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文章原始标题:How does China do everything right?


Richard Kenneth Eng former Project Team Leader at ATI Technologies (1993-2000)
It doesn’t. No country does everything right.
In fact, China has made many mistakes. However, unlike most other countries, China learns from its mistakes and self-corrects.
China made a mistake very early in the COVID-19 pandemic. It self-corrected and starting in January, it began to manage the pandemic extremely well. Much better than the United States and all of Europe! Not to mention Brazil and India and Mexico.
Western countries, on the other hand, don’t seem to learn anything. The US approach to world affairs is to use its military as a bludgeon to bend other nations to its will. This has caused enormous civilian suffering around the globe.
Dozens of attempts to democratize nations in the last 50 years and all of them have been unmitigated disasters. Still, the USA continues along this path.
The US made a huge mistake early in its COVID crisis. In May, its death toll surpassed 100,000. Did it learn from this? No.
Today’s death toll is over 240,000 and climbing. The coronavirus is completely and utterly out of control. And the US refuses to lock down again. If this were China, the country would’ve locked down in a heartbeat.


The US political system has been failing for decades. The country is profoundly divided and effectively paralyzed. Its electoral process is corrupt beyond all imagining. Did it learn from this and make major political reforms? No. It continues along this dysfunctional path.
All countries make mistakes. The salient question is whether they learn from them and self-correct.


Yee Ernest
You are absolutely correct in your analysis of world nations and leaders today.
If they can understand and forgo their selfish ego, the nation's of the world will be better of.
Congratulations on what you have written.


Stone Chen
China today still has a lot of issues, but the western media insists on reporting non-existing ones like human rights. Of course, criticizing governmental bureaucracy doesn’t a sensations story made.


Tien T Lam
Agreed..No One and/or Any Nation would ever never making any mistake.. However, there is A BIG DIFFERENCE between MAKING MISTAKE INTENTIONALLY WITHOUT SINCERITY TO CORRECT THE MISTAKE and IMPROVE THE SITUATIONS versus MAKING MISTAKE WITH THE EARNEST EFFORT AT LATER TIMES TO CORRECT THE SITUATIONS FOR BETTERMENT OF THE FUTURE GENERATIONS and NATIONS OVERALL..Isn't there a well-known story in the West about the adulterous woman who was about to stone to death, and Jesus happened to passed by the crowds..What happened next??..Please ask those who know more about Bibles and Jesus lifestyle for the ending of this story..Perhaps, we all need to look at this story and learn from it, take advantage of our non-active quarantine times to contemplate within ourselves individually and nationally around the globes..We would have done sooooo much more GROWTH, BUILD, SHARE & EXCHANGE of KNOWLEDGE and WEALTH instead of Destroyed, Competing, Hoarding, Impediment of Peace, Happiness, Corrupt and CREATING CONFLICTS and HATRED among The FUTURE GENERATIONS of YOUTH'S around the WORLD..No child was born and has HATRED in his/her heart..It was all LEARN Behaviour and Being BRAINWASHED from the environment..Is it not so??

【回复】同意...没有人或任何国家永远不会犯任何错误。然而,故意犯错然后毫无诚意地去纠正错误和为了子孙后代和整个国家的福祉,事后认真努力去纠正错误是有很大区别的。在西方不是有一个很有名的故事吗?关于一个淫乱的女人正要被石头砸死,而耶稣刚好经过人群。接下来发生什么事情?请向那些了解圣经和耶稣行为方式的人询问这个故事的结局... 也许,我们都需要看看这个故事并从中学习,利用我们隔离空闲的时间,在全球范围内思考我们自己和国家。我们本可以实现更多的增长、建设、分享和交换知识和财富,而不是破坏、竞争、囤积、阻碍和平和幸福、腐败、在世界各地的下一代青年中制造冲突和仇恨。没有一个孩子生下来就心怀仇恨。这都是从环境中学习和被洗脑的...不是吗??

