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文章原始标题:What is your opinion about Donald Trump losing the 2020 election?


Jim Barrett
I'm glad for it. Speaking as a non-American I can speak from that perspective. America’s reputation, influence, and power has weakened tremendously under Trump. He damaged and destroyed relationships with other countries. He demonstrated that the US is not a trustworthy ally, and will not honour agreements it makes, and cannot be trusted in the future as all it takes is a new president and all agreements are destroyed. International cooperation requires consistency and the US can no longer be trusted to provide or adhere to it.
His friendliness towards autocrats and dictators has shown that the US can no longer be relied upon to defend democratic, western values.
He claimed Canada has “taken advantage” of the US for years, but this was false and the reality is quite the opposite.


The influence of his hateful rhetoric and fear mongering has spread beyond the US and has ignited social unrest in other countries.
To the eyes of the rest of the world, the nation that, for all our lives, has been the dominant economic, military, geopolitical, cultural, and technological force in the world is cracked and weakened. Covid runs rampant, climate change is denied, racism is rampant (and neo-nazis have gone unchallenged by the government), and the entire world is at risk. All because of the underlying factors of which Trump has been both symptom and figurehead.
His removal from office is a chance to repair this damage. Note that I say this not in support of Biden—it is not the political parties of the US on which I am commenting but Trump himself.


The US faces the choice to once again take a position of prominence in the world, as a stabilizing beacon of hope, or to continue a decline into ultimate ruin.
The 20th century belonged to the US. The 19th to the UK, 18th to France, and so on. Whether the 21st belongs to America or to another ascending power remains to be seen. Trump had to go if the US is to remain a real power and force for change and stability. So yeah, I'm not sorry to see him go.


Larry Robinson
I live in an almost all red political community of Michigan. We had Trump-Pence signs everywhere. Almost every truck had Trump flags and stickers. There were only a few homes with a Biden sign. On Tuesday it was a day long party and celebration. When Trump announced that he was the presidential winner early Wednesday morning you could hear shouts and cheers go up in my neighborhood. Car horns went off, rifles fired in the air, and fireworks going off. I didn’t see it but a friend said there was a car and truck parade on Main Street at about 6 a.m. Wednesday.
What followed was a feeling of disbelief as Biden started to gain traction in the polls. I saw many friends trying to get their mind around the fact that Trump wasn’t winning. People stayed in their homes. The streets were deserted and I noticed yesterday that the Trump-Pence signs were being taken down.


Normally, on Saturday morning we would all gather in the one and only local bar in town to drink, joke, and talk politics. Everyone would be wearing their MAGA hats and t-shirts and having a great time. The atmosphere would seem like a college football tail-gate party.
Today, after the news networks called the election for Biden, I decided to go to the bar to see if any of the old gang might be there. It would give me a chance to commiserate on Trump losing and try to gain some insight on what the future might hold. To my astonishment the parking lot was filled. I had to park behind the post-office about two blocks away.
When I entered the bar, the party was in full stride. Pitchers of beer were being passed around, some of the gang were already inebriated , and the atmosphere was quite jovial. It was totally opposite of what I was expecting. My expectation was of a funeral dirge but it was the opposite.


One of my pals, Louie, was waving his hand at me to get my attention. He had saved a seat at the bar. Sitting down, I asked Louie, “What’s happening. Why is everybody so happy.” Instead of answering he just pointed to the TV screen. It seemed the bar was showing old episodes of the Apprentice and whenever Trump would appear, everyone would take a drink and when he said,”You’re fired” you had to drain your mug. I said,”Sure everyone here loves the Apprentice but why is everyone so excited.”
Louie went on to explain,” That sure it hurt to see Trump losing the White House but the grapevine has it that he is going back to filming new episodes of the Apprentice as soon as next spring. This is almost as good as being re-elected.” Just then someone yelled out,”Trump/Pence 2024, Trump/Pence 2024.” and the whole bar took up the cheer. I could even hear the cheer from the guys lined up outside the bar waiting to be let inside.


“Louie, just how the heck is Trump going to be on the Apprentice and campaign for 2024?”
“Hey man, he’s Trump. He can do anything he wants. Didn’t the last four years prove anything to you?”
Just then the bar got quiet as a new episode of the Apprentice started showing on the TV.


