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文章原始标题:Is it a good idea to have public monuments and statues built in Greta Thunberg’s honor while she is still alive?


Peter Bills lives in Australia
It’s becoming fashionable to knock Greta Thunberg these days, so may I please remind everyone about how she became well known?
As I recall, she was a schoolgirl who was noticed sitting down somewhere with a sign about climate change. She kept doing it and was noticed by the media. The media, always being short of stories, then proceeded to write stories about this odd girl with a sign. Other media, always being short of stories, then proceed to do stories about the stories. On and on it went until she was world-famous and giving international speeches. Right? The media built her up. Who can blame her for making use of her fame to make her point?
And now we’ve got people knocking her for not knowing everything. Again, as I recall, in her speech to the UN, she said “listen to the scientists”. Pretty innocuous, I would have thought.


Now the media’s favourite story-generating routine is to build someone up and then use their fame to generate more stories about how fallible they are, and take them down again.
The media giveth and the media taketh away.
Yes I know this answer is not really pertinent, but I felt like saying it somewhere.
And no, I don’t think she needs a statue. She’s made her point, and I agree with it. So have many others. Not many people in power seem to be listening, so good on her for getting more people to talk.


Marty Frolick
I have nothing against Greta Thunberg personally but I must object to monuments and statues vehemently. Greta is a cute kid. It is very admirable that she has taken up a cause and played at being an adult. However, getting past the cuteness, she is not a person of interest at all. She has done nothing but reiterate the words of people far more accomplished and respected than she is. She has accomplished nothing of her own and is still a child. She has a very limited understanding of the world she lives in, fails to see the hypocrisy of calling for change while living her privileged life, and has no credentials whatsoever. She is not someone to be idolized—she is a cute kid playing at being an adult. Please do not confuse cuteness with the lifetime achievements of so many people who are much more worthy of being emulated.

我个人并不反对格雷塔 · 桑伯格,但我必须强烈反对建造纪念碑和雕像。格里塔是个可爱的孩子。令人钦佩的是,她投身于一项事业,并扮演成年人的角色。然而,抛开可爱,她根本不是什么利害相关者。她什么也没做,只是重复那些比她更有成就、更受尊敬的人的话。她自己一事无成,还是个孩子。她对自己生活的世界了解非常有限,她过着特权生活,没有看到呼吁变革的虚伪,也没有任何凭据。她不是一个可以偶像化的人,她只是一个可爱的孩子,在扮演着成年人的角色。请不要把可爱和许多人的终身成就混为一谈,他们更值得效仿。

Richard Smedley Senior IT Technician (2016-present)
Climate change is real.
Climate change is impending disaster.
A lot of the points Thunberg makes are cogent and correct.
Thunberg herself is nobody.
Thunberg herself has done nothing.
Thunberg herself knows nothing.
She hasn’t invented anything, or put forward any ideas to solve the crisis - she’s gone places and yelled at people.
And that’s the beginning and the end of Greta Thunberg.
She has a loud voice, a recognisable face, and an appealing story.
She exaggerates and gives overly emotive speeches that sacrifice accuracy and coherence for emotional intensity.
She is being used to push an agenda.
I agree with the agenda being pushed.
But it’s not coming from her.
She’s the conduit.
There’s nothing to honour.


Assuming humanity survives, and the disaster is averted, I’ll honour the politicians who maneuvered for change and made it happen, the inventors who pioneered the new technologies that enabled it, the scientists who crunched the numbers and warned of the dangers, and society when it comes together and everybody did their part.
I won’t honour a shrill schoolgirl who sat on the floor with a sign and cried that I took away her childhood by leaving my mobile phone charger plugged in.


Pascal Morimacil Worker, Thinker, Writer
It’s a great idea!
Then there could be a lot of discussion about it. About if she deserves it, or why not, who’s gonna pay for it, why her and not someone else, all of that. There could be some protests against it, there could be nonstop news coverage with the latest updates about the situation, commentators telling you how you should feel about it, maybe even a website to track the events leading up to this and how the project is going along.
It could become an entire new section right alongside celebrity gossip!
And isn’t that what we all want?
A lot of controversy about really useless and irrelevant stuff, so we never really have to talk about any of the more difficult topics, like how to deal with pollution?


Rama Rao Gangina lives in Boston, MA (2015-present)
Not all greats are famous. Not all famous people are great.
There is substantial push, lot of lobby and agenda behind pushing someone like Greta Thunberg. I am not here to criticize her. But she is no more or no less than any arm chair critics and pandit who neither provide solution nor involve in implementation.
People and media who doesn’t like the right wing heads of state across Europe and North America, needed a face and it was her. It has nothing to do with her credibility nor to do with her competence or contribution. They needed a face, a well tuned artist preferably female and a teenager who is trained to generate emotional speeches and inspire anger. She fits it. She is in right place at the right time.


