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文章原始标题:The People have spoken and they’re not pleased with what they got.


Western liberalism strikes again. These mouth breathers are also now saying China should’ve definitely done a better job at relaxing restrictions as if they themselves over in the west knows how to deal with COVID besides just letting it kill them also, fuck I’m so sick of this shit


Too late now. They protested under western friends influence.
no turning back. Have to swallow the pain and hopefully it’s not them or their love ones who suffer. Toughest is first few weeks to months. After a few months most will have had it and harder to get again. Then things will be close to back to normal
Eventually they had to open up


I heard from Mario that this was because the latest waves have not been as deadly??

我听Mario说,这是因为最近的疫情没有那么致命? ?

Where are those white paper holding stupid fucktards now?


thrower_wei -> Serinous
Collecting their NED paychecks


IIRC, there are some indications that the sub-variants currently circulating in China (BF.7, BQ.1 and XBB) are milder than even the original omicron variant that emerged a year ago. If that's the case, now is a better time than even just 11 months ago when the original omicron was dominant.
Eventually though, people will die because of this, that is unavoidable. Keep in mind that China lost about 50k to 100k a year due to respiratory diseases before 2019, and going forward, I think the number will double that, which is unfortunate, but it would be a lot better than if they had simply let alpha, delta, or even the original omicron rip through the population like in the west.

如果我没记错的话,有迹象表明,目前在中国流行的亚变体(BF.7,BQ.1和 XBB)甚至比一年前出现的原始奥密克戎变异株还要温和。如果是这样的话,现在是个更好的时机,甚至比11个月前最初的奥密克戎占主流的时候更好。

SussyCloud -> XenosphereWarrior
I think THIS was the eventual goal of ZERO COVID in the first place. Not just outright destroying the virus (because that would have been impossible to enforce) but shielding the public while letting the virus run its life course outside of China's borders and weaken itself to the point in which lives aren't threatened anymore, on top of a properly vaccinated populace. Of course, you can't just put a time period on such a strategy.


XenosphereWarrior -> SussyCloud
True. When the UK variant was dominant in early 2021, it would have been devastating had China given up by then. Even during delta in mid to late 2021, we saw countries such as India and Indonesia basically burning corpses on the streets. Also during delta, we saw New Zealand and Australia give up their measures and a lot of people died as a result.
Likewise with early omicron, when the province of Taiwan gave up, it ended up killing 12000 in 6 months (compared with 700 deaths in Shanghai during the same time period).
IIRC, some of the latter variants such as BF.7 and BQ.1 are milder than the original omicron, so hopefully, even though China has started to reduce restrictions, the casualties would not be as bad as they would have been if it was delta, or the original omicron.

我记得后面的一些变种,如 BF.7和 BQ.1比原始的奥密克戎更温和,所以即使中国已经开始减少限制,伤亡情况也有望不会像在德尔塔和原始奥密克戎放开的时候那般严重。

SussyCloud -> XenosphereWarrior
Likewise with early omicron, when the province of Taiwan gave up, it ended up killing 12000 in 6 months (compared with 700 deaths in Shanghai during the same time period).
IIRC, some of the latter variants such as BF.7 and BQ.1 are milder than the original omicron, so hopefully, even though China has started to reduce restrictions, the casualties would not be as bad as they would have been if it was delta, or the original omicron.
At this point I am not even concerned for the deathrates of these watered down variants of omicron. I am more concerned of the rammifications and complications that come as a result of it. Omicron, as long as people can still get sick because of it (fevers, attack on your immune system, weakness and throat problems), it can prove to be still a killer for already weakened individuals and the medical backlogs it can create. Infected individuals that require medical attention, will in some way or another burden the healthcare system for others that also require that same kind of attention (urgent surgeries, treatments for chronic diseases like cancer or just lifethreatening medical emergencies), especially in large numbers. That is why we still need to be wary of a possible outbreak.
That is not to mention the problems businesses in the west have STILL been experiencing with large numbers of personnel suddenly getting knocked out due to sickness. Because remember, COVID is NOT the flu; someone who gets sick with COVID is out of the game for at least 10 days, as opposed to a few days with the flu. Now, with 1 person getting sick, it is not a real problem. But a whole department getting infected in rapid succession where every person is incapable to do anything for 10 days? Bro, that will incapacitate any kind business. That is why the government needs to stay on top of this, and should anymore A4-holding cockroaches come out of the woodwork again, the police this time should give these hanjians the "AmeriKKKan fREEEEEdumb" treatment and remind them WHO wanted these lockdowns to be striped away.

