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文章原始标题:Which country earned your respect in the Russia-Ukraine crisis, and why?


Kanthaswamy Balasubramaniam Lawyer
I just realized that I am still a Colonial Subject !!!
I realized that India and maybe 60% of the World are still a Colony to the West!!!
Sure - we are not a Colony by the 1800s definition of Colonialism but we are still a Country who still need to toe the line drawn out by the West or we could be threatened with Sanctions.
I also realized that at the end of the day - One who shouts loudest is the person who speaks the truth
I keep asking myself - What exactly did Putin want that was SO WRONG?
Was he wrong in demanding Security Guarantees from NATO?
Was he wrong in wanting Two Regions where 85% People spoke Russian to amalgamate with Russia?
Yet in a space of 2 Weeks - Putin turned into the Worlds largest Warmonger - worse than Hitler because Hitler until 1940 was not even covered 20% of the time on headlines of British Newspapers.

【回答】Kanthaswamy Balasubramaniam,律师,前印度央行总经理(1987年–2017年)

NATO did not make a single concession to him and using sheer Propaganda - they have created the Image of Putin as a Super Villian and Ukraine as a Hero in this story.
And everyone including my own Countrymen actually hail and believe it.
They talk of Ukraine as their oldest friend and some Halfwit actually commented on the Sorrow that he feels for the Ukranians
Say Tomorrow Imran Khan signed a Pact with Russia to have a Military Alliance and a huge supply of weapons with Russia - Would India not have done the same thing?
Would India not have demanded from Russia guarantees?
Would India not have demanded m Pakistan Guarantees?
Isnt this what happened in Iraq n 2003 or in Cuba in 1962.


However in 4 Days - Putin is a warmonger, Putin is a War criminal and the coverage of the entire Crisis is easily the most one sided since 2003 US Invasion of Iraq.
And that is the Sad Truth Today
The West may be dying but they still rule the World. They have successfully kept themselves United and divided all of us - India, China, Russia, Japan, South Korea , Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka - all though a maze of Hate , Suspicion and Mutual Distrust.
They may claim to be our friends but at the end of the day - like the Vaccines in 2021- Its Them First.
They have SWIFT that unites the financial world and even today - Asia which is equally strong and wealthy financially does not have an Equivalent - an Asian Global Payment System. The Chinese CIPS is the only one but that handles only 40% of the Transactions of Swift.
Why? Because Asia is divided.

他们拥有将金融世界联合起来的SWIFT ,即使在今天,在经济上同样强大和富裕的亚洲也没有一个同等的亚洲全球支付系统。中国的CIPS(人民币跨境支付系统)是唯一的一个,但它只处理40%的Swift交易。

They have Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Newsfeeds - and they shape all our public opinions and narratives.
I am calling upon every Chinese, Indian on Quora
Unless our countries Unite , forget these ridiculous boundary disputes foisted upon us by the Westerners, make a permanent friendship and proceed to isolate ourselves and make ourselves entirely independent from the West - WE ARE NOTHING BUT COLONIALS LIKE OUR ANCESTORS IN THE 1800s
Tomorrow they will throttle China and throw some money to India but the moment India grows - they will throttle India and throw some money to Bangladesh and so on and constantly keep us divided and dependent on them again and again.


Coming back to the Main Question - Who earned my Respect?????
Because i have no idea whats going on there or what the Background is.
I simply see what the West is telling me and i refused to read it like Gospel!!!!

回到主要问题——谁赢得了我的尊重? ? ? ? ?

Atmaja Bandyopadhyay
Thank you very much for your views, Sir.


Arshad Hussain
Sir, your answers on current russia-ukrain war conflict is eye opening. I am eagerly waiting for your posts in this matter.
Plese write as much as you can on this conflict. It's eye opening for us
Even the Indian media is just a copy paste of Western media.
What do you say about this.
Thank you for sharing for such helpful insights.
People who are rational have become very less in this world. They easily fall victim to western propaganda.
Till the time the people wake up, west will rule this world.
Also, I don't see any use of nuclear weapons. How did it help Putin in this conflict.
Everyone is sure that it will never be used.


Pramod Gokhale
Sir western propaganda is very powerful and people trust it .


