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文章原始标题:What are 10 things you think you'll never do?


Sawyer Smith
* Vape - Its pretty self explanatory because there are so many negative implications for your health. I know that some people say that it helps them get away from smoking addictions, but vaping has lead to an awful lot of teenagers smoking and I’d rather not get caught up in that.
* Run for President of the United States - Who knows? I could run in twenty years, but honestly the POTUS is a pretty stressful job and I’m not interested in going into politics in the first place.
* Die from a falling coconut - This might sound trivial, but that has been the cause of death from about 150 people. Now, given that over a hundred billion humans have lived so far on Earth, I’d say the odds of that happening to me are pretty slim.

* 电子烟。这是很明显的,因为对你的健康有太多的负面影响。我知道有些人说电子烟可以帮助他们远离吸烟成瘾,但是电子烟已经导致了很多青少年吸烟,我不想被卷入其中。
* 竞选美国总统。谁知道呢?我可以在20年内参选,但老实说,总统这个职位压力很大,我对从政一开始就不感兴趣。
* 死于掉落的椰子。这听起来可能不足挂齿,但这已经是大约150人死亡的原因了。现在,考虑到迄今为止已经有超过一千亿人类生活在地球上,我得说这种事情发生在我身上的可能性非常小。

* Win the lottery - Statistically my odds of doing this are pretty low. Especially when I’ve never bought a single ticket and don’t plan on it.
* Get a thousand followers on Quora - Everybody has thought about what it would be like. As of writing I have gotten a pretty good amount of views and upvotes, but haven’t even reached a hundred followers so the odds of this happening anytime soon is unlikely.
* Eat broccoli and enjoy it - I’ve always wondered if broccoli are mini-trees or if trees are giant broccoli, but then it hit me - it doesn’t matter since both taste bad in my mind. If you give me broccoli, I’ll probably eat it out of politeness, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be asking for seconds lol.

* 中彩票。从统计学上来说我中彩票的几率很低。特别是当我从来没有买过一张票,也没打算买的时候。
* 在QA上拥有一千名粉丝。每个人都想过这会是什么样子。在写这篇文章的时候,我已经得到了相当多的浏览和支持,但是还没有达到一百个粉丝,所以这种情况在短期内发生的可能性不大。
* 吃西兰花并享受它。我一直想知道西兰花是迷你树还是树是巨型西兰花,但我突然想到,这并不重要,因为它们在我心目中都很难吃。如果你给我西兰花,我可能会出于礼貌而吃,但这并不意味着我会要求再吃一次,哈哈。

* Cheat on somebody - Given that I’ve never had a girlfriend, this is the same situation as the lottery ticket… Anyway… I just wouldn’t do that. I’ve seen people torn apart by that kind of situation and I would much rather be open and talk about whatever problem might arise instead of completly destroying the friendship/relationship.
* Go skydiving - I get that some people think that it is fun, and thats okay. People can do whatever they want to do. Its their call, but skydiving doesn’t really seem like my style, you know?
* Go to space - I love spaceships and when I was a little kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. I know, I was so original, but even today, I feel like a little kid whenever I watch one of the SpaceX rockets launch. Unfortunately, the leading space tourism companies like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are planning charging about a quarter of a million dollars for a seat, so… haha, probably not.

* 劈腿某人。鉴于我从来没有过女朋友,这就像彩票一样... 无论如何... 我不会那么做。我见过人们被这种情况搞得四分五裂,我更愿意坦率地谈论可能出现的任何问题,而不是完全破坏友谊/关系。
* 去跳伞。我知道有些人认为跳伞很有趣,没关系。人们可以做任何他们想做的事。这是他们的决定,但是跳伞看起来不像我的风格,你知道吧?
* 进入太空。我喜欢宇宙飞船,当我还是个小孩子的时候,我想成为一名宇航员。我知道,我很奇怪,但即使是今天,每当我看到 SpaceX 的火箭发射,我还是觉得自己像个小孩子。不幸的是,像维珍银河公司和蓝色起源公司这样的领先太空旅游公司正计划一个座位收费25万美元,所以... 哈哈,大概不会实现了。

* I actually finished this! Wow, I can’t believe I just spent half an hour on this and it probably won’t get very many views either. All of these made sense, but I don’t want to back myself into a corner in the future. What if I actually go to space, or become President, or win the lottery? That’d be awesome! One thing that won’t happen though is me answering a longer version of this question.
To everyone reading - thanks and have a wonderful day!


