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文章原始标题:China must import mRNA vaccines to stop Covid-19 ‘disaster’, US health experts say


Hong J.
sinovac is very effective. all my relatives in HK got 3 shots of sinovac, many caught omicron, none needs hospitalization, and all had only very mild symptoms. HKU revealed its study in April 2022, sinovac effectiveness 91%. effectiveness is defined as no hospitalization or severe symptoms. - UP: 18


Richard C.
@Hong J. China have 2 WHO-approved vaccines, no more no less than US vaccines as they were also WHO-approved vaccines, plain and simple. - UP: 7


Khoon T.
@Hong J. Agreed. Side effects need to be looked at as well. - UP: 0


Ben K.
I mean, he's not wrong. If China really wanta to put the health and safety of their people first (as has been said all along), it's time to put politics aside and bring over the mRNA vaccines ASAP. - UP: 15


@Ben K. Sinovac-Coronavac at 3 dose has same effectiveness as Fosun-Biontech so there's no reason to use biontech. Was a large scale Hong Kong study. - UP: 5


Joe B.
This is absolutely correct. Now it's time to rectify mistakes and save public health. - UP: 13


Horse R.
@Joe B. America should keep the vaccine for itself since it has lost over a million lives and counting. It is now trying to save face by virtue signalling - UP: 11


Joe B.
@Horse R. Luckily you don't speak for the people of China. - UP: 5


Tan D.
@Joe B. Your talk is cheap. Have you ever been a leader of 100 thousands people not to mention billions - UP: 8


Hong J.
HKU revealed its study in April, pfizer effectiveness 95%, sinovac 91%. effectiveness is defined as no hospitalization or severe symptoms. the 4% difference is not worthwhile since pfizer's strict low temperature storage & transport requirement is not feasible in many places especially rural or outskirt areas. China's problem is not about vaccine quality or availability. Not unlike HK'ers prior to march covid crisis, mainland chinese are reluctant to have vaccines. HK wholesalers even had to stop their orders for Pfizer import last year because no HK'ers wanted it. - UP: 13


Richard C.
@Hong J. Totally agreed. Chinese citizens might be a little complacent because of China's Zero Covid Policy that they didn't believe they would get the Covid due to the lock down, etc. etc. Therefore Yes, China shall keep pushing for higher vaccination rate to 90%+ level as soon as possible including senior Chinese citizens in the rural areas/villages. - UP: 3


Isaac L.
The west is once again so arrogant of its MRNA vaccine. In HK, reagrdless of which vaccine my frienda took, they all got infected. Symptoms are more or less the same, MILD. - UP: 13


Richard C.
Why? Was it because US administration let over 1,000,000 innocent American died OR because of this shameful HIGH RECORD US DEATH, have US administration admitted that they made a mistake? What a laugh. As usual China shall ignore this US Propaganda as they told China to live with Covid a month ago, US admin got a dementia problem? China have TWO WHO-APPROVED VACCINES to offer to its Chinese citizen. Yes China Government shall keep 1) pushing the vaccination rate high than 90% including senior citizens in a rural areas/villages as soon as possible 2) Remind Chinese citizens to keep wearing face mask and social distancing in a public crowd areas 3) Isolate themselves at home once they think they have the Covid symptom, this would protect themselves, their love ones and general public that may need an EDUCATION on TV to a LARGE AUDIENCE that it is their MORAL conduct and being a good responsible citizen 4) Report to the hospital/healthcare immediately once they test positive Covid to receive hospital care and feeling unwell 5) For any Covid death, their family member should blame those early “protesters complaining about China’s Zero Covid Policy” and they were partly responsible for their family dead because their family member would be still alive if these westernbrain washed protesters follow China Govt’s Zero Covid Policy. - UP: 13


Kenny G.
@Richard C. I mostly sgree with you but Japan that wear masks religiously prove masks dont work there never was evidence that they work. - UP: 0


St O.
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Kenny G.
@St O. I live in CHina i can guaranteee you there have not been 1 million deaths but hey you seem like a real expert. - UP: 2


@Richard C. Strange, "experts" from a country with 1,000,000+ deaths giving advice to a country with 5,000 deaths. - UP: 2


