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文章原始标题:China ‘tells US envoy John Kerry it will follow its own climate road map’


Gary M.
It is rather reasonable to do things on a separate path. The ‘to-do-list’ for China to commit on zero carbon emission and reduction of global temperature by 1.5C is ridiculous. China has his goals and commitments and they do not need the US to tell him what to do. It is the same as the unpopular trade review that finger pointing to China that X % was not complied with the agreement while things over the quote did not mention to the public. So everything is China’s fault! Cooperation is never meant to be like that. If there is no sincerity and honesty towards managing any project is deem to be a failure and not worth of following up. The Paris agreement has set up framework for all developed and the US walked away.  Trump ditched the latest round of Climate Change conference. What creditability and why Kerry needs a ‘to-do-list’ for China to comply?


Hui W.
China's per capita CO2 emission is about 7T/year. US' per capita CO2 emission is about 20T/year. Canada's is about 18T; Australia's is 16T. Much needs to be done by everyone. Alas, not much is being done. Everyone is still striving for a higher standard of material wealth. It's too late to maintain the current climate. The only thing to do now is to live with the consequence.


Mario C.
People appreciate John Kerry for keeping his commitment in discussing strictly 'climate change' subject. Linking climate change with other issues was unhelpful and not in his job descr1iption. Unlike officials from other countries, the respected US envoy Kerry walks the talk.


Lucas V.
A good solution to get the CO2 emission under control is to limit cars to 150hp, also EV's. A yearly tax of $10 for every extra HP would spice the UN budget.


George K.
usa has very little credibility left after the following:
a) withdrawing from Kyoto and Paris climate accords
b) caused the 2008 financial crisis
c) invaded Iraq under the American generated LIE because of WMD in 2003
d) incompetence of handling of Covid 19 pandemic causing 620,000 deaths in USA in 2020
e) military defeat and shameful withdrawal from Afghanistan showing that the preeminent USA military is really unprofessional In 2021... when the Soviet withdrew, they withdrew in convoys of tanks in an orderly manner not in the middle of the night and helicopers and planes flying off with people clinging on them.

E)2021年,军事失败和可耻的从阿富汗撤军表明,优秀的美国军队真的很不专业... 当苏联撤军的时候,他们以有序的方式撤出坦克车队,而不是在半夜,人们紧紧抓着直升机和飞机飞走。

Richard C.
Well done for China to follow its own climate duo'shaoroad map and tell US to mind its own business if they could not reverse Trump’s irresponsible actions. It would be fine and all right to China and China Government if President Biden continues Trump’s ‘self destruct mode’ to America and Americans. It is because good to know China is setting up a stock exchange in Beijing for SMEs to serve small & medium-sized enterprises. China would create more possibilities for cooperation by scaling up support for the growth of the services sector in Belt & Road countries. As the B&RI is China's signature trade & infrastructure scheme. China will support Beijing & other localities in “piloting the alignment of domestic rules with the ones in high-standard international free trade agreements, and in building demonstration zones of digital trade” After the recent “Common Prosperity” announcement, This is another significant business development by China Gov, US merchant bankers/investors might miss the boat or profit opportunity due to US Gov/Congress was “shoot yourself in the foot” by restricting Chinese company IPO listing, so it opens the door to these Chinese companies to list in either the new Beijing or HK stock exchanges, plain and simple. Good to see profit/money are made in China (including HK) and going back to China citizens/investors. Finally it was an excellent Biden action to declassify the 911 files to enable 911 victim families to know the truth, well done Biden!


Patrick O.
@Richard C. While of course every country has the right to choose its own roadmap, without international cooperation and mutual rules on carbon emission, there will be not success overall.
While China is responsible of 27% of worlds carbon emission, it would be wise to find platforms and rules everyone sticks to.


Richard C.
@Patrick O. You are entitled to your opinion and others shall respect this. So it is exactly what China Government wants other country and their leader to respect China Government's decision/opinion, no more no less, plain and simple.


US stop been bossy, Chinak know what they doing, they already put a lot of efforts such as reforestation, increase reusable energy consumpion, reduce coal use and development of EV.
uS as world worst polluter should do more and urgently so we all can live in better world.


Didi M.
@Deric And China don't change their goal every few years unlike USA whenever they change their president.


Tyler M.
@Deric Check US energy mix and compare with China. US has cut coal use by more than 50% in ten years, while in China coal use has been growing.


Daniel F.
@Tyler M. Let's try putting China's population into the US and see how it will fare!


