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文章原始标题:What is the one thing you dislike most about living in the USA?


Willie Zhang Lives in the U.S.
While I will defend the US from unfair criticism, I do share a lot of criticism of this country with Europeans and our northern neighbor. Here is some stuff I find irksome.
* High homeless population. At any given moment, there are 600,000 homeless sleeping in the streets. There are currently 1.5 million living in shelters. 5 million are qualified for shelters. Downtown San Francisco literally has thousands of homeless living there. There are human feces and needles. There are more empty houses than homeless.
* High prison population. Currently, the US has 2.3 million prisoners. Each prisoner cost taxpayers $ 40 k. Once you get arrested, it sticks with you forever. Employers won't give you chances after you get out. Ex-convicts usually go back to doing shady things. I know because I have relatives in that situation. I am for punishing criminals. However, there are more humane and cost-efficient ways to do so than what we are currently doing.

* 大量的无家可归人口。在任何时候,都有60万无家可归的人露宿街头。目前有150万人生活在收容所里。500万人有资格申请收容所。旧金山市中心确实有成千上万的无家可归者居住在那里。还有人类粪便和针头。空房子比无家可归的人还多。
* 大量的囚犯。目前,美国有230万囚犯。每个囚犯都要花掉纳税人4万美元。一旦你被捕,罪名将永远伴随着你。你离职后,雇主不会给你机会。有前科的人通常又回去做见不得人的事。我知道,是因为我有亲戚处于那种情况下。我赞成惩罚罪犯。然而,比起我们目前正在做的事情,有更加人性化和更具成本效益的方法来做到。

* High gang population. I heard there are around 2 million gang members across the country. I went to school with gangsters bringing weapons and violence to school. Many of them went to jail and are deadbeats as adults.
* Bad public schools. 15% of American adults are illiterate or reads at an elementary school level. 25% of Americans can't do basic math. Based on my interaction with adults, I think these numbers are accurate. US is ranked 25th in science, 34th in mathematics, and 25 in English. I can testify because about 30% of my high school dropout.
* A lot of police officers are jerks. I drove 10mph above the speed limit and there were no cars in front of me. The officer pulled me over and gave me a ticket for $ 300. I challenged him and told him that he is doing it just to collect money for the city. He does not care.

* 大量黑帮成员。我听说全国大约有两百万黑帮成员。我上学的时候,身边都是携带武器和暴力的歹徒。他们中的许多人进了监狱,成年后成了游手好闲的人。
* 糟糕的公立学校。15%的美国成年人是文盲或者只有小学水平的阅读能力。25%的美国人连基本的数学都不会。根据我与成年人的交流,我认为这些数字是准确的。美国科学排名第25,数学排名第34,英语排名第25。我可以作证,因为我的高中大约有30%的辍学生。
* 很多警察都是混蛋。我以每小时10英里的速度超速行驶,前面一辆汽车也没有。警察让我靠边停车,给了我一张300美元的罚单。我向他提出质疑,告诉他这样做只是为了给市里筹钱。他不在乎。

* Lots of religious hypocrisy. There are lots of Churches across the country. Those churches are full of divorcees, drugs, sex scandals, wifebeaters, embezzlement and etc.
* Lots of low wage workers. 50% of adults earn less than $ 15/hr. Many Americans can't even pay a tire repair.
* Being poor is expensive. If you are working a “normal" job, your employer would cover your healthcare, dental, and visual care. They may even offer you a 401k. If you are working as a fast food worker, you will pay those expenses out of pocket. Getting a $300.00 ticket is not that important to me. I can easily pay it off. That ticket can be devastating to a poor family. That ticket can easily turn to $ 1,000.00 if it's not paid on time.

* 大量的宗教伪善者。全国各地有很多教堂。那些教堂里充满了离婚者、毒品、性丑闻、虐待妻子、挪用公款等等。
* 大量低收入工人。50%的成年人每小时收入低于15美元。许多美国人甚至连轮胎修理费都付不起。
* 贫穷的代价高昂。如果你从事的是一份“正常”的工作,你的雇主会为你提供医疗保险、牙科和视力护理费用。他们甚至可能会给你一份401K计划。如果你是一名快餐店员工,你将自己支付这些费用。一张300美元的罚单对我来说并不重要。我很容易就能还清。对于一个贫穷的家庭来说,这张罚单可能是毁灭性的。如果没有按时付款,那张罚单可以很轻易地变成1000美元。

