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文章原始标题:What are the implications that China has cut military communication with USA after the Pelosi visit?


Glenn Lee Lives in Northern California
The US is not speaking with one voice; not only not one voice which changes every 4 years but now a whole cacophony from every Tom, Dick, Joe and Nancy. Good time to tune the volume down or to turn the volume off.


Albert Sun Knows Chinese
enn, don't just look at what's happening in the world.
The current military exercises are just the beginning. Because of the bills that the U.S. Congress will consider later. This bill is closer to the red line declared by China's anti-secession law than Pelosi going to Taiwan.
Look at the current reaction and think of a stronger reaction.


S Pan Former Professor
In practical terms, it has no effect. Trade and business will go one as usual. China has to save face—they cannot be humiliated by Pelosi’s defiance, and do nothing. So China says we will huff and puff and until you surrender. But US will not surrender, so they will keep on huffing and puffing, until they get exhausted because world will start ignoring whatever China says. Chin has been biggest polluter, and will continue on that path. They were already building more coal fired plants. Even under Paris Climate accord, they have been exempted for many years —that accord was most favorable deal for China. It looked like China dictated the terms and US Rep. Kerry agreed to everything because he desperately wanted to brag that he made a deal. So, China’s ending any climate talk has no real effect. All of their military exercises will end after a few days. China cannot afford a full-scale war with US and the Quad —their economy is already going down; a war will collapse their economy completely and Putin will lose any support at home.
Americans and rest of the world should ignore Chinese threats. Only neighboring India is paying attention to it, and warned China against starting any adventures at their common border.


Larry Lee
I do not know about military but the obviou answer is that with communication you are on speaking terms. So cutting off is serious, we are no longer friendly and I may hit you anytime.


It means that China takes it seriously and doesn't want such kind of things happen.
The visit should not take place at all.
It brings no benefits to people in the island and it will not bring any benefits to the United States as well.
It severely damages the foundations of the relations between China and the United States.
It will also make the people on the island suffer.
Cutting military communication is just part of China's response to the visit.
It's irresponsible for Pelosi to pay such a visit to the island.


America pushed too far this time; China has suspended all talks with USA, and will no longer honor the mid-channel boundary in Taiwan strait, or Taiwan air zones. The speech Pelosi gave about “us or them” has set of alarms across the world and middle east nations are in talks with China to develop closer relations and partner-agreements. Many south American nations; Brazil, Columbia, Bolivia, Argentina, are sending reps to China for talks on joining the BRI formally and distancing themselves from a increasingly belligerent USA.
Not sure what the American game plan is, but threatening the world if they dont follow American policy is not going to work.


They are also being irresponsible this time.


Christopher Bong
A desperate nation has to resort to desperate measures. They believe that the G7 is with them and that is all that matters.


Lian Aik Tan
US recognise the fact that they cant compete with China, with the exception of militarily, hence they can only use their military might to contain China.


Saramma Varghese
China knows that USA needs an agent, Ukraine as the agent to provocate Russia and Taiwan to provocate China ,a direct conflict with China is hopeless for USA..


Lim Kok Auun
…. USA is always on the look out for those who are Greedy Idiotic Sacrificial lambs.
The current sacrificial lamb is Ukraine. US is “ Working “ on Taiwan to be the next Ukraine.


Benny Jan
Sacrificial. Lamb skewer powdered with Shao Kaospices is even more perfect.


Lian Aik Tan
sad to say that Tsai Ing Wen is totally under the US' bidding


Gordon Fong
There will be no winner for the war between USA and China but world catastrophe. All peace loving people must speak out now to void the catastrophe.


Tao Yongchun
If, China really wants to participate in the Sino-US war.
Well, Pelosi's plane has been shot down.
China has made great concessions in Sino-US relations.
All countries in the world should persuade the United States well. for the sake of world peace. Give up provoking wars around the world.


Yoonus Karofi
America will not stop its provocations until she is dealt another big, catastrophic defeat.


Yongki Siaw
I guess the only way to do that is to let them have an economic meltdown and no one to help them like in 2008. That’s ll teach em and their people how fucked their system from the start.


