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国外来源地址:What ‘awkward’ stance? China’s position on Russia-Ukraine conflict objective, unimpeachable


esphi LEE
The Ukrainian Prwt was a comedian,
The US president is a joker.
The EU has a bunch of clowns. - UP: 292


Happy mood
This is fair and honest speech ever. - UP: 355


I love China and the Chinese people. They have a sense for justice which far outweighs that of the West!! - UP: 348

我热爱中国和中国人民,他们的正义感远远超过西方! !

Bless North America
most Chinese ppl are much more conservative yet logical than the westerns , maybe because China has biggest population of graduates with science education degrees. - UP: 13


Barrie Roberts
I people would realise that the "West" consists of just 14 %of the world's population mostly Europe and its colonies, US Canada Australia New Zealand, also the US is only 4%of the world's population but with 800 military bases around the world and trying to enforce control of the world's financial systems, They want unipolar (one all powerful nation) whereas with return of Russia after is demise of the fall of the USSR and the rapid rise of China in only 40 years we are entering into an age of multipolar much to the rage of the 4% US, this is the start of a division of the world's east/west split the east wants peace but the west(16%) can't face not being all powerful 󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 - UP: 13

人们会意识到,“西方”只占世界人口的14%,主要是欧洲及其殖民地,美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰,美国也只占世界人口的4%,但在世界各地有800个军事基地,并试图加强对世界金融体系的控制,他们想要单极(一个全能的强国) ,然而随着俄罗斯在苏联解体后的回归和中国在短短40年内的迅速崛起,我们正在进入一个多极化的时代,这让4%的美国感到愤怒,这是世界东/西方分裂的开始,东方希望和平,但西方(16%)不能面对自己不是全能强国。

Mary Nuk
Watch next series - 'we ban stones, oceans water and sun' - so stupid really. Sending my love to all trees, cats, dogs, bears in Russia - UP: 172


Russian MOD - Sky is blue
West - Propaganda!!! - UP: 3


X Ash Bomber
They're going to ban air from Russia, they can't breathe evil air. - UP: 1


Jessica Hilario
I'm also thinking that next they will going to banned the Sun ,the star and the air in Russia. LoL - UP: 1


Ethan Ang
All flora and fauna. - UP: 2


Catherine Murray
That’s true. The 200 years old Russian tree was expelled from the competition “The European Tree of the Year” They’ve finally found the one to blame in this whole situation… The tree. - UP: 70

这倒是真的。这棵200岁的俄罗斯老树被赶出了“欧洲年度树木”比赛,他们终于找到了整件事的罪魁祸首... 那棵树

Eugene Chin
@Catherine Murray Theres such a thing as a tree competition??? - UP: 1


yes, now they don't allow our cats to take part in some international exhibitions - UP: 3


Pisa Blavatski
Anglo regimes are banning cats, dogs, trees from Russia. Why not ban air blowing from Russia too?anglo regimes are going crazy these days - UP: 2


@Pisa Blavatski I'm sure they would have if they could) - UP: 0


They want to ban Medvedev from playing at Wimbledon unless he condemns Putin and his own country. No offence but the U.S. is run by mentally deranged people. - UP: 0


@Eugene Chin , there's dogs competitions....why wouldn't there be a trees competition? - UP: 0


"I heard that even cats, dogs and trees from Russia would be sanctioned."
Lol. - UP: 88


That is actually true, to some extent. I recall reading articles about it recently on BBC referring to international breeding competitions. They were banning cats if their origin was Russian. Disgusting and embarrassing - UP: 17


@Cezar that's the whole new level of racism, lol - UP: 3


Shah J
I'm from Moscow and my cat ignore all sanctions - UP: 0


Chinese diplomacy is currently the best in the world. Very measured, straight to the point. - UP: 252


Barrie Roberts
Probably due to China having mastered the art of Diplomacy over thousands of years whereas the Western powers are still learning the basics, also the newby of the world (US) are still acting like like a baby brat, unfortunately they would rather distroy the planet than conform󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 - UP: 12


