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文章原始标题:America can learn from China’s amazing high-speed rail network

内容简介:中国已经在未来建设高速铁路的道路上走了一半,在那里,乘火车是一个简单的选择,而飞机是第二选择。 在北京和上海之间旅行最方便的方式是乘坐高速列车,这种说法适用于中国越来越多的航线。

China is already halfway to a high-speed rail future, where taking the train is the easy option and flying is the second choice. The most convenient way to travel between Beijing and Shanghai is by high-speed train, and that statement is true for a growing number of routes across China.

中国已经在未来建设高速铁路的道路上走了一半,在那里,乘火车是一个简单的选择,而飞机是第二选择。 在北京和上海之间旅行最方便的方式是乘坐高速列车,这种说法适用于中国越来越多的航线。

America can learn from literally any country's rail network...


Except from the UK rail network...:
We pay exuberant prices...Have delays very (very!) often (sometimes hours)
Seldom have a seat
Are packed in the trains like beans in a tin
Have to often change multiple times
Have often conflicting messages from staff (or none at all)
Trains smell of alcohol and fast food
Toilets are either locked, or open but without running water to wash your hands
Have abysmal internet connections on the trains
I'm sure there are many more examples of how shit the UK trains are (and indeed, the public transport in general!) in the UK.
My point is, nobody, please... NOBODY! follow the UK on public transport "ideas".

除了英国的铁路网... :

Besides the price, I don't think it's that bad. Every country complains about their own trains being shitty.
But as an outsider and now a regular commuter by train, I love UK trains.


Every country complains about their own trains being shitty.
Not Japan


they do. also if we talk about overpricing, i have some news for you about japanese rail ...

是的。 还有,如果我们谈到价格虚高的问题,我有些关于日本铁路的消息要跟你分享.....

The way reddit fetishizes Japan and Japanese culture is amazing.


America actually has one of the best freight train networks in the world. Unlike most other countries it’s the freight services that own the rail, rather than the government.

事实上,美国拥有世界上最好的货运列车网络之一。 与其他大多数国家不同,拥有铁路的是货运服务公司,而不是政府。

The key here is that you will never get Americans to embrace public transportation. While it may get you from point a to point b fairly quickly, going to point a and from point b to your final destination is the problem.
I live in Salt Lake City and if I wanted to get from my house to my place of employment downtown using public transportation, I'd have to drive my car to a bus stop, take the bus to the train station, transfer trains several times and then walk the rest of the way to work. A 20 minute trip by car would turn into a 2 hour trip in a sea of humanity by rail. No thanks.
What makes China and other Asian countries uniquely suited to public transport is a fairly dense population. Here in America, we are spread out far and wide. There just isn't a good argument for public transportation in most places. Even in places where it actually works and is profitable, it doesn't eliminate the need for cars. You still have to drive to and from the station unless you are lucky enough to be on a bus route.
And to be honest, places where rail actually works usually don't call for high speed rail in the first place. I've taken public transportation from Downers Grove to Chicago in the past and the rail part is the least painful part of the commute already.

这里的关键是,你永远不会让美国人接受公共交通。 虽然从 a 点到 b 点可能会很快,但从 a 点到 b 点再到最终目的地才是问题所在。
我住在盐湖城,如果我想乘坐公共交通工具从家里到我在市中心工作的地方,我必须开车到公共汽车站,乘公共汽车到火车站,换乘几次火车,然后步行走完剩下的路程去上班。 20分钟的汽车旅行会变成2小时的火车旅行。 所以不用了,谢谢。
中国和其他亚洲国家之所以非常适应公共交通,是因为它们的人口相当密集。 在美国,我们分布得非常广泛。 在大多数地方,公共交通并不是一个很好的方式。 即使在有利且有效的地方,它也不能消除对汽车的需求。 你仍然必须开车往返车站,除非你足够幸运地就在公共汽车的路线上。
说实话,那些真正有铁路运营的地方通常一开始就不需要高铁。 过去我乘坐过从道纳斯格罗夫到芝加哥的公共交通工具,而铁路已经是上下班中相对舒服的部分了。

