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文章原始标题:China’s Mars rover feat took NASA decades

内容简介:5月15日,中国的祝融号火星车成功着陆火星,使中国成为第三个成功着陆火星车的国家。 更令人印象深刻的是,中国是第一个同时在火星上进行绕轨道、着陆和漫游任务的国家。 行星科学家罗伯托 · 奥罗塞告

China’s Zhurong rover landed safely on Mars on May 15, making China only the third country to successfully land a rover on the red planet.
More impressively still, China is the first Mars-going nation to carry out an orbiting, landing and rovering operation as its first mission.
Planetary scientist Roberto Orosei told Nature China is “doing in a single go what NASA took decades to do,” while astrophysicist Jonathon McDowell described China’s decision to include a rover in its maiden Mars outing as a “very gutsy move.”
This year of activity has solidified China’s powerful presence in space, and we are only seeing the beginning of its ambitious future. By 2045, China hopes to become a leading space power, as outlined in the 2018 Aerospace Science and Technology Corporations route map.

行星科学家罗伯托 · 奥罗塞告诉《自然》杂志,中国“一次性完成美国NASA花费数十年才完成的任务”,而天体物理学家乔纳森 · 麦克道尔形容中国决定将火星车纳入其首次火星之旅是“非常勇敢的举动”。

Tai Hai Chen
After the crappy Russian rocket carrying China's first Mars probe blew up, China speeded up Mars mission with an orbiter, lander, rover 3 in 1 mission. Instead of sending orbiter then lander then rover like China's moon mission, it was done in 1 go. All thanks to the Russians wasting Chinese people's time.


It's not russia's fault china couldn't have built it back then by themselves.


Tai Hai Chen
China didn't have the rocket back in 2011 to get to Mars. To go to Mars you need a heavy lift rocket. Long March 3 is not a heavy lift rocket.


Nan Yang
Comrade Tai, let's not go there. That failure was heartbreaking for everybody.


Tai Hai Chen
Yes. Heartbreaking. Show you how bad Russian tech is after cold war. Now Russia can't even make it in top 10 in terms of consumer electronics.


Stop your nonsense. They are underfund and will achieve more if money is provided.


Surya 1
A great chest thumbing after becoming third country of Asia after UAE to reach Mars. Now Chinese say that they are ahead of US.


Why did you avoid talking about China being first asian and 2nd country in the world to land successfully of Mars lander and rover?
Tell me, what is India ahead of China space technology? Zero
At least this is not chest thumping but real facts


Tauren Paladin
In those 7 years India has made no progress with their Mars missions. Now, China is way further ahead of India with their Mars rover landing. Currently, India is nowhere close to landing a rover on Mars.


Of course NASA did, how do you think the Chinese found out about Martian atmosphere, atmospheric composition, geology and tons of information NASA shared online.Do you really think the Chinese could have landed the rover on Mars without this data?


Wow so NASA is a charity organization and work for Chinese
Thank you NASA for sharing Technology to do 3 Mission (Orbiting, Landing, and Roving) in one go Even NASA cannot do it.


Lol.. it is our good friend ESA and Russian space agency who share with Chinese such information plus a lot of other open sources info that can be found online.

哈哈... 正是我们的好朋友欧洲航天局和俄罗斯航天局和中国分享了这些信息,还有许多其他可以在网上找到的开源信息才能成功的。

Tai Hai Chen
China had world class space program during Singh era. In Modi era after India joined quad the condition was India had to give up space program because Americans don't like others having space program. That's why India don't have moon rover and Mars rover after India had moon orbiter and Mars orbiter.