Of course Ukraine is not a friend of India and Russia has been India's best ally. I still feel bad for the civilian casualties because I am a firm believer that during war civilians should not die because of the mistakes of their government.


Adesina Adesegun
It is always like this.
Sanctions on Iran on China in the past ultimately hurts the innocents.
The moraly upstanding West has been waging wars on the weak and the innocents.


Richard Teo
KB, I share the same sentiment as you. On occasion I become doubtful, especially when Putin ordered Russia nuclear forces to be on stand-by.


Minal Samaiyar
Sir like you said that china has CIPS, I just read today that india has SFMS. Can you please tell us something about SFMS?


True that but the success of SFMS and even CIPS depends upon how many banks in international arena are using them. in this SWIFT beats CIPS hand down. As for SFMS, except for Indian banks, i doubt anyone else uses it. Even among Indian banks it is mostly PSU as govt has made it mandatory.


Emvee Kochappan
SFMS is local and cannot replace SWIFT. SWIFT on the other hand enables international transactions.

【回复】SFMS是本地的,不能取代 SWIFT。另一方面,SWIFT 支持国际交易。

Lim Ahmat
The Advantage the west have over country like China for example is English language and not diversity. If diversity is their advantage india should be at the top of technology Creation chain right now. And from the western group only US that still has some edge.
I have done a lot of study on China and they are a different beast in developing tech. Currently they are still far from dictating many standard in technology. Only in select few area they are a standard making like 5G, Autonomous port technology, HSR. But in developing a technology for application purpose they are at the top.


Extremely disappointing answer. It is a fact that Russia invaded a neighboring sovereign country. You cannot deny that.
For a country to invade its neighbor there has to be an existential crisis. There's no other way that it could be justified otherwise. Russia is not facing an existential crisis. Russia was not in a state of war or being threatened by another country. Ukraine is a sovereign country and whether Russia likes it or not they have their own rights to join any political organization.
Seeing that you're justifying Russia's invasion of Ukraine this answer is nothing but propaganda. Speaking of respect? I certainly lost a lot of respect for you.


Osim Abes
Bitter truth:
(your loss of respect <<<<< gain of respect from thousands)


Ashish Shete
Okay, Asia is divided and that is somehow India’s fault? Asia cannot be united in a single day just because we think so. The entire west is governed by mostly Caucasians. That is what binds them. West is just a concept. Australia and NZ are also in the west even being the far eastern countries. All somehow still believing in the same common English law.
And Asia? Just check what Putin did even in wartime. What was the need to invite Pakistani PM to Moscow now? to threaten India? Agreed west in the bigger bully. But you don’t play stupid to counter a bully. You stand up with a proper strategy. This is where Russia goes wrong. Did Putin leave any option to India and China? His promise seemingly was to capture Ukraine in no time. The more the war drags the more it become difficult for any country in the world to stand behind Putin. Not even Russians can justify the war now.


Anchal Tamrakar
Don't overthink


Zhang Le
Chinese and indians must unite. Otherwise we will alwasy be divided and conquered by the west. This world will be dominated by them forever.


Shailendra Singh
I agree. Although we have our differences but these western nations are toying with us for long.


David Bäckström
So what has any EU country done to toy with India?


Ajaeshwar Singh Chahal
I must say Mr. Balasubramaniam, that up until I stumbled upon your answers on Quora, I genuinely believed that India’s future was intertwined with the Americans. But the more the geopolitical observations I make I’ve come to realise that they’d rather prefer to use us as cannon fodder rather than as actual allies. They’d make us into something like Japan and South Korea. An economic and military dependency.
If India can resolve its border dispute with China, I feel China will waste no time to court our alliance. After all India is a much more preferable partner than Pakistan.


Ujjwal Seth
Good relation with China is possible, but with Pakistan it's not.


Vic Anderson
America has nothing to do with the problems between Pakistan and India or China and India. Stop pointing fingers and try to fix your own problems.


Krishna Kant Yadav
Chinese can't be trusted.
China is no better than the west.
You're acting like Chinese mouthpiece while conveniently forgetting what they do to their smaller neighbours. China has border disputes with every single country in it's vicinity except Pakistan and NK, both of which are mere client states of China.
Is that what you want India to be?
To accept anything those Chinese impose upon us and not resist at all?