Boqoreh Precision
Diplomacy is not what you see on YouTube soundbites... but still I agree with you. - UP: 1

外交并不是你在 YouTube 上看到的那样... 但我仍然同意你的观点。

He does make Blinken look like an amateur. - UP: 11


Dark Clouds
@RUFFKNIGHT Blinky the clown is no diplomat. He twists words to his benefit. He never even try actual real communication. - UP: 2


Marty L.
Must of the world population are represented by China, India, Brazil, middle east, latin american countries that abstained from condemning Russia in their peacekeeping operation to save Donbass, Lugansk, and safeguard its own security. If you study the map of countries that failed to condemn Russia in the UN vote, you will see must of the world's population does not support the US/UK/EU and their wars, proxy wars, and hybrid war aggressions. - UP: 183


S S Goh
The USA and NATO are getting ridiculous. Damn obvious it's gangster tactics. But the world has changed. China and Russia are now no longer weak countries that they can easily bully. - UP: 17


PeaceBeUnto You
NATO is just the tool the US is using for its own expansion. - UP: 10


Ariel Combalicer
@PeaceBeUnto You who told you that? PUTIN? and what Russia want in UKRAINE? - UP: 2


PeaceBeUnto You
@Ariel Combalicer
It's too complicated for you to understand. Go back to sleep. - UP: 9


Ariel Combalicer
@PeaceBeUnto You Nobody forced those countries to join NATO. Think again genius - UP: 1


It would be good if the US funded research labs are shut down so that they can't create more waves of virus for the world. - UP: 8


As clear as water, in a few sentences, with direct statements, calling out on the evil NATO, adding a touch of humour and ending with a cultural and human reflection for all of us - UP: 130


jivvy jack
Oh, I really couldn't hold it when he came to the part about Swan Lake. He looked like he was trying so hard not to burst out laughing. What's wrong with Swan Lake indeed? What's wrong with dogs and cats born in Russia?
Oh my gosh! I would love to see them try sanction the winds that blow through Europe from Siberia. - UP: 4


liew william
The Americans have become crazy and childish.
This is the downfall of US. - UP: 287


As if Americans weren’t always crazy and childish… - UP: 21


Car&Bike sale
American Polticians not the people. Americans are aware of how filthy and terrible their politicians are.. - UP: 9


Atif Ati
Thats how ‘real’ SuperPower country’s leaders & spokespersons talk, sensible, logical & straightforward, kudos to China. 🇵🇰🇨🇳 - UP: 126


Sorry wrong. A real super power would enforce to stop the war. Otherwise it is just a power, nothing super in it. - UP: 0


Atif Ati
@Wildgefluegel China is not provoking war either, China stayed neutral even in UN and want this operation should end soon but USA and West has some other ideas they are giving weapons to one side and sanctioning the other. - UP: 1


அவானி உயர்ந்தது
They’re gone mad. It shows what they are capable of doing to the ones that not one of their. Everybody should be aware of their dangerous mindset - UP: 162


Rocket Man
China said from the beginning that it doesn’t support sanctions against Russia. The US has said that China itself can face consequences if it offers Russia a way around the sanctions. That’s after the Biden speech about how powerful nations shouldn’t bully weaker ones. And after an American history of using brute force to get what it wants. The message for Russia and China is that if you’re stronger, then you can do what you want and others have to do as you say. - UP: 122


Jennifer Ho
China already said" I don't care!" Didn't you read this 2 days ago , about China's investment. - UP: 12


Caesar Julii
The expression of his face: wtf is wrong with west.
Answer - they are crazy - UP: 80


He was holding very hard not to laugh during the speech. - UP: 10


Visibly Indivisible
You could see the Stupidity of Banning Tchaikovsky‘s Swan lake Mentality Hurt Zhao Lijian. It is incomprehensible why America goes to such great lengths when trying to vocalize their obsession with shortsighted Geopolitical strategies. - UP: 242