James Hill worked at United States Navy (2009-2015)
* Draw social security. That's gonna be all gone by the time I'm old enough.
* Run for any political office. I wanna stay as far away from that cesspool of corruption as possible.
* Allow someone else to dictate how I live. The way I choose to live is my business.
* Stop practicing martial arts. I've been doing it for 24 years. I'll be damned if I give that up.
* Stop bettering my financial situation. It never hurts to have money. The more you have, the better off you are because the world runs in it. That money can't buy happiness thing is a cop out for people can't make money. Money won't buy it directly, but enough of it can buy a Ferrari. I guarantee that the guy driving out of the dealership in a brand new F8 is happy as hell. Shit I think lack of money is actually more likely to turn you into a hater because it's always the people without money getting envious and shit talking the people with money. Shit, I'm envious of them. The difference between me and a hater though is that I'm too busy actually working towards that to spend time hating on the people already there. I just wanna get my damn Enzo. I don't give a fuck that all those other people got em before me.

* 领取社会保险。等我老了,到那时那些都会消失。
* 竞选任何政治职位。我想尽可能远离那个腐败的污水坑。
* 让别人来决定我的生活方式。我选择的生活方式是我自己的事。
* 停止练习武术。我已经练习24年了。如果我放弃,我会被诅咒的。
* 停止改善我的经济状况。有钱没什么不好。你拥有的越多,你的生活就会越好,因为世界都在其中运转。“金钱买不到幸福”是那些赚不到钱的人的借口。钱虽然不能直接买到它,但足够买一辆法拉利了。我保证那个开着全新的F8从经销店开出来的家伙一定非常高兴。草,我认为缺钱实际上更有可能使你变成一个仇恨者,因为总是那些没钱的人会嫉妒,并且说那些有钱的人的坏话。靠,我真羡慕他们。我和一个仇恨者的区别在于,我太忙于实际工作而没有时间去仇恨那些已经到那程度的人。我只是想要拥有一辆他妈的法拉利恩佐。我才不在乎其他人比我先得到它们。

* Willingly allow someone else to take what's mine whether it's by force or scam. I'm not gonna tolerate people thinking I'm that dude they can just steal from. I work hard for what I have. I'll be damned if I'm gonna let someone else take it. It's bad enough that the government is taxing it and their ain't a damned thing I can do about it. I'm gonna use any means necessary, including deadly force, to protect what's mine.
* Stop enjoying video games. I've loved them for as long as I can remember and I'm not changing that anytime soon.
* I'll never kill myself. To me, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I cannot put my family through that.

* 心甘情愿地让别人抢走属于我的东西。不管是用武力还是诈骗。我不能容忍别人把我当作可以随便抢走东西的家伙。我为我所拥有的努力工作。我绝对不会让别人拿走。政府对此征税已经够糟糕了,我对此也无能为力。我会使用一切必要手段,包括致命武力,来保护我的东西。
* 停止玩电子游戏。从我有记忆以来,我就一直爱玩游戏,而且我不会很快改变这点。
* 我永远不会自杀。对我来说,自杀只是暂时问题的永久解决方案。我不能让我的家人承受这些痛苦。

* Get rid of any of my guns. I've shot since I was kid. I also haven't shot up any public places and I don't have any gun related shit on my criminal record. I'm not gonna be just sit here and let myself get punished for what someone else did. I'm also not gonna give up any of my civil rights to cater to someone else's sensibilities. My choice to own them, how many I have, and what I have is nobody's business but my own. If you don't like them and don't own any because of that, that's your business.
* Kiss anyone's ass. I got to where I am not by dickriding the right person but by letting my work speak for itself and not anyone else take credit for it. I never sugarcoat things. I'm always blunt, clear, brutally honest, and straight to the point. I do business that way because I value efficiency over someone else's feelings. I work to make money, not friends. I can make friends in my spare time. Because I'm like that, I've never once had the need to kiss any ass.