Jack D.
@Kenny G. Do you believe Chinas reported numbers as a true representation of the actual situation? - UP: 5


Francisco M.
@Richard C. You are comparing apples with pears. China wanted to beat Mother Nature and today we can see the results of this strategy. - UP: 2


Richard C.
@St O. You were already making a lot of assumptions including many misleading statements, but I hope you know the alternative meaning of assume. - UP: 2


Richard C.
@Kenny G. You are entitled to your opinion, but I always wear face mask in a crowded public places such as in a crowded shops, in a plane, in a crowded cinema, etc etc. because I want to protect myself, my family & friends and general public. It is always better be safe than taking any unnecessary risk and regret the consequence later. - UP: 3


Richard C.
@Francisco M. You could not even know the difference between 'Zero Covid Policy' from 'Zero Covid Tolerance'. What a laugh. - UP: 0


Richard C.
Professor Ali Mokdad probably didn't realise he was not only insulting WHO for saying “Two WHO-approved Chinese Vaccines are no good” but Professor Ali Mokdad was also insulting US’s vaccines because these US vaccines were also approved by WHO as well, Professor Ali Mokdad was also saying "US Vaccines are no good as well” - UP: 9

阿里 · 莫克达德教授可能没有意识到,他不仅是在侮辱世卫组织,因为他说“世卫组织批准的两种中国疫苗不好”,而且阿里 · 莫克达德教授还在侮辱美国的疫苗,因为这些美国疫苗也得到了世卫组织的批准,相当于阿里 · 莫克达德教授也说“美国疫苗也不好”

@Richard C. That's doesn't follow. Your logic doesn't make sense. He's not criticising Chinese vaccines because they are WHO approved. He's criticising them because they are less effective. - UP: 13


Jong Boo H.
@Scmp R. All Western Covid-19 vaccinations only last about 2 months. None of them are effective against mutated variants. All Covid-19 vaccinations have side effects. The worse is UK vaccination. I had healthy friends who mysterious got stroke, permanent ringing in ears after the booster vaccination. It is better to let nature build herd immunity. The reasons for those strokes cannot be found after many intensive investigations. A portion of the population also seems to mysteriously die of cancers. - UP: 1


Richard C.
@Scmp R. Nothing is following US hypocrisy and double standard logic if you cared to find out. - UP: 4


Tan D.
We all know there will come a day when China will finally open up. whether they are closed or open, people will suddenly becomes an expert and have many comments especially propaganda from the west trying to discredit China - UP: 9


Paul W.
It had been shown worldwide that mrna vaccine boosts immunity and that millions of lives had been saved through use of BIONTECH, mODERNA AND aSTRANEZECA. This is not a time for national pride.  Just mimic HKand let people choose between a western vaccine and Sinovac. Lives are of the utmost importance. - UP: 9


Lucas V.
@Paul W. BioNtech vaccine is also produced in China. - UP: 5


Raymond L.
China is doing very ok, thank you. The new variants are mild and the number of people perishing as a result will not be a huge number. The so-called experts should not help Pfizer and Mordana in marketing their almost useless vaccines which did not stop the 1 million + loss of life.- UP: 8


Stephen W.
Yes, abandon zero Covid and buy the expensive vaccines from us. What a joke. - UP: 8


@Stephen W. Or abandon zero Covid and don't buy effective vaccines. Hmmm. Which do you think will lead to more deaths? Fudan University researchers have an answer. - UP: 4

或者说放弃动态清零,而不买有效的疫苗。嗯... 你认为哪个选择会导致更多的死亡?复旦大学的研究人员已经给出了答案。

Stephen W.
@Scmp R. Those who complained by China's zero Covid policy also said live with Covid, it is harmless, just like the flu. - UP: 2


Firstname L.
@Stephen W. Flu kills many each year.Just like flu sounds safe for most but the vulnerable immuno compromised people. - UP: 1


Stephen W.
@Firstname L. Agreed. Covid is full of surprises, the world needs to work together and not leave it to the for-profit pharma. - UP: 0


@Stephen W. Yes for those adequately vaccinated, when you had a staged road map to opening up, and a population that would slowly get acclimatised through natural immunity, and when you had sufficient health services for the minority who get severely ill. That was always the question from those of us who criticised zero Covid, what was the exit plan, the road map to recovery? Where was the mass building of ICU units, the mass vaccination drive, the massive spend on health infrastructure, BEFORE opening up? Instead, China seems to have just abandoned it in one go. - UP: 4