Kiat Er
It will be coming sooner than expected . Economic hardship in Taiwan then regime change. US implosion then migrants from the south then civil war. Europe disunity, migrants and islamisation. Asians, please stay together.


Yoonus Karofi
Like Biden, these American oldies want to take everybody down with them. They have nothing to lose, being on the verge of their beckoning graves.


Should be more open-minded.


Tao Yongchun
U.S. policy toward China has always been about saying one thing and doing another.
Literally: the one-China policy has not changed. Manage differences and strengthen cooperation.
In fact, all kinds of containment against China have been going on all the time. Dozens of targeted bills appear every month. And, often on China sensitive issues. Test China's bottom line.
In the past, China was friendly to China and the United States. Willing to believe what the US "says". Downplaying what the US "did".
This time, China decided to respond separately to what the U.S. "said" and "did."


Abraham Hurling
The US deliberately use her to create tension between China and Taiwan. If China retaliate on Taiwan with military force and invade Taiwan, the United States will put sanctions against China to stop the growing China economy. That's what the US want. They know China will be the nr 1 economy in a few short years. China learns a lot from Russia and Ukraine and will not do the same mistake as Russia. Tawain don't have a chance against China in a war. They are already encircled and could fall overnight. China is capable of that. It's not like Ukraine that can get military help through Europe.


Ch'ng Ls
Asian nations must see how the US has done to destroy Europe in the Ukraine crisis. They are out to destroy, weaken everyone, to enable themselves to remain the controller of the world. They're bullies and should be stopped. Asians must be careful. Asians must not be tricked. In fact all peaceful nations must be careful not to be tricked like the Europeans.


Samuel Iam
It brought immediate and measurable benefit to the Dems and to Mrs Pelosi specifically. Even the Trump supporters are jubilant to see China humiliated, and that translates into a polling bump ahead of the midterms. Why else do you think she went there in the first place?


Kiat Er
Biden did not agree on her visit to Taiwan. It will backfire on the Dems.


Manchurian Candidate
America right now


Yoonus Karofi
Nigeria will not have them. Over our dead bodies. No surrender, no retreat.


Eugene Tavano
China was very clear in its opposition to the visit. I had hoped for an even stronger response, like firing missiles at at least one military facility in taiwan!


Jim Cline
It means that China talked big, the US didn’t back down. And now China is throwing a tantrum.


Lee Ramer
Looks like that in western Media, except the reality is like playing chess where you are so happy because you managed to take a pawn but don’t realize you in a couple of more moves you will losing a Rook. Notice how the Us air craft carrier had to spend it’s time sailing far and away from Taiwan? China now has declared there is no division in the Taiwan straight. They also have shown how their weapons technology is 100% hits on long distance targets. The Us lost this round and will continue to do so in the future while China keeps leap frogging the West in their technology. Only a pitchfork person thinks the Us won this round.


Jim Cline
The USS Ronald Reagan is not sailing away, it is right there. Why do you lie?
Their missiles missed their targets and landed in Japanese waters. The US missile tech is so good we can hit targets with knives.
China has zero ability to project its power to the US, while the US can strike China, that means in any conflict, China will lose.
China doesn’t even has a 5th Generation aircraft, the US has already flown a 6th generation aircraft.
China can’t hit what it can’t see. The US aircraft can pick China’s defenses apart and they would never be able to respond.


I can just see, victim number one in this conflict: Chinese American.


Oliver Ekue
Why can't china take his eyes off Taiwan and concentrate on it speedy development instead of threatening actions, maybe for so doing Taiwan will willingly join the so called main land, Ukraine wouldn't exist today if not for the USA AND UK. Who will intervin if China invade Taiwan?


Ben Tover
They did that since 1949.
Is that not long enough? Especially when foreigners decide to challenge the 1 china principle, which was the basis of sino us relations.
Did you think China would do the military exercises around Taiwan had the visit not happened?


Thien Dang
It’s a waste of time to speak to the wall, It’s better to do something else more valuable.