Last mile problem ftw!
Also want to say that China was able to build their cities with a passenger rail network in mind. They can also say "We're building rail here, GTFO" We can't do that in the united states because our citizens have rights ...also our cities are much older, and much less densely populated but already established with roads and buildings and such, so it's crazy expensive.
If you were to turn on sand box mode and remake the US, you could restructure every major american city to have an efficient local rail system. Since we haven't figured out sand box mode yet, we'll have to settle for mid-grade rail in urban centers

还要说的是,中国在建设城市时,会考虑到客运铁路的网络。 他们也可以说: “我们正在这里修建铁路,给我走开”在美国我们不能这么做,因为我们有公民权利...而且我们的城市比较老,人口密集程度也低得多,而且已经有了公路和建筑之类的东西,所以成本高得离谱。
如果你打开沙箱模式,重塑美国,你可以重组美国的每一个主要城市,让它们有一个高效的地方铁路系统。 由于我们还没有搞清楚沙箱模式,所以我们不得不满足于市中心的中档铁路

Air travel makes sense for America. It's very large and the population isn't as large as China. They don't need to move that large a mass. Honestly you guys need better networks inside the city rather than in between cities

航空旅行对美国来说是有意义的。 美国非常大,而且人口不像中国那么多。 它们不需要移动那么多的人。 老实说,你们需要更好的城市内部网络,而不是城市之间的网络

China has a major advantage since they own all land in China. No need for eminent domain or negotiation with land owners. They can just relocate you when they want to use the land. We can't just kick people off of their property here in the US, so all of that buying back land and litigation when it doesn't go smoothly takes time. Lots of time. So even with the best intentions, it takes for-fucking-ever to complete any large transit project due to the nature of land ownership.

中国有很大的优势,因为他们拥有中国所有的土地。 不需要征用权或与土地所有者谈判。 当他们想要使用这块土地的时候,他们可以重新安置你。 我们不能就这样把人们从他们在美国的财产上赶走,所以当事情进展不顺利的时候,所有买回土地和诉讼都需要时间。 花很多时间。 因此,即使是出于最好的意图,由于土地所有权的性质,完成任何大型交通项目都需要花费他妈的一辈子。

They can, to an extent. Look up nail houses and you can see many examples (not just from china) of houses in the middle of roadworks and other large projects where someone refused to budge, and (sometimes surprisingly) did not get forcibly relocated.

在某种程度上,他们可以拒绝安置。 查一下钉子户中,你可以看到许多例子(不仅仅来自中国) ,在道路施工和其他大型项目中,有些人拒绝让步,(有时令人惊讶的是)他们没有被强迫搬迁。

You dont have a good understanding of it. Actually Rails are built in the countryside and people living there are happy that their houses could be removed cuz gov would give them a quite considerable compensation for that. On the contrary, people generally want their houses can be scheduled into removal plan. That compensation can make them buy three to ten houses nearby. So we have a saying called the way to get rich is your house being wrote with a 拆(removal)character on its wall. To be fair, the condition that someone not willing to move out exists but Gov will negotiate with them though. So sometimes the rail will be changed its routes a little bit if the negotiation failed. What you described is individual case being exaggerated. Not objective man.

你并不了解中国。 事实上,铁轨是在农村铺设的,生活在那里的人们很高兴他们的房子可以被拆除,因为政府会给他们相当可观的补偿。 相反,人们一般都希望自己的房子能被安排到搬迁计划中。 这样的补偿可以让他们在附近买三到十套房子。 所以有一个说法称这为“致富之路”,就是你的房子墙上写着“拆除”的字符。 公平地说,有些人不愿意搬出去,但是政府会和他们沟通。 因此,如果沟通失败了,铁路有时会稍微改变一下路线。 你所描述的个别情况被夸大了,不客观了,朋友。

Hasn't china's highspeed railway system come under fire for wasteful spending and unsafe worker conditions?


