in use, and that many customers will turn to a new OS gradually.


You're playing a great game Mr Trump, you must know something that the rest of us don't. Google and Apple are about to lose a massive market share.


Baidu, another Chinese company already have maps just like Google maps but the quality is not there yet. But i couldn't be more happy to see more non US corporation entering the competition. Sooner or later, they could overtake Google!


Google maps is for directionally challenged people it will take you on horrible routes when their are better routes. Not to mention Google tracks your movements and anyone can get into your tracking history. Its actually very scary to think about how unsecure google maps really is. I think its time for something better.


Phil G
You actually believe the PRC wouldn't get in to your tracking history? Numbskull!


Hope something takes down Google. Looking forward to buying Huawei devices.


If the US wins these trade wars, I'll eat my hat..............................I've made chocolate just in case.


Would be nice to have a Huawei search engine to replace Google.


China already has Baidu map. When I am in China, I don't need to use Google map. Support for China all the way.


Melville Pouwels
dont really understand it, but i'm on yandex, have oldish laptop, am still windows 7 but would love to get rid of google maps...im in china !!~!

我不太明白,但我用的是yandex,一台老式笔记本电脑,还是windows 7,不过我想摆脱谷歌地图……我在中国!!~!

Good for Trump Administration, Google is too powerful, and they are now involved in politics. Google banned Trump conservative group, only leftist comment are allowed. It's time to break Google into several Corporations, (several private owners), this is what they did to Microsoft. In Capitalism, if you monopolized the business, Government Anti-Trust law will come in. The FTC is monitoring Google for teaching Chinas military on AI technology. Google is so big that they can do what they want.


I think now India too must be very busy in developing their brand of OS and maps etc