我记得后面的一些变种,如 BF.7和 BQ.1比原始的奥密克戎更温和,所以即使中国已经开始减少限制,伤亡情况也有望不会像在德尔塔和原始奥密克戎放开的时候那般严重”

I supposed it was inevitable but perhaps it could have been phased in more gradually. The paramount concern is to minimize deaths, especially among the elderly. If this can be achieved and without the long COVID symptoms, maybe it's worth it.


It's to be seen if the current variant will be deadly.
The Chinese government isn't careless remember, they have access to more information than any of us, so there is no way they wouldn't have considered all these possibilities.


MeiXue_TianHe -> TserriednichHuiGuo
the thing is, since the government took the stance of "let the people decide", it might depend on how fast infections escalate so there might be a powerful enough movement against it, and reimpose zero-COVID. that'd be the ideal scenario.


The communist party listens to protests, and still manages to be called “authoritarian” by those who have no concept of listening to experts.


The West leaning agitators for the end of Zero COVID got their way. With the fall of the planet’s last bastion free from COVID, there is a butt-load of regret here, and a lot of anger from regular folks towards those that pushed for an end to Zero Covid.
I’m still negative but that means now wearing an N95 all day at work. The abandonment of mandatory regular testing and reporting means I have no idea if the person next to me is infected or not. No more going out to eat. Half my work team is out sick.


rockpapertiger -> chairman888
Hang in there, im also in SZ and in the same boat. Used to feel so carefree, now i gotta worry about avoiding COVID so im not bedridden an unable to care for my parents...
trying not to be bitter about this lol

我正努力不要为此而苦恼 哈哈

Raiju -> chairman888
Westoid here (lol), I am one of the few here who *didn't* wanted to see it come down to this. The thing that still grinds my gears is somehow saving million of lives is terrible policy in people's eyes here on the same level as the horror show the west had.


Taryyrr -> chairman888
Sorry for that. Hope the PRC can pull through without too much suffering


wadeboogs -> chairman888
stay healthy my friend


towaway791 -> chairman888
i’m guessing that also reflects the sentiment on chinese social media, the regret of stopping zero covid?


Yumewomiteru -> chairman888
Good luck, for perspective what you described is basically what I've been doing in the US since 2020. From what I've heard this variant should only have mild symptoms.


jydsmits -> chairman888
In the past this would have meant no work right? Personally I have covid and I am missing work but Ide personally rather suffer this short time and get rid of this situation than keep prolonging it. I was with a fever for a single day and after that I felt fine. I get what you are saying and also feel the same but I am leaning towards acceptance and want the lockdowns to end and be gone. I think its for the best but again that is somewhat yet to be seen. Why do you say its west leaning agitators that wanted the end of zero covid? Speaking to everyone we have all been sick and frustrated with lockdowns. Here in Shenzhen we have all been wanting and end to zero covid. I don't think it can be said that it was only west leaning agitators. If you live in fear then that is your choice no? there is no reason to not go out other than your own fear of getting the virus. I certainly don't think those thousands of foxconn workers were west leaning agitators.


East-Chocolate-6813 -> chairman888
Give it a few months and it’ll be back to normal. This is eugenics in play . Survival of the fittest. Hopefully you and all your love ones will be fine.


Maciston1 -> chairman888
Everyone getting COVID is inevitable regardless of where you are. It's already a permanent virus. All you can do is prepare by getting vaccinated and prevent by wearing a mask in crowded indoor areas.


Those idiots have rioted their way to the deaths of thousands of innocent ppl. The police should have just rounded them up and sent them far, far away. The freedom of a few pro US morons doesn't outweigh the health of millions of elderly immunocompromised.