* 把我的枪都扔掉。我从小就用枪了。我也没有在任何公共场所开过枪,我的犯罪记录里也没有任何与枪支有关的东西。我不会干坐着让自己为别人做的事受到惩罚。我也不会为了迎合别人的情感而放弃任何公民权利。我选择拥有它们,我拥有多少,我拥有什么,这些都是我自己的事。如果你不喜欢它们,并且因此没有拥有它们,那是你自己的事。
* 拍任何人的马屁。我之所以能取得今天的成就,并不是因为我找到了合适的人,而是因为我让自己的工作为自己说话,而没有让任何人邀功。我从不粉饰任何事情。我总是直言不讳,言简意赅,极其诚实,直奔主题。我这样做生意,是因为我把效率看得比别人的感受更重要。我工作是为了赚钱,不是为了交朋友。我可以在业余时间交朋友。因为我就是这样的人,我从来没有拍过马屁的需要。

Audri Metz
* Smoke. My grandpa (mom’s dad) died from lung cancer when I was only a year old. Because of this I never got to meet him and I wish I could’ve. According to my mom he was a nice guy and was such a good singer that he could’ve became a famous country star but he didn’t pursue that.
* Drink. My family has this thing where we can get drunk and addicted faster than the average person. I think it’s called low alcohol tolerance or something like that. It’s also on both sides of my family so drinking is a definite no.
* Go into a career that I won’t like. I think going into a career that you don’t like is really stupid. If you don’t want to be a doctor than why are you doing it? I’m very passionate about music so even if I never become famous or make a lot of money from it, that’s what I’m going to pursue.

* 吸烟。我的外公在我一岁的时候死于肺癌。因为这个原因,我从来没有见过他,我希望我能见到他。据我妈妈说,他是一个很好的人,是一个很好的歌手,他本可以成为一个著名的乡村歌手,但他没有追求那个目标。
* 喝酒。我们家有这样一种情况,我们可以比一般人更快地喝醉和上瘾。我认为这叫做低酒精耐受性或者类似的东西。我们家都有,所以绝对不能喝酒。
* 从事我不喜欢的职业。我认为从事一份你不喜欢的工作是非常愚蠢的。如果你不想成为一名医生,那你为什么还要做呢?我对音乐充满热情,所以即使我从来没有出名或者从中赚很多钱,那也是我将要追求的。

* Get arrested. Police aren’t trained on how to handle an autistic person and I think if I were to be arrested they would think I was resisting arrest when I would actually be having a panic attack.
* Sex before marriage. I’m doing the whole abstinent thing mostly because I would like to avoid having a kid with someone I may not marry and also because I wouldn’t want to get an STD or something like that.
* Go to an Ivy League college. My family is what is described as lower middle class so there’s no way I’ll ever get to go. My parents can’t even afford to pay for one of us to go to college so I’m just going to have to work at a job while going to college.
* Have too many kids too fast. I actually want to have more than two kids but I would like to have some time between each kid. My mom had four kids in just six years and I don’t like being so close in age with my siblings. I would like to have anywhere from two–five years between each kid.

* 被逮捕。警察并没有接受过如何处理一个孤独症患者的训练,我想如果我被逮捕了,他们会认为我是在拒捕,而实际上我是恐慌发作。
* 婚前性行为。我之所以禁欲,主要是因为我不想和我可能不会结婚的人生孩子,也因为我不想染上性病或类似的疾病。
* 去常春藤大学。我的家庭就是所谓的中下阶层,所以我不可能去得了的。我父母甚至负担不起我们中任何一个人上大学的费用,所以我在上大学的同时还要工作。
* 过快生太多孩子。我实际上想要两个以上的孩子,但是我希望每个孩子之间有一些时间间隔。我妈妈在短短六年时间里生了四个孩子,我不喜欢和我的兄弟姐妹年龄这么接近。我希望每个孩子之间有两到五年的时间。

