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文章原始标题:Is China a "paper dragon"?


Zhao Dashuai lived in China
The last croak of the China collapse theorists.
The article is based around the arguments presented in the book called “Unrivaled” a self gloating American exceptionalism fluff piece.
This is just one of many typical China collapse theorist. Their talking points range from coming up with a conclusion first, then use their distorted and ignorant view of the Chinese system to confirm their own conclusion. It’s basically drawing the target around the arrow.
They are also using borderline racist arguments such as “Chinese can’t be creative” for anything they cannot immediately refute, such as Chinese population is clearly becoming better educated not just compared to China itself, but also compared to a lot of highly developed countries.
At the end of the day, it’s just another American exceptionalism fluff piece, written for a quick buck.


Liu Lisong lives in China
It is better to say that this article is very helpful to us. Although almost all the data it enumerates are false, exaggerated or lack credible sources.
The quality of China's GDP is indeed not high enough. A large number of low-end manufacturing industries account for a relatively high proportion. However, the author claims that American workers have more robots to help production, so American workers are more efficient, but this is obviously a wrong conclusion. Because there are still a lot of jobs that must be produced manually by skilled workers, and in the field of robotics, such as the textile industry, China has long been the most advanced and powerful country. When the manual textile industry was transferred to Vietnam and Bangladesh, printing and dyeing factories in Zhejiang, China were purchasing and upgrading automated textile machines in large quantities, which were 20 times more efficient than manual production.


If the author's conclusion is correct, then the more efficient world manufacturing center should still be the United States. but it is not the truth.
The author also cited other disadvantages of China. For example, he believes that China's private companies have insufficient R&D investment and that the scientific research capabilities of universities are not strong enough. Although the author obviously does not understand the leading role of state-owned enterprises in the Chinese economy, his evaluation is still valuable. The accusations from the enemy will help us to improve.
However, the mentality changes shown in this article are very interesting. Yesterday, when Reuters reported on the G7 foreign ministers meeting, the headline was: The West is not over yet. Some time ago, when Biden called for "the unity of the Liberty Alliance", he declared that he wanted to prove that "democracy still works." But in fact, if God is truly omnipotent, then you have no need to prove that God exists.


In fact, Western political elites like Biden are still trying to monopolize the interpretation of the "Bible", that is, "democracy and freedom." They are like the Holy See before the theocratic rule was overthrown by the civilian priests. Democracy is not equal to Western vote politics. It is still effective. For example, in China, democracy works very well.
Devout religious believers should not prove the existence of God to us atheists through logic or scientific methods. Once they did this, they fell into a predicament predetermined by scientific logic. The West today is very different from the West that arbitrarily tried to build a "Middle Eastern democratic world" twenty years ago. The most devout believers seem to have begun to shake their faith in God.


I have always maintained that the Western world’s belief in so-called "democracy and freedom" is not based on any facts or logic, but on the Christian doctrine after the Reformation. "Justification by faith" is the source of their psychological defense. The obsession with this political concept is simply because they have to believe in some false illusions. To pierce this illusion, you need not to persuade them, but to learn how to say "F*ck you" , with a language they can understand.
Whether or not they believe that China is a paper dragon is their topic. China does not need to follow its topic setting, because there will be more and more articles about injecting faith into Americans by explaining the "Bible" like this. Reading their articles, finding the valuable parts of them, and using them to improve China is what the Chinese should do.

我一直认为,西方世界所谓的“民主和自由”的信仰不是基于任何事实或逻辑,而是基于宗教改革后的基督教教义。“因信称义”是他们心理防御的源泉。对这一政治概念的痴迷仅仅是因为他们不得不相信一些错误的幻想。要戳穿这种错觉,你不需要去说服他们,而是要学会用他们能理解的语言问候他们“Fuck you(操你妈)”。