Felipe Werner
They use shortsighted strategies as decoy to its own people whos minds are weak in remembering complex things. In reality its a financial system war between swift system and anything that put itself as competition. - UP: 28


Eric Brooks
Non white Americans agree with China and Russia. - UP: 9


Eric Brooks
@Felipe Werner White mins are weak in remembering. Black minds remember everything! - UP: 8


L Karamazov
@Eric Brooks I’m black and we do remember things but we apply our memories incorrectly to,present situations. - UP: 1


Darryl Holcomb
Interesting question posed by speaker, "Whats is wrong with Swan Lake?" It deftly highlights the desperation in the western world, over the Ukraine situation. The "West" has resorted to outright ridiculousness, in their attempt to isolate Russia, from the so-called "international community." Such childish tactics reveal an unstable mindset. An inciting of the simple-minded of western society, that can compel them to demand direct intervention. So far, the so-called leadership in the west, has seen the wisdom of not crossing that line. Should they fear they're losing grip on their brainwashed masses, they may do something rash! Such is the danger of irresponsible rhetoric in a touchy situation. The fervor is at such a fever pitch now in the US, that if you speak publicly of seeing both sides in this dispute, you will be inviting violence towards yourself! Much hate speech, & some attacks, are also directed against people of Asian decent! America was so divided by internal issues, that the media & current politicians salivate over uniting the masses any way they can. Even if has a chance of blundering into Global thermo-nuclear war! What will be they're reaction when the multi-megaton nuclear devices start exploding near them? - UP: 111


Sammy Chow
@Darryl Holcomb Russia was pushed into a corner by the West expanding NATO! They should have e stay the status quo! Remember the Cuban crisis! Same here - UP: 4


it’s not supposed to be funny but it is and yet also very tragic… that even cats dogs and trees will not get away from sanctions in Russia… - UP: 285

这不应该是好笑的,但确实很可笑,但也很可悲... 就连俄罗斯的猫、狗、树都逃不过被制裁...

Lol i laughed my ass off when he said that - UP: 21


This is true. I had to change my cat's diet. It's stressful for cat. - UP: 13


I think it's hilarious - UP: 3


This is a fact, Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake was banned in Croatia,Britain, etc. - UP: 0


What about all those ballerinas who spent a life mastering Swan Lake? Are all the events going to be banned? Are they, their families or anyone who appreciates art at fault? This is cancel culture brought to the extreme. - UP: 172


Bangfi ( บั้งไฟ )
What u expect from a country where the right of the individual comes before the rights of everyone else. They call that freedom. - UP: 0


Well said China 🇨🇳 - UP: 104


James Stewart
Chinese always speak with logic and reason while not forgetting feeling. and humorous when appropriate. a genuine civilised route - UP: 13


Hadi Lee
These US stupid sanctions on Russian music, sports etc only prove how desperate they are. - UP: 16


segara putra
If china india and russia
Can make a comprehend agreemnet despite of their different and problems and make a win win solutions and respect to their problems with each others. Asia will be the world leader. I didn't see it yet coming soon, at the time Russian is walking on their own path like india and china did. They still ultra focus in to their own national interest. Matter of momentum now is the right time for them to do it. Not easy but is worthy to do, we need more equal and balance world and peaceful place to live our life. Western ideology is only benefiting one side of the table and it need to CHANGE!! - UP: 65


André L.A.C Bittencourt
That is a great idea! Imagine people will be treated like slaves!!! How smart you are segara!! That is the world I always dreamed indeed!! - UP: 0


segara putra
@André L.A.C Bittencourt ??? So making like iraq Afghanistanetc is better,?? taking their oil and came up like hero...
Woke western culture.. Good luck - UP: 3

唤醒了西方文化... 祝你好运

Shamima Banu
India did not walk alone ... russia helped india.... if only those country's unite then "WHO NEEDS THE DOLLOR" - UP: 4