Han Patriot
Hahahah there is alot of false flagging Indians in here.


too shamed to show their supa powa flag


Han Patriot
But India definitely owe their existence to the UK. Lol. World class coz they bought everything and assembled it, solar panels, controllers, lithium batteries and titanium. Sponges, all imported, just like their vaccine proteins


Sourgraped loser. I am still waiting for India Mars rover to land like Vikram on Mars.
Is the fact, China space technology thousand miles ahead of India , a bitter pill difficult to swallow?
India is just a small fry compare to China, carry on this tag until you launched your own space station and successful landed on Mars. In the meantime, Indian can only continue masturbate on youtube comment to self comfort and deluded themselves of ahead China in space technology.
Look at the youtube comment of daydreaming India and see who is real bragging king.
ISRO Would be the frist
I can say ISRO can be ahead of NASA but it can't be ahead of SpaceX which is the future's leading space agency it's private company which rank 5th on top 10 space agency of (private + Government) companies
I think ISRO is better than CNSA in 2025
ISRO should've been the second. We did more missions successfully than China with such a low budget.
Everybody can see the delude mentality of Indian. No wonder , India is a failed nation.


It is US that move so slow that can be catched up by China.
US was the first starting space exploration far earlier than China, and US has much more resources than the poor China even than Europe and Russia, and now China has surpass Europe and Russia and catch up with US.


Hamartia Antidote
LOL! How are we slow compared to China?Far earlier? We only started launching satellites 12 years before China.
Since then:
We have sent probes to EVERY planet (some are still working like the Jupiter one).
A probe orbiting around the Sun.
A probe is on its way back from collecting samples from an asteroid.
Probes outside the solar system.
We have had 12 men walk on the moon, with some of them driving on it. They brought back 383 Kilograms of moon samples.
We sent a 75+ ton space station into orbit with a single launch.
We helped build a second Space Station.
We have had people continuously in orbit in the ISS since November of 2000...that's over 20 years.
We have had 5 spaceship designs (including an 8 person capacity space plane) send over 500 people into orbit.
We have reusable rockets.
We have the most powerful active rocket in the world.
We have two day/night nuclear powered rovers driving on Mars right now AND a helicopter.
Mars isn't the only place we have concentrated resources.

哈哈!和中国相比,我们(美国)怎么慢了?更早? 我们比中国早12年才开始发射卫星。
自2000年11月以来,我们一直有宇航员在国际空间站的轨道上... 那已经超过20年了。

mike2000 is back
Chill dude. Everybody knows the US is the world's sole superpower even today, and has been a developed industrialised advanced country for over a century now. It competed with the Soviet Union in the space race and came out on top. Even the feat you guys accomplished those years is still a major feat even today, was also due to the huge amounts you guys spent in space and what that entailed.
The US is still a world leader in space and in almost every other major/critical industry one can think of. It's common knowledge. So you don't need to naming all US accomplishments on here. The US has been an established industrial developed world superpower for a while now, so don't need to prove much anymore.
By contrast China is just now rising coming from a very poor troubled background/history this past century. They are still a rising power and a developing country as such it's normal that they will feel more pride in every achievement they accomplish than an established developed power like the US who has been in this game for almost century now. So it's expected from the Chinese to behave this way and to be more proud of this, we shouldn't take that from that. What they are achieving is commendable and to be lauded as such. So you don't have to bump in all the time and feel the need to challenge them or try to belittle their achievement by comparing it to that of the US all the time(since you know they will fall short from that) just to make you feel better. It serves no purpose. So it's normal they should feel proud of making such achievements judging from how far they have come and the fact that it's something new to them compared to the U.S.
It's like for example: Do you think it will seem more impressive to others or people will talk more about China launching a communication satellite to space today than say Iran managing to launch even a micro satellite today? Which one do you think their public will feel more prideful/talk about more? China or Iran?
I'm just taking an example to put things in perspective. Same way if India manages to successfully launch a mon rover to Mars say in 20 years from now, do you think they won't feel more prideful/celebrate more than China doing even more than that on Mars during period? Of course they will be more happy/celebrate more, since it will be something new for them, while the Chinese would by then be more used to that or they will celebrate it more casually having done that a few times before. That's human nature. So give the Chinese their credit and leave it at that. No point in always comparing with them, ignore some Nationalistic members here who might get a little too proud and get overboard, but then again it's normal they have achieved something significant and they are still a developing country. So it's still quite impressive. Can overlook the over reaction for that.