Laurence Cuffe MSc. Dublin Institute of Technology (2010)
I have seen images of this particular statue, and I think it is a good idea. She represents a particular political gesture, a young girl calling out the previous generation for not doing enough. The statue seems to convey both her confidence, and her insecurity, and it memorializes that particular moment.
I think in this sense its valid, its valid as a way to tie that particular moment down, for what it was. It is intended to send a message, saying you can make a difference.
Its not like a statue of a great dead hero, put up by a grateful populace to thank them (after they’re dead of course), for a lifetimes work.

它不像一座伟大的英雄雕像,由感恩的民众树立起来感谢他们(当然是在他们死后) 一生的工作。

Kyle Dring British Writer
Greta Thunberg is a young activist who is doing do better than I am with fixing the world’s environmental problems- we’re just talking about it. Inspiring other young people is good, but she doesn’t deserve a statue or any piece of art for her.
Making adverts and holding signs will merely inspire, not impact, and not start action. She has good points, she wants to fix what we broke, but Thunberg isn’t doing anything pass inspire.
So no. It isn’t a good idea.
There are people who’ve actually done the things Greta speak of. Sure, planting a tree or 10,000 won’t save us, but it helps, helps us get closer to saving the planet we’ve ruined.


Terry Hurlbut Have joined many political parties and other groups.
At present it would be a bad idea to build any statues to Greta Thunberg even were she to be struck dead this instant, except maybe if the “striking dead” was an act of murder, depending on the motive. She has done nothing to merit any such honor. All she has done is parrot some pseudo-scientific propaganda that her handlers (including her own parents!) are passing off as science.
Given the current state of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, she might rate an honorary Academy Award of Merit (“Oscar”) for “Best Performance by a Child Actress in a Multi-network Reality Show,” or some such thing.

现在,即使格雷塔 · 桑伯格立刻被枪击了,为她建造雕像也不是什么好主意,除非“枪击”是一种谋杀行为,这取决于动机。她没有做过任何值得这种荣誉的事。她所做的一切只是鹦鹉学舌,她的操纵者(包括她自己的父母!)把一些伪科学的宣传当作科学。
鉴于美国电影艺术与科学学院目前的现状,她可能会获得 "互联网真人秀节目最佳女童演员 "之类的学院荣誉奖("奥斯卡奖")。

Chas Alston
She is a scared to death little girl being used by her scummy parents…This girl has been convinced she will die from global warming before she is even able to have babies…
We dealt with this in the 1970s with the coming ice age and we “needed” to spread coal dust on both poles to melt them and prevent the coming ice age…
Then by 2000 we were told that New York City and Miami would both be under three feet of water…
Now you should ask yourself…
If obama really believed that global warming was real…Why would he buy a $20 Million home on the coast of an island…
Poor Greta is a pawn in the game of globalism…And she produces more CO2 than a small city by being a pawn…

她是一个被自己卑鄙的父母利用,怕得要死的小女孩... 这个女孩确信自己会死于全球变暖,甚至还没来得及生孩子...
如果奥巴马真的相信全球变暖是真实存在的... 他为什么要在一个岛屿的海岸上买一套价值两千万美元的房子呢...
可怜的格雷塔是全球主义游戏中的一枚棋子... 她作为棋子产生的二氧化碳比一个小城市还多...

Pearl Nestor
Why yes, all mature adults who pays taxes and have life experiences ought to revere a teenager spouting off at the mouth to them like they are idiots, every adult in the world just LOVES that! NOT!!! I know, how about a statue of her in every city next to a public toilet just so that everyone can feel relieved in more ways than one. We truly need more teenagers who don’t know anything about life spouting at the mouth like they invented Truth itself, yeah everyone who has kids never gets enough of that nonsense, we all need more of it! I may never fart again just to honor her, no more beans for me!

为什么?没错,所有交税和有生活经历的成年人都应该尊敬一个像白痴一样对他们喋喋不休的青少年,世界上所有的成年人都喜欢这样!不! ! !我知道,在每个城市的公共厕所旁边放一座她的雕像如何,这样每个人都可以从更多的方面得到解脱。我们真的需要更多对生活一无所知的青少年喋喋不休,就像他们发明了真理一样,是的,每个有孩子的人,都很喜欢这些胡言乱语,我们都需要更多的废话!为了向她致敬,我可能再也不会放屁了,我再也不会吃豆子了!

René Beumers
Christiano Ronaldo is not dead.
Melania Trump is not dead.
Vlad Putin is not dead.
QEII is not dead.

克里斯蒂亚诺 罗纳尔多还没有死。
弗拉德 · 普京还没有死。

Freya-Jord Anderson
Ok want a truth bomb? Greta is a nothing but a media creation. If you believe all the hype she is the first kid to speak out about pollution and such. Which is 100% bullshit. Back in the 60's there were litterally hundreds of thousands of us speaking up about climate and pollution. We actually got out there and cleaned lakes, rivers, streets wrote our law makers and we DID accomplish every bit of anti pollution legislation that has been put into law and practice.
Greta talks big but her actions speak other wise. Instead of podcasting what does she do? Flies around the world burning tons of jet fuel on green house gas making jet airliners.