印度并不是独行... 俄罗斯帮助了印度... 如果这些国家团结起来,那么“谁需要美元”呢

I hope India change their ways. America and British have too much influence on India. India should be strong and independent, imagine if India boom like China did and became rich! ALOT of smart people in India, super power - UP: 1


André L.A.C Bittencourt
@segara putra western culture? Look who is the CEO of microsoft and google. I wish all countries to grow and prosper but I do not support dictatorship. If you like it, move to there. - UP: 0


segara putra
Like always the Western is hard to accept the reality, they only accept it if it profiting them.
If you wanna bringbthose argument innthe first place, why western media allowed to use word "kill putin" etc and all the worse to the Russian?? But didn't allowed to use to others??
And why most Western media can not air the news which opposes or didn't advantages nato and America?? Because your government didn't allowed to do so...
So who's dictatorship you talking about ??? - UP: 0


Sasang Lhungdim
india, china and Russia must/need to be together on this issue... go Russia! - UP: 17

印度、中国和俄罗斯必须在这个问题上团结一致... 加油俄罗斯!

Terry Allen
Even more shameful, imo...Paralympians were banned.
What kind of society would ban athletes who demonstrate the highest standard?
How does this ban reflect the high standards of the West? - UP: 104

在我看来,更可耻的是... 残奥会运动员被禁止参赛。

What high standards of the West? - UP: 0


Frank Allegro
That was a great speech!! That was funny and it made me laugh!
The challenge we face is that western leaders (especially in USA 🇺🇸 and UK 🇬🇧) think that the world should be governed like a pyramid shape with a few at the top controlling the many below. But better governance in the world is more like a circle ️ shape where all countries join together for the betterment of all peoples and we share our prosperity together as one human family. - UP: 14


widayanto setio
Agree, there are many russian tourist in my country who get troubled since they cant use their card to draw money, what do those civilian tourists do ? Their fault is born as russian ? - UP: 46


Luthfi Anshori
try born in richer country like the west - UP: 0


@Luthfi Anshori If you keep the law of the jungle, make a pyramid, you will find yourself in the middle of the pyramid, there will always be someone above your head - UP: 0


Thangamani K
Simply superb. China should question boldly the dominating countries like America and Britain. Fair countries should back up China, Russia and India. - UP: 31


Arunlal Srinivasan
For the first time i liked what's being said by china... Even cats dogs n trees r sancrioned - UP: 20

我第一次喜欢中国所说的话... 甚至连猫、狗和树都被制裁

I am not Russian but I am sincerely glad that China is standing with Russia - UP: 16


Mamacry Right
There's a saying in Chinese for Biden himself :
A wise man can be ruined by his own ( overreach ) wisdom.. - UP: 68


B Wow
In this case replace wisdom with dementia - UP: 10


@B Wow hahaha agree! - UP: 2


Reuben Mcmurray
Soon he will be gone and another President will step up.
Biden is irrelevant in the long run. - UP: 0


b Low
He's already the weakest fake president - UP: 2


The Monk
Well said. Very well said! The craziness is sad but hilarious too - UP: 38


Tchaikovsky’s music, along with many other great Russian and slavic composers will still be admired in 100 years from now.
And that includes composers like Shostakovitch who wrote a lot of patriotic Russian music. But I wouldn’t expect those ... responsible in the west for this, to understand any of this. They seem to be too much busy right now composing a symphony of stupidities called ‘Cancel culture’. - UP: 16

这其中也包括像肖斯塔科维奇这样的作曲家,他创作了很多爱国的俄罗斯音乐。但我不指望那些... 对此负有责任的西方人能理解这一切。他们现在似乎太忙了,正在创作一首叫做“抵制文化”的愚蠢交响曲。

Fishing dot com
China today is not the China 50 years ago…
No country or countries for that matter can bully China 🇨🇳 into doing what she doesn’t want to do. - UP: 62


That question in the end.. Whats wrong with Swan Lake - UP: 36

最后那个问题... 天鹅湖有什么错吗?