Brooklyn Flintz lives in Arizona (2006-present)
I am quite happy about it. I personally do not like Trump, I do respect the fact that other people like him, it's their opinion. It's not like he was the absolute worst president in existence, but him, as a person..He's not so good.
There have been multiple lies he's told, he has been far too sexual with woman. His excuse for that was “I’ve never said I'm perfect.” Not to mention, he is racist, I really do not care what he says about being the least racist person in the world. It is false. There is video evidence. Not to mention, homophobic. I really don't care if someone is homophobic, some people can't help themselves. As long as they don't show it by discriminating people in the community, you go about with life, then it affects no one. Though, I don't think the president of. our country should be homophobic, not to mention the fact that he might take away some the rights of the LGBQT+ worked so hard for is unacceptable.

我对此很高兴。我个人不喜欢特朗普,我尊重其他人喜欢他的事实,这是他们的观点。并不是说他是有史以来最差劲的总统,但他作为一个人… 不太好。

Kiki Rowe
My first reaction is RELIEF. My opinion is GOOD.
My husband is an ICU nurse, and Trump’s nonchalant attitude towards the pandemic affects my family in a way I’ll never be able to explain. To see his rallies with so many people not caring and not wearing masks is sickening. His supporters have ZERO concern for people in healthcare who risk their own lives if working with positive patients…it’s the most disheartening thing I’ve ever witnessed regarding humanity-or lack thereof. Trump only cares about himself, not making the country better. How has he made the US better? He’s a laughingstock to world leaders. A crybaby who literally whines every turn at a microphone, a compulsive liar and a delusional creep. His administration has more felons and turn-around appointments than any other in history. To mock people with disabilities is disgraceful, to encourage racists is despicable, and to buddy up to dictators is deplorable. His language and demeanor is not an example I want for my son, nor would I let my daughter date someone with so many sexual allegations against him. He’s not a good example of the future I want for children. And these are the nicer opinions I have of this creep. I have always voted Republican until this person came into office, so I have never considered myself a Democrat.

我丈夫是重症监护室的护士,特朗普对疫情的漠然态度影响了我的家人,这种影响我永远无法解释。看到他的集会上有那么多人不关心,也不戴口罩,真让人恶心。他的支持者对那些在医疗保健领域冒着生命危险与积极的病人一起工作的人漠不关心… 这是我所见过的关于人性的最令人沮丧的事情——或者说缺乏人性。特朗普只关心他自己,而不是让这个国家变得更好。他是如何让美国变得更好的?他成了世界各国领导人的笑柄。一个动不动就在麦克风前哭哭啼啼的婴儿,一个强迫性撒谎者和一个妄想症患者。他的政府拥有有史以来最多的重刑犯和改判人员。嘲弄残疾人很可耻,鼓励种族主义者很卑鄙,与独裁者为伴很可悲。他的语言和举止不是我想为我儿子树立的榜样,我也不会让我女儿和一个对他有如此多性指控的人约会。他不是我想要的孩子未来的好榜样。这些是我对这个混蛋更好的看法。在这个人上台之前,我一直投共和党的票,所以我从来不认为自己是民主党人。

Gazi Salahuddin MSc Mathematics, National University, Bangladesh (2019)
The real reason Trump is terrified of losing the presidency: fear of prosecution
The United States is hardly an autocracy; it might be better described as a flawed democracy. Yet its president, Donald Trump, behaves a lot like an autocrat – and it’s worth remembering, as the election looms, that autocratic leaders do not like to give up their power.
Obviously, few autocrats are willing to relinquish the benefits that accompany political office. But there is another, more important, reason they often try to retain power at almost any cost, even after losing elections or completing their terms. After two decades of researching and writing about autocratic politics in the Middle East, I call this the autocrat’s dilemma: losing power can expose autocrats to accountability, prosecution and potential jail time. As a result, autocrats are often willing to break laws, rig elections, create chaos and even use violence to retain power.


If Trump loses the election, there may be calls to investigate and prosecute him for possible crimes involving obstruction of justice, violating the emolument clause of the constitution, and/or tax fraud, among others. Citizen Trump would face investigation without the luxury of “executive privilege” or the legal chicanery of the attorney general, William Barr, who has acted more like Trump’s personal lawyer than the nation’s top law enforcement official, to protect him. Accordingly, Trump has even more reason to lie, cheat and sow discord in order to retain office, because losing the White House could land him in court or even behind bars.
Although the special prosecutor Robert Mueller did not produce a smoking gun proving Trump conspired with Russia in the 2016 election, he clearly stated that the investigation did not exonerate Trump of wrongdoing. After the investigation, over a thousand former federal prosecutors from both parties signed a letter stating that Trump’s conduct as described in the investigation would warrant “multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice” were it not for the Office of Legal Counsel’s policy of not indicting a sitting president.


