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文章原始标题:Is Japan afraid of China's revival?


Jay in New Zealand History and Current Affairs interest
I think everyone is afraid of Chinas’ revival especially those countries that invaded China killing millions of Chinese people. Those countries have a lot of fears, concerned that if China becomes a super power they will do to them what they did to China.
Luckily for those countries, China isn’t made the same way. What can be guaranteed is China will never allow their country and their people to ever be mistreated again. So they are not vengeful, but they will not forget.
China is strong enough to defend themselves, and strong partnerships to gain allies if needed, China Russia Bilateral Military Partnership is one of the strongest allowing the sharing of military technology and future military development.
China have no goals to rule the world or invade other countries, they have the goal to ensure the people of China are able to live their best lives, they want win win scenario and partnerships of mutual benefit.


Peter Webb
Perhaps should tell that to Taiwan? That would put a lot of people’s minds at rest, and not just in Taiwan.


Eddie Leong
My contact in Guangdong says there will be no war. The Taiwanese are ready to surrender upon China entering Taiwan. Does not mean the Taiwanese simply listen to their current female President. She is the Chief Troublemaker.


Shuai Quan
Taiwan is part of China, China can't invade Taiwan, just like you can't invade your foot. Even Taiwan recognised itself as part of China, Republic of China, that's written in the Constitution.


Molly D. Reaume
In general, I have been very happy to be born, raised, educated & live in Canada. It is generally a forward-looking country with UHC, a social safety net, pensions for retirees, a high-level of education &/training plus a peaceful, polite populace who enjoy a high standard of living, good health, a low crime rate plus longevity. Number one for quality of life worldwide, we are quite fortunate; however, it seems China is going to achieve these very same goals very soon. Congrats & may China's achievements encourage others to follow in their path of peaceful development & economic prosperity.


Kenneth Milne
Yes, Canada is a wonderful country and a great place to live, but I think China is a little bit ahead of it now. USA is quite a bit down the line from both of them.


Molly D. Reaume
Yeah, I gotta agree. But with one caveat: Canada has taken almost all of it's people out of poverty. China is a work in progress on that score. On the question of infrastructure, buildings, food production, China is a world leader in innovation & I believe, environmental awareness. I am so glad I lived long enough to see China & her people prosper in this way - without wars, coupes, covert actions, etc.


Xane Feng
Canada has taken almost all of its people out of poverty?
Ever been to Vancouver East Side?
First Nation communities can't even get access to safe drinking water.


Molly D. Reaume
Yes, almost all; of course that implies there are those areas with problems. May we, the Canadian people & her government, have the courage & fortitude to move on theses issues.


Joe Wong
My perspective on Canadian democracy is talk and talk but nothing is done. What a waste of time. We had loss 40 years of precious time. If we don’t change our way of managing our government we will not grow and it will go down like US.
No one talk about China 40 years ago. She was a dirt poor country after WW2.
China is in Africa and around the World, is promoting business, peace and harmony. China is promoting prosperity for all countries unlike the US. and the Western allies. China knows how it is to be poor and knows how to help others with their experience on the rise.
I am disturbed by our Canadian and US politicians criticizing China without any evidence. We in the West has a ton of garbage in our front yard and yet we want to criticize other country which is non of our business. I think we should get off our high horse.
Have been travelling for the last 30 years and have seen a lot of wonders around the World.


Molly D. Reaume
Joe, I agree with most of your comment; but, we have not wasted 40 years.


Zbigniew Dzwonkowski
Yes, Chinese compassion first and money the second, is so great for all underdeveloped countries on Earth … soon USA will join them …

【回复】是的,中国人同情心第一,金钱其次,对地球上所有不发达国家来说都是伟大的... 很快美国也会加入他们的行列...

Wilson Lee
We are living in same planet. To be honest, I don't care which country is better than another. We are one.


Shuai Quan
Molly, if Chinese people as rich as the Canadians, take the population into consideration, 0.038 billion Canadians, 1.44 billion Chinese, the GDP of China will hold 65% of the whole world, or 38 times of Canada, can you imagine what does this mean?
By the way China eradicated extreme poverty in 2020, I visited every province of China in the last few years, witnessed the history, they are really care about the people, and they do have plans, most importantly they are doing it, they can make things done.
Just like you, hope that one day the Chinese can have the same living standards like Canada.