Ujjwal Seth
When you are a national leader you are supposed to behave Like one, Nehru behaved like a gullibe kid and the Chinese took advantage of it.


Aditya Agarwal
I hate wars and think they are never a solution, and I sympathise with the Ukrainians and Russians affected by the war, but we are looking at the affects and not the cause of the war. The root cause being that Russia's legitimate security interests were not taken into consideration. The Russians tried expressing their concerns from as early as July 2021 but their concerns were dissuaded and dismissed and now Ukraine is being plastered as a hero and Putin compared to Hitler. The west represents 10% of the world's population yet speaks for the 90% of the world. It's high time that we collectively fight against propaganda, fake news, and western colonial imperialism.


Shailendra Singh
América stationed it's troops near Ukraine before Russia invaded. Getting troops from ally nation is sure sign of aggression and other nation have full rights to declare war.
You know what the problem is? We think weaker ones are always right.


Sarang Sharma
Whichever country America stationed its troops in, did they have a problem? America has troops in Japan and South Korea, I don't see China invading them.


Ananthanarayanan Ramamurthy
USA, WEST R divisive.
China is aggressive to grab any.
India is in slow motion now.


Swami Jai Deep
Look at it this way - If China tells us to remove Modi - what will happen?


Kook Kannan / கூக் கண்ணன்
Say Tomorrow Imran Khan signed a Pact with Russia to have a Military Alliance and a huge supply of weapons with Russia - Would India not have done the same thing?
I'm sure India wouldn't have bombed Islamabad with no warning and definitely not released a video talking about past glory after labeling Pakistanis as nazis. Atleast they would have talked about the real issues and followed protocols of war.
My question is how is this war helping anyone, except may be China and US who are becoming the two poles. Did Putin act in the best interests of his own country or he acted after China egged? Russia looks like the biggest loser here (Ukraine is getting levelled. So not counting them). Sweden and Finland that had been considering NATO as dead are now itching to join it.
Just answer this question, sir. Do you think India should bomb Colombo if China turns the Hambantota port in Sri Lanka into a military base tomorrow? Will it right of India to do that?


Krutik Veera
Sir, I feel that the Ukraine is somewhat a trap laid by the west and now Russia is in the trap. They have also successful created anti Russia sentiments across the globe and also united the European countries against Russia.


Vivek Chakravarty
The moment I learnt the Ukrainian president was a former actor I knew some theatrics will follow. And surely we were treated with bravado images of the guy in army fatigues supposedly fighting alongside the soldiers. Well choreographed! The truth is Zelensky’s brinkmanship and lack of political acumen brought Ukraine to this sad moment. And now he is hiding behind his country folk’s patriotic fervor wishing somehow his dalliance with NATO will be white washed. Where is NATO now? Keep imposing sanctions with the right hand and pumping out Russian gas with the left. It’s just an elaborate drama for country folks to take sides. Unfortunately for those who lost a family member or two in this absolutely avoidable street fight with tanks and uniforms, the hate of the other will crystallize to be passed on to the next generations to come.


Mel Victor
Zelensky is merely a pawn of the US and Ukraine is the ground zero to be used by the US to diminish Russia, if I could use that word.


Sarthak Dokania
Exactly. The financial order is a joke. Poor countries sell their labour and resources for USD—which the US can simply PRINT more of.
Talk about a rigged system.
The financial system is designed by the west, to benifit them !
Another important point is, the west empowers individuals and corporations. Believe it or not, people like Elon Musk, Zuckerberg and Bezos hold more clout than entire countries.
But the decline is there. And it's real. The wave of wokeism, the everyone is equal and the 100 different genders shit will slowly but eventually finish them.


Mel Victor
I feel in my bones that the US and maybe some of its lapdog allies, will reach critical mass soon and self implode. The world can only take so much arrogance and bullying


Ananthanarayanan Ramamurthy
Putin wants back USSR.
That is the epitome.
Crimea peninsula, the beginning.


Aniruddha Sircar
Even our media is not covering the illtreatment meted out to our kids and students at the borders. They are showing the plight of Ukrainian civilians but not the plight of our own students being mistreated. Poland has offered visa free entry but the students are restricted to cross the border. I was against the invasion but now seeing the hypocrisy of the West, I would now rather like the West to fight it out against each other. Why should we even care or bother?