He's absolutely right. - UP: 19


Hairless Ape
I live in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. Immediately to the North of my town is a body of water called Swan Lake. I'm glad I do not live in the USA, as it would be such a shame to wake up living immediately South of Freedom Lake. - UP: 3


Razzman Man
Please help Russia in her most critical time and show good support internationally. Because this is the right time for show unity against USA and Nato. - UP: 79


Ronald Trunk
"even cats, dogs, and trees are being sanctioned" by the US - UP: 15


Timothy Dare
Hahahaha. Yet still humor in it. I’m an American and I approve this message. 🇺🇸 - UP: 32


Bravo stark contrast to what we hear from the leader and media in the west. Its like the sun and the moon, adults vs kids ... - UP: 11


Support for Russia and China from USA. - UP: 20


George Kelmeris
Hello my fellow comrade, where did you get my initials ? I. LOVE IT ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ - UP: 1


Miki Cerise
He's not wrong. We won't spare even the grass. And China would do the same if they were invaded. - UP: 0


@Miki Cerise I'm so glad China and India hasn't abandoned Russia. Western financial thugs are pushing everyone away. We are witnessing the fail of western empire as we speak. - UP: 5


Miki Cerise
@M West is not an empire. We gave back all our colonies and occupied lands and pursued policy of peace and friendliness with China for 40 years, unlike Russia, which still occupies land taken from China. - UP: 2


usbai digital life
@Miki Cerise actually you are not give back,is local people fighting get it back - UP: 0


Miki Cerise
@usbai digital life Already over 10000 people dead in Ukraine. How many people died in Hong Kong handover? Yeah. So shut up. - UP: 0


he john
@Miki Cerise yeah, right. how trade war going for u guys? u want another one? lmao - UP: 0


Logic hunter
I think that USA and europe would remove letter Z from their alphabet . - UP: 68


Vincent C
Yes Absolutely. It should be sanctioned - UP: 3


yes, and send some weapons and money to letter Y to fight it - UP: 0


Jenny Tesan
The Chinese press briefings make me feel safe. So much wisdom and calmness. - UP: 0


David Woon
Sanctioning Russian dance and Vodka too? So childish..! - UP: 56

还制裁了俄罗斯舞蹈和伏特加? 太幼稚了..!

Rafy Koby
russian vodka is banned in many US states already although only like 2% of vodka in US are from russia - UP: 2


David Woon
Meanwhile, US $800 millions aid in terms of expired military junks are on its way to Ukraine. And when everything had settled down. Ukraine will have a $800 millions debt plus whatever interest. Either way US is the beneficial! - UP: 0


Erick Chandra
at this point im not gonna surprised if they banned tetris too - UP: 83


Lol - UP: 1


Africa supports Russia. - UP: 7


Wake up do you trust people who eat dogs and cats, - UP: 0


James Latief
even Russian cat, dogs and trees will be sanctioned. I laughed so hard at this. - UP: 1


Steven Low
Which is why China must be bold to help Russia end the hegemony and unilateralism - UP: 2


be strong Russia...we are with you...long live vladimir putin..god bless & much love - UP: 5

强大的俄罗斯... 我们与你同在... 弗拉基米尔·普京万岁... 上帝保佑&热爱

pRotz 〉2000kv
If i recall correctly, Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake is played every time a regime is toppled in Russia. Might there be a hidden message in this statement? - UP: 0


Russian's cats ,dogs and trees have high moral than Western Imperialist - UP: 82


Daniel Tam
I 'bet' some Western countries would attempt to replace the Swan Lake with their own 5 Ugly Ducklings skid. - UP: 12


Lol that is hell funny, mate I love your sense of humour. - UP: 1


David Stingray Bondski
Yes Russia has Tchaikovsky and Dostoyevsky and Pushkin, etc,etc
while the US has John Wayne- UP: 5


road to nothingness
dont forget John Rambo - UP: 0


“ I heard that even cats, dogs and trees from Russia would be sanctioned”...also the Bears - UP: 0