CaiLei Lives in China (1975–present)
In disregard of China's strong opposition and serious representations, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visited China's Taiwan region. Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday announced the following countermeasures in response:
* Canceling China-U.S. Theater Commanders Talk.
* Canceling China-U.S. Defense Policy Coordination Talks (DPCT).
* Canceling China-U.S. Military Maritime Consultative Agreement (MMCA) meetings.
* Suspending China-U.S. cooperation on the repatriation of illegal immigrants.
* Suspending China-U.S. cooperation on legal assistance in criminal matters.
* Suspending China-U.S. cooperation against transnational crimes.
* Suspending China-U.S. counternarcotics cooperation.
* Suspending China-U.S. talks on climate change.


Items 1-3 are the content of military cooperation. These three points are in response to the demands of the "rationalists" in the American ruling bloc to install "safety bolts". The existence of the "safety bolt" depends on whether the United States respects China's core interests. If the United States does not respect China's core interests, it does not matter whether there are "safety bolts". If you are afraid of death, watch out for lunatics in your own country.
After the implementation of Item 5-6. China will immediately tighten border controls. The U.S. could further become an excellent haven for “west expendable raw”. In the past, China was able to extradite in the name of criminal justice cooperation (although the U.S. basically did not cooperate), But now China is simply giving up those "west expendable raw". Guo Wengui can now live in the United States with peace of mind until his death.


Item 4 is the issue of illegal immigration, which was previously gave the GOP some face and is now withdrawn.
The Item 7 is anti-drug cooperation, which is mainly aimed at the fentanyl issue raised by Trump. In the past, it was to give Trump some face, but now it has been withdrawn. Brother of Mexican American and Colombian American in the United States can buy high-quality and cheap fentanyl raw materials in large quantities in the future, and sell for a fortune. Marijuana is legal in the US anyway, and fentanyl is not listed as a prohibited substance in the US.
The item 8 is climate cooperation. This is the basic vote base of the Democratic Party. In the past, China gave the Democratic Party some face, and is now withdrawn.


For the time being, there has been no touch on economic and trade relations, and it is not a complete decoupling of China and the United States.
If China takes full-scale retaliatory measures, it will directly touch US Treasury bonds.


The video that you attached, reminds me of the TV series “The Walking Dead”….


Mike McCarthy
I believe it’s a video from a notorious area of several streets in Philadelphia. The long term use of hard drugs has some zombie like results.


Pavel Wolkow
it is a great pity to see this


Elinor Hampton
As far as I know, it's not just in Philadelphia.


Rick Shaw
What would cause prc to dump treasuries?


last step.


Asit Mohanty
What would happen if PRC dump treasuries? And how would it do that? What would be the impact on China’s own exchange rate if it dumps $1T of US bonds in a week/month?


J Tan
This would hurt China the bond holder more. They would have to sell them at a big discount and the new holders would still get the same yield from such purchase.


Mike McCarthy
China dumping treasury bonds would be like sabotaging their own economy, because a major downturn in the US economy would smother demand for Chinese exports worldwide. China could do it, but the ramifications for everyone would be quite bad, and likely for a long time. I believe that China would prefer just to threaten to sell off bonds as a means of leverage against the US. You can’t get angry and burn down your neighbor’s condo when your own condo is part of that same building because you’re both going to get burned, to use a sloppy analogy.


America is less than 3% of China’s economy. It might hurt some businesses, but China does not operate for profit. Pelosi has no idea what she stirred up. China expects the words and actions to match, USA cannot continue stating they honor the agreements while the #2 in line for president is making statements that violate the agreement.


Mike McCarthy
Saying “America is less than 3% of China’s economy” makes no sense. It says nothing because it is so vague, which makes me think you don’t have a lot of real information to offer. First, important here is China’s exports, not their economy. Obviously China exports products everywhere in the world, but the US makes up a very large market for those exports. I don’t know, and don’t care enough to look up specific percentages, but it’s a sizable percentage. It seems you are trying to steer the conversation into politics, but my point is not political, it’s simply that if China is to get angry enough to order a sell off of US treasury bonds, they would be cutting off their nose to spite their face. Maybe this will happen, but the Chinese officials have often shown themselves to be pragmatic, rather than spiteful, when their money is concerned.