More recent criticisms of Mueller from top aides within the investigation allege Mueller did not go far enough in exposing collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. At the very least, there is a strong case that Trump obstructed the investigation. After he leaves office there will be vocal calls to get to the bottom of Russian election interference, his campaign’s alleged collusion, and to hold the former president accountable for obstruction of justice. The outcome could very well be a subpoena for the ex-president or even an indictment.
Allegations of campaign finance violations related to the Stormy Daniels affair and financial irregularities regarding the president’s inauguration could also expose Trump to legal troubles. But perhaps the most likely reason Trump will end up in court after leaving office concerns his taxes. Trump’s recently revealed tax filings expose a series of ethically dubious and possibly illegal activities. If he loses in November, citizen Trump will likely face increasing pressure from agencies such as the IRS and the New York state attorney general’s office.


Trump’s tax filings are brimming with shady dealings. In addition to not paying federal income tax in 10 of the 15 years preceding his election – and paying a mere $750 a year in 2016 and 2017 – Trump received a $72.9m refund from the IRS in 2010 after claiming more than a billion dollars in earlier losses. The massive refund is the subject of an ongoing IRS audit; an adverse outcome could force Trump to return the money, which, with penalties and interest, might total more than $100m.
Trump’s tax filings include other dubious and possibly illegal practices. He paid his daughter Ivanka over $700,000 in “consulting fees” while she was a salaried employee of the Trump Organization. Such high-dollar “business expenses” not only benefited Ivanka, they reduced Trump’s own tax liability.
An even bigger deduction concerns Trump’s Seven Springs estate an hour’s drive from New York. In addition to claiming a $21m tax deduction for not developing most of the 230-acre property (known as a conservation easement), Trump claimed the estate was an investment and not a personal residence, allowing him to deduct more than $2m in property taxes as business expenses. Yet Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr lived on the compound and the Trump Organization’s official webpage describes it as “a retreat for the Trump family”.


Richard Kenneth Eng former Project Team Leader at ATI Technologies (1993-2000)
A lot of people think that the election outcome validates American democracy. That American democracy is alive and well. I think otherwise.
The 2020 US election was between Dumb and Dumber, two Presidential candidates that left a lot to be desired. The fact that about half of the US electorate voted for the Orange Imperator highlights the fundamental weaknesses in the American system.
Donald J. Trump came very, very, very close to getting re-elected. Let’s not forget that.
In a population of 332 million, these were the two best candidates they could up with for national leader??? Seriously?
No wonder American democracy is a joke.
Biden’s win does not in any way obviate the weaknesses of the American system:


* Political candidates do not need to exhibit governing achievement, competence, nor intelligence. Popularity is the only thing that matters.
* Political candidates are chosen by a small handful of wealthy oligarchs or plutocrats.
* Gerrymandering and voter suppression pervade the electoral system.
* American voters have virtually zero impact on the choice of government policies.
* Political gridlock and national paralysis are still here, despite Biden’s win.


Patty Amato former Aide, Teacher for Disabled (1976-1982)
I’m surprised he lasted the whole four years. Many of us thought he’d be removed earlier. Also…my biggest fear a few years ago was that he would drop a nuke. He said he “liked” them and “why not?” and obviously could not grasp what nuclear weapons are and do. But that didn’t happen, although he will have to be closely watched as a dangerous and very vindictive lame duck.
No one, well, only a handful of experts, could have foreseen covid, including trump. But still, his actions, inactions and lies did lead to a much higher death toll than any other country. He didn’t drop a nuke, but is in part responsible for the deaths of over 220,000 Americans. That tempers our joy today at knowing we will have a decent, intelligent and normal person as President, a real leader after this vacuum (worse than a vacuum) of the past four years.
Can’t wait to wake one morning in January and know that that destructive, evil, deranged thing is OUT of our government for GOOD.


Jaime Pimienta former Secondary teacher at Anaheim Union High School District (1982-2015)
Relieved that he lost!
I thought he was going to win the re-election. But the mail-in ballots were the undoing to Trump’s presidency.
It’s interesting to note that he wanted to stop the counting mailed ballots and have tallied ballots while he was ahead in the polls. That way he’d win the electoral vote and nobody would be the wiser.
Many were fed up with Trump. Biden’s insistence to “vote, vote, vote,” prompted many young voters and others who never voted to do so. The covid killed any chance for Trump to win. It’s his own fault but I’m glad he lost.


Carlos Sanchez
He didn't lose the election. He's asking for a recount in WI and is also going to supreme court and suing for voter fraud.


Prec Acc
It is a step in the right direction for America, and a triumph of good over evil.