Just like many government projects, train service has to maintain unprofitable routes for political reasons. I'm sure rail lines that connect the biggest cities such as Beijing-Shanghai-Guangzhou are highly profitable. The problem is they also have train services to Western inland China that is sparsely populated.

就像许多政府项目一样,出于政治原因,铁路服务必须维持着不盈利的路线。 我相信连接北京、上海、广州等大城市的铁路线利润率很高。 问题是他们也有连接人口稀少的中国西部内陆的火车服务。

Everything you do doesn't have to be profitable. Sometimes you just build infrastructure because the people benefit from it.

你做的每一件事都不一定是有利可图的。 有时因为人们会受益,所以你建设了相应的基础设施。

Most of the high speed train lines run a operating loss and China Railway Corp. was running $700 billion debt which is not sustainable and it's getting bigger every year.


So what, the whole country benifits from a high speed train system, it don´t have to earn money for themself.


the trains aren't made to be profitable they are really just another piece of infrastructure like highways or the metro.


There is a cool comparison video on Youtube about this topic.
"Why China Is so Good at Building Railways"


Because public transportation should not be for profit and government usually subsidize the loss, like in most countries....


This summer I went to Yunnan province for hiking and I saw high speed train track tunnels being built in mountains neighboring Tibet. The tracks and tunnels will connect Yunnan province capital and Yunnan’s remote counties then eventually Tibet’s counties, having absolutely stunning scenes. Yunnan province capital is already well developed and connected to other big cities like Chengdu by high speed train.
It is something unique of China’s system, which could build the necessary infrastructure connecting remote areas to city hubs at huge loss. And China’s public generally support it because most of them hope people from there could be lifted out of poverty and could thrive. This will in turn create more middle class which is good for economy in general.

今年夏天我去云南徒步旅行,我看到在西藏附近的山区正在修建高速铁路隧道。 这些铁轨和隧道将连接云南省省会和云南偏远的县,然后最终连接西藏的县,有着绝对令人惊叹的场景。云南省会已经很发达,并通过高速列车与成都等其他大城市相连。
这是中国系统的一个独特之处,它可以建立连接偏远地区和城市枢纽的必要基础设施,但这会损失巨大。 而且中国公众普遍支持它,因为他们中的大多数人都希望那里的人民能够摆脱贫困,能够发展良好。 这反过来又会创造出更多的中产阶级,总体上对经济有利。

A fair comparison would be to look at the cost saved from people not having to drive across the country.
Say a high speed rail would save X trips a year, at a cost of $Y a trip. If the operating cost of the rail is less than X*Y then it's good for the country overall.

假设一条高速铁路每年可以节省 x 次旅行,而每次旅行的成本是 y 美元。 如果铁路的运营成本低于 x * y,那么这对整个国家是有益的。

Yet it serves millions now. A small price payed compared to what they got.


Do you? Maybe it's needed if you want the same network as them as fast as them, i.e. covering the entire country with HSR in about a decade. Which in any other country than China is science-fiction.
You can do the same but doing "Western style". It might take longer but will be more ethical, yet still possible to achieve a great HSR network.

是吗? 如果你想要和中国一样快的高铁网络,比如在十年内覆盖整个国家的高铁网络,这也许是必要的。 但这对中国以外的任何国家来说,都是科幻小说的情节。

That said, I think people underestimate how much China can get things done.
It’s an incredibly results oriented country, much more functional capitalist in the original sense than the western economies are now.
When I lived in China, we had a new subway line going from “this would be a good idea” to trains rolling in two years. Pretty phenomenal.


This is all pretty fundamental to China’s HSR success


China’s compensation for moving people off the land has been pretty generous. Where do you think the rich Chinese hillbilly tourists come from?