* Get a divorce. I know I can’t control how life turns out and I may have to get a divorce but I’m really hoping I won’t have to mainly due to the fact that I don’t want my kids to have to suffer through that. I’m planning on making sure that the person I marry is the right person before getting married.
* Force my religion on my kids. Just because I’m a Christian does not mean that I’m going to force my kids to also be Christians. I know that my religious beliefs will influence my kids beliefs but I want them to know that I will continue to love and support them no matter what religion they follow.
* Become homophobic. I honestly have no idea how I would even become homophobic. I’ve been questioning my sexuality and I think I may be bisexual so I don’t think homophobia is something I would even do.

* 离婚。我知道我无法控制生活的结果,在未来我可能不得不离婚,但我真的希望我不必离婚,主要是因为我不想让我的孩子们遭受这样的痛苦。我打算在结婚之前确保我的另一半是我的真命天子。
* 把我的宗教信仰强加给我的孩子。仅仅因为我是一个基督徒并不意味着我要强迫我的孩子也成为基督徒。我知道我的宗教信仰会影响我的孩子的信仰,但是我想让他们知道,无论他们信仰什么宗教,我都会继续爱他们,支持他们。
* 成为恐同者。老实说,我真的不知道我怎么样才会变成恐同者。我一直在质疑自己的性取向,我认为自己可能是双性恋,所以我不认为自己会恐同。

Elsa Kristian Born and grew up in Iceland.
* Live in a place that isn’t freezing cold and snowy and least part of the year. My sister and I are definitely winter people and love the feel of a cold wind on our faces. It doesn’t have to be really, really cold, like minus 50 degrees F. Someplace that gets down to 0 degrees F on occasion would be sufficient.
* Live somewhere without my sister. Perhaps another person or persons could live with us, but my sister and I could never stand being separated for very long.
* Live without a kitty in my life. I’m not quite a crazy cat lady yet, but I can see myself heading in that direction.
* Stop dancing We’ve been dancing ever since I can remember, and we’re not about to stop now. We don’t perform or do much ballet anymore, but dancing by ourselves is just fine. We don’t move as quickly, or jump as high, but still have a whole heap fun moving around.

* 生活在一个不会冷、不会下雪的地方,而且一年中至少有一段时间是这样的。我和姐姐绝对是喜欢冬天的人,喜欢寒风吹在脸上的感觉。但不一定要非常非常冷,比如零下50华氏度,偶尔降到零度就足够了。
* 离开我姐姐去别的地方生活。也许其他人可以和我们一起生活,但是我和姐姐不能忍受长时间的分离。
* 生活中没有猫咪。我还不是一个疯狂的爱猫女性,但我可以预见自己正朝着这个方向前进。
* 停止跳舞。从我记事起我们就一直在跳舞现在我们不会停止。我们不再表演或者跳很多芭蕾舞,但是我们自己跳就很好了。我们不会移动得那么快,也不会跳得那么高,但是移动仍然有很多乐趣。

* Stop playing music I enjoy listening to music, but actually playing it is even more fun. We have different instruments just kind of hanging our house, and it’s wonderful to spontaneously grab a harp or something and just starting playing. My sister will almost always grab an instrument and start playing along.
* Go into politics In Iceland we usually just laugh at politicians, but since moving to the United States I’m shocked at the absolute hypocrisy, distortion of the truth, and viperous rhetoric just dripping with hate, that emanates from both major parties. Our neighbor likes to call politicians weasels and snakes, but I think that would be a great disservice to the weasels and snakes of the world.

