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文章原始标题:Is India very important for the USA? How much can India be used to contain China?

内容简介:2021年4月,印度发现,它不能进口任何制造Covisshield(印度新冠疫苗)所需的关键原材料。 原因:美国已经为自己和盟友垄断了市场,并拒绝出口一毫克的额外材料。

Kanthaswamy duBalasubramaniam Lawyer
In April 2021 - India found that it could not import any of the crucial raw ?materials required to manufacture Covishield
Reason : The United States of America had cornered the market for itself and its allies and refused to export a milligram of extra material
India was an Ally of the United States officially under QUAD
Yet United States did not release a single milligram of Material required for Covishield for a whopping 114 days. Even though by then US had 113% Vaccines to Vaccinate their entire adult population and US were using MRNA Vaccines.
US released materials to France, UK and Europe to make the Astrazeneca Vaccine in Europe and fill up their stores.
INdia got the Vaccine only after the West had not just the amount of doses needed but also a huge buffer stock that included being used on children


Yet during this entire time Our PM Modi - did not once threaten US with withdrawal from the QUAD. We remained like the Colonial Slaves we were for 200 years under the british saying “Sure Huzoor!!! First you take care of Memsahib and all the little Sahibs and the Hounds and Horses. Then if you can spare any vaccines- please give us some”
Yet we kowtow to the US, we kowtow to the UK - the Nation which exploited us for 200 year - and we curse the ONE ASIAN NATION that can today terrify every American or European Politican with a single threat.
This single incident shows me that US has not a single ounce of respect for India.
Sure the Americans will dance to Howdy Modi, Take Photos at the G20 Summits, Call Modi their greatest friend - because these things are free.
Now WRT India being used to Contain China :-
Why should China be contained?
Thats my first question
Why Should India be used to Contain China?
Thats my Second question
WHo will contain the UNITED STATES of America?
Thats my third question



China threatens aggression , United States actually committed Aggression , lying openly and brazenly to the whole world and invading a sovereign country in the name of Human Rights.
China is called a threat to World peace, the United States actually helped create both Al Qaeda and ISIS which have caused over 70,000 Deaths and millions in property damage
China is accused of Human Rights Violations with dubious evidence while the United States nuclear bombed thousands of ordinary civilians and subsequently used Napalm on thousands of innocents in their own country & used drones to slaughter families in their own country citing dubious security lies.
India is pure Cannon Fodder for the United States , something lower than a Pawn
India has two choices today -


(A) Friendship with China - To Grow and Develop and to Cut off the Western World and work to build a prosperous and strong Asia
(B) Lackey Slave to US and the West - To continue to Kowtow to the West, have press photos taken, be called a great friend and yet not get AN INCH OF GENUINE ASSISTANCE and continue to remain paupers until 2050
An Educated Leader could have understood the choices.
Hope we get one, someday.


Venkata Rao
Absolutely top class answer. The UK - US axis is the most dangerous axis in the world for the simple reason that they think they are stil the colonial masters of the world . In modern parlance it is called neo colonialism. India should keep these two powers at arms length as Nehru had done earlier. Nehru had a good relationship with Russia. Russia is not neo colonial and always regards India as a friend. In treatment of China India should follow Vajpayee’’s lead.
Unfortunately the present govt follows the advice of the pro American civil servant Jaishankar.


Anirudh Mitra
US is the biggest bully of all inheriting same dirty english blood.


Apoorv Bansal
“An educated leader would have understood the choices.hope we get one someday “
We got one..and we voted him out in 2004 ..so we deserve this
We didn't join QUAD because we are slave or something, we joined it because China had left us with no choice..
Also i am sure GOI knows the real nature of US
US and India are just in marriage of convenience

我们有过一个... 但我们在2004年投票淘汰了他,所以这是我们应得的。

Patrick Koh
That 1962 fiasco was not started by China, but India’s eagerness to exploit the British legacy and anomaly of that infamous border line created out of Imperial chicanery.
Surely, China had no lust for a war after a terrible long famine where millions died. And China patiently persuaded India and at a time, China urgently needed support from the 3rd world or neutrals. You can read various analysis/ thesis on this.
After 1962, a few natural things logically happened due to mistrust and ill blood…