是的,对于那些接种过疫苗的人来说是这样的,当你有一个分阶段的放开指南,当人们通过自然免疫慢慢适应,当你有足够的卫生服务为那些重症的少数人提供服务。这一直是我们这些批评动态清零的人一直在问的问题,退出的计划是什么,恢复的指南是什么?在放开之前,哪里有大规模建设 ICU、大规模疫苗接种、大规模投资卫生基础设施?相反,中国似乎一下子就放开了。

Stephen W.
@Scmp R. Well, I have to disagree. All I hear from those advocating abandoniong zrero-Covid are: come join us, it is harmless, your are holding up the supply chains, businesses are dying. All these, ready or not! - UP: 0


GracieGokkum S.
If there is a disaster it won't be because of the adequacy and availability of vacinnes, but rather the superstious elderly population who refuse to take them. - UP: 8


Michael H.
@Graciegokkum S. It does also have something to do with propaganda claiming Z-Covid is arradicating Covid. It did for the first 2 years. Not anymore! - UP: 0


Beihai Z.
How convenient, most mRNA vaccins are from American Pharma companies or co produced with European Pharma companies, funded by their governments, thus the American government get Royalties. As covid is probably a reoccuring virus every year and you need several booster shots a year, it will produce massive income for USA. Ofcourse China don't want to be dependant on it. mRNA has been brought to the market through an emergency law, thus the vaccin have not been thoroughly tested yet, and what the side effects is of this vaccin, nobody knows yet. It is irresponsible to bring such a vaccin out on the market in a hurry. China however follows trial and test procedures with their own mRNA vaccin development, that's why its taking so long. Also USA still have 10 of thousands of new covid deaths each month, so mRNA vaccins arent working so well ey? - UP: 8

可真方便啊,大多数 mRNA 疫苗来自美国制药公司或与欧洲制药公司共同生产,由他们的政府资助,因此美国政府获得版税。由于新冠病毒可能每年都会重复出现,而且你每年需要注射几次疫苗,因此它将为美国带来巨额收入。当然,中国并不想依赖它。mRNA 已经通过紧急法律投放市场,因此疫苗还没有经过彻底的测试,这种疫苗的副作用是什么,目前还没有人知道。匆忙将这种疫苗推向市场是不负责任的行为。然而,中国遵循自己的 mRNA 疫苗开发的试验和测试程序,这就是为什么它需要这么长时间。此外,美国每个月仍然有成千上万的新冠死亡,所以 mRNA 疫苗不是那么有效,是吧?

H2np5ghrps M.
@Beihai Z. They're American or European simply because China doesn't have the technology or the knowledge to produce them themselves - UP: 1


Beihai Z.
@H2np5ghrps M. Whenever did lack of technology stopped China from developing something? People thought China couldn't build their own spacestation, they did that aswell. - UP: 3


Which vaccine is better? We can argue till the cows come home n still be none wiser. But fact is, no vaccine can prevent infection, no vaccine can prevent transmission. At best they can only reduce severity, avoid hospitalisation or death. But mRNA hasn't been fully tested yet, and nobody (despite what big pharma and politicians sat) can guarantee no long term side effects.  Why else would Pfizer insist in indemnities from governments?  Maybe that's why China is hesitant over mRNA. - UP: 8

哪种疫苗更好?我们可以争论到天荒地老,还是毫无头绪。但事实是,没有什么疫苗可以预防感染,没有什么疫苗可以预防传播。最多只是减轻病情,避免住院或死亡。但是 mRNA 还没有被完全测试过,而且没有人(不管大型制药公司和政治家们的态度如何)能够保证不会产生长期的副作用。不然辉瑞为什么坚持要求政府赔偿?也许这就是中国对 mRNA 犹豫不决的原因。

Gibson B.
@Rhc P. Very well said, but Pfizer not interested. - UP: 0


Seo K.
US could not even control its own disaster. - UP: 8


Espresso C.
China shouldn't care these naysayers. Just do whats been planed. China has done almost