Peter Broadmore
It’s a terrible and rather stupid idea.
Greta Thunberg is nothing more than a common scold who has gained a following largely on the strength of her endless posturing and self-righteous narcissism. One wonders if she would have such strong appeal if it weren’t for her alleged autism.
“Oh look, she’s really getting things done… in spite of her autism. Isn’t that amazing?”
Let’s wait and see if she can actually accomplish anything on climate change other than her schoolgirl rants.

格雷塔 · 桑伯格只不过是一个普通的经常叫骂的人,她无休止的装腔作势和自以为是的自恋,让她获得了大量的追随者。有人怀疑,如果不是因为她所谓的自闭症,她是否会有如此强烈的吸引力。

Steve Johnson
She is not noteworthy. She will not be remembered by ANYONE but her family and friends. A STATUE? For a flash in the pan? Fucking please.


Lawrence Ransom
Dear little Greta is nothing but a useful idiot. Her claim to fame is founded on her stunningly stupid belief in the mythology of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change. Essentially, she’s a noisy but cute little dumbbell.
Junk science is the opiate of the secular humanists.
Public monuments to Greta? Of course not. Monuments are supposed to be reserved for the most meritorious, not loud-mouthed little brats busy turning their phony-baloney advocacy into a 7 digit fortune.
Perhaps an enterprising entrepreneur might make little bobble-head dolls and give Greta a cut of the profits. Or Greta could make a porno with AOC and Hunter Biden. That would sell To some.


Ira Jachman lives in Philippines, Lived in 4 U. S. States, 3 Countries, 1 Colony, Travels to And/or Worked in 40+ Countri…
Is it a good idea to have public monuments and statues built in Greta Thunberg’s honor while she is still alive?
I do not know about statues, but I do think she, and her cause, should be part of primary and/or middle school classes. Children could be encouraged to reach for good ideas and believe they can accomplish their goals.

在格雷塔 · 桑伯格还活着的时候为她建造公共纪念碑和雕像是个好主意吗?

Jeff Greene
Original question: Is it a good idea to have public monuments and statues built in Greta Thunberg’s honor while she is still alive?
It is never a good idea to name something in honor of or build monuments or statues in honor of someone who is still alive.
What happens if they do something absolutely inexcusable after you do that? Do you tear it down, rename it, hide it?

最初的问题: 在格雷塔 · 桑伯格还活着的时候为她建造公共纪念碑和雕像是个好主意吗?

Blake Walkup former Chief of Police at Glen Lyn, VA (1990-2000)
Some kid pretending to be an expert on climate change?
Makes no sense at all. Maybe once she's accomplished something in life, she may be entitled.
Disagreement with trained scientists isn't a very noteworthy cause for praise and statues.


David Parry Freelance Translator (1985-present)
While she is still alive? Do you expect her imminent demise?
Since she is a child, she should be around for a long time yet. And will be forgotten within a few years from now, so why bother with a statue?
Consider also that a great many of the statues you see are probably of people you had never heard of.

在她还活着的时候? 你觉得她会死吗?

Raymond Wayne Holton lives in Louisiana (2017-present)
I think if people want them they should erect them. Why Not? If someone doesn't like them then don't look at them. Statues are immobile. They're not going to stalk you to your house and move in with you. And if they please someone or remind people of values they treasure then there should be Greta statues everywhere.


Mario Segal
she seems to me like very nice girl, it seems she really cares about global warming - she may end up making an impact in her life, but so far some speeches (even at the UN) and such really amount to little- but a statue - that seems not warranted to me
I looked for Sweden’s commitments towards carbon emissions - and while I found a lot of info on what they are and nice websites - I found little on actual progress (I may be bad at searching)


Robert Morton
no its a daft idea, why would you put another statue up in honour of a person who goes around the world spreading scare stories about things that are not true


J Tang
It’s too premature. We should continue to support her activism while looking at how she progresses over the years.
When she has made greater achievements in the environmental protection that will bring everlasting benefits to mankind, then it will be the right time to build a monument in honor of her.


Ron Genung
No, it’s an asinine idea. Why would anyone want a statue of a emotionally overwrought. ignorant, lying, juvenile school drop-out, who is being used by parents with the same qualities. I wouldn’t want to see a statue of her when she’s dead either. It would be a monument to “woke” stupidity.


Ron Combs
No. She has done nothing to warrant such an act.


John Yates Englishman 69 years old, Retired Footwear Designer.
I think the age of monuments & statues passed many years ago the one of Thatcher with her handbag has to be the most ridiculous thing I have seen in years. The only purpose of statues & monuments is to provide somewhere for the pigeons to shit. They should all be cleared away & melted down for scrap.