I just wish to comment that the notion that “China is pushing India into” anything is one sided and more erroneous than true. I think much of the fault also should be laid with India’s domestic politics, media and own politicians, over decades.
India should know what SCS means for China’s security vis-a-vis the USA. Even their nuke submarines are prowling there for decades.
Why join QUAD, an imperialistic coloniser’s club solely created to help the USA contain / surround China? Has Indians forgotten how they were used so loyally to serve in the British armies terrorising countless tribes around the world once? Is India willing this time to do US bidding one day, for war, again? I dont think so, and hope not, Nothing good comes out of it from the many US-stimulated wars the world witnessed.
We can have differing views, but I wish to balance this with another perspective from the other side. Peace out.


Felix Chua
What happened to China in the SCS will happen to India in the Indian Ocean. As India rises in the next 30 years to challenge the US’ economic and geopolitical dominance, US fleets will start FONOPs in the Indian Ocean to threaten Indian's sea lanes.


Patrick Koh
May be more than American ships in 30 years, LOL


Apoorv Bansal
Nope..we have not forgotten anything
But we are using(or atleast trying to use) US against China the way China used US against Soviets during cold war
Indians are the ones who invented Non Alignment,no country(including US) can force us to join the war if India's own interest is not there in it ..so rest assured about we “bidding" for America against China
If push indeed comes to shove,we would be doing our own bidding..not America's!!

“不结盟”是印度人发明的,如果印度自己的利益不在其中,任何国家(包括美国)都不能强迫我们参战... 所以放心,我们让美国“投标”来对抗中国

Patrick Koh
Firstly, some of your points are indeed similar to mine.
I like the Non Alignment bit. As I said, I dont think India will want to do US bidding.
I dont think US ever get China to support (or fight) any of its wars, and if anything China/USSR cooperated as allies to support N Vietnam vs USA in a big war.
Later, the pragmatic rapprochement with USA was more for development as China went realpolitik rather than ideology.


Asutosh Samal
Leave nehru alone. Let's focus on current scenario, so we emerge as a superpower. So my Point is, let's stop bitching about past works and focus on future.


Aditya Simha
India should do neither - a third and better choice is what needs to be chosen. Friendship with China is absolutely unlikely - I mean they think every single North-Eastern is theirs. How can India be friends with them with that sort of attitude?


Sumanth Murthy
Yeah that’s easier said than done. The recent repeal of farm bills is evidence that the PM isn’t strong on principles or ideology but cares more about elections. Now if I were a political consultant advising the PM I’d be thrilled since I’m in for a massive payday. The “Non-Aligned Movement” under Nehru, Gamal Nasser and Josef Tito was strong BECAUSE of the leadership. Eisenhower told the Brits and French to f*** off during the Suez crisis. Alas there are no strong leaders like that today. There are no Deng Xiaopings or Lee Kuan Yews or Park Chung Hees. India is known for food and Bollywood which is a weaker export than what Japan or China or even Vietnam exports.


Better Days
Indian mainstream media hysterics has left Modi with no room to manouver. The wall to wall China bashing on Indian MSM means Modi can only source for deals from USA. It’s bad for business. Bad for India. Bad for China. Great for Western colonials. They’re laughing their assess off at Chinese and Indians sabre-rattling. FUBAR.


Krishna Sengupta
Please don’t talk about the food , one third of our children goes to bed hungry everyday Global Hunger Index 2020: countries most affected by hunger | Statista
Forget about fish, chicken, meat , just simply think about vegetables . 35 percent of Indians are vegetarian while only 4 percent of China population are vegetarian and the population of China is 1.4 Billion and that of India is 1.38 Billion . Now simply look at the vegetable production of two countries. China grow 588 MT of Vegetable while for India it is 132 MT


Today's times are different from those of the Cold War.
During the Cold War, the United States was willing to pay for developing countries that sided with the West in order to contain the Soviet Union.
But America today has no capacity to be as generous as it was during the Cold War.
All costs for India to contain China must be borne by India itself.
During the Cold War, the best choice was to take sides. Access to capital and markets for development from superpowers. But India has opted for a degree of neutrality.
In today's era of Sino-US competition, most European and Asian countries choose not to take sides between China and the US. So they can benefit from both markets.
But India is firmly on America's side.
India is very unique and its choices are often completely different from those of most countries.
Perhaps, this is also an important reason why India continues to miss development opportunities.