“我听说,甚至是俄罗斯的猫、狗和树也受到了制裁”... 还有熊

Bruce Doge
I am glad that the United States and NATO did not sanction Mendeleev and did not remove the periodic table from the textbook - UP: 0


Author of my own thoughts
I like what he has to say. - UP: 0


Chris Waiganjo
sober and respectful response - UP: 1


Sherman Peabody
Tchaikovsky Nutcracker compositions are play around Christmas. If sanctions are applied against Nutcracker compositions, Christmas will never be the same. - UP: 0


Faisal Maricar
Long live China! I am from Singapore! - UP: 5

中国万岁! 我来自新加坡!

I'm not a fan of China when it comes to human rights and freedom, but on this issue China's right. The guy's telling the truth and being objective and fair. - UP: 1


bob liu
human rights and freedom?
I think china did way better than the west. - UP: 0


Aroop Gohain Baruah
Down with NATO from India. - UP: 0


NATO and America is like the Roman Empire.
It barks alot and doesn't know it's DYING - UP: 44


Matteo Cicchetti
in italy they censuring Dostoyevsky at the university!!! - UP: 8


Ae Z
Please sanction the cold wind blowing from Siberia next time, thank you - UP: 12


L. D.T.
Russians can still send their dogs to China. They will get good care until they finish on a dinner plate. - UP: 0


the uncomfortable truth
@L. D.T.
They may also end up on a South Korean plate or a Vietnamese plate. Just because you don't have a culture or long history does not mean they don't exist. - UP: 0


Peppermint Sass
Time for the East to say goodbye to the West - UP: 35


Wishnu Satrya
atleast Russian have classical arts and culture. USA got jack shit xD - UP: 17

至少俄罗斯人有古典艺术和文化。美国有狗屎 xD

Rodolfo Garcia
I wonder if China can promise not to give military aid to Russia in the form of weaponry? - UP: 0


Are you serious? Russia is more advanced in the military than China. Why would it need China's military assistance? - UP: 0


@Realistic_Idealist Because things in Ukraine haven't gone so smoothly... - UP: 0


V.K. Galeb
Mr. Lijian nicely explained American neo-fascism! - UP: 0


End the dollar. Problem solved. - UP: 3


Poonam Bhattarai
China should know that the so called countries, are only names. Humanity is one big family, internal affairs should be solved within closed doors, by talks, stop the war!! - UP: 0

中国应该知道,所谓的国家,只不过是名称而已。人类是一个大家庭,内部事务应该关起门来解决,通过谈判,停止战争! !

Juan S. Rodriguez
Ukrainians: We ready to surrender
USA: NOOOO keep figthing here some more weapons and we going to give you lots of Planes, and we going to back u soon,wink wink - UP: 0


Thomas Wright
China viewing how Russia is taking over Ukraine and taking notes for when they take over Taiwan. - UP: 0


James Hally
I like this guy's style - UP: 0


Jørgen M. D Sollie
How about the paradigm of "non-interference in internal affairs"? What is Russia doing? what about Ukraine the legitimacy of sovereign states? Or if a government has the wrong opinions, it is down to the strong to correct this?
When China is reclaiming their lands in the South China sea, should China then stop their actions because other countries disagree? Chinese military is becoming stronger than their neighbours; should China reduce its military to appease its neighbours?
What about the "Harmonious world order"? Is this realised by weapons and bombs?
Maybe China no better than the hypocrites they themselves call out the West to be. - UP: 0


Dude, you are the biggest hyppocrite in here... Why are you so pressed about China?
Tell me, quick, how many military bases has China around the world? lmao This is not a kids game where if other countfies complain then you stop doing stuff. USA has invaded other countries using International Laws and UN resolutions as they please, when they keep invading countries which aremt even a decurity threat foe their own country. And yet when Russia does it and it clearly affects their country's security then they are whaaat??? the hypocrisyyyyyyy Did you came out of your cave yesterday? Haven't you seen NATO's expansion along the decades? It's easy dude, go0gle it, research. Listen to all the US elite politicians talking about how they could make Russia react and intervene previsely by doing what they've been doing. If you don't want to see it buddy, you are consciously opting to support a genocidal and crinimal regime: the USA.