Kenneth Milne
Yes China is doing very well. If I was a young man today I would probably go and check out China for opportunities. A lot of people that work there on short contracts often end up staying much longer because they like it so much.


Shuai Quan
Actually older foreigners also have opportunities in China, just stay in China and to be a YouTuber, and tell the truth about China, counter misinformation from the Western mainstream media, older people has more credibilities normally.


Kenneth Milne
Thankyou Shuai Quan, I will keep that in mind for when the Covid pandemic is over.


Shuai Quan
Actually during the pandemic, you still can visit China, well, if you are willing to take the quareintine procedure, currently it's 14+7 days.
Check out a YouTube channel Barrett.
His name is Barrett Lee, of course there are a lot of YouTubers out there.
When lies are everywhere, truth will be more cherished.

他的名字是Barrett Lee,当然还有很多油管UP在那里。

Zbigniew Dzwonkowski
Yes, really good things in life do not need the Western style advertisement …


Benjamin Simpson
Yes, the path of peaceful development is so important.


Pai How Nee
Thks for sharing, Jay. Agree & endorse your opinion. Countries (esp Japan) that invaded China & committed atrocities fear the military rise of China. China does not want to rule the world nor invade any country. China only want to secure her sovereignty territorial rights & reunify with Taiwan in near future peacefully. Chinese are not revengeful, but they will not forget.


Yap You Wai
the Jap biz corps are happy to do biz in/with China, but guess the politicians need to listen to the US?


Gordon Chow
To be fair, it’s not as if the Japanese politicians signed the Plaza Accord in the 80s without army bases on it’s lands.


Ron Chow
I think Japan is more concerned with, but not ‘afraid of’, China's rise. But while the concern is there, two way business will continues unabated.


Jay Hatano
Actually government is paying companies to relocate their factories out of china


Joe Wong
It is Japan’s choice to move or stay. Also Japan has to remember where is the biggest lucrative market….China. It takes 2 to tango!

【回复】是离开,还是留下,这是日本的选择。此外,日本必须记住,哪里是最有利润的市场... 中国。跳探戈需要两个人!

George Khoo Swee Tuan
Those countries who are anti Chinese or Chinese haters have among those countries with guilty consciences and instead of aiding China are plotting to make more trouble and the US is the ring leader


Paul Mitchell
The thing at the moment is that China is accumulating allies, such as Russia, without setting out to do so, and the USA is losing them, such as Europe, and New Zealand despite desperately trying gain them.
Interesting times.


Joe Louis
Those countries live in a paranoia state.
Like a Mafia leader who always think that someone will come and kill him and take his money and illegal business. Specially from those who the Mafia killed, abused, …


Ribelle One
China was THE Superpower for majority of the last 2000 years, they did not invade the world then and why would they do it when they regain their Superpower title in a few years? I believe many countries including the current Superpower are insecure and trying their best to prevent this from happening, however I do not see a problem with this if it is based on true competition, instead of lies and deceptions.


Bruce Bai
I think it’s one of the reasons Japan tied to USA.


Buergud Tong
I can tell from my experience that the newer generation of Japanese don't seem to have the war engaging mentality, or maybe they just hid well. It's at least not hate but more of rivalry in technical advancement, economical achievement and social status. What I don't understand is that how the Japanese still would work with the US who dropped two nukes on them? Is it an opportunistic approach or being progmatic? I just can't understand that.


Hao Wu
Because US let janps alive after ww2. US is evil, but it is knowed evil. China, on the other hand is unknown. No matter how kindness China is now. If janps have power, they will kill the unstable factors first, and then the evil.


