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文章原始标题:Boeing wants US to separate China human rights and trade

内容简介:与此同时,拜登政府暗示不会解除特朗普政府对中国的制裁。波音担心制裁可能会影响其在中国开展业务的能力。RT 娜塔莎·斯韦特 报道。

Boeing is urging the US to separate human rights issues from trade.
This comes as the Biden administration hinted it will not lift sanctions on China put in place by the Trump administration. Boeing fears the sanctions could impact their ability to do business in the country. RT America's Natasha Sweatte reports.

与此同时,拜登政府暗示不会解除特朗普政府对中国的制裁。波音担心制裁可能会影响其在中国开展业务的能力。RT 娜塔莎·斯韦特 报道。

While Biden pretends to worry about Muslims living in Xinjiang, China will buy plenty of Airbus airplanes. - UP: 166


Richard Reid
that is what you get for spreading lies to try to get into Chinese markets so suffer the consequences - UP: 8


Albert Wee
Any person with some intelligence knows these allegations against China is part of the US playbook to maintain its world hegemony. The US coerced and threatens govts and allies if they don’t fall in line and support the US agenda and narrative. China rise has truly exposed the ugliness of the imperialist US and how low they would go to suppress anyone when their superiority is in question. - UP: 201


Bruno Lamberti
Ye! USA by loosing its Imperialistic ground is getting hysterical towads China and Russia. 🤣 - UP: 4


Animal Farm
You know US propaganda about China and Russia is just a scam; I know US propaganda about China and Russia is just a scam; most people whose IQ is larger than their shoe size know the US propaganda about China and Russia is just a scam. But the US Empire and its War Machine have bankrupted the US and now they have no other option but to pretend and extend as they attempt to distract from their crimes. The only option that remains to these grifters is to keep running the scam and hope there are enough rubes still gullible enough to believe it. - UP: 7


Backpack PePelon
Its iraq wmd again. - UP: 3


Any body with half a brain should know that USA does not give a shit about Chinese let alone Muslim Chinese lmao - UP: 5


China will build their own planes, they will be better and sell them across the planet at half the price, US companies will also buy them. - UP: 107


Thomas Chua
Maybe not at half the price. - UP: 2


Phil 488 Pista
Human Rights? 😆 if we are using the same standards for everyone, the west won't pass either! So, it is just some political b$! - UP: 83


Thongsouk Sengchansavang
US had no human right so don't even talk about it with other countries. Shame on US. - UP: 68


Andreas Hauschild
History has shown again and again that sanctions do not work on china. All they do is force them to use other countries products while they build their own technology up to par. - UP: 35


Ronnie Chew
It helps China be self reliant to create their own tech and it will make those foreign suppliers lose a bunch of money and money talks - UP: 1


Not very effective against Russia either. They have learnt how to live with sanctions since the end of WW2. - UP: 1


Here's a simple lesson for the U.S elite. When you shut China out, China has the rest of the world to trade with and the more that is allowed to happen the less relevant the U.S becomes to China. - UP: 55


Richard Reid
China won long ago from the time the USA wanted China to build their product from 1945 - UP: 3


sin Mc
human rights is a tool developed countries (anglo) used to beat down and undermined developing countries (non anglo). It is nice when anglo was doing it and continue to do it nobody is there to criticize them. - UP: 47


Commentator Tea
Even without this trade war, Boeing's quality have dropped significantly, Max 8 and the most recent 777 issues have urged other countries to rethink this company. - UP: 8

即使没有这场贸易战,波音的质量也大幅下降了,MAX 8和最近的777问题,已经促使其他国家重新考虑这家公司。