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文章原始标题:‘Complete rupture’ in US-Russia relations – Biden




West war jargon. Russia in Ukraine. Invasion. US in Syria stealing its oil. Liberation. Sorry, Yanks! Russia is in the right on this one. - UP: 26 DN: 1


and they are very honourable, they could have just blown up the entire nation...like the US and NATO have done over and over again for the last 75 years... - UP: 1 DN: 0

他们非常值得尊敬,他们本可以炸毁整个国家... 就像美国和北约在过去75年里一次又一次做的那样...

Zeitgeist Truther
The US is at fault here for sabotaging diplomatic ties with pro-russian Ukraine. Had they just kept mending their own business it wouldn't have been an issue. Now they are re-joining the former motherland. - UP: 17 DN: 1


hmm maybe the US and NATO shouldnt of dismissed russian security concerns. and ukraine shouldnt of been killing civilians for 8 years. - UP: 17 DN: 1


Congratulations Biden. You got your greatest wish.1) NATO knows that the Minsk Agreement to resolve differences b/w Russia and Ukraine was mutually adopted and committed to by both nations. In addition, the Minsk agreement was endorsed and recognized by the EU and the UN. Yet...2) Long accustomed to the despicable habit of signing agreements and then turning around to tear the paper they are written on before the ink is dry ( Iran nuclear deal, Missile Treaty with Russia, Nuclear Treaty with Russia, NATO promises of security to Russia etc ), NATO advised Zelensky to REVISE his position on the Minsk Agreement. Last week I remember when now confused Zelensky said the Agreement was no longer acceptable to Ukraine.3) Zelensky instead, wanted the whole thing scrapped and re-written with America sitting at the table. To Russia, this constituted an outright insult and an unmistakable rejection by Ukraine of any possibility for a peacrful solution, leaving Moscow with no other option but to recognize Donbass.4) Americans are not stupid but not the brightest star in the sky either considering how much goodwill they could harvest around the world if they chose alternative avenues of sharing this planet with other nations. They simply have severe deficits in wisdom and foresight.5) So the Biden administration MUST AND SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that Putin saw this thing as a provocation for war.6) An EXISTENTIAL WAR for Russia with implications that are too ghastly to contemplate.Congratulations Biden and your NATO harem. You got your wish. - UP: 9 DN: 0


Yes there is a complete rupture in the brain of Biden. Biden would not even be able to point at Russia on a map. - UP: 18 DN: 2


"...there is a complete rupture in American-Russia relations..." Wow Mr. President, are you only figuring that out now? The rest of the world has known it for years. Why don't you go back to sleep....there's a good girl. - UP: 2 DN: 0

“ ...美俄关系彻底破裂...”哇,总统先生,你现在才明白吗?世界上其他国家已经知道这件事很多年了。你为什么不回去睡觉呢... 好姑娘。

RT is being DDOSed, this site is being attacked. - UP: 8 DN: 0


This site is always under attack, the West cant take the truth, as the guy above said, it burns them like holy water! - UP: 4 DN: 0


Marco Richter
USA and that stinky hypocritical EU... I have a newsflash for you: time for talk is over. You've had your chance and you made fun of Russia, degraded Russia, neglected its security concerns and blamed Russia for all the problems in this world (de facto caused by EU, USA and UK terrorists). EU at this very moment supports neo-nazis in Ukraine (for obvious reasons). EU is nothing but a joke, playing with human lives. A cancerous disease, that metastasized to east. It makes me wanna puke just to pronounce EU. - UP: 12 DN: 1

美国和那个臭气熏天的虚伪欧盟... 我有一则新闻快讯告诉你们:谈话时间已经结束了。你们有过机会,你们取笑俄罗斯,贬低俄罗斯,忽视它的安全问题,把世界上所有的问题都归咎于俄罗斯(事实上是欧盟、美国和英国的恐怖分子造成的)。欧盟此时此刻支持乌克兰的新纳粹主义(原因显而易见)。欧盟只不过是一个玩笑,玩弄着人们的生命。向东转移的癌症。只要念出欧盟这个词,就让我想吐。

Vlad Budyn->Marco Richter
And you are who?Let's not kid! You are a poorly paid Russian propaganda bot, without an iota of self respect. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Nate->Marco Richter
So you're saying Russia had to invade Ukraine because of its neo-nazis? That's the argument, correct? - UP: 0 DN: 1


My friend's family living in the Donbask region was tortured in the Donbask region by the Ukrainian sols and government. The dad was killed 4 years ago... So yeah... This is a huge problem that Russia is not forced to stop using military power... And ofcourse the world brands them as the villains. - UP: 0 DN: 0

我朋友住在顿巴斯克地区的家人,在顿巴斯克地区受到乌克兰士兵和政府的折磨。父亲在4年前被杀害... 所以,是的... 俄罗斯没有被迫停止使用军事力量,这是一个巨大的问题... 当然,世界将他们视为恶棍。

Mr. Internet
Complete rupture in Biden's pants. - UP: 12 DN: 1


humpidumpi->Mr. Internet
It's ok, the diapers will save him - UP: 1 DN: 0


Xi's bodyguard
"vast majority of the rest of the world"In US parlance, the US + Canada + Europe + ANZAC + Japan + South Korea. They are known as the "public opinion". The real world is much bigger. - UP: 11 DN: 1


mira->Xi's bodyguard
we canadian citizens do not back our governments view on this current situation, i as a canadian support russia. - UP: 4 DN: 0


If the US wasn’t interfering in the affairs of other countries like they always do, none of this would be happening, you incompetent senile old wind bag. - UP: 10 DN: 1


kelly petersen
Looking at all the Western media news feeds it is obvious that the BBC has launched into a full scale propaganda war against Russia. Fake interviews with supposedly "Russian" people (English speakers with pathetic faked Russian accents) - Dimitri Muratov from the anti-Putin rag Novaya Gazeta ranting about "Russian people do not want this Putin invasion". So much bulld**t flying around. - UP: 13 DN: 2

看看所有西方媒体的新闻源,很明显 BBC 已经开始了一场针对俄罗斯的全面宣传战。假装采访所谓的“俄罗斯”人迪米特里 · 穆拉托夫(说英语,操着可悲的假俄罗斯口音),他来自反普京的报纸《新报》,咆哮着说“俄罗斯人民不希望普京发动入侵”。到处都是胡言乱语。