JK Chia
Japan is very afraid of China because of what Japan did to the Chinese
US is not afraid of China but afraid of Japan because of what US did to the Japanese


Harry Teo
China never ever be like that anymore


Michael Feng studied at Royal Institute of Technology
Absolutely, I been to Japan, knows quite some, and on a personal basis I like Japanese, Japanese are polite, at least on surface, homogeneous, are very keen in details, they generally don't like to take charge of doing things, or take responsibilities when things goes wrong in, they don't want to be seen as trouble by the mainstream, but if there is a Yang then there is always a Ying, the darkside is that Japan doesn't wanna recognize it's past wrong, especially during WW2, it's low esteem when things goes wrong and super confidence without regard to other when things are going well.
This make Japans relationship with it's neighbors like Koreas and China hard to reconcile.
Although most Japanese will deny that they are frightened by China and it's rapid development, but if you know them well enough, at least some will admit that they are afraid that China will extract a way of revenge vs Japan because of it's past aggression vs China when China was weak, split and in civilwar, and it's refusal to adhere to a formal reconciliation which includes formal apology to the countries it ravaged, the overall anxiety level in Japan have increased greatly the past 20 years, anyone claiming it's not are simply not been truthful.


Ron Chow
In all fairness the current generation of Japanese has nothing to do with the atrocities done to China a generation ago. It is the current politicians which, for reasons of pride or history, or others, steadfastly fail to acknowledge the terrible deeds of their ancestors, unlike what the Germans have done. The Chinese and Koreans have a right to be upset by this lack of remorse.


Shuai Quan
Not really, the current generation of Japanese inherited from their ancestors wealth, so they have to inherit their ancestors’ notorious fame. It's just like you want a coin, then you have to accept both sides of it.
China and South Korea demand nothing but the current Japanese admit their ancestors’ wrong doing in history and apologize like the German did. Instead the Japanese denying and take those WWII criminals as their heros, can the Westerners imagine the Germans worship Hitler and other war criminals?


Ron Chow
It is like saying if your parent commits murder then you are a criminal by inheritance. Don’t think that’s logical. But I do agree the current Japanese government, not the people, should openly acknowledge the wrongdoing of their ancestors as the Germans did. Having said that, if you search the web, you will find a number of Japanese now living and working in China, offering their respective expertise - art, language, agriculture know-how, etc. - to the local communities. I applaud these people for their effort to make amends.


KT Chan
Based on your reasoning, are you suggesting that when the generation who commit brutal atrocities during WW2 passes on, than all should be forgotten with no apologies because the present generation cannot be held responsible for the actions of their parents and grand parents?


Ron Chow
Germany played a similar role as Japan during WW2. But no one is blaming the current generation of Germans. Why? Because the German government acknowledged the wrong doing of their ancestors, apologized and even made financial compensation to families of Jewish victims.
On the contrary the Japanese government has done none of that. So I am holding the Japanese ‘government’ accountable for this failure, but will hold nothing against the current generation of Japanese. As I said in some other posts, some Japanese actually made amends on their own, visiting and living in parts of China to offer their expertise to help out local communities. These Japanese deserve out praise.


KT Chan
I agree with comments in your first paragraph and holding the Japanese Government accountable. But is this good enough? Clearly, the Japanese Government - past, present and future (unless pressured) has no intention to admit their mistakes inspite of prodding by former German Chancellor A Merkel when she visited Japan in 2015. In the meantime, young Japanese are fed propaganda and educational materials reminding them Japan never committed any of these alleged atrocities. So the Japanese Government make no apology. The current and future generations believe their ancestors have done no wrong. You do not blame them. So, they merrily go about doing their own things as if nothing bad or evil was ever committed!


Why do you think Germany apologise? Do you think the Government would have done so without public pressure? As early as 1942, young people from the University of Munich recognise the evil deeds of the Nazis against the Jews and started to protest. Some of them were arrested, trialed and found guilty by the Nazis. Guess what happened to them? They were guillotined! Yes, executed! Do our young Japanese have the courage and deep sense of justice to do the same? The execution of several students in 1942 in Nazi Germany did not stop others from taking up their cause. Over the decades, there were more demonstrations which eventually culminated in an apology. I salute the German Government for their courage and humility in making the apology.
A few Japanese individuals who make an effort to express their remorse over WW2 atrocities inflicted on Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Asians and some Europeans do not constitute an apology! Unless public pressure is brought to bear on the Japanese Government especially by young people and students who are ashamed of the bestial behavior of their fathers and grandfathers involved in WW2, nothing is going to happen.