I'm very worried about all that. Remember COVID is still reaping hundreds of casualties daily all around the world, besides long covid, infections... there's nothing innate, only political decisions that can protect China from similar outcome. And since it seems the anti-lockdown people won... fear for the days ahead.

我很担心这一切。要记住,除了新冠后遗症、感染之外,世界各地每天仍然有数百人因新冠伤亡... 没有什么是天生的,只有政治决策才能保护中国不受类似结果的影响。既然支持放开的人似乎赢了... 担心未来的日子。

sigh. Stay safe... those dumb white paper movement got what they wanted but China might have also opened a bit too swift.

哎。注意健康... 那些A4傻逼们得到了他们想要的,但中国可能也放开得稍微太快了。

Well at least they're alive to complain.


Honestly I wish we could have zero covid back. So much safer


Penelope742 -> FireSplaas
Here in America they just tell us to die for the economy.


ThatCakeThough -> FireSplaas
It might come back.


Well its bound to happen...... the idea failed once the west failed their part of the eradication of covid. After that it was more a mix of how long can we do this and when is the best time to drop/ease into it.
Just the timing sucks being right around New Years but then again its also the best time due to limited foreign travel to China during xmas and new years period and a very short period of Western New years to chinese new years

哎,必然会放开的... 一旦西方在消灭新冠病毒方面失败了,这个想法就失败了。在那之后,更多的是我们能坚持多长时间,以及什么时候是放开/放松的最佳时机。

i hope the people do the smart thing and get vaccinated.


Yes it does seem like basically everyone in China is catching Covid, but the symptoms have been overwhelmingly mild given comments on social media and from talking with relatives. Mostly reported a fever of a couple of days instead of the unending torment we were hearing about in 2020 and 2021.
Instead of a reaction to some measly protests, I believe this has been China's end game all along. To open up when covid mutated into a mild form, and it looks like we got there.


XenosphereWarrior -> Yumewomiteru
It has always been the end-game to eventually lift restrictions. Zhong Nanshan said more than a year ago that China can return to normalcy when COVID gets to influenza level in terms of healthcare burden.
A 20-point plan had been released weeks before the protests happen. Relaxations were already coming anyway, even before the western sponsored protests.
This was from a November 15 article:
Among the 20 measures, there are both relaxation and stricter approaches. Relaxation includes restricting the expansions of mass testing, adjustment in categorization of COVID risk areas, abolishment of circuit-breaker of international flight routes and the time of quarantine. Stricter content includes strengthening the building of medical resources, speeding up acceleration of COVID vaccination, speeding up the COVID treatment-related drug reserves, strengthening the protection of key institutions and key populations.
So as we can see, the plan has been to improve ICU beds, increase vaccination and therapeutic, and relax quarantines and mass testing. These were all announced before any of the protests happened.


Short-Promotion5343 -> Yumewomiteru
Yours is a voice of reason. My wife in Chengdu said there are two main variants of omicron. The Guangzhou variant is much milder than the Beijing one. But even in Beijing only a handful of very elderly people have died. One recent case in Chengdu which has gained widespread coverage is the death of a young person after contracting COVID. In his case he had an underlying heart condition which became overstressed from COVID. Very low death rates is what is needed to see China get through this pandemic with a soft landing.


It is getting harder and harder to contain the virus, especially with the loosening of quarantine requirement of overseas entry and strain on government budgets.


With the total defeat of the rest of the world to the COVID pathogen, China was only delaying the inevitable. A delay that was worthwhile. It bought vaccines, increased doctors per population, and more ICU beds.
There will be deaths. There will have always been deaths. But the deaths you have seen today, and will continue to see in the coming months, will be the proportionally smallest amount any nation could produce.
But, there will be deaths. COVID-19 will claim many in China. That is inevitable.
"The nation has protected you for 3 years. Now, it is up to you." - Top social media post on Chinese netspace, December 2022

“国家保护了你们三年。现在,就看你们的了。”—— 2022年12月,中国网络社交平台上的热门帖子

Quality_Fun -> DynasLight
covid deaths won't dramatically increase the existing annual deaths in china, and many deaths from covid are due to comorbidities.


chairman888 -> Quality_Fun
Let’s hope you’re right


DynasLight -> Quality_Fun
I know. But with China's population size, even a small proportional increase will lead to shocking absolute numbers to people conditioned with Western population sizes (which would include most English-speaking people who could read my comment).