Dhruv Khandelwal
Lol I am indian and you spoke the truth which most of us never want to hear.

【回复】哈哈 我是印度人,你说了我们大多数人都不想听到的事实。

Zakir Khan
Well once the president of Vietnam said “It's very easy to be an enemy of United States but to be a friend is very tough"
And that's true. USA will never give a damn about India. They once thought that India can take on china but lately they got their senses back.
All I can say is never ever, ever ever, rely on someone else for your own problems. There are no friends or foe here, it's all about friends for benefits.


Snoring Salsa
In Chinese language, there is a saying that goes: “There is no permanent foes, there is no permanent friends either - Only permanent interests”.


Without US IT exports, what will happen to common Indians especially youths, apart from IT sector what other sector has India exported so much?
We have huge population and we need jobs, US is providing it directly and indirectly, what will china did, hmm reality is different.

我们有庞大的人口,我们需要就业机会,而美国直接和间接地提供了就业机会,中国会怎么做,嗯... 现实是不同的。

Adrion VII
US providing jobs for Indian nationals? What I as an outsider see is that more Indians are rushing to the lucrative scamming industry to scam Americans, if this is your idea of providing jobs then it’s quite despicable…
India lost a great deal when it refused the chance to join RCEP, which would soon be the largest free-trade zone. It should have been the perfect chance for Indian industries to improve their competence and increase reach to greater regional prominences, as well as create new, proper jobs.


Indian will never grow like china, India has archaic labor laws and so much diversity, add red tape asses of government officials, you know as a businessman, you need good political connection to survive.
In a strange way, Yes US IT jobs are only place where middle class Indians are thriving, there is too much politics there but getting government jobs is like fighting World war and very less jobs in industries, so only place where indians are thriving is outsourcing, I know it hurts us local people jobs but then I wonder why us companies are setting so many outsourcing centers in india and Phillipines.
India can't produce jobs in millions every year with middle class salary in only IT sector and Indirectly It's US which is helping, I can't imagine without IT jobs, we will go back to old era of 70s where having job was a luxury.


Dhruv Khandelwal
That's just a give and take relationship. We provide them the cheapest and most affordable workforce who will not think twice on asking for working extra hours. The day they find someone cheaper they will ditch us and that's capitalism and US.


So is india trying anything to stop this, Unlike Chinese we are 50 yrs behind in manufacturing, you need a leader like Xiaoping or Lee Kuan yew to get things right, as seen from farmers bill, nothing in india can be reformed on votes.


Dhruv Khandelwal
The think which I believe is democracy is not the ideal form of governance as its presented, it all depends on whether your population is educated or not. It can become the best source of exploitation if most of the voters are rabble which will eventually result in the case of cesspit democracy.


Dileesh Damodaran
India haven't lost a single square inch of land to USA or UK after independence.
After we started taking them as allies, USA and UK haven't funded and supported militia and rogue nations that infiltrate in to India and wreak havoc here.
UK and USA is not planning to build infrastructure projects through disputed lands without it's permission.
List of friendly nations of USA & UK — Germany, France, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Etc.
List of friendly nations of China — Srilanka, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan etc.
USA didn't allow the vaccine material to be exported out of it because they got their priorities straight, we didn't.


Paruchuri S Prasad
USA ignoring India is not equal to China can be a better friend of India. China is a bigger danger to India with bent on containing India. India has no recent enmity with the West. India has nothing to gain from China at this moment except getting threats and brinksmanship. China’s design is very simple … not to allow India to develop and be its equal.