Shawn Cheng
I think he's talking about export to the US as a % of China’s total GDP. Export accounts for about 19% of China’s total GDP in 2021, and coincidentally export to the US accounts for about 19% of all export, which translates to roughly 3.6% of China’s GDP


Rick Shaw
China also stopped export of silica sand to taiwan for making semiconductors This is what sounds like war to me most of all


Erwin Lee
Mainland silica consist 30% of Taiwanese silica import.
Interesting where will Taiwan get the substitute. And will there be price increase.


Xuan Su
Based on US sanctions on Russia, when that time of conflict with US comes, the additional negative effect of dumping the treasuries on Chinese economy would be negligible. Destroying the economy of US would probably shorten that conflict. If it doesn’t, then it at least weakened US.


Mike McCarthy
Don’t you think your outlook is rather one dimensional? Whether you like it or not, the world economies are interdependent. Even if what you contend is true, a sell off of US bonds would be negligible to China and harmful to the US, there would be a serious response from the US, likely in the form of tariffs or significant limitations on Chinese exports. Additionally, a severe US economic downturn would see a major downturn in ability to buy products, not just from China, but also exporting countries worldwide, and this lack of markets and money sources for all industrialized countries would almost certainly put the worldwide economy in a tailspin, potentially leading to a great depression like the one that occurred in the 1930s. The term “mutual assured destruction” doesn’t apply only to nuclear weapons. Think tanks with economic theorists in both the US and China know this, and are aware of the catastrophic effect that would occur.
Another thing that I think is important to point out: To China, the issue of Taiwan is considered one of interference in their internal sovereignty. Conversely, it is likely that the US regards it as one of open waterways. Historically the US has always showed a willingness to engage in conflicts when there was the potential of a threat to waterways.


Xuan Su
Why would the health of US economy be a concern for China if/when US engages in conflict with China? Based on US and allies’s action toward Russia, any foreign assets held by China that’s not under Chinese control would likely be taken anyway. So that’s one very strong incentive for China to sell whatever that could be sold when conflict is inevitable.
Now as far as waterway is concerned, Taiwan strait is at best a shortcut, not a choke point like strait of Malacca or Homouz or Gibraltar. Even if China cuts it off to foreign passage, realistically only traffic to Korea and Japan would be affected, and detour to east side of Taiwan island add maybe a couple hundred miles to the journey, hardly an issue for anyone involved. Not to mention China has never threatened commercial traffic in any waterway under Chinese control. US’s claim of “freedom of navigation” is really “freedom of Navigation for US navy”. Which is a concept I find highly offensive and should be scrapped altogether.


Mike McCarthy
Why do you think a major conflict between the US and China is a certainty?


Mike McCarthy
First, have you read what I wrote? The sales of a lot of world goods occur in the US. Should the US economy fall apart, the world’s economy would likely fall into a depression, because when demand for exports ends, nobody anywhere is going to be doing any business. When the other nations have no incoming money, Chinese exports are going shrivel as well. How are you missing something so obvious? Are you familiar with the term pyrrhic victory?
Second, China could forcibly take Taiwan by invading it, but they would also likely kill thousands of people there who were not affiliated with the military. It would not be a popular war. I’m not sure what the fallout would be, but China would become something of a pariah.


Xuan Su
The real question is have you read my answer. I have already answered the question of whether China should care if US economy collapse due to dumping of treasuries. In the face of US and western nations’ inevitable sanctions, it doesn’t make any difference for China if they couldn’t continue to buy products due to a depression. That market would have been closed to China regardless. The only concern for China at that point is recovery of as much assets as possible before they get taken.
Fact of the matter is, China WILL take back Taiwan, by any means necessary, especially with US policies turning decidedly antagonistic in recent years. There is no hope for a peaceful and collaborative relationship between US and China where everyone’s core interest could be respected. room for flexibility no longer exist because US have left eveyone no room to maneuver.


Christopher Bong
Talking about waterways, the threats of shutting down the Straits of Malacca to choke and blockade China will also see severe retaliation.