* 停止演奏音乐。我喜欢听音乐,但实际上演奏音乐更有趣。我们的房子上有不同的乐器挂着,自发地拿起一把竖琴或者其他什么东西,然后开始演奏,真是太棒了。我的姐姐几乎总是会抓起一件乐器开始一起演奏。
* 在冰岛从政。我们通常只是嘲笑政客,但自从搬到美国后,我对两个主要政党表现出的绝对虚伪、对真相的歪曲和充满仇恨的恶毒言辞感到震惊。我们的邻居喜欢把政客叫做黄鼠狼和蛇,但我认为这对世界上的黄鼠狼和蛇来说是极大的伤害。

* Stop eating yogurt I really believe I’m addicted to the stuff.
* Live far from the ocean I don’t think I could ever live some place where I couldn’t hear or smell the sea from my house.
* Have a pet tarantula If it ever got loose, I would have to sell the house and move to another country.
* Stop reading real books Computers are fine, but they can never replace how luxurious and sensual a real book feels in your hands. They even smell great and look snazzy in a bookcase.

* 停止吃酸奶。我真的相信我对酸奶上瘾了。
* 住在远离大海的地方。我不认为我能住在一个听不到海声,在家里闻不到海水味的地方。
* 养一只宠物狼蛛。如果它跑走了,我就不得不卖掉房子搬到另一个国家去。
* 停止阅读真正的书。电脑虽然很好,但它们永远无法取代你手中一本真书的奢华和感官享受。它们甚至闻起来很棒,放在书架上看起来也很时髦。

Shyanne Hilliard Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sociology at West Virginia University
* I will never take hard drugs. My dad, through his life choices, taught me the consequences of them.
* I will never fail to take responsibility for my actions, as doing so halters personal and professional growth. I will always admit when I am wrong and do all that I can to improve the situation.
* I will never stop learning. As the classic saying goes, the more you know, the more that you find that you don’t know. I am a life-long formal and informal learner, a proud consumer of knowledge.
* I will never jump into a river even though I live in beautiful, scenic West Virginia. I have an irrational fear of parasites, and for that matter, getting ticks in the woods.
* I will never fail to stick up for the little guy. I was born “the weird girl” and was constantly bullied. I advocate to end this cycle.

* 我永远不会吸毒,我爸爸通过他的人生选择,教会了我吸毒的后果。
* 我永远不会不对自己的行为负责,因为这样做会阻碍个人和职业的成长。当我犯错的时候,我总是会承认,并且尽我所能去改善这种情况。
* 我永远不会停止学习。正如经典谚语所说:你知道的越多,你不知道的就越多。我是一个终身的正式和非正式的学习者,一个自豪的知识消费者。
* 我永远不会跳进河里。即使我住在美丽、风景优美的西弗吉尼亚州。我对寄生虫有一种莫名的恐惧,还有,害怕森林里的蜱虫。
* 我永远不会不为小家伙挺身而出。我生来就是“怪女孩”,经常被人欺负。我会挺身而出结束这种循环。

* I will never be a professor. It’s a nice pipe dream, but the market seems very fierce for very few positions. If I had any, it would be a teaching position. Regardless, I plan to earn an educational doctorate and work in industry and/or the public school system.
* I will never value money over time. Life is short. Time is truly the most valuable resource we have.
* I will never be single again. I am lucky enough to have met the love of my life at a young 22-years-old. I am now an engaged 24-year-old and I can’t wait to see what life has ahead for us.
* I will never forget my roots. I plan to achieve big things one day- “My parents asked me what I wanted to be, now I think the answer is plain to see, I want to be famous…” one day, I may have fame and fortune, but at heart, I will always be a girl who grew up in rural Pennsylvania playing World of Warcraft.
* I will never fake who I am. At the end of the day, you can only authentically be yourself, and you owe it to yourself.