老兄,你是这里最大的伪君子... 为什么你对中国感到这么有压力?

Russia doesn't invade Ukraine just because ohh i dont like that government's opinions... If you don't know th f k has been going on in Ukraine for decades... No excuse buddy, do your research. Watch senator McCain 2 months before the coup d'Etate in Ukraine saying America is with you... w t fk... When have you seen a russian or chinese senator go to a f k ng far away countfy to do these bullshl t shows? Hunter Biden in the Burisma oil company? 5 billions dollars invested by US to promote western democracy and what not? the Coup d'Etat of a democratically elected president, and a warzone-like day in Maidan? Puppet presidents? Laws banning the Russian language? Azov neonazi Batallion being condevorated by Zelensky and made official part of the National Army? Svodova neonazi leader taking pics, and beside Senator McCain in his Kiev speeches? US funded biolabs in Ukraine? watch their disgusting promoting video in the Ukraine's US embassy YT account...
Yes, harmonious worls.order by trading peacefully, like they have done revitalizing the Silk Road with the train Connection from China straight to Spain crossing all Eurasia. Cause Eurasia united (mainly Europe +Russia + China and of course the rest) is what the yankees are always avoiding. They want to cause division and fragmentate countries into pieces cause that's how they can control and use them better!!!
China with their two internal businesses in any case is no business of USA, understand? and that's the whole point. Non-interference in other country's internal affairs... exactly what USA has been doing for decades ALL AROUND THE WORLD: ASIA, EUROPA, AFRICA, SOUTHAMERICA... Do you need the whole fuck list???
Now buddy go get some hobbies instead of embarrassing yourself trying to make Russia and China look the bad dudes, lmao it's pathetic? Are you brainwashed or are you trying to earn some cents? - UP: 0

【接上】俄罗斯不会因为我不喜欢那个政府的观点就入侵乌克兰... 如果你不知道乌克兰几十年来一直在发生的烂事... 不要找借口,兄弟,自己做些调查吧。看看麦凯恩参议员在乌克兰政变前两个月,说美国和你们在一起... 我操... 你什么时候见过一个俄罗斯或中国参议员去遥远的国家做这些愚蠢的表演?Burisma石油公司(译注:乌克兰最大的私营天然气公司)的亨特·拜登?美国投资50亿美元促进西方民主之类的?民选总统的政变,迈丹事件般的战区?傀儡总统?禁止使用俄语的法律?由泽伦斯基分配并正式加入国民军的亚速营新纳粹军团?Svodova新纳粹领袖在拍照,旁边是麦凯恩参议员在基辅的演讲?美国资助的乌克兰生物实验室?在乌克兰美国大使馆的YouTube账号上,看看他们恶心的宣传视频...
中国和他们的两个内部事务,在任何情况下都不关美国的事,明白吗?这就是重点。不干涉别国内政... 正是美国几十年来一直在世界各地做的事情:亚洲,欧洲,非洲,南美洲... 你需要整张他妈的清单吗??

Cat Da vinci
Should I tell my cat that he is under sanctions!? - UP: 0


Rafy Koby
how about banning Ak´s in the US ? - UP: 1


usbai digital life
Nato stop expanding, US stop war on other country, war end. - UP: 2


Philip Tan
The usa wants to ban Tschaikovsky’s music too, LOL , what about Russian inventions such as the rocket engine using liquid hydrogen and oxygen, the father of the modern rocket science was Tsiolkovsky and not the usa. The American astronaut who is now in the ISS cannot be brought back to earth without Russian rocket. The usa will ban pinguïns, sea lions and bears who live in the Russian part of the North Pole, what have they done to Ukraine? For them it is just a patch of land on the planet. - UP: 0