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文章原始标题:The runaway success of a Korean War movie blockbuster perfectly captures China’s national mood amid rising tensions with the US

内容简介:你以为《007: 无暇赴死》是上周末全球票房最高的电影吗?再想想。中国的朝鲜战争史诗《长津湖》获此殊荣,显示出中国的爱国浪潮正在上升。

Think ‘No Time To Die’ was the world’s biggest film last weekend? Think again. Chinese Korean War epic ‘The Battle at Lake Changjin’ took that accolade, serving as an indicator of the rising wave of patriotism in the country.

你以为《007: 无暇赴死》是上周末全球票房最高的电影吗?再想想。中国的朝鲜战争史诗《长津湖》获此殊荣,显示出中国的爱国浪潮正在上升。

The Chinese historical drama smashed local box office records over the past week, becoming one of the most lucrative National Day earners in the country’s history and raking in nearly $300 million in just under four days.


The film tells how Chinese troops confronted the United Nations Command led by Douglas MacArthur in 1950 at Chosin Reservoir in North Korea, after the American general had decided to cross the 38th parallel. The battle would become one of China’s most iconic victories in the conflict, forcing the UN Command to retreat south.


Although the Korean War would ultimately end in a stalemate around the 38th parallel, thus preserving the status quo division of the peninsula, with China having suffered considerable losses, the conflict continues to be perceived as a triumph. Its legacy instils a sense of confidence that China has taken on the US before, held its own and can do so again.


As a result, the legacy of the Korean War has become something the Chinese people can connect with in a patriotic way, expressing their own sense of national confidence with a view to the challenges which lie ahead.


And whilst a film is a film, its message and the legacy of that war should be taken seriously: that China is always prepared to fight for its own interests, press hard and endure sacrifices for doing so, whether in the past, present or future. This is how the Chinese people understand their own national obligation.


The People’s Republic of China is built wholeheartedly on these recurring themes of humiliation and national revival, and in no circumstances will Beijing let the country be subjugated again. We will see this play out in the various flashpoints of the South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait and so on, and while conflict may not be inevitable, the message is abundantly clear: do not underestimate China.


Those who are banging the drums of war and looking for confrontation with Beijing would do well to remember the legacy of the Korean War, which is sometimes called ‘the forgotten war’ in the West. China certainly hasn’t forgotten about it – as is amply demonstrated by the appetite to see ‘The Battle at Lake Changjin’.


Walter Jones
Remember when America would just draft a couple million guys and send them to the other side of the earth to kill people? Good times. Good times. - UP: 10 DN: 0


Russian war movie = Propaganda.Chinese war movie = Propaganda.Northkorean war movie = Propaganda.Movies in wich 'Murican heroes' save the world from nazis, russians, bad asians or even advanced alien invaders = Truly a masterpiece that deserves all awards in this universe. - UP: 15 DN: 1

俄罗斯战争电影 = 宣传。中国战争电影 = 宣传。朝鲜战争电影 = 宣传。而“美式英雄”从纳粹、俄国人、坏亚洲人甚至先进的外星入侵者手中拯救世界的电影 = 真正的杰作,值得这个宇宙的所有奖项。

Geraldo Lino
I'm eager to watch it with English subtitles. - UP: 8 DN: 1


RD->Geraldo Lino
Yeah seems way better than anything out of wokewood. - UP: 0 DN: 1


Yankees underestimate China. Remember korean war, Indian war & Vietnam war A country with no airforce, no navy & so called no experienceStill victorious, Went from century of humiliation to prosperity within generationsKeep it up China, respect from across the border 🙏Peace & Prosperity for everyone - UP: 5 DN: 1


First of all, it is not war but planned invasion of Korea, India invasion, Vietnam invasion, invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. - UP: 4 DN: 0


That's Dr. #SAND to you...
They never beat the US. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Visbhume 3->That's Dr. #SAND to you...
You live in an illusion like most Americans and your illusion is horrible and has nothing to do with reality all it does is kill people - UP: 1 DN: 0


Bad Brazilian
China fought the US to a stalemate when they had 5 percent of the US's GDP and were far behind technologically. Now they are ahead of the US economically and in many technology fields as well. The gringos should think about that when considering their prospects for keeping Taiwan within the own sphere. - UP: 4 DN: 1


0040->Bad Brazilian
The fights for influences and profits in Korea , Vietnam , Taiwan , and Hong Kong are over China won. - UP: 1 DN: 0