A lot of people have already just recovered from Covid in the last week, and they are headed out to shops and malls.
Shanghai is reaching past 50% infection rate, other cities are much more.
But from the anecdotal reports, it seems the hospitalization and death rate are not as high as initially expected.


I suggest people to not view this issue in a linear manner too much, Keep in mind that the severity rate is still low and the difficulty in treating mild cases will be resolved in months


Now we all know when is best time for China in the post-COVID era: the 2021.
In the whole year of 2021, Due to the highly effective zero-COVID policy, I never experience a signal quarantine event. I can go to restaurants, theaters and any other public places without worrying about getting infected.
But now all the good old days end forever, I have to suppress most unnecessary needs to minimize my chance of getting infected, and spend much more money on personal/household protection equipment. Colleagues are getting sick in waves and inevitably drag down productivity.
I know many fellows has been experiencing such difficulties for long. And It seem I can't escape from it from now on.


__Tenat__ -> whimsypunch
I'm out of the loop. But why is this happening? Why did China relax their covid policies?


whimsypunch -> __Tenat__
I believe people will have different stories about it. Honestly the story is too complicated for me, so it's almost impossible to tell an unbiased story.
Any large scale public health measures relies on some sort of consensus. And judging from the current result, the consensus to maintain zero-COVID policy has broken down.


__Tenat__ -> whimsypunch
I don't follow China's policies close enough so I didn't expect them to relax it either. Are the 1 million expected deaths accurate? I didn't expect China to be okay with that.


whimsypunch -> __Tenat__
Yes. The world is material. Either you contain the pandemic, or let it sweep. We have to prepare for a sustained war against the virus.
The mortality of COVID is proven world wide. So people don't even need any sophisticated calculation to estimate the scale of pandemic. Science gives much more details, but common sense will not give the wrong scale.


XenosphereWarrior -> __Tenat__
China was always going to relax the restrictions. It has been announced in the 20 point plan more than a month ago, before all the protests happened. It's never a question of if.
The better question would be, why now? I believe if they had opened up just 10 or 11 months ago, the casualties would be far greater, because the earlier omicron sub-variants are deadlier than the current ones circulating in China.
The original omicron (BA.1) was milder than delta and the UK variant, and the current strains (BF.7 and BA.5.2) are likely milder still than the original omicron.
One thing is for sure: opening up now is better than opening a year ago. We will see how it will be going forward.


__Tenat__ -> XenosphereWarrior
Why not later? And is the estimate of about 1 million expected deaths accurate?


XenosphereWarrior -> __Tenat__
Even if all 1.5 billion people caught the latter omicron variants of COVID (such as BF.7 or BA.5.2), there would likely still be fewer than 1 million COVID excess deaths.
With delta/UK variant, it would have been close to 10 million, and with early omicron, maybe around 1.5 to 2 million. I think a more realistic figure would be in the range of 150k to 200k, or about double the usual influenza toll in China before COVID.
Why not later?
Ideally, I agree that the later the better. But in the end, the plan had already been in motion for months, and the 20-point plan was released in mid November to relax quarantine and mass testing, while improving ICU beds, therapeutics and vaccination.
Among the 20 measures, there are both relaxation and stricter approaches. Relaxation includes restricting the expansions of mass testing, adjustment in categorization of COVID risk areas, abolishment of circuit-breaker of international flight routes and the time of quarantine. Stricter content includes strengthening the building of medical resources, speeding up acceleration of COVID vaccination, speeding up the COVID treatment-related drug reserves, strengthening the protection of key institutions and key populations.
Keep in mind that China has not been simply lying idle for the past three years. ICU beds went from 4.5 per 100,000 population in late 2020 to more than 9.5 per 100,000 population as of last months. Those are the types of numbers that are higher than a lot of developed economies such as Scandinavia, NZ, UK, Australia, Portugal, Ireland, etc. Tens of millions of elderly have been vaccinated between mid of this year to now.
And the latter omicron sub-variant seems to be milder than the original omicron variant, which was already milder than the UK variant. So all in all, now is the better time to reopen than even a few months ago.
I agree that they could have probably waited another few months, but they had decided that the time is now.