* 我永远不会成为教授。这是一个美好的白日梦,但市场似乎非常激烈,只有极少数的席位。如果我有的话,会是一个教书的职位。无论如何,我计划获得教育博士学位,并在工业和/或公立学校工作。
* 我永远不会随着时间而看重金钱。人生苦短。时间是我们拥有的最宝贵的资源。
* 我永远不会再单身了。我很幸运,在22岁的时候,遇到了我一生的挚爱。我现在24岁,已经订婚了,我迫不及待地想看看我们的生活会是怎样的。
* 我永远不会忘记我的根。我计划有一天成就一番大事业“我父母问我想成为什么样的人,现在我想答案显而易见,我想成为名人... ”有一天,我可能会名利双收,但在内心深处,我将永远是一个在宾夕法尼亚州乡村长大玩着魔兽世界游戏的女孩。
* 我永远不会伪装自己。在一天结束的时候,你只能做真实的自己,这是你该做的。

Mel Noonan
* Ill never do drugs. I watched my friends destroy their life chasing the high. Its not worth losing your family, your looks, your house, your dreams, and your future for a high that barely lasts a hour
* Turn religious-I told myself if I ever do it means my life went terribly wrong somewhere. I hope I never get to that loe point in life
* Hate myself for being white. I love myself, I love my skin. I am not a nazi nor a skinhead. I dont hate other races but I dont feel sorry for being white or owe anybody anything for being white
* Use a tan bed. I have moles to begin with and sunburn easily. I dont want to doom myself to cancer to look prettier
* Be a porn actress. No need to comment
* Wear a tampon unless necessary. I only used it once and that was when I was on my period in Hawaii. I was shark diving…cant bleed near sharks right?

* 我永远不会吸毒。我眼睁睁地看着我的朋友们为了追求高潮而毁了自己的生活。它不值得你为了一个仅仅持续一个小时的高潮而失去你的家庭,你的外表,你的房子,你的梦想和你的未来。
* 我永远不会变得虔诚。我告诉自己,如果我这么做了,就意味着我的生活在某个地方出了大问题。我希望我永远不会达到那种程度。
* 我永远不会恨自己是白人。我爱我自己,我爱我的皮肤。我不是纳粹,也不是光头党。我不讨厌其他种族,但我不会为自己是白人而感到遗憾,也不会为自己是白人而亏欠任何人。
* 我永远不会用日光浴床。我身上长痣,很容易晒伤。我不想为了看起来更漂亮而得癌症。
* 我永远不会做色情演员。无需多言。
* 除非有必要,我永远不会用卫生棉条。我只用过一次,那是我在夏威夷经期的时候。那时我在玩鲨鱼笼潜水... 不能在鲨鱼附近流血是吧?

Trish Destiny
* Eat Bugs : I'm serious. If you have been to the markets in several South East Asian countries like Vietnam and Cambodia , there are actually such things as deep fried tarantula and worms. I will never ever get any of those near my face.
* Get Drunk . Being a control freak. How could I possibly allow myself to lose my sobriety even if it's just for a while ? Even the mere thought of it gives me anxiety.
* Reveal Someone Else's Secret to Another Person Just for the sake of getting even. Even if someone turned me into a seething cauldron of anger , I would never reveal any particulars that they shared with me but wouldn't let anyone or someone specific to know. It's just something I would never do. Secrets are secrets, even if I'm not told to keep it. It's just something called common sense.

* 吃虫子:我是认真的。如果你去过一些东南亚国家的市场,比如越南和柬埔寨,实际上有油炸狼蛛和蠕虫。我永远不会让它们靠近我的脸。
* 酩酊大醉。作为一个控制狂。我怎么可能允许自己失去理智,即使只是一段时间?哪怕只是一想到它就让我焦虑不安。
* 为了报复,把别人的秘密告诉其他人。即使有人让我火冒三丈,我也绝不会透露他们告诉我的任何细节,也不会让任何人或某个特定的人知道。这是我永远不会做的事。秘密就是秘密,即使我没有被告知要保守秘密。这只是所谓的常识。

* Incorporate Corporal Punishment Toward My Children. I'd rather cut off their access to entertainment or help doing some home chores than physically hurting them.
* Insulting Someone or Their Beliefs.
* Stop Learning. Being a philomath costs you endless curiosity .
* Yell At People In The Public.

* 对孩子体罚。我宁愿切断他们的娱乐或让他们帮助做一些家务,也不愿意伤害他们的身体。
* 侮辱某人或他们的信仰。
* 停止学习。成为一个博学的人需要你无尽的好奇心。
* 在公众场合大喊大叫。