Krishnkant Singh
Sir but the good thing is we are consistent on our position and haven't compromised with West's demand of going against Russia.
You should also understand that now India is powerful enough that West can only grudge and cope with India's decision and if it tried to force India to tow it's kind by threatening sanctions, then it will force India more close to Russia and China.


Niranjan B
It's a bitter pill for Russia. We will see a nexus between China and it's partner Russia in the future. They will rise above the West and turn the tables around soon.
The West may be able to put sanctions on Russia but China would soon bring the West to it's knees. The American century is over, we are moving towards a Chinese century (at least in the East).


Kenzo Variant
Not defending Russia’s action, but did the UN did the same thing when there was illegal war in Iraq?


Dinesh Jain
China understands this so they always keep quiet.
It's sad we Asians are always taken for ride by these westerners. It's high time China n India unite atleast on economic fronts to show them their place.
Russia , China and India should unite if they want to be superpower's.


Ishit Patni
It has always been the west, Europe and the USA bullying the world with NATO on military front and sanctions on economic front.
Only China and Russia have dared to stand up against them and have managed to threaten their supremacy. India still continues to be silent not looking to make the west angry.
NATO had to be stopped from expanding, but I still feel the war is unreasonable.
The consequences it brings for the people who suffer cannot be justified by any political or diplomatic reason.
They could have stopped them diplomatically or making some alliance in the opposition, but they chose war,taking lives and livelihoods of thousands, which is why Russia is being hated from everywhere.


Joyan Fernandez
They tried all deplomatic routes, they all failed and went over blind ears. Putin is not an idiot, HE ACTUALLY HAD NO OTHER CHOISE, inspite of all this they tried to keep civilian casualties to a minimum, I've new respect for this guy.


Mel Victor
Agree! I would advise people NOT to read only one sided reporting and narratives. The Western media is the modern Nazi Goebbels but 100 times more deadly.


Mel Victor
Mmm…if only it is that simplistic. Anyway, not for everyone to have a deeper perspective

【回复】嗯... 如果真是这么简单就好了。不管怎样,不是每个人都有更深层次的观点

Som Shubhra De
The Chinese CIPS needs to be extended to BRICS countries - functionally and technically, with Russia managing/driving the software. Hope the Chinese put some thought here and be less selfish/obstinate.


Senthil Kumar
You are becoming like Putin, just droning out Chinese and Russian talking points to support this invasion.
No sane person will trust Russia again. It appears even China despises this move.
Also China is not Russia or India, it cannot be throttled by the west. You have said it yourself on many many occasions. Are you saying otherwise now to support your false narrative?
China just wants to keep India on the leash as much the west. India would be wise to stay non-aligned with a bunch of nukes rather than a Chinese lapdog.


Long Calvin
How is China responsible for Indias state of affairs? India does nothing that is the same as China. How is India Chinas lapdog? You mean a lapdog of its colonial British cousin, the US?
You mean you subscribe to the propaganda that the US will have you believe? You really believe Putin woke up one morning, decided to invade, kill neighbors, destroy cities, take some territory back, and turn diabolically evil overnight? That he had no grievances that led to this point?
It sounds like you are becoming like trump, who says you can bleach your veins to ward off covid.. And, it absolutely makes no sense at all.

听起来好像你正在变得像特朗普一样,说你可以漂白你的血管来抵御新冠病毒... 而且,这完全没有任何意义。

Patrick Jones
In the modern world you cannot invade another sovereign state. Period. Doesn't matter who did it - US, Russia or Iraq - and that's where Putin went wrong. Now he's thinking of nuking them! He may have his reasons but he is the aggressor so he will be blamed. Also we won't be invading Pak if they amass weapons but we'll try to equal them instead. There's no colonialism or propoganda here but plain old-fashioned justice.


Ganesh Shriram Masne
Zelensky look like a pawn of US. He make sure war prolong which will ultimately make Russian image worse. This is what US wants.


I think the tide of support to Ukraine is reducing, after new about some Ukrainians manhandling Indian kids.