【回复】美国忽视印度不等于中国可以成为印度更好的朋友。中国对印度来说是一个更大的危险,一心想要遏制印度。印度最近与西方没有敌意。此刻,除了受到威胁和边缘政策,印度从中国那里得不到任何好处。中国的构思非常简单... 不允许印度发展,不允许印度与中国平起平坐。

Mohan Nilkanth
We have much to loose and little to gain compared to indo-US and European alliance.
We are not lackey of US, but we are reaping the benefits of both the world.
We, simply have to become superpower and strong silently under the shadow of US till our status and power is not equal to them.
Let US fight china, their own war. We will reach there one day.
Remember, international politics is simply based on selfish interests not on Some ideals or over reliant on some Nations.


Adrion VII
Politics means disregarding personal opinions to some extent and doing everything possible to improve one’s own standing.
That means partnering with and learning from China in many areas. A lot of new technological developments and innovations are going on in China. The Chinese have immense experience and know-how in managing robust supply chains, cost-effective bullet trains and factory automations.
If India is willing to put down some of its nationalistic pride to learn from China — just as China did over the past few decades to learn from its past enemies (at different stages) US, Soviet Union and Japan — India can go far. There is no need to “let go” of any national baselines or claims. China still claims Senkaku/Diaoyu islands.
Advocating to close the door on China, and I think the future is pessimistic for India if it chooses this path.


Ananthanarayanan Ramamurthy
The writing is on the wall!
I repeat Y India had chosen to beg??
Y India had not prepared for any eventualities. Suffer.


Shashank AC
I understand the sentiment of this answer, but China is not at all interested in building a strong Asia along with India.


Andrew Goh
If the US succeeds in its plan to bring China to heel, it will seek to destroy India next.


Ravi Aguva
Indian pharma industry is a major competitor for US Pharma,producing cheapest vaccines at a fraction of US costs. Pfizer, moderna have to recover their costs before US helps others, including India, notwithstanding the Global misery. Business first, charity next is the guiding priciple of all Global MNCs.
Why are we finding it difficult to understand that India can never be ‘all weather friend' to US, China or for that matter Russia. Its all ‘interest based' and mostly' transactional'. We need to fend for ourselves, without needlessly worrying about friendship, loyality…..


When US Govt blocked raw materials , civil society of US pushed for blockade removal and called out Govt. Also you missed, that happened just when a new Govt formed. So you're writing with little knowledge of the circumstances that both US and India where. It is grey not as Black& White you seem to write. And certainly friendship with China isn't going to be better than friendship with west. Don't forget China actually pushed India towards QUAD.


I accept with you sir. In the name of human rights, west is exploiting Asia. China-India are historically friends, only for the past few decades we have border issue. Other than that we don’t have much issue.
Also I would like to say that India is not an ally of USA. We are just strategic partners. Only NATO is the ally of USA. And other few countries including Pakistan is a major non-NATO ally of USA. They backstabbed a NATO ally France by creating AUKUS, so we cannot expect them to support India. After a few decades, if India is about to be the superpower, US would say India is disturbing peace in Indian Ocean. US would try to counter India by allying or creating something like QUAD with Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. So QUAD is not of much use to India


Pavan Swaroop
Bharat china relations could have been rock solid. If they return our lands back, I think we should go ahead make China our staunch ally.


Pranesh Purohit
(A) Friendship with China - To Grow and Develop and to Cut off the Western World and work to build a prosperous and strong Asia
But how could China help India build up its wealth. China build up its wealth by selling to United States and European Union because China could get higher profits by selling to a consumer market of higher per capita income. They almost doesn’t give access to its consumer market to foreign companies, which is one of the reasons why the trade war got initiated because United States wanted China to buy more from United States.
How do you think India could gain wealth and prosperity by strengthening friendship with China?


