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文章原始标题:If Communist China goes to war with the U.S.A., why would it expect to fare any better than the Qing Dynasty did in the Opium Wars with the British Empire?


Liu Zeyang
Do you know this flag? It was the flag of 31st infantry regiment(US Army). Now it has been shown in the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution for decades, after China's soldiers captured it in Korea during the Korean War.
And technically, we didn't go to war with just the United States. We went to war with every major power in the West then.
Before we went to war with the United States in Oct 1950, Five-star General Douglas MacArthur thought the U.S.A would win the war.
But America didn't.


Ruby Tsao
Don’t forget China fought in Korea not to invade Korea, but to defend against US invasion to spill over the border to China. The same with Vietnam War, not to invade Vietnam. Nixon had to meet Mao Zedong in 1972 to end the Vietnam War.


David Barry


Larry Sprott
We had no intention of invading China back then. We were ending a totalitarian that invaded a sovereign country unprovoked. Remember that.


Ruby Tsao
MacArthur was considering dropping a nuclear bomb on China. Truman disagreed.


Ruby Tsao
Truman could not agree because US did not have enough soldiers to handle occupation of a country of China’s size with 1.3 billion population.


Steven Tam
Of course. What the USA wants is always money. That’s why they forced China to signed so many unequal treaty. They had no intention to invade iraq, Afghan also. But they needed their resources and control of oil prices.
perhaps according to your logic thieves have no intention in stealing also. They’re only interested in other people’s money.
do you even know what you’re saying?


David Barry
Mr Sprott will never understand. He chooses to be stuck in a fantasy world of believing that the US has any moral standing at all.


Liu Lisong
Obviously, the Western world, especially the United States' neglect of this "forgotten war" has had a significant impact on their public opinion. It is true that China has not participated in a war for too long, so that some fools once again believe that we are but a paper dragon.


Larry Sprott
Thing is we didn’t lose by military defeat. We literally chose to stop fighting it. And that was not the will of the people the way it was handled.


Liu Zeyang
Now in August 2021, we can say the last war you had ended up losing to Taliban in Afghanistan.


Larry Sprott
Are you suggesting that America is weaker than we think or is that directed at me in particular?


Tony Bazley
I hope they put their nukes where YOUR mouth is. The satanic usa is the worlds enemy. Hope from GREAT Britain.


Larry Sprott
The US has done way more good than evil to the world. Hardly satanic. You’re just salty cause the Soviet Union fell apart.


Mark Barta
MacArthur disobeyed orders and exceeded his mandate when he pushed the North Koreans past the Yalu river and into China and triggered the Chinese intervention in the first place.
China may have nearly pushed the Allied forces out of South Korea in turn, but they too were rolled back to the 38th Parallel. MacArthur was fired, and nobody else pushed for widening the war further as peace talks were allowed to take place.
It wasn’t even worry about China that was triggering the desire to end the fight, it was concern about Russia becoming actively involved if the US and allies tried (and succeeded) at pushing the Chinese forces out of North Korea.
It wasn’t that the Americans couldn’t push the Chinese out, they were confident they could handle China. The problem was Russia. They couldn’t handle Russia and China at the same time, and knew it. So they did what they thought prudent to keep Russia happy.


Liu Zeyang
Glad that we had “great leader comrade Stalin” as our dear big brother then.


Jamie Wang
And China was poor as fuck.
An army of Chinese voluntary army had less fire power than an US division. Less, I mean less than half of an US division, and no proper logistics, and no air support.
“It was that the Americans couldn’t push the Chinese out”
It was.


Mark Barta
The US could have done a lot more than what they did in the 1950’s. They just decided not to, and the world can be thankful they decided not to rick World War 3 over the (then) deeply impoverished nation of South Korea.
China didn’t defeat the United States of America in the Korean War, they defeated General Douglas MacArthur, there is a difference. The US achieved what it went into Korea to do, even if it didn’t achieve what MacArthur wanted to do. Really, MacArthur could almost be used as a case study for how Generals are supposed to be answerable to the President of the United States of America as the Commander in Chief. MacArthur wasn’t, because he had powerful allies in Congress. Right up until China entered the Korean War, and he finally gave President Truman what he needed to politically justify the General being removed from command.


Sectuemo Glub
I could conclude a conclusion was a Occidental wanna commandeer or conquer any country any area.
from the Columbus since or so 1500s to conquer and colonize the South America and africa. to massacre the thousands of millions for Indians started that timeline.
and England with France to fight for the colony which German and Japan likewise to slaughter and colonize the world of weak country.
please remember the new of system will instead your Occidental so-called law of the jungle is out.
so the china will give the new law rather than your the weaks are the prey by the strongs.
please get it and remember fucking shit about what's arrogance and racism and hegemony is over.


Sam King
North Korea is the real Korea, guess where the original capital city is. The real Korea tried to take back it's invaded territories from the US, hence the war. US wanted not just south of the 38th parallel but also the North and part of China.
That's when China stepped in, kicked the US out of China and North Korea. It was probably one of the US most embarrassing war losses considering their military advantages.