Venkata Rao
Sir, Russians are not good at business like China but they are steadfast in their friendship to India. Also they don't they don' have a colonial mindset


Mahendra Singh
Absolutely right!!
That's the true diplomacy played by the west and the rest of the world is still not able to figure it out.
It will take another 50 years for India to ve truly independent.


Bishal Dutta
I’ve been saying this, if somehow Russia, China and India form an alliance, there’s a big chance the world order will shift to Asia. Russia- China are somewhat cooperating, India- Russia are allies. The only missing piece is the cooperation of India and China.


Sumit Singh
First thing first. Thank you so much Sir for writing answers on this platform. To be honest your answers are the only reason why I haven't uninstalled this app. I really like how you observe problems in India yet praise steps which are correct. You've completely changed my way of thinking.
Thank you so much. Please never stop writing here.


Harsha Reddy
I feel bad about Ukraine primarily cause lots of Indian students were trapped there. Other than that I do not hate Russia but definitely cannot condone the civilian casualties. Ukraine had always been against India.


Samrudhi Khanna
That was well put. Also worth noting is how all these new age things like YouTube, Google, SWIFT etc. were promptly used against Russia by cutting off the access. Who is to say that they won't do the same to us? Uniting and trying to build these systems separate from the western sphere is key right now.

【回复】说得好。同样值得注意的是,所有这些新时代的东西,如 YouTube,Google,SWIFT等,都被切断访问,迅速用来对付俄罗斯。谁能保证他们不会对我们做同样的事呢?联合起来并努力建立这些独立于西方世界的系统,是目前的关键。

Gagan Kumar Sharma
It is true but India can't take chance to stand by Russia. Russian economy is crushed due to war and sanctions by EU and West. To survive they will heavily depend on China. Beijing will dictate policies of Moscow and Russia China ties will become strong. We can't provide as much assistance as Chinese. So if any disturbances happen in kashmir and Ladakh, Russia couldn't be expected to take our side. China is already taking over neighbours like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. They are encircling us. We can't expect anything from west as they will not rush to save us and they will say to solve problems by ourselves. If Russia not our side we are basically screwed.


Aditya Pratap Singh
Don't generalize all Indians please. Majority of us know what Russia has done for us in the past and also what Ukraine has “done”. Russia is our age old Ally and would remain so.


If India & China unite & Nepal, Sri Lanka & Pakistan agree to federation with India, then the day might not be very far where we revert to our old status as an economic superpower.


Aryan Sharma
Great answer, Sir!
My views have been influenced by your answers and I have become a sane moderate centrist from an extreme right wing fanboy.
Thank KB sir


Robert Ottawa
Russian tanks are entering Kiev and Russian artillery are shelling Kharkov. With civilians still inside. Try to understand what's wrong with that first.


Monson Varghese
Putin attacking Ukraine and west's inability to prevent it, is an encouragement for every rough country to swallow it's neighbors.


Siva Kumar Satheesa Kumar Ahila
Japan is part of the west. Atleast in this issue


Jonathan Chong
I am Malaysian but I cheer you, Jai Hind!


Prabhat Gupta
Soon Biden will be the top contender for the Nobel Peace prize.


Nguyễn Thắng
We must protect the Russians!


People are dying. If it was your child that was on ukraine you wouldn't be speaking like this.


Gaurav Sahore
How US tried to encircle Russia with its millitary bases. Same thing neighbour did to us with openings it's wallet to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and even tried with Bangladesh. How can we ever come to believe these backstabbers??


Praveen Verma
What exactly Ukraine has done so much wrong, that they have to meet this fate today ? They were not attacking anyone, or doing anything to anyone. They were just going along with their lives, within their country..
By your logic, even China should attack India, because India is getting close to US ? They are already threatening us on that…


Archit Madan
Sir please make a reddit account and post there as well.Or atleast allow me to post this.The amount of indians who are mindlessly supporting ukraine there are huge.


S Viswanathan
Sir, your unbiased opinion about this war like aggression by Russia has been exceptional. You are right when you say, we from Asia should not ape the west blindly. China and India should resolve border disputes as soon as possible to be able to develop economically and live peacefully together for future generations. Sir, Keep writing to inspire younger generation. Thank you very much.


Siddhant Cool
One who shouts loudest is the person who speaks the truth ,its hurts