China built their's at 30 million per mile. California is building their's at 140 million per mile.
A big reason for this cost difference is Cal HSR took forever to buy land and people know the alignment cant be changed, so landowners were offering their land at 5, sometimes 10x the market rate


I mean China's cities and America's cities are totally different in terms of architectural layout. That plays a big role in designing a metro system. What works in China may not work in America.

我的意思是中国的城市和美国的城市在建筑布局上是完全不同的。 这在地铁系统的设计中发挥重要作用。 在中国行得通的方法,在美国可能行不通。

Isnt the issue land ownership in the US? I think the Chinese government owns all of their land and leases it out to people. I would expect it to be hard to lay down rail in mismatched land.

难道美国的土地所有权问题不就是这样吗? 我认为中国政府拥有所有的土地,并将其出租给人民。 我认为在不匹配的土地上铺设铁路是很困难的。

Does US have the population size to justify it though? By connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou you’re connecting 40 million people. In the US if you connect New York and Chicago it will be -5 million tops. Does it really generate enough value?

然而,美国的人口规模能证明可行吗? 通过连接上海和杭州,你连接了4000万人。但在美国,如果你把纽约和芝加哥连起来,最多也就是500万人。 高铁真的能产生足够的价值吗?

We can't learn anything from it because at least half the country will be against investing in it


Should we ask them to build it or just copy it ourselves?


disagree, most of china's population is centered in one corner of their country, whereas the U.S. population is more spread out.


You say that but the northeast is very, very dense, as dense as many parts of China. People will be convinced to use it over cars when they realize it’s more convenient than a plane and at least twice as fast as a car.

你这么说,但是美国东北部的人口密度非常非常大,就像中国的很多地方一样。 当人们意识到它比飞机更方便,速度至少是汽车的两倍时,他们就会相信它比汽车更便利了。

But then the car industry would plummet ): In all seriousness I hate the American car culture.

但是之后汽车工业就会一落千丈) : 说真的,我讨厌美国的汽车文化。

China can learn from America’s amazing legal framework which includes property and land rights


Counterpoint: America won't learn anything from anyone.


I actually go to China like once or twice a year since the company I work for has an office over there and it's actually to insane to see the Western perception vs. the reality. But people make it seems like these trains are rickety roller coasters that go a billion miles an hour and kill people regularly. From actually taking them, the passenger experience is really good, even if you're not in a priority class. They are quick, inexpensive, smooth and you have waaaaaaaay more room compared to the cramped, smushed flights or the awful Amtraks I take domestically in the U.S.
End of the day though, I think stuff like self-driving cars will probably be the way forward in the future for U.S., so maybe not worth at this point.


You realize we do that in the US too right? And the federal government owns most of the land in the country?

你知道我们在美国也这么做,对吧? 联邦政府拥有这个国家大部分的土地?

What does that have to do with learning from the Chinese railway system? Did you read a different article about learning from the Chinese designers of high speed rail?

这与向中国铁路系统学习有什么关系? 你有没有读过一篇关于向中国高铁设计师学习的文章?

They can also learn from Japan. America’s rail system is slow.


Tbh that applies in the UK as well.
Trains are only 10% of our travel and that almost entirely the London commuter belt, its just a crap way to get about. From door to door with a family and luggage, the train is just awful compared to a car.

火车只占我们旅行的10% ,而且几乎完全是伦敦通勤带,这是一种糟糕的出行方式。 带着家人和行李挨家挨户地走,与汽车相比,火车简直糟透了。

The reason we don't have rail network like this readily available is because America encouraged everyone to buy cars and also since Americans are so sprawped out. I agree. We should have a high speed rail network like China. But literally no one will use it because cars are so plentiful in America.

我们之所以没有像这样现成的铁路网络,是因为美国鼓励每个人购买汽车,也因为美国人的消费水平太高了。 我同意,我们应该有一个像中国一样的高速铁路网。 但实际上没有人会使用它,因为美国的汽车种类非常丰富。

Almost every American hate public transportation. You’re right, it’s never going to happen and we don’t need them. It will be a waste of money.