Sadly China doesn't bring out original things anymore


Who would have think of making toy drone into an unmanned passenger electric vehicle? The world first legal passenger unmanned vehicle by the Chinese. From idea Into reality.


Han Patriot
I beg to differ, does quantum tech ring a bell? 5G tech? The world most powerful magnet? Light source?

恕我不敢苟同,量子技术你是否有印象?5G技术呢?世界上磁性最强的磁铁? 光源?

US is not slow compared to EU and Russia, but slow compared to China.
If US was not slow, with earlier start about 12 years, and much more resource, the Gap with China is supposed to be much more than 12 years by NOW. But the fact most of the space technological already/almost catched up by China now.


Tai Hai Chen
Nuclear powered rover is hardly new technology. China had it in the early 2010s.
China's first moon rover to run on nuclear power- Technology News, Firstpost
The nuclear power system will make China the third country apart from the United States and Russia to be able to apply nuclear technology to space exploration.
China has rovers on the moon and Mars. US does not. Fact.
Also, Zhurong has vastly superior radar than any American rover. I quote:
Perhaps most intriguing is that Zhurong has a ground-penetrating radar that will let it peer into activity and structures underground 100 meters deep—10 times further than Perseverance’s radar.


Sorry, all your BS can't change the fact, US perseverance mission need Russian RD-180 engines.
China is not like US. Tianwen-1 Mars mission used domestic YF-100 engines and no major components are foreign or need to beg or pay exorbitant money to others.
As I say, make sure your next mars mission used American engine before come back this thread and talk to me.

中国不像美国。天问一号火星任务使用的是国产 YF-100发动机,没有主要零部件是国外的,也不需要向他人乞求或支付过高的费用。

mike2000 is back
Wrong, China did cooperate with European countries on this mission its not like you did everything completely alone . Moreover, I see nothing wrong in this, space should be an intentional collaborative issue. There is no issue in cooperation in space projects, many countries do this including the US/EU,Russia etc . It actually builds trust and cooperation.


I didn't say no cooperation for this mission but ESA help is ineligible. It is just to increase mission profile. CNSA could still have achieved the feat without ESA.


you see those four logos on Tainwen 1. Those belong to the European Space Agency. Without their support Zhurong would not be possible.


Lol... Sorry for your loser comment. Just becos ESA logo is there doesn't mean they provide any meaningful equipment for mission.
China space program aim is to go international and isolate american and help the world. Of cos with prominent space agency joining is good for image.

哈哈... 为你的失败者言论感到抱歉。仅仅因为欧洲宇航局的标志存在,并不意味着他们为任务提供了任何有意义的设备。

France contributed a spectrometer on Zhurong thus they get credit. But the spectrometer is not irreplaceable.


But it didn't change the fact, US perseverance mission can't be achieved without Russian RD-180 engines.


Wrong as usual, if you make a big deal about the American use of Russian RD180 then the below is actually more embarrassing for the Chinese.
Austrian Academy of Sciences contributed flight telemetry instruments and software for the rover landing. Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie in France contributed a Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy instrument on the Tianwen 1 rover. CNES, provided guidance to their Chinese counterparts on the spectroscopy technique, which uses a laser to zap a pinhead-size portion of a rock, and a spectrometer to analyze the light given off by plasma generated by the laser’s interaction with the rock’s surface. The technique allows an instrument to determine the chemical make-up of rocks on Mars.


LOL such overdramatization over a little collaboration.
Meanhwile,Austria contributed in main camera on the Nasa's mars rover, Mastcam-Z ,used for flight calibration.
Denmark's Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Physics, and Geophysics provided the permanent magnet arrays for the Athena Payload on NASA’s rover
The optical and electronic elements at the top of its mast of the five instruments ,make up SuperCam,contributed by France.
Spain contributed in the Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer is known as MEDA. It makes weather measurements including wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity, and also measures the amount and size of dust particles in the Martian atmosphere.
The Radar Imager for Perseverance known as RIMFAX,is contributed by Norway.
NASA's sky crane tech used in rover landing was developed with Germany,France contribution.
Italy built the micro-reflector which gives an accurate location of the Rover Perseverance.The apparatus connects with the satellites that orbit around Mars.
Netherlands contributed in parachuting tech used in the rover for landing which involved slowing the 1,025-kg-spacecraft from 1,235 km/h to just 320 km/h. It did this within approximately two minutes.
Australia contributed on PIXL of the rover ;the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have built software to fast process the data as it comes down from Mars.
These are just some of the key instruments;navigation and guidance also involves contribution by a plethora of nations.
Whatever contribution CNSA is getting is Peebles compared to that amassed by NASA.