Bobby N.
The west has centuries to pollute Earth. While China's rapid development did cause an increase in carbon emission like any developing and developed countries. It recognises this and has taken concrete steps to rectify this, e.g. reducing coal usage, encouraging uses of EV, sustainable energy, etc. It's utilization of EV and e-transport would put many western countries to shame.


@Bobby N. Indeed, the US will not be able to convince enough of its gun toting, god fearing population to buy EVs.  Ever.  No matter what subsidies or penalties are put on them.  They want what they want - e.g. they don't want to wear masks, get vaccinated, and insist on church gatherings which are superspreader events.   At least half of America.


PercyKim L.
@Bobby N. Sales of gas guzzling pickup trucks have skyrocketed in the US.


Beryl B.
@Percykim L. Let's be honest, your comment doesn't tell the whole story.  Used car sales have skyrocketed in many places, simply because there's a shortage of new cars (including EV) due to the global shortage of electronic chips.  Many people in need of a 'new' car don't have a lot of choice at the moment.


Didi M.
@Mc B. Too much freedom did this to USA. The unpredictable human becoming more difficult to reason with because of their attitude and behavior. It's not balance.


Didi M.
@Percykim L. Yes because those folks are not fluid to changes or adaptable. You can call them selfish too. But hey it's just the typical American.


@Beryl B. There is literally and logically no connection between the increase in used cars sales and PercyKim's comment that sales of gas guzzling pickup trucks has vastly increased. You just don't know what you're talking about.  One, it is not true that "your comment doesn't tell the whole story.'  His statement DOES tell the whole story about how Americans love "gas guzzling pickup trucks" and the shortage of new ones hasn't stopped their sales.   Two, it is not true that "Many people in need of a 'new' car don't have a lot of choice at the moment."   (People don't "need" a "new" car - they may just want one.)  And there are plenty of new cars still around which they can buy if they want.  There are plenty of choices as well.  The issue for consumers is that prices have increased for both new and used cars substantially.


@Didi M. Yes, it stems from the "individualism" of the American ethos.   The whole pioneering cowboy thing.   It's leading to vigilantism which basically means we can expect even more violence going forward.


Geneva 7.
For sure! China will do its own way.... China thinks they know everything about anything! China is becoming more and more a bubble. Another planet. who do not care about others....

当然!中国将按自己的方式行事... 中国认为他们什么都知道!中国正变得越来越像一个泡沫、另一个星球、不关心别人的人...

Bobby N.
@Geneva 7. What's wrong with doing her own way? China voluntarily come up with their own climate objectives and schedule. There is a decent chance that these will be met when they say that they will do it. Why should they follow another country's dictate when there is a no certainty that that country will not renegage their promises once another administration takes over?


Ng Kinmun
@Bobby N. I agee with you


Lucas V.
@Geneva 7. Remember "America First" is still the motto of American.


US climate change plans alter with every president, oscillating between cooperation and no cooperation. There is no consistency and therefore no basis for their claimed leadership in such issues.
China should follow its own long term plans; in climate, for its economy, its national development etc.


Kevin C.
on climate issues, it's better for china to stay on its own course. US has backed out from its climate commitment twice (kyoto protocol- Bush, Paris accord-trump). it will back out again when the Republicans come to power. the world really counts on china NOT do something like US.


Daniel F.
Western culture can't seem to wrap their heads around one simple human social fundamental called 'manners'. If you want cooperation down from the smallest of issues, you need to be polite and show mutual respect. Perfect example is how China/Australia enjoyed 40 years of cooperation yet it only took one loser to blow it practically overnight.


Egay N.
@Daniel F. Western culture is not of cooperation but of dominance. Do this, do that otherwise sanctions or worse wage war. Good thing China is strong enough to offer sane alternative.


Michal B.
China is right by not joining the woke self destructive governments in the West.  The economic supremacy of China in next few years is assured now.


SCMP has forfeited it's voice for freedom. They've been compromised by their Chinese masters. Oh well, others will carry the torch of freedom.


T N.
@Jon It is useless to continue airing meaningless slogans. It is useful to tackle the issues together despite of the differences.


Dow J.
I think China will actually surprise the world in how quickly they can beat carbon reduction targets on their own.  China knows that green energy is a future industry and it's fully invested.  
China shouldn't use these summits as a platform to air their grievances against the US because it makes them look nom-cooperative on issues that the global community cares deeply about.