Mika Timonen
There is a also a difference in admitting to making a mistake, even unintentionally, and denying you ever did one.


Rashed Rahman
Well ,we don't know…


Lance Chambers Been involved in US politics since Kennedy assassination.
Asian Average IQ.
China will surpass those other Asian nations because they are so much larger and, as such, they have many many more brilliant mind at play.


Hua Liu
But I think it is inappropriate to use the IQ index for comparison.
For one thing, I think that any comparison of innate qualities is impolite.AND Including skin color, height, muscle.
On the other hand, this IQ test by itself does not prove anything.We always laugh at ourselves for being better at exams.


Lance Chambers
I couldn’t think of a better measure and if you can suggest one I would be very grateful.


Hua Liu
Well, first of all, I don't think the Chinese do every thing right. The Chinese have also made many mistakes. The history of thousands of years is a countless glorious history, and it is also a history of countless failures.
Second, I don't think that Chinese people are smarter than anyone. Of course, I don't think Chinese people are stupid than anyone. We do not need to make meaningless comparisons.
Third, if you want me to talk about the advantages that I think are unique to Chinese people.
I personally think that most people have a sense of historical mission and think that it is a shame to shirk responsibility to others. Perhaps you can discover the role of these two spiritual forces in all the progress of China.


Happy Fox
Premier Zhou studied for the rise of China. Most people can't do it now, but it's exciting


Ziwen Zhu
Indeed, IQ tests can only reflect the ability of mathematics and graphic logic, and the comprehensive power that affects a country is far more than that. Unless the IQ of this race can be significantly separated from other races, there is obviously no fundamental difference in the average human IQ.


Xie Wei
this is just nonsence, so far, mainland China only has one Nobel Prize winner in natural science. and the west has monopoly on original innovations. even Japan as developed country, has never been a original-innovative country.


Lance Chambers
Nobel prizes are the the literal BEST OF THE BEST. These are 1 in a billion or even 2 billion. These people don’t drive most progress they are generally theoreticians rather than being practitioners.
Asians have been driving science for a while now and when you have a population of 1.4 billion you have a heck of a lot of talent that can be used to help a nation progress faster than most others.


Xie Wei
Nobel Prize is NOT liberal best of the best. it needs to be supported by creative higher educational system, R&D system and loose social environment.
“Asians have been driving science for a while now” no, it is not fact. Asians have many implementations but not science. Mr Chambers, couldn't you tell the difference between science and technology, engineering?


Andrew Gunner
Being good at math and having high IQ doesn’t automatically make you a good innovator.


Shreyan Laha
China is doing everything right because their people are not into persistently contrarian viewpoints unlike democracies. Along with that, their work ethic is stupendous.
That study has numerous loopholes. That study measured IQ of Kyrgyzstan by not taking a single Kyrgyz person into account. It took the average of Iran and Turkey and estimated them. Didn't even take their neighbours China, Kazakhstan and others. After rejoinder from Nigeria, they increased their IQ from 70 to 84. No changes in IQ of South Asian nations over 20 years since the entire study never took GDP per capita into perspective.


Ziwen Zhu
IQ can be greatly improved through education, which is also related to economic level and nutrition. Fair and accurate data cannot be obtained in reality.


Samuel Lee
Don’t be so salty & jealous. I’m sure India can make top 10 and your govt do something right some day.


David Stobbart
I don't know about doing everything right. But one thing about china and its method of governing is that it adapts a lot more quickly than many western countries especially given the size of its population. It also seems to very capable of setting obxtives and achieving them.


Bruce Mah Retired at Canada Post
However, as a Chinese-Canadian I don’t see it that way. China certainly promotes goodwill and never report negative stories to make a profit whereas western countries need to make a profit from their news reports.
What’s the use of being negative? It certainly doesn’t promote goodwill or good feelings. China wants the best for their citizens and the citizens of the world. That’s why the Chinese promote multilateralism. Everyone gains.
To reiterate, China doesn’t do everything right, but it tries.