Arian Inigo
Maybe ceding the Ryūkyūs to the PR of China will be considered an adequate act of apology for the past actions of the Japanese Empire in China. Not geopolitically prudent, of course, but it should get Beijing to be less vociferous about the injustices.


Ron Chow
I think any sincere, formal apology should do. Don’t think China needs material compensation at this point.


Mel Victor
Abe himself is a direct descendent of one of those hardcore Jap war criminals. There are others too, members of the hardline, right wing political party, not to mention those with extreme views holding senior positions in universities, in their NGOs, etc. They are in effect cheerleading the American war hawks to contain and suppress China's rise, at the very least


Pher Kimhuat
Japanese leaders only kowtow to those more arrogant and aggressive than them like the US to drop two atomic bombs for them to surrender and become US’s faithful lapdog. Nice and kind don’t work with Japan except for them to take advantage of kindness.


Long Calvin
Japanese leaders are extraordinarily machiavellian. I remember once they sent the US a huge display of their 1000 birds of paradise, put together by Japanese children, while they were ruthlessly bombing Shanghai and other Chinese cities.
They respect and follow the US precisely because they dropped two atom bombs on Japan and defeated them.


Daniel Ly
Of course, children are not responsible for sins of the fathers. This mind set is used often in the US by the white majority to continue the “white privilege” in all aspect of life. However, there have been noticeable efforts to correct the past wrongs. Because although the current generation is not responsible for what had been done, it realizes it has the responsibility to do the right thing. Do I see the young, current generation of Japanese admits the past sins and makes an accountable effort to right the wrongs?
No. I do not see that is happening. Look at that prick Abe and look how they still revere that shrine they built to worship those class A criminals. Yes, the Japanese has every reason to fear the rise of China and Korea.


Pher Kimhuat
You’re absolutely spot on. Abe is another asshole Japan’s ex-PM who is also a descendent of those heartless and merciless imperial family continue to be even more faithful as a lapdog to US in fear of today’s strong China to follow US against China and continue to send offerings to those WWII war criminals at Yasukuni shrine.


Christopher Bong
Agreed that the politicians are to blame. They have hidden their wartime atrocities from their history books. This being why the younger generations are ignorant of their ancestors cruelty.


Benny Jan
Apples dont run far from their mother tree. The genes are there for life into their offspring.


April Wang
If they thk they have nothing to do with the past, why would they afraid of chinas rise? We all have past, that’s called history, either personally or state wise. “九世犹可复仇乎? 百世亦可。”

【回复】如果他们认为自己与过去没有关系,为什么他们会害怕中国的崛起?我们都有过去,这就叫历史,无论是个人还是国家。“九世犹可复仇乎? 百世亦可。”

Ron Chow
China should always be vigilant against potential hostile nations. The US currently being one of them. But you painting the entire Japanese race with one brush is wrong. I know for a fact some Japanese, during the war or in the post-war era, are peace-loving individuals. Film director Masaki Kobayashi is one of them.


L.K. Ee
Look at the American military bases in Japan. The whole country is surrounded by them. If American occupation has ended, why are foreign military bases still there and why do the proud Japanese tolerate them? Something tells me the Japanese tolerate them because of the fear of China. And the Americans retain their bases because they want to control the Japanese. The Japanese unfailingly hold memorials for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Al Ko
yup the modern day shogun is mighty warlord USA. i think Japanese is afraid of facing the atrocities in China and even a singapore when my grand uncle was loaded onto a truck and disappeared; probably shot in the head by the japanese. Well at least the yearly remainder on Nanjing massacre by China is a message that the Chinese can forgive but not forget just like my grandfather.


Pher Kimhuat
My father was almost killed by the Japanese army but fortunately managed to escape otherwise I won’t be here to write my opinions. You’re right, we may forgive but will never forget those merciless and cruel past of the Japanese army especially when we constantly see in the news that Japanese leaders continue to send offerings to those WWII war criminals as if it’s the most important thing for them to do without any due consideration for the families of the WWII victims to arouse our anger even more.


Bill Smith
So, have they been fearful of China since 1945, because that's how long the bases have been there? And they aren't there because the Americans demand it, it's because the Japanese pay for them to be there.