* Both Republicans and Democrats don't care. Politicians from both parties take a lot of taxes from ordinary Americans and give it to the military, corporate subsidies, and their own pocket.
* The lies told to children. The government, education institutions, and corporations sell million of children a lie about college. They say that once you graduate, you can make a lot of money. You can change the world. What ends up happening is they give an 18-year-old kid a 50 k nondischargeable loan. That loan also has a 7 % interest rate. That kid ends up enslaved for the next decade or two of his life. He will be working just to pay taxes, car loans, student loans, rent and etc. Forget about marriage, children, homeownership, and retirement.
There are a lot more cons that I have not listed. There are also many pros and positive things about America. That is not what this question is asking.

* 共和党人和民主党人都不在乎。两党的政治家们都从普通美国人那里收取了大量的税收,然后交给军队、企业补贴和他们自己的口袋。
* 对孩子说的谎言。政府、教育机构和企业向数百万儿童兜售关于大学的谎言。他们说一旦你毕业了,你可以赚很多钱。你可以改变世界。结果就是他们给了一个18岁的孩子,一笔5万美元的无法偿还的贷款。那笔贷款还有7%的利率。那个孩子最终在接下来的十年或二十年里沦为奴隶。他工作仅仅只是为了交税,汽车贷款,学生贷款,房租等等。忘掉婚姻、孩子、房子和退休吧。

Rod Jo
Lived for 11 years in Asia and Europe. I really felt the shock after returning to the US. A pervasive shadiness, and open arrogance. Of course the US has pros but they do not assault the senses like the negatives. Actually, after living in Germany one day and then driving in Dallas, Texas the next, the main feeling I got was that the place felt and looked like something from a Mad Max film.


Greg Brecht Writer, Floridian, Liberal,
I’ve never lived outside the US, so I have no basis for comparison. I’ll take the question to mean what I most dislike about life here.
What I hate is how polarized the country has become. The issues that most polarize us are guns, abortion, LGBTQ rights and Donald Trump.
Gun rights advocates sometimes seem to think that Democrats want to seize guns in order to impose socialism by force. Gun control advocates sometimes seem to see gun advocates as racists who profit from suicide and murder.
People favoring LGBTQ rights often assume that religious opposition is an attempt to impose Christian sharia law. People opposing those rights often assume that there is a plot to sodomize America’s children and destroy the church.

我讨厌的是这个国家已经变得非常两极分化。最让我们两极分化的问题是枪支、堕胎、 同性恋权利和唐纳德·特朗普。

Matthew Bates Teacher (2009-present)
Often, it seems like all anyone does is complain about the US. Nothing the United States does will ever please some people, and those people are really obnoxiously vocal about it.
Ask a foreigner what they think of the US, and see how quickly they come up with a criticism. Ask half of the citizens of the US the same thing, and you’ll get the same response. It’s actually very refreshing when someone doesn’t have an opinion about the US, and even more refreshing when they have a positive opinion about the US.
Sometimes I just want to scream: “Say something nice! Just once! Try it. Say one nice thing about the United States. Mix it up a bit. Five criticisms, one nice thing, five more criticisms.”


Actually, that’s the same reaction I have to my children when they’re being extra critical. They want something to drink. No, not that. Ok, that, but in a different cup. No, not that cup. How come my brother has more in his cup? I want ice in mine. How come he has more ice. Etc…
Eventually, I just put the drink down and walk away. They can take it or leave it, but I’m done with them for awhile.
That’s how I, like many Americans now, deal with criticism of the US… We just ignore it for the sake of our own sanity.

这就是我,就像现在的许多美国人一样,处理对美国的批评的方式... 我们只是为了自己的理智而忽略它。

Christopher Sudlik studied at University of Missouri-St. Louis
I love my country deeply, but it is not the youthful love of believing nothing but good about each other. No, I love America like an old married couple who have seen there share of trials, tribulations, and devastating blows to that relationship but rode through it anyways.
I hate that the FBI is corrupt and targets protest groups while ignoring bona fide criminal activity that actually causes people harm.
I hate that there are so few jobs that pay so little, that our wages are so strongly suppressed, that we allow currency manipulation to rob our nation of industry.
I hate that education and healthcare are so expensive and difficult to get unless you are in the upper class.