Bob Yan
They almost doesn’t give access to its consumer market to foreign companies.
Do we live in a different world?
According to the foreign direct investment data of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the foreign investment to China in 2020 increase 163 billion U.S. dollars.
According to China Customs statistics, the total value of China’s imports in 2020 is 2,055.61 billion U.S. dollars.
China has a trade deficit with many countries, but it does have a trade surplus with the United States.
In the 1980s, the U.S. trade deficit with East Asian countries accounted for more than 80%. Although the U.S. trade deficit with China increased, the U.S. trade deficit with East Asian economies dropped to the current 60%.
Have you ever thought that the trade deficit is caused by the United States itself, not China?


Pranesh Purohit
I have to say I don’t know the details of the trade between United States and China but China exports mostly value added manufactured consumer goods to United States and imports agricultural products from United StatesI am not saying the trade deficit of United States with China is something China is responsible for. It I think naturally happens when a higher per capita nation trades with a lower per capita nation. China also needs to protect its industry until it becomes a higher per capita income nation in order to make a level playing field
At present, the only way for India gain more wealth I think is by exporting to wealthier countries like USA, EU etc whose consumer market is not price sensitive unlike China’s or other recently industrializing countries


Bob Yan
At present, the only way for India gain more wealth I think is by exporting to wealthier countries like USA, EU etc whose consumer market is not price sensitive unlike China’s or other recently industrializing countries.
Personally I think that India’s problem is not to choose the fitable market for its products (India’s own market is already big enough) but to find the own advantages for its products. Eg. The advantages of Chinese products have evolved from the initial cost-effectiveness to higher-end intelligent manufacturing. And India needs to make full use of its market to find out its own advantages.
Regarding the issue of the US-China trade deficit, on the one hand, the US embargo on Chinese high-tech products has harmed the exports of American companies, and on the other hand, the excessive consumerism of Americans wasted a lot of imports.


Bob Yan
India may need to learn from China to vigorously develop infrastructure, fight against corruption, improve administrative execution, simplify business processes, encourage STEM education, train more and more skilled workers, and so on.
Coupled with India’s labor cost advantage, I believe that India’s manufacturing industry can also gain a huge development like others.


Great Answer. If India and China form allies to form strong Asia then noone would dare to look at us.


Sundar Bssundar
Cutting off USA will never happen. We are in awe with that country. China is an upstart for us. We want our children to get educated, employed and settle in the US. Also get a green card. The elites who drive the policy will have no such thing with China. We won’t look east or south. We are unidirectional for a long time to come


Nitin Panchanathan
Loved this. “Sure Huzoor!!! First you take care of Memsahib and all the little Sahibs and the Hounds and Horses.


Epstein Lance
Is there any chance that India will only end up being the potential flashpoint for world war three to please its American master?


Sarthak Mahadik
Great answer
This answer literally disturbed me. :(

这个回答真的让我很不安。 :(

Rajesh Paramashivam
The writer has forgotten what has happened in 1962 by trusting china,


Divyansh Rajput
Than that means Nehru's foreign policy was better than modi?


Ramkumar Natarajan Read a lot about China
As America seeks to counter a rising China, no nation is more important than India, with its vast size, abundance of highly skilled technical professionals, and strong political and cultural ties with the United States.
Just as the United States, India sees China as a geopolitical and military rival. Analysts in India view that India has the potential to become an important global manufacturing hub for US com...


Goodi Shang
I'll tell you the truth.
India cannot be a pawn of the United States. China only needs to send 2000 soldiers to deploy on the Sino Indian border to solve India's aggression. The commander of China's Western military region only needs to do one thing to control the expansion of the situation.
Let's calculate the cost of dealing with India. Normal relocation and deployment of 2000 soldiers at a cost of 0. The deployment of border barracks is within the budget and the cost is 0. The deployment of backup missiles, normal mobilization, cost 0. Entertainment expenses for negotiation between the two parties, US $1000.
China's cost to India is $1000. Well, I can personally pay for it.
If India wants to put pressure on China, it needs to purchase weapons, armaments, cotton padded clothes, ammunition, maintenance fees and so on. I estimate it at more than $1 billion. Of course, if Indian military personnel ask for kickbacks, it will cost $2 billion.
Chinese side: USD 1000
India: $2 billion.
India should not do such adverse things. If India has to do it, it is because there is a $1 billion rebate.