几乎每个美国人都讨厌公共交通。 你是对的,这永远不会发生,我们也不需要他们。 这是在浪费钱。

China could also learn from America about the first amendment, so....


Forget rail. Autonomous vehicles and the US’ road system will end up being a better alternative. 10 years ago, I’d have agreed we need more high speed rail. But, I think autonomous vehicles is going to play out in America’s favor in a really big way.

忘了铁路吧。 自动驾驶汽车和美国的道路系统最终将成为一个更好的选择。 10年前,我同意我们需要更多的高速铁路。 但是,我认为无人驾驶汽车将会在很大程度上对美国有利。

It’s anazing that anytime any topic comes up where America falls behind in we’re given a million reasons why we can’t do it and they’re always stupid arguments.


Sorry, I don't want to learn anything from the Chinese. If we're to get any help, suggestions or ideas from anybody it would be from the most efficient, cleanest and safest system for 50+ years running... the Shinkansen in Japan.

对不起,我不想从中国人那里学到任何东西。 如果我们要从其他人那里得到任何帮助、建议或想法,那就是来自日本的新干线,它是日本50多年来最高效、最干净、最安全的系统。

It could learn to overthrow the political system and build a pathway to a egalitarian state like in China, I'd support that!


I'm sure Trump thinks we can build it and China will pay for it.


I guess America should just steal Siemens rail technology then tell them to f off lol.


American high speed rail network would be a huge target for terrorist sabotage.


I think the American railroad system is still better then in some parts of Germany
This week my train back home was late 3 times, except for today when my train the the main station was late so I missed the one home
Fuck that


If America has learned anything its that rails are communist, health care is socialist, and education is superfluous. Don't expect this or any administration to start taking notes from China or anyone else. If there is going to be a movement towards high-speed rail its going to be from some philanthropic/opportunistic billionaire. Convince the rich that they'll get richer if they give us rails and maybe we'll get them. The ruling class, well, rules...

如果说美国学到了什么,那就是铁路是共产主义,医疗是社会主义,而教育是多余主义。 不要指望本届政府或任何一届政府开始从中国或任何其他国家那里学习。 如果美国要朝着高铁方向发展,那一定是出自某位慈善家或机会主义的亿万富翁之手。
说服富人让他们相信,如果他们给我们铁路,他们会变得更富有。这样也许我们会得到铁路。 统治阶级,嗯,统治...

We can but we won't. We are such a spoiled country.


I call bullshit. Most Americans aren’t capable of learning. Adult illiteracy is a real problem in America.

我认为是胡说八道。 大多数美国人没有学习能力。 成人文盲在美国是一个真正的问题。

In America different companies own sections of rail making it very difficult to get anything done.


That is my favorite part of visiting China the rail system gets you where you need to go so fast and just keeps getting better.


No chance in USA. California high speed rail proved that. Between environmental issues and land issues as well as cost, it just isn’t feasible. Better off putting cars on rails.

在美国没有机会的。 加利福尼亚的高速铁路证明了这一点。 考虑到环境问题和土地问题以及成本问题,这行不通的。 把汽车放在铁轨上反而更好。

Sadly, America will not likely learn anything from anyone.


Imagine if someone with the resources of an Elon Musk or a Jeff Bezos actually put their mind and money toward building high-speed rail across America

想象一下,如果有人拥有像埃隆 · 马斯克或杰夫 · 贝佐斯那样的资源,真的投入精力和金钱建设横跨美国的高速铁路。

I got used to China’s trains that I forgot how shitty Philippines’ trains were.


America will never have a robust rail network. All we use rail for is cargo transport.


Went to Japan for the first time back in February. If you have been on any sort of High-Speed rail, it really makes you realize how far behind the US is on public transit.
I took a Train from Kyoto to Tokyo, a roughly 300 mile trip in a little over 2 hours. High speed rail though can be expensive, it was cheaper to fly from Tokyo to Osaka than it was to take the train for example.