I am interested in seeing "The Battle at Lake Changjin" and "Top Gun: Maverick," because I know war movies contain lots of fictional & artistic symbolism of reality, cool but unrealistic special effects, and propaganda. I don't take these movies seriously. If you want to learn real history, then go to various libraries, Internet sources, museums, universities, and check out various perspectives and the tangible evidence related to a specific event. However, that takes a lot of time, effort, and analysis. The average couch potato does not enjoy that. - UP: 4 DN: 1


And if you REALLY want to learn something then you should always take note of what "the enemy" has had to say (not in movies and media headlines) about the "specific event" and about the aims and actions of your country and its allies. There ALWAYS are two or more sides to every story. - UP: 2 DN: 0


Propaganda movies are Rambo, Braddock, U-571 (btw, this movie blatantly distorted a historical fact to give credit to the US rather than the Brits in the real life, as who captured that Nazi submarine to grab Enigma machine), etc - UP: 2 DN: 0


MD Ranix
it is always fulfilling to know more about yankees' evergreen defeat in the past, present and future - UP: 2 DN: 0


Hope they do a movie about Taliban liberating Afghanistan from U.S. and NATO invaders in the future.It will tell the story of a group of young Afghans boys who were raped by U.S. backed warlords, their families killed by CIA trained death squads but they all later joined the Taliban and took revenge against the Americans and liberated entire country from the U.S.Everyone would want to watch this movie. Even the Americans. - UP: 3 DN: 1


Elvis Burgerking
I watched "Battle for Incheon: Operation Chromite"and was literally blown away.it's kind-off a Korean cross version of "Where Eagles Dare" and "The Dirty Dozen" - UP: 1 DN: 0


The defeat of US forces in Korea ended America's efforts to establish an Asian military style empire and is a turning point in history to be sure! - UP: 1 DN: 0


That's Dr. #SAND to you...->0040
And yet South Korea exists today.... - UP: 1 DN: 0


0040->That's Dr. #SAND to you...
The creation of South Korea acted as a brake on Japanese expansionism and near monopolies on many manufactured goods for a time until Indonesia , then Vietnam began flooding US markets with cheap goods all at the expense of US workers/taxpayers of course . China at the time thought South Korea was strategically a good idea , when it became obvious that American politicians were cheaper to buy than going to war with the only nuclear power in 1952 . Today South Korea has moved toward China and is partnered with North Korea in a free trade zone along the DMZ. - UP: 0 DN: 0


That's Dr. #SAND to you...->0040
You simply don't a clue. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Visbhume 3->That's Dr. #SAND to you...
You don't have a brain - UP: 0 DN: 0


The world needs to remember what the truth is. The Korean war is proof China can not win against US. They had near peer equipment, in some cases superior, to the American and UN forces. Plus they border Korea while the UN had to ship in troops and supplies. - UP: 2 DN: 11


Mathew Peter->Russell
Utter yank propaganda rubbish! Your entire comment is based on bs you yank wankers put out while you exterminated HALF THE POPULATION ON ORDERS FROM COMMANDERS. you scum raped and burnt alive 10's 1000s of WOMEN AND CHILDREN YOU STRIPPED NAKED AND FORCED INTO TRENCHES WHERE YOU POURED AFGAS ON THEM AND BURNT THEM ALIVE with flame thrower's. F*ck you and your yank scum. You and your superior, " humanitarian' crap is WORTHLESS . EVIL TRASH that has murdered over 100 million INNOCENT since the Korean/Vietnam wars - UP: 8 DN: 0


Keep watching PBS, Hollywood's War Movies or listen to America's Rambo and you'll be one smart cookie. You can then tell your son "America did not flee from Kabul". - UP: 2 DN: 0


PBS has become a propaganda organ of the federal government since Colin Powell's son became head of the FCC. - UP: 1 DN: 0


Visbhume 3->Russell
Just another lunatic Living in a Dream of his own superiority - UP: 0 DN: 0


The legacy of the Korean War is North Korea is still a hell hole. - UP: 2 DN: 11


But why is South Korea among the countries with most suicide cases if it is a prosperous and heavenly place?.Suicide in 'heaven'? Why would you kill yourself if your 'living in the paradise'?.It's like the scandinavian happiness.. Happiness with antidepressants? No way.. - UP: 3 DN: 1

但是为什么韩国是自杀率最高的国家之一,如果它是一个繁荣和天堂般的地方?在天堂里“自杀”?如果你生活在天堂,你为什么要自杀呢?就像斯堪的纳维亚人的幸福... 服用抗抑郁药的幸福?不可能的...