Antonio Arcano-Silva
I’ll be nice Taiwan they join China Finally I think that would be the turning point in history.
Thanks to the Ukrainian war it was a turning point for the multipolar world. USA Hegemony has greatly weaken and I don't think they will comeback. USA is too divided, and I wouln’t be surprised of there was a Civil War in USA ten years from now.


Dick Chini
Well China is barking not communicating


Calvin L
I think China has been pretty clear with its communication. For months. The US decided to not listen. There comes a point when further communication serves no more purpose.


Lam Yc
Indeed nancy pelosi’s visit handed China a golden opportunity to conduct military exercise all over Taiwan


Jesuan Wu
Chinese people called for shooting down the American plane even. But thank god the Chinese government is professional and not a bunch of show runners easily swayed by public opinion, it knows that the Pelosi visit was just background noise and decided to use it as an excuse to make real gains on the real goal: reunification with Taiwan.
Now Chinese ships and planes are carrying out live fire exercises on the Taiwanese coast where the Taiwanese can even see them. So basically China took over the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan's most precious natural defense. Had it not been for Pelosi, this would have been seen as an unilateral move changing the status quo and draw criticisms and maybe even sanctioned, but now most people are pinning in on Pelosi and the US, not on China.


So China are professional bullies, but get all quiet when the US shows their face.


Jesuan Wu
How is China the bully when it was the US that invaded China?
China is pragmatic. It knows that it's goal is reunification with Taiwan, not conflict with the US, and frankly, Pelosi wouldn’t have visited Taiwan had the rebels in Taiwan not invited her. So China is angry at the US but mostly its actions are directed at the Taiwan rebels. Simple, clean logic.


Christopher Bong
China knows she cannot win in a long distant war. Apparently the US believe that she can.


Bruno Andreessen
Yes…and the US will retaliate and tank the Chinese economy.

【回复】是的... 美国将进行报复,并重创中国经济。

Tony Tan
What is the point of maintaing any kind of communication with the US? That country lies and breaks promises all the time.


It made the world more unpredictable, uncertain, tumultuous and foreboding, USA will always be in a Flux as to China’s next move, the ‘unknown’ will eat usa from the inside. It's better, even though i hate it, to maintain dialog with China at all time.


Nick AI MPH from University of New South Wales (Graduated 1998)
Undoubtedly, the two-week plus, well-planned Pelosi visit was definitely not her acting alone to provoke China, the US Parliament, the White House and TW DPP lobby groups had echoed each other and schemed this trip together. But hilariously it seems that such a farce has badly backfired both in the US and in the world.
Omens betide no good:
The military communication channels that have taken a long time and sufficient efforts to build are a vital part of the bilateral risk control and crisis management mechanism between the US and China. Without them, the grave risk of military conflicts will be easily, quickly out of control.
If we look back on the Pelosi visit event, we should know how the Sino-US previously existing military communication channels were potentially working to minimize potential military conflicts and how important they are.

【回答】新南威尔士大学 公共卫生硕士(1998年毕业)

Simply based on some logical commonsense and known details, it had shown that during the Pelosi visit, why her plane didn’t be intercepted or shot down by PLA fighter jets, there must have had a tacit understanding and compromise at the government and military levels from the US and China. At least China acquiesced that even under the worst circumstance, PLA wouldn’t shoot her plane down and would let the plane pass. And possibly, the US also agreed for her plane to make an elaborate, long detour and take extra three hours to avoid all sensitive, risky areas, such as PLA military exercises areas, China’s ADIZ, the South China sea, etc. Otherwise, she would never have had the guts or dare to gamble with her life and deliberately stir up a potential nuclear war between gigantic nuclear superpowers to go ahead with her provocative TW trip.


All these crisis management mechanisms are utterly based on the various levels of governmental and military communication channels.
Once these communications have been cut without other alternative solutions, the risk for future conflict, including military frictions will increase and possibly get out of control. As part of China’s punishment for the Pelosi TW trip, China has halted military, and climate talks with the U.S., it has shown that China is utterly boiling with rage and also prepared for even possible increased, intensified military conflicts in the future. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, "Those Who Offend China Will Be Punished".