二月份第一次去了日本。 如果你曾经乘坐过任何一种高速铁路,这真的会让你意识到在公共交通方面,美国落后了有多远。
我坐火车从京都到东京,在两个多小时的时间里大约行驶了300英里。 虽然高速铁路很贵,但是从东京飞往大阪比坐火车便宜。

The US isn't like China or any other countries with a lot of rail system. What works in the US is cars and roads. The future for the US is auto driving electric cars IMO.

美国不像中国或其他拥有大量铁路系统的国家。 在美国起作用的是汽车和道路。 美国的未来是自动驾驶电动汽车。

Illinois tried and failed. They did succeed in making some contractors very rich though.


The difference between China and the US is that the Chinese government owns all the land. In the US, most of the land is privately owned. The government will have to pay land owners and legal fees in order to build a high speed rail network. Just look at the CA bullet train disaster to see the problems that can happen.

中国和美国的区别在于中国拥有所有的土地。 在美国,大部分土地属于私人所有。 为了建设高速铁路网,政府将需要支付土地所有者和法律费用。 看看加利福尼亚州的子弹头列车灾难,看看可能发生的问题。

Do we even need these networks? Autonomous vehicles will make these obsolete soon enough.

我们真的需要这些网络吗? 无人驾驶汽车很快就会淘汰这些高铁网络。

America has to want to learn before it will learn.


There are predominately two things preventing us from valuing learning. Conservatism and religion.


Because China doesn't have bullshit like environmental impact reports, OSHA, and fair minimum wage.


Amtrak used to be heavily subsidized like planes.
Now all those subsidies go to oil. Our defense budget for example.


Most of the country is too stupid to care and too shortsighted. Look at the fight against the CA high speed rail.

这个国家的大多数人都太愚蠢而漠不关心,也太目光短浅。 看看反对加州高速铁路的争执吧。

America could learn a lot from a lot of countries but we don’t cuz ‘Merica! We are number 1!


Our country is too corrupt to build effective anything. China has long term plans while corporate oligarchy that rule us can only see as far as their balance sheets.
If there is something that would be in the public's interest, you only need to look for who benefits by the public's lack of that good to understand why we won't have it.

我们的国家太腐败了,建设不起任何有效的东西。 中国有长远的计划,而统治我们的企业寡头政治只能看到他们的资产负债表。

America plugs it’s ears “lalalalalalalalala I can’t hear you”

美国把它的耳朵堵上了,“ 啦啦啦啦啦啦啦 你说什么我听不见”

The US prides itself on being a car orientated nation though. Just look at their highway system. People want to drive and not sit in trains.

美国以自己是一个汽车为导向的国家而自豪。 看看他们的公路系统就知道了。人们想要开车而不是坐火车。

Joe Biden and Trump say this is America and we can't have anything nice here.


In the current political climate in America we can't learn anything from China.


I've just done a 3000 mile Road trip across 4 different states. The US doesn't need to waste money on a train system. They need to fix their shitty roads first. I was shocked at how poor the condition a lot of the interstate roads were. And they get even worse the moment you're within city limits. I mean, wtf America?


We could. But we're not going to because "we're literally the best country ever and no one can tell us otherwise"

我们可以。 但我们不会这么做,因为“我们确实是有史以来最好的国家,没人能否认”

China has a TON of high speed rail, it’s actually crazy how much rail networks they have


This is irritating. China's brand new, so much money, of course they have brand new good shit.


America can learn a whole lot of things from a whole lot of people, but "learning"is not really our strong suit...


I think auto, airline and oil lobby is too strong in USA for having a good rail network. If rails in USA become as good as china, a lot of industries will suffer. Imagine being able to: - travel 200miles in 45-60 mins without any delay. - Or travel from NYC to Chicago in 2.5 hours? Who would want to use the flights then?