Where did I say South Korea is a heavenly place? - UP: 0 DN: 0


Oh, my bad.I thought it was an implicit affirmation because you referred to North Korea as a "hell hole' so, by binary logic, i thought you referred to capitalist South Korea as a heavenly place.So we can call South Korea a 'Capitalist hell hole'?... - UP: 3 DN: 0


I would call South Korea heaven if I was in North Korea. - UP: 0 DN: 1


Visbhume 3->MaDmOnKyKungFu
So why do you have to entice North Koreans with payments of almost a million dollars to defect? - UP: 0 DN: 0


The legacy of Korea was our total defeat in Vietnam less than a decade later. - UP: 1 DN: 0


the release timing of the film should tell us something. since the war in 1950, the Korean War was barely mentioned within China, esp. from the 70s till 2010. Then things suddenly changed. Even the border wars with the Soviet Union, Vietnam and India were barely mentioned. Something tells me this is DIFFERENT this time. the government in China is priming its citizens for an imminent struggle with the US. They know this struggle cannot be wished away. The pro-US elements (the 5th column) inside China are being rooted out systematically. Many CIA informants have been taken out (reported in RT today). there is a reason why General Mark Milley had to call the Chinese counterpart that the US was not going to sneak-attack China. - UP: 0 DN: 0


The Chinese experience fighting the Americans in the Korean War led them to the conclusion that America was "a paper tiger". - UP: 0 DN: 0


Hope Vietnam would also makes films showing their view and events of the war. And, why not, one of this day, Afghanistan could make films and documentaries about this 20 years they lived.


Hist 83
A real interesting film just like Russian "Sky" about Russian invite into Syrian war, like other historical Chinese movies like the Battle of Shanghai, or the Air War movie with Bruce Willis.


Tom Pell
I believe China is willing to risk an all out nuclear war with the US over Taiwan.


LittleBuddha->Tom Pell
Willing is one thing, doing it is another. I don't believe the US will launch a nuclear strike against China over Taiwan. When a war becomes imminent, say, China gives Taiwan (actually to the US) an ultimatum, the US will INSTRUCT Taiwan to ACCEPT the one-china principle (one country 2 systems model).


Tom Pell->LittleBuddha
check out "willing" definition in any English dictionary - it implies being ready, eager, or prepared to do something. So from willing to actual doing is just a small step forward.


LittleBuddha->Tom Pell
indeed. If the US launches first, China will change from willing to doing. In between, there is a TRIGGER. And that would be the US ACTION (not words).


They should make the battle of Yultong - UP: 1


Zain Mudassir
Lots of respects from Pakistan 🇵🇰 - UP: 19


X yz
They should produce an ENGLISH LANGUAGE VERSION, or have English subtitles so that interested Americans like me can watch this! Of course they call it Chinese propaganda, but Hollywood produces just as many stupid propaganda movies!
Interested to see the Chinese perspective, and I don't begrudge their sacrifice and bravery in a war fought to defend their national interest. - UP: 6


Edward Brink
I was considering watching this until that spinning grenade throw at 1:14- UP: 33


@Ed, a movie can't be 100% based on on truth and reality, otherwise, it'd be a documentary. But i think this type of war movies really serves as a reminder that we should always avoid war to settle differences in this world. and try to stop the governments/politicians to push their citizens to fight a war for their egos and personal gains. - UP: 1


@SL189 this looks more like a fantasy propaganda war movie - UP: 8


@huhmike you westerners need to chill and stop getting butthurt about anything coming out of China..... I've seen Hollywood war movies and they're full of cringe, I mean I haven't seen anyone saying that I won't see Rambo or Act of Valour because they weren't like a real documentary. - UP: 7

你们西方人需要冷静,不要再对任何来自中国的东西这么敏感了... 我看过好莱坞的战争电影,充满了尴尬,我的意思是,我还没有看到任何人说“我不会去看《兰博》或《英勇行动》,因为它们不像真正的纪录片”。

They were fighting against the entire United Nations, not just the US. - UP: 18


Globetrotter Bengaluru
It was I think 16 countries plus the USA. - UP: 3


Eyn Gray
All know how it is, you can't wake up a person who is pretending to sleep - UP: 1


William Kerr
The US made up the vast majority including the $$$. - UP: 3


Muhammad Ali
Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰♥🇨🇳 - UP: 11


J. C.
You should because china will own u soon - UP: 3


Lang Tree
@J. C. awww some South Koreans are so jealous of Chinese relationships with Pakistan. Ur actions are so low - UP: 1