L.K. Ee
Japan was under American occupation between 1945–1952. Yes, I am aware Japan pays for continued US occupation of their country. Why do the Japanese want such an arrangement and why do the Americans agree to continue with their occupation of Japan?


Bill Smith
The Americans are NOT occupying Japan. The Japanese could ask them to leave at any point. Those bases remain there at the discretion of the Japanese government.
Currently it suits both countries to have these bases.


L.K. Ee
I am not sure about the first point. It can only be verified when the marching order is given.
I agree with your second point.
If there are foreign bases and armed forces in your country, isn’t this called occupation? Maybe it doesn't sound so bad if you use “vassal”.


Ruobing Qian
God I've seen so many articles on Yasukuni Shrine visits and ultra nationalist demonstrations (mostly anti-Korean) all which could be traced back to Japan's government's attempts to revive the ideals of its Imperialistic past. The funny thing is, the world has changed and empires are a thing of the past. The modern world will not accept them. Yet a rather obsolete mindset seems to purvey in Japan and it is ironic that a country perceived as so developed and modern fails to have the insight to realise or question this. Either that or there's some shady stuff going down to ensure any voices that are in opposition to the dominant narrative are suppressed, which makes it all the more frightening. Like the whole editing of historic textbooks with regard to WW2. A whole generation is made to think Japan was the victim and China and Korea are being the aggressors or too emotional. Yikes.


L.K. Ee
“A whole generation is made to think Japan was the victim and China and Korea are being the aggressors or too emotional”
Yes, the Japanese were victims of American firebombing and nuclear bombing. But they asked for it by launching a sneak attack on Pearl Harbour. But the East Asians and S.E. Asians did not ask for it. They were invaded.


Pher Kimhuat
Correct, 欺善怕恶 are the most appropriate Chinese words to describe Japan.

【回复】没错, “欺善怕恶”是形容日本最合适的中文词汇。

Henry Juskevicius
Japan has real companies with strong brands. China has none! Game over….


Michael Feng
I have a Audi Q5, hade a Toyota Camry before it, I am now considering a Nio EV or Tesla for my next car. Japanese car industry are sadly falling behind once again, this time in EV.


Jake Yang
Brand recognition takes time and chinese brands are relatively young compared to Japanese and american and european brands.its understandable
One must be blind To call chinese brands are not well known
DJI is a world well known drone maker, arguably the best drone maker in the whole world.
Tik tok is the number 1 downloaded app in app store. And its parent company, bytedance is the most valuable start-up company in the world
TCl is the hottest selling tv on amazon and it's also the fastest growing tv maker in the u.s
Huawei is the largest communications equipment provider in the world and it's also the leader in the 5G technology. And its phone business is sometimes number 1 and sometimes number 2 in number of phones sold.

抖音是app store中下载量第一的应用程序。它的母公司字节跳动是世界上最有价值的创业公司。

Yaw Asuman
I beg to differ. On the contrary, the Japanese are not afraid of the Chinese rise one single bit. The Japanese are warriors by nature and it doesn’t change the fact whether modern or ancient!! Japanese on the other hand are willing to die for their emperor and it has been proven over the course of their history. Added to the fact that the Japanese aren’t afraid of death one bit. A people who can commit seppuku on the whim. Why will they be afraid of China?


Michael Feng
Well then you are simply stuck in the past with a self imagination of situations, there is no such a thing as warrior culture in Japan today, Japan have simply been castrated since WW2, Japanese culture is always tough on the weak and bending to the strong, that's just natural, as shown over and over again in history, both vs internal and external foes.


Pk Leong
During one of the seminars I attended . A Japanese speaker said , japan is afraid that one day japan will only b a province of China .


Quan Fung
Japan is longing for what China has done and have today …respect , influence ,political clout in UN and around the World powerful army to defend its territories and some …this is what they dreamed before they started WW 2 …

【回复】日本渴望中国所实现的,以及今天所拥有的...尊重、影响、在联合国和世界范围内的政治影响力、强大的军队来保卫自己的领土,诸如此类... 这就是他们在发动二战之前的梦想...

Robert Pierson, former Furnace Technician at United States Steel Corporation
I would be, especially after what they did to China during WWII, and they still refuse to admit much less apologize for what they have done.