我认为在美国,汽车、航空公司和石油游说团体太强大了,所以拥有良好的铁路网络来说很困难。 如果美国的铁路变得和中国一样好,很多行业都会受到影响。想象一下:能够在45-60分钟内行驶200英里,没有任何延误。 或者在2.5小时内从纽约到芝加哥? 那么谁还会乘坐航班呢?

It really is amazing what you can do with stolen intellectual property, an utter lack of industrial standards, and no consideration whatsoever for safety and environmental impact.


Someone’s not been to China


The American denial in this thread is painful.
Can't you guys ever admit that another county might be better than you in some way?
It's so childish. Its like this national need to be number 1 at all times even when you clearly are not. Come on guys.

太幼稚了。 就像这个国家需要在任何时候都排第一,即使你显然不是。得了吧朋友。

America can learn from China's high speed rail network, From Europe's public healthcare plans, and higher education funding, From Australia's gun laws, From Portugal's drug laws, from Skandinavia's public welfare system....but it won't.


If you're not worried about slave labour, human rights abuse and working conditions then yeah LEARN FROM CHINA


You have slave labour in the us prison system. LEARN FROM NORWAY HOW TO RUN PRISONS.


Go to China and open your eyes


For one of the world's most powerful countries i'm always saddened by the lack of leading innovation in all sectors in the U.S.


How has China been able to create such an advanced speed rail network so fast?


Investment in their future


The US doesn't need one. The population isn't nearly as dense as countries that have them. The only place it might make sense is the Northeast corridor, Amtrak has tried that and repeatedly fails come anywhere close to breaking even. Even with the Acela Express which is the closest thing to a high speed train we have. It still takes 6.5 hours to go from DC to Boston. Flying is much easier at that point. For the majority of the US it's too expensive to build and maintain and demand isn't there. There's a reason Californias high speed project failed.

美国不需要高铁。人口密度远不及那些人口密度高的国家。 唯一有意义的地方是美国东北部走廊,但美国铁路公司已经尝试过,一再失败,几乎只能收支平衡。即使是我们拥有的,最接近高速列车的阿西乐快车。 从华盛顿到波士顿仍然需要6个半小时。 在这一点上,坐飞机要容易得多。 对于大多数美国人来说,建造和维护成本太高,需求也不存在。加利福尼亚的高速铁路计划的失败是有原因的。

I'm from California actually and have lived in both San Francisco and San Diego. Your statement could not be more incorrect. We do need a high speed rail, especially one that connects North Cal to SoCal. Flying between SF and LA is simply ridiculous.

实际上,我就来自加利福尼亚,在旧金山和圣地亚哥都住过。 你的陈述完全不正确。 我们确实需要一条高速铁路,尤其是连接北加州和南加州的高速铁路。 在旧金山和洛杉矶之间坐飞机简直太荒谬了。

We have had a really nice $6Trillion war in the Middle East for the past 20 years, though. At least we have that going for us.

然而,在过去的20年里,我们在中东展开了一场价值6万亿美元的战争。 至少我们有这个优势。

My goodness don't remind me. I'm actually a former military officer, I know how senseless this war is from personal experience.


America *could* learn from... like a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters could write the greatest novel ever


America is too big and spread out for this sort of thing to be cost effective!
Do I need to put the /s?

我需要在后面写上 / s 吗?(阿煌注:类似我们国内的“滑稽”...)

America could learn a lot from a bunch of countries but we’re too concerned with the war machine and immigration.


We can learn a lot from a lot of countries, but the gop won’t have that


Florida needs high speed rail so bad. A line from Miami to Jacksonville, a line from Fort Meyers to Tallahassee, Jacksonville to Tallahassee, and Daytona to Tampa. Maybe a low speed line that runs directly east to connect Orlando to Miami line. It's all fucking flat and straight you could consistently hit 200 mph. It would be amazing.