Ruby Tsao MA History, National Taiwan University, BA; University of Michigan, MA; Author of Book: JOURNEY TO CHINA
Confucian culture of education, family harmony, order in society and peace in the world contribute to the success of many Asian countries regardless of political systems. They don’t waste their time and energy on fighting. They are able to control COVID much better than the West because Asians cooperate with their government to wear masks…. They spend their time on education and hard work, on constructive and productive activities. Global companies set up shop to make use of the educated, hard-working labor force and to sell in the increasing middle class consumer market.


Peter Elliott B.Arch Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington - Architecture and Design (1997)
This question is a great commentary on east vs west perceptions of what China is doing. I guess the answer is that what China is doing is right by it’s region and it’s people. The west uses a different lens.

【回答】威灵顿维多利亚大学建筑与设计 建筑学学士(199年)

Jimmy Gomez lives in China (1985-present)
It's easy to do everything right. You only need to follow two simple principles:
First, be worthy of your own conscience;
second, don't influence others.
These two simple principles can never be understood by Western civilization.


Alice Yan former Researcher, Accountant, and Entrepreneur
They have learned from their mistakes, and adjusted their directions through a well- thought plan every five years.


Yew Yowboo
Nobody is perfect. As long as you are from Man you will 100% make mistake along the way.
Making mistakes is ok as long as you learnt from the mistakes and make it better along the way.


Santosh Krishna
They don’t . They just manage the media in other countries so well. And leftists of other countries are by nature loyal to China. So they take advantage of it it as well.China does NOT project its failures.


Alen Delic
Because of central planing where things happens because of hard work planing not by democratic wrong options of some citizens with no knowledge and rest


Panos Demos, former Retired at Global Energy Dynamics,President (2003-2020)
Because they are educated…..

【回答】全球能源动力公司前退休人员,总裁(2003 - 2020)

Cze Low, MD at Surgery Center
Good ,stable , honest government with 15 year plans. Meritocracy is paramount. Only the best people are in charge.


Ray Comeau Decades working in analyzing risk and plotting strategy
Resilience is the ability to withstand difficult situations and to eventually move on.
China’s survival for thousands of years, creates by its nature resilience in meeting all sorts of issues which over time is absorbed within the culture.
With respect to the CPC, the CPC was founded in 1921 and spent most of the next 30 in wars before succeeding to become the leader of modern China in 1949. Yet in 1949, China was a poor agrarian country of hundreds of millions of peasant farmers with a small percentage of intellectuals and men with an education.
In most measures, China and India were on par in 1950, except India had the benefit of taking over a government structure created by the Brits at the time its’ independence, while China had to create a new structure.
China decided a new model was needed and proceeded to create a new model unique to China. That model has been revised a number of times over the years.
The first constitution of modern China was issued in 1954, with a new constitution enacted in 1982 and between revisions and amendments to that constitution it has been altered 9 times already, the last being in 2018 to adjust to changing landscape.


Oon Ban Cheah
One of the important reason is that the China has adopted the five years plan for the country. By setting up the target and constantly monitor the progress China is able to correct course and right errors and make improvements. The whole leadership is focused on the five plan and making it a success.


Thomas Choi former Controller
I would say that CCP members are genuine, conscientious, smart with good hearts really want to provide Good Governance for their citizens. During the last few decades, they had leant from Crossing the rivers by feeling and touching the submersed stones, of course, coupled with contemporary scientific application and the resilient of Confucianism doctrines and Finally they have gained more than 95.5% of their citizens approval rate, what's an achievement! Thus, the more the global landscape changing, the better the challenge.


Henry Young former Bank Manager (1974-2008)
Why? The answer should clearly be that China cares about the people and strive to progress the country, to rejuvenate China.
They know how to manage change, know how to plan long, medium and short term, able to navigate thru difficulties and storms, ie high calibre, dedicated, hardworking, wise/prudent officers, leaders.
I dont think lack of above traits, characters, attitude would achieve the Correctness you mentioned in your question. There is no magic.