啊... 一些韩国人嫉妒中国与巴基斯坦的关系,你们的行为太低级了

Mr Wonderful
Great special affects and action. Looks amazing. From America. - UP: 2


rare to see korean war movies from the Chinese perspective, looks cool - UP: 30


It’s a Chinese production to commemorate 70’s anniversary of the real event. Rarely see 3 directors working together in a project this is one of it. - UP: 0


Net Rod
30,000 United Nations Command troops were encircled and attacked by about 120,000 Chinese during the Korean War. The UN forces were nevertheless able to break out of the encirclement and to make a fighting withdrawal to the port of Hungnam, inflicting heavy casualties on the Chinese. - UP: 3


Ray Hall
Be realistic, if the Chinese Army had better equipments, no one can break out of that encirclement. - UP: 1


Globetrotter Bengaluru
I find this funny when CNN is calling this movie a propaganda. But every propaganda coming out of the USA is like the Gospel truth for some. - UP: 15


The whole damm world knows it - UP: 6


Arch Angel
The rest of the world is slowing waking up to their hypocrisy. - UP: 5


Johnny Dingo
plot summary: 1st Marine Division is attacked by 7 Chinese divisions. the Marines fight their way out of the trap while inflicting disproportionate casualties. The intact division continues to fight until the end of the war. American troops remain in South Korea until this day. - UP: 31


The cope is hard when you have to bring up individual battles to save your honor. Truth is the US, with the best military equipment at the time, back to back world war winners, and leading a coalition of 17 countries, was incapable of defeating an army of entirely light infantry. China intervened because McArthur wanted to completely exterminate North Korea. North Korea remains standing to this day. Oh also most of the Chinese casualties came from frostbite and attrition rather than US kills. - UP: 32


Mr Tian
NATO liaison forces beaten to the 38th parallel? Haha... not convinced to fight again? A paper tiger? Cats. - UP: 6

北约联络部队被打到三八线了吧?哈哈... 不相信再打一次?纸老虎?猫。

Kevin Roland
@1n48yg America had dismantled it's military after WWII so they were not ready for a war in Korea. This sort of post-war disarmament was normal for America Remember who helped the Chinese and Russians stay alive in WWII with food and supplies. It was the United States. - UP: 8


@Kevin Roland There are so many excuses for losers that they like to show off their Hollywood. They dare not make a movie about the Korean War. Afraid of embarrassment? - UP: 14


​ @Kevin Roland Yeah ok that's fair except for the fact I could also make the argument that the PRC was literally a 1 year old country at the start of the Korean war, China wasn't exactly in it's most pristine geopolitical position in 1950 from a military or industrial perspective.
Also, US disarmament only cut down on the total amount of personnel serving in the military as well as industrial production, their equipment continued to be arguably the best in the world and was still constantly updating. In an engagement over a relatively small peninsula like Korea, quality matters significantly more than quantity, so unless you're telling me they melted down all their B-21s to make burger grills between 1945-1949 then I presume the US forces in Korea had equal if not better combat prowess than US forces in any equivalent sized theater during WW2. - UP: 11


@Kevin Roland Yet the US still dropped more bombs on Korea than they did in Germany - UP: 9


Man Funny
@1n48yg Agree, west propogonda, casualty differences not so big, actually UN forces numbers are almost equal with China. US forgot to count huge number of UN soldiers - UP: 6


102 Lee
We are not only fought with US troops,you ally is also here with army from 16 countries.They are not model in paper,they are also soldiers. - UP: 2


chan alex
You should compare with the weapons , 1st Marine Division have 10 times more artileries , tanks ,air fighters more than Chinese army . - UP: 3


Ernest Wang
Looks like a good movie, I'll watch it if I have an opportunity. To be honest, since China is open to make the movie about that topic, I feel like it's US' turn to make their own modern Korean War movie, but I don't think they will because Korean War in US is called The Forgotten War (to me, I feel it's now more attention) and don't want to make China unhappy for political reason. - UP: 9


It wont get made because China bans films they don't like while the US doesn't. War films require large studio/budget which no one will do because it will get banned - UP: 3


Americans prohibit any business that threatens them. Alstom, Huawei, Toshiba. But complaining here that China bans their ideological films is shameless​​ - UP: 8