Tai Hai Chen
Zhurong is world's first rover equipped with magnetometer. The amount of tech that went into building Zhurong is insane. Early Mars rovers like Pathfinder and Spirit are crude compared to Zhurong.


That's it, Chinese pioneering their own way to Mars and they achieve it in their first mission.
That's the aspect, where many space analyst think China far ahead compared to NASA, their speed.


More like your following in the footsteps of NASA. They haven’t achieved anything of note that NASA hasn’t already achieved. Mars is routine for NASA.


Let me know when China has achieved something of note in space


China achieved the mars feat completely with its own capabilities unlike some who still need to buy Russian RD-180 engines.


Tai Hai Chen
As Newton once said. I see far because I stand on the shoulders of giants. Chinese acknowledge other's achievements and contributions to humanity.


Indian trolls are fuming that China has beaten India at EVERYTHING. I love it.


Indeed, they are very sad India space has nothing worth compare to CNSA.
It will be 100 years later before India landed their first Mars rover successfully.


Tai Hai Chen
Tianwen 1 is only the beginning. Tianwen 2 will be launched by Long March 9 before 2030 for humanity's first sample return from another planet.


yes pioneering work takes longer..followers have it easy.
this is known

是的,开拓性的工作需要更长的时间... 而效仿者可以很轻松实现。

NASA never share their data from Mars mission to China.
That's Chinese Scientist Ability to pioneering their own way to Mars.


NASA has been to every planet in the Solar System while China just reached its 1st.


An that’s what I’ve been saying this whole time. NASA leads the way, while China follows. It’s easy to follow others work.


Tai Hai Chen
Not all countries can follow. Russia can't follow America and put a rover on Mars. Europe can't do it. Japan can't do it. You have to have very strong technological base to put rover on Mars.


Tianwen No.1 plagiarizes American technology? Where does China's space technology come from
I think last few sentence by the author is absolutely correct. Chinese shall be proud of Tianwen-1 achievement and those telling Chinese to act humble and no need to feel proud of this mission , are just slayer trying to derail China space progress! The scientist behind all these mission need our recognition of their effort and praising of them to motivate them to do more!


Great Janjua
I don't care who was first or last. Space exploration should be encouraged be it done by your enemies


Btw, China is a pretty big topic in today's America, you don't need to question them on why they discuss Chinese military in a Pakistan defence forum.
Actually PDF is probably the most active English-language defense-related BBS in the world (if you know somewhere even better, do let me know), there are certainly more than my interests in Pakistan's national defense to make me come to PDF.
And back to the topic:
Unlike Soviet Union and the last cold war, China has not shown much interests in building national pride through space competitions, they do rather focused on economy development.
Thats why China's space related work are at low budge level, but thanks to their talents, space program are pretty efficient and on-target.
But as a man who like space exploration, actually I am really disappointed, just image a great power competition with today's technology: we could have had sent rovers to Titan or robot submarine to the deep sea of Enceladus. Universe is such a exciting topic, there are so many unexplainable and grand sight in the space to the degree I somewhat regret that I was born too earily.


China seems to have approve Mars sample return. LM 9 rocket is already start assembling. A exciting times lie ahead.

中国似乎已经批准了火星样品返回的计划。 长征9号火箭已经开始组装。激动人心的时刻即将到来。

Has it been officially determined that the next Mars mission is a sample return mission?


No but the long march 9 must be up first. All lack will be long March 9, the most crucial part for LM9 which is the engine of 500tons is already ready.