请记住,中国在过去三年里,并非无所事事。ICU 病床从2020年末的每10万人4.5张,增加到上个月的每10万人9.5张以上。这些数字高于许多发达经济体,如斯堪的纳维亚、新西兰、英国、澳大利亚、葡萄牙、爱尔兰等。从今年年中到现在,已有数千万老年人接种了疫苗。

The recent report of the mass COVID dying in Beijing by the Western press is reminiscent by the same press of the huge number of deaths reported in Wuhan at the onset of the pandemic three years ago. The Wuhan mortality was greatly exaggerated and so will it be for Beijing. Time will disclose that the Chinese authorities made the correct decision about COVID control, much to the dismay of the Western haters. China's action will lead to a soft landing from COVID and China will be the first to country to successfully emerge from the pandemic intact. COVID won't go away and many are getting sick, but the temporary pain is the only way achieve this.


Western propagandists are desperate. The schadenfreude is palpable. For them, China's recent "rollbacks" bring back memories of the initial Wuhan wave, and they hope failed COVID-19 fights in their own countries will be repeated in China, which they seek to enjoy.
Omicron is not Delta. It’s a distant cousin of COVID OG. You don’t need ventilators, people aren’t dying of pneumonia. I look at my WeChat and everyone is sick. But, people are staying inside and medicating.
I’m sure some people are dying. That is true. But let’s be honest, the recent reports say 500,000 to maybe 1,000,000 people will die. Let’s grant that assumption. That’s the same total death count as the US with 4x the population. But yet, somehow it is China that failed to minimize excess deaths.


I have questions.
An economist article states that the level of protection against death and severe disease offered by Sinovac is similar to that offered by Pfizer after 3 shots (How China’s Sinovac compares with BioNTech’s mRNA vaccine https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2022/04/19/how-chinas-sinovac-compares-with-biontechs-mrna-vaccine). Given that 90% of the population has had two shots and 55% has had three, with a huge effort being exerted to vaccinate the vulnerable, I suspect the estimated 1 million deaths is exaggerated. Omicron is also relatively mild. Are there better estimates?
Also, my intuition tells me there are good reasons for the government refusing Western mRNA vaccines. Maybe Pfizer is trying to fleece them, I don't know. But the Cuban vaccine is almost as good. And it would really be a stick in the eye to Western imperialists for China to refuse Pfizer/Moderna and instead accept the Cuban vaccine. I don't think Cuba has the manufacturing capacity to produce the vaccines China needs, but it can license out the IP for it. Any idea why this didn't happen?


XenosphereWarrior -> RollObvious
Even if the entirety of the Chinese population of 1.5 billion people caught this latter omicron sub-variant, there would still be fewer than 1 million COVID deaths, given that these sub-variants have death rates around 1 in 3000 or even less.


AsianEiji -> RollObvious
Well Pfizer didn't release its clinical trials papers "willingly", and they still are going though the documents that they released, being there is no abridged version of it yet.
That in itself is enough to ban it until they can get their hands on the abridged documents. Health officials that do their job SHOULD be reading all the clinical data and studies that is readable before purchasing millions of vaccines that will then be used upon their own people using tax money, and in its current format it isnt readable.
Sadly China would had been already fully vacc'ed by the time Pfizer produces the paperwork.. and the original 55-75 years that Pfizer wanted was stupid...... my opinion is pfizer dropped the ball on this.

不幸的是,到辉瑞公司出具文件的时候,中国早就打好疫苗了... 而辉瑞最初希望55-75年才公布,真蠢...... 我的看法是,辉瑞公司在这件事上搞砸了。

If this was the original covid, it would be scary, but this omicron variant is a lot less deadlier and much more transmissible. The number of cases will be high, but the deaths will be much less than what western propaganda says.