@zdfvdfgfd They are free to do business in China if they follow the law of the land. LinkedIn follows the law, Bing follows the law, Apple follows the law. Refusing to follow the law is the choice of those individual companies. - UP: 3


lol, at all the angry Americans in the comments. Movie looks good. - UP: 9


jian yang
no one wants war, it is all those politican's delusions. dont worry, I dont think USA is caplable to start another war with a major country, unless the nuk war. - UP: 1


Corey Matlak
Hard for Americans to imagine an army from across the world occupying their country.
So they defend their imperialism. - UP: 6


Siming Z
Free Hawaii! Free California! Free Bavaria! Free Catalonia! - UP: 14


Texas is belong to Mexico, Free Hawaii, Free Porto-Rico, Free California - UP: 8


dovey so
Chinese can't see this video on Youtube - UP: 13


Do you think there’s only one video platform in the world? - UP: 18


David Luo
Who told you that, I am Chinese and i'm here. - UP: 8


Alexey Bevza
Feeling hurt in your sensitive western ass, huh? Thought that only US propaganda, like "Pearl Harbour", is OK? - UP: 25


Genshin Impacting
Why don't you make a movie to show your victory? Afraid of what? - UP: 10


@Alexey Bevza nobody liked Pearl Harbor, it was total trash - UP: 2


Zer0 Hero
How did MacArthur blunder so badly? How could he miss more than 300,000 Chinese soldiers? Once the intelligence finally came in loud and clear, he and his staff of sycophants continued to dismiss it, suppress it, or willfully misinterpret its import. In so doing, they recklessly put tens of thousands of American and other United Nations troops in mortal danger. The result was catastrophic: One of the worst defeats, and one of the most ignominious withdrawals, in American military history. - UP: 1


Christopher Wojtan
@Zer0 Hero Yes and he was fired not just for speaking out of turn or his folly but because he was planning a nuclear raid on China.
You want to talk ignominious American defeats you should look at Bataan. That was a true defeat. The only surrender or submission of a major American force to a foreign power. - UP: 1


Mike Gonzalez
I was a US Marine, big part of the culture in the corps is honoring warriors and battles past. Chosin reservoir is one it holds in high regards. It was bitter cold, something the men on the ground from both sides suffered with while entangled In combat. War is nasty stuff...it really is the worst way people can settle issues. But these men fought bravely and as I see here and now from the Chinese perspective brought honor to their Nations. These current tensions are not looking good. May the peoples of our great nations remind our governments that war is not how we should settle our differences. Because what these movies don't give you is the true reality of it.... The sounds so loud it hurts, the smells so bad you gag , the Real blood, sweat and tears of warriors and the innocent alike.
Sit 10 Chinese citizens in a room with 10 American citizens and you'll see they all love live and laugh in their unique ways but none the less are people of this same very earth. 🇺🇲🇨🇳✌️ - UP: 54

我是一名退役的美国海军陆战队员,军队文化的重要组成部分是纪念战士和过去的战役。长津湖是一次备受重视的战役。那时天气非常寒冷,双方的地面部队都在战斗中陷入了困境。战争是让人讨厌的事情... 它确实是人们解决问题最糟糕的方式。但是这些人英勇作战,正如我此时此地从中国人的角度看到的那样,他们给他们的国家带来了荣誉。目前(中美)的紧张局势看起来很不妙。愿我们伟大国家的人民提醒我们的政府,战争不是我们解决分歧该有的方式。因为这些电影不会给你带来战争的真实样子... 声音大到难受,气味非常难闻,让人作呕,战士和无辜的人真实的鲜血、汗水和泪水。

Man Funny
Mike Gonzalez You should tell this to Americans but I doubt you will. Chinese just want to be left alone. - UP: 3


chan alex
Unfortunatly , it's not as you said at the year of 1950. When U.S was the strongest army with biggest economy and biggest production ability in the world . U.S and China were not at same table . The truth was , U.S never treate China as an opponiet at year 1950.
When 10 American citizens seat in a room with 10 Chinese citizens at year of 1950, we were non-education famers with poorest economy in the world . What we have was 100 years of ridicule and discrimination from the West . We suffered by 100 years of wars , I would never expect any respects from 10 American citizens.
But we have one thing at year of 1950, Chairman mao offered farm land for all famers , Every family owns their farmland. We keep our land as our only vaulable treasure . WE would NEVER ever lose it to others.
Why did Chinese army so brave in Korea? How could we bring UN army to the neigotiation table ? There was no way but fight! - UP: 4