佛罗里达太需要高铁了。 从迈阿密到杰克逊维尔,从迈尔斯堡到塔拉哈西,从杰克逊维尔到塔拉哈西,从代托纳到坦帕。 也许可以建一条低速铁路,直接向东连接奥兰多和迈阿密。 他妈的这些路段又平又直,你可以一直保持每小时200英里的速度,这会非常棒的。

Since we have more legal slaves than they we should do it here. Trump has already talked many times about using our slave labor to build walls, why not build something good for the people and not just his Russian friends?

既然我们有比他们更多的合法奴役,我们就应该在美国这样做。 特朗普已经多次谈到利用我们的奴役劳动力建造城墙,除了为他的俄罗斯朋友建造一些好东西,为什么也不为他的人民建造呢?

Sigh. How ignorant the comments are... you all assumed those who moved because of infrastructure construction in China were forced to do so. But the fact is that all those moved usually got more than one apartments(depending on how many people registered in the moving household; it's quite often that some relatives just transfer their household registration into the moving one in order to get compensation) and lots of cash(usually at least 100k dollars) as compensation.
There are even stories about villagers went to protest because the government changed the planned rail route so they cannot get the dreamed compensation.
So, yeah, what can I say when so many people are talking about the things just based on imagination.

唉。有些评论是多么无知啊......你们都认为因为中国的基础建设,人们是被迫搬迁的。但事实是,所有搬家的人通常都会得到一套以上的公寓(这取决于搬家户口的登记人数; 通常情况下,一些亲戚仅仅把户口转到搬家人的户口,就可以获得补偿)和大量现金(通常至少10万美元)作为补偿。

And China can learn from America's everything else.


For example?


No we can't, we're too racist and triggered by the word Chinese.


Americans learn?
Sounds like dangerous liberal talk


Coming soon: new high speed train in America Followed by: Accusations that China stole the high speed train idea from America


The US is perfect for high speed rail. Every time I fly I’m reminded how nice it would be to have high speed rail. Flying has become nearly unbearable. It costs too much, is very inconvenient, is very susceptible to weather, and continues to be more uncomfortable.

高速铁路是美国的完美选择。 每次我坐飞机的时候,我都会想,有高速铁路该多好啊。坐飞机已经变得几乎让人无法忍受。 它太贵了,很不方便,很容易受到天气的影响,而且以后会继续变得更加不舒服。

The high speed trains in China are amazing. Clean, well lit, quiet, super smooth. Loved traveling in them. Americans who haven’t been fortunate enough to go abroad to countries w these have no idea the ease of use and convenience they bring. We continue to serve the car and plane industries at the cost of our wallets and safety. Huge bummer.

中国的高速列车让人惊叹。 干净、明亮、安静、超级光滑。我喜欢乘坐它们旅行。那些不幸没去过国外的美国人根本不知道高铁带来的便利。

Best high speed network in the world. Investing in their future for the greater good rather than pandering to individual concerns


I agree. The first time I came to China 2 and a half years ago, I boarded that train. Hmm... 2nd class, I wonder what it would look like? Gosh, these seats are so comfy and can recline to 45% without making anyone behind you suffer the loss of their leg space. What do you mean we go 335km/h?!

我同意。两年半前我第一次来中国的时候,我乘坐了那趟火车。嗯......二等舱,我想知道它看起来如何...?我的天哪,这些座椅怎么回事,太舒服了,可以放倒45% ,而且不会让你后面的人没有腿部空间。 你觉得时速335公里/小时意味着什么?!

America can’t learn from anyone, it’s too fucking stubborn.


Americans are unable to learn anything from anybody it’s not in their cultural DNA


You can't have a good infrastructure when all workers are trying to extract the benefit of working for a transportation system instead of take pride in the work they do. Go watch videos on how Chinese workers manage rail and runs the trains. They take pride in the work. While American workers just wanna clock in and out then take pension and run.

当所有的工人都试图从交通工作中获得好处,而不是为他们所做的工作感到自豪的时候,你不可能有一个好的基础设施。去看看中国工人如何管理铁路和运营火车的视频吧。他们以这项工作为荣。 而美国工人只想打卡上下班,然后领取养老金,然后拍拍屁股走人。