David W.
@Dow J. It would be better of course if they could simply focus on goals and cooperation but the US has a habit of criticizing others, particularly China, on everything and trying to dictate what other countries should or shouldn't be achieving. Ignoring the remarks and not communicating concerns entirely can also come accross as uncooperative so China does have to say something. You can interpret it as an statement of fact or an emotional complaint, thats up to the individual. They've said were fully invested in a healthy planet, a green China, and we've got our own plan and our own timetable for what is achievable. If you want to cooperate, lets cooperate, but don't tell me what I should be doing while simultaneously obstructing my efforts through sanctions and other economic/technology restrictions. Its like your manager at work telling you to do more, do it faster, do it better, but I'm taking your computer away, maybe your phone too.... And it's not actually your manager, its just a peer albeit maybe a slightly more senior one.

当然,如果他们能够专注于目标和合作,那就更好了,但美国有一个习惯,就是在所有事情上批评他国,尤其是中国,并试图指挥其他国家应该或不应该实现什么。忽视这些言论和不完全表达关切也可能被认为是不合作,所以中国不得不说点什么。你可以把它解释为对事实的陈述或情绪上的抱怨,这取决于个人。他们说,我们全力投资于一个健康的星球,一个绿色的中国,我们有我们自己的计划和我们自己的时间表。如果你想合作,我们就合作,但是不要告诉我应该做什么,同时还通过制裁和其他经济/技术限制来阻碍我的努力。这就像你的经理在工作中告诉你要做得更多、更快、更好,但是我要拿走你的电脑,也许还有你的手机... 而且实际上,这个人并不是你的经理,只是一个同事,尽管可能是一个稍微资深一点的同事。

Hui W.
@Dow J. You realize that each American pumps out almost 3 times the amount of CO2 a Chinese puts out. If China does meet its emission targets, it will mean a much lower standard of living for every Chinese, compare to an American.


Jing L.
When Harris was in Vietnam seeking closer anti China alliance, the chaotic pullout of Afghanistan was on display; when Kerry is in Tianjin pressing China on America’s climate agenda, IDA is flooding across four states in America… what a timing..

当哈里斯在越南寻求更紧密的反华联盟时,阿富汗的混乱撤军表现得淋漓尽致;当克里在天津就美国气候议程向中国施压时,艾达飓风正在美国的四个州肆虐... 真是个好时机啊...

Didi M.
@Jing L. Guess karma just called and say hi?


Prakash R.
With people packed into homes the size of a mathcbox any natiral disater will cause their population to be reduced and then they have to institure a 4 child policy to increase the numbers


Ronnie S.
@Prakash R. You should care more about india with severe pollution in almost all big cities first, especially New Delhi


Viro L.
@Ronnie S. He should care more about India- not having enough toilets to begin with nor the money to buy coal


Rudi W.
@Prakash R. By most scientific models, climate change benefited the most northern countries specially with China and Russia, but will extremely dangerous to low lands area specially South Asian and the southern or Midwest USA.


Viro L.
@Prakash R. Before bothering or talking about China - go worry about your Ganges river- dead bodies from Covid floating, people and animals drinking the same water, bathing , cooking, good grief. What in the world are you talking about? Still complaining about China China- when India is in a terrible dystopian state-

在担心或谈论中国之前,去担心你们的恒河吧—— 新冠死者的尸体漂浮在上面,人和动物喝着同样的水,洗澡,做饭,好家伙。你到底在谈论什么?当印度正处于可怕的反乌托邦国家时,还在抱怨中国中国。

Viro L.
@Prakash R. The success and wealth of China is the perfect example to everything wrong and failed called : India.


同路人 二.
@Prakash R. China is not Hong Kong.  Per capita living space in urban areas is like 45 sq.m./person.


@Prakash R. Don't worry about China - worry about India.


Didi M.
@Prakash R. Lol before you talk bad about other country better check India first, what are they doing to reduce the climate change? Pray more? Talked more? Unfortunately the next door neighbor doing more than talking or praying. Action speak louder than words.


Yunan E.
@Prakash R. Ya, right now China are exporting that into third countries, to help them improving their living standard. But China and others countries will limite the Coal fired plants and use more green energy, need to do step by step. Cannot compare to advance contries of course.


John T.
The climate change fight is doomed because it has been totally wrapped in geopolitics. The US is still the biggest emitter per capita and says it will rely on the free market for a solution, which is nonsense. Nothing will happen without strong government action and investment.


MindClarity X.
Poor Kerry. He knew very well that his boss sent him on a mission with a dead end. For the past four years, the US single-handedly managed to actually change China - into a China with fangs.


John A.
In other words China does not care about Climate Change. They will do it if it advances them. In their own time and probably not at all.


PercyKim L.
@John A. How did you conclude that?  Need new glasses?


MindClarity X.
@John A. Up until this year, the US was claiming that climate change was a natural cycle.


PercyKim L.
@Mindclarity X. 50% of Americans (the Trump base) are climate deniers ...and we know how he harmed the environment, along with all other Presidents and their endless wars.  Even Greta is furious with the US.

50%的美国人(特朗普的支持者)是气候变化否认者... 我们知道他是如何破坏环境的,以及其他总统和他们无休止的战争。就连格雷塔也对美国感到愤怒。

Fragrant B.
@John A. What made you conclude that China doesn't care about climate change?


Stanley T.
@John A. This is no difference from the US and the Wests - self interest first. Per capita, US is the biggest polluter in the world. What progress it has made so far on climate change other than the empty talks???


Dan B.
@John A. Hold on ,wasn't it the US that dropped out of the Paris climate agreement ? Isn't it the US The largest polluter per capita with double that of China ?


Neville D.
@John A. In actual fact China is just saying to the Muricans so far we have done more than you, we don't need Muricans to tell us what to do, you are not qualified to be the boss or the leader, you do your thing and we will do ours...besides you have shown that you are untrustworthy, you are not our friends. How about that?

事实上,中国只是对穆里卡人(美国人)说,到目前为止,我们做的比你们多,我们不需要穆里卡人告诉我们该做什么,你们没有资格当老板或领导,你们做你们的事,我们做我们的事... 除此之外,你们已经表明你们不值得信任,你们不是我们的朋友。如何?

V C.
@John A. Hopefully, new generation of westerners are more pragmatic and less patronizing than old timers such as... In any case, nothing much can be done without china's participation and unfortunately for the west, this one can't be bombed to oblivion. BTW, China has a far more aggressive climate change strategy and IMPLEMENTATION than most if the western countries. Empty talks go nowhere.

希望新一代的西方人比老一辈的人更务实,更少居高临下,比如... 无论如何,没有中国的参与,就什么都做不了,不幸的是,对西方来说,这个国家无法用轰炸殆尽的方式。顺便说一句,中国的气候变化战略和实施比大多数西方国家更加积极。空谈不会有结果。

David W.
@John A. A strange conclusion given China's participation in solar panels, electric vehicle usage, and reverse desertification. You'd also expect a country with 4x the gdp per capita to be doing far more itself to lead the effort rather then lecturing China on the one hand while simultaneously strangling its green and tech industries on the other hand. Inconsistency much? America is like someone with bipolar or DID, you never know what youre going to get.


Ng Kinmun
@John A. Why must China act to the American instructions? If you white guys in desperate to resolve the climate change cooperatively, USA must change its attitude of not interfering into the domestic affairs of our country. Xinjiang and Taiwan got nothing to do with you.


Shan K.
China devastating rivers from hydroelectric dams, Dumping solar panels, wind turbines and battery EV. What else, must have missed some other bad China story from SCMP.


Viro L.
@Shan K. Dead bodies rotting in the India Ganges river by the thousands, living humans bathing, cooking, dumping, relieving themselves in the same river using the same water? And you need to worry about China's hydroelectric dams? Go worry about building toilets first before you worry about China's dams and turbines.


Christina U.
The US denied climate change for decades, dropped out of the Paris agreement for the last four years and may drop out again after Biden, and they subsidize fossile fuel massively until today. So having an own climate agenda may be a good idea, indeed.


Jack L.
Ah, multilateralism with Chinese characteristics.


Cliff Hunting -.
@Jack L. Another failure for the US..can't even get China to agree on Climate targets; this coming after their embarrassing defeat at the hands of Taliban peasants.  Can't even conduct a successful coup in Venezuela either.  #AmericaInDecline.

美国的又一次失败... 甚至无法让中国在气候目标上达成一致;这是在他们尴尬地输给塔利班农民之后发生的。甚至在委内瑞拉也无法成功发动政变。#美国衰落。

Jack L.
@Cliff hunting -. Wow, that's quite a few China talking points squeezed into a single comment, albeit disjointed and incoherent. Nonetheless, I hope you're compensated well for your efforts.


Cliff Hunting -.
@Jack L. Why am I not surprised by your child ish response?


Didi M.
@Jack L. Lol he is just telling the truth dude. Ppl here in USA really in bad spot. So many problems at home and why keep focusing on other countries that do believe in climate change and actually do something about it rather than bombed ppl with expensive weapons? Sometimes it's okay to admit failures but then will USA ever learn from past mistakes?


Frank J.
American think it's their God given right to eat until they get heart attack, blast AC or heater so keep super comfortable, drive gas guzzling SUV to & from work alone, dig swimming pool in backyards and run pump 8 hours/day...etc. People in China, Vietnam, and India should make cheap goods for them to consume without causing too much pollution, because it's going to affect their quality of life.

美国人认为他们有上帝赋予的权利吃到心脏病发作、大量使用空调或加热器,来保持超级舒适,独自驾驶耗油的SUV上下班,在后院挖游泳池,每天8小时抽水... 等等。中国、越南和印度的人民应该生产廉价商品供他们消费,但不要造成太多污染,因为这会影响他们的生活质量。

@Frank J. Spot on!


Mingsin K.
@Frank J. Slavery of another kind


Didi M.
@Frank J. Yep that sum everything in one go.


Wing-Chun L.
The US could impose a climate tax on each Chinese goods going into the US.


Lee W.
@Wing-chun L. That is so smart.  After all, it will only worsen the inflation problem for the Americans.


Didi M.
@Wing-chun L. Funny that help american to be less wasteful? Nah bro that is very un american thing to do. Gotta spend and waste alot more that is what American good at.


Susan 'Lynne' S.
The United States needs to concentrate on its own issues instead of trying to tell others what to do. We looked like fools in Aphganistan, we continue to give away money we don't have. Our own people break into the Capitol building, and  on and on.  China is sick and tired of Americans going over there telling them what to do. We need to get our nose out of their business and fix all of issues. We need to leave them alone. We also need to lower the tariffs. China needs us and we need China. China depends on us for many sources of food such as pork, poultry, and grains to name a few. We need them for many textiles. If we do not like what they make maybe we need to give them better specs. If we continue to  buy 'junk' from them that does not tell them that we are dissatisfied. If we have issues with them polluting we do not need to go over there as a country and complain. Maybe a organization comprised of other countries should be address this issue. 
Currently, we are out of many products- GE refridgerator parts, GE dishwasher parts, lots of auto parts. I was not the one who madw the decision to purchase a product that gets all of its parts from China. It was a corporation here in the US that made that decision. 
At this point it does not appear that the United States has decided to remedy this situation. Does everyone need to have the appliances break down for something to happen.


@Susan 'lynne' S. What a wondeful post.  From an honest American.  Good to hear for a change.


Bob L.
@Susan 'lynne' S. "Maybe a organization comprised of other countries should be address this issue." You don't sound like an American, you sound like a China prop.


I S.
Cummulatively US alone produced 25% of carbon emissions, with just ~4% of the world's population.


Ember L.
Leave China alone. China didn't have much to pollute in old era. You don't like the pollution coming out of China now, start moving your supply chains out.


I S.
The world had already been polluted enough by all the "advanced economies" before China even came into the picture.


Cosmo B.
Basically the Paris accord is dead. A sad day for humanity. US must shoulder the failure.


Cliff Hunting -.
Kerry looks like he should be in a retirement home.  Kerry's climate job is a Biden's reward for his past service to the Democratic party.  China and even the EU has lost respect for the US.


King L.
China would never voluntarily cooperate as its economy is based on low margin, labor and energy intensive manufacturing activities. Any efforts to decarbonise  would kill its economy. But it would have no choice but to cooperate, if not carbon border adjustment tax is going do it for them.


V C.
@King L. How did Trump's tariffs work out for the US? Let us not discuss things that you don't grasp.


@King L. You have no clue about anything.  These statements are pure fantasy.   Not even hopeful dreams, just plain fantasy.


MegaJohnf1 ..
Cant really tell..is John Kerry dead or alive?

我真的不知道... 约翰-克里是死是活?

China, the world's largest polluter saying no, we'll do it our way. They way is insuring a climate disaster, not a good look on the world stage.


Biddy G.
@Jon You mean the US who are well known sinners when it comes to carbon emissions.


I S.
CO2 emissions per capita: - US - 15.52 tons; Canada - 18.58 tons; Australia - 17.10 tons ... China - 7.38 tons

人均二氧化碳排放量:美国15.52吨;加拿大18.58吨;澳大利亚17.10吨... 中国7.38吨

Soaring F.
Horse Face is looking a little haggard these days.


Tarn B.
Expected outcome. US will quietly move on and launch next phase of "de-china-fication of globalization".


同路人 二.
@Tarn B. And be slapped on the face by the other players worldwide, as China is 40+% of the world's economic growth, and presents true opportunities and hope.  Trading with China keeps inflation in check and brings up the living standard of the people - that's why China is the biggest trading partner for 128 nations on Earth.  China exports twice as much as America, for very good reasons.  For now especially, when PPE and medical supplies still are critical in fighting against the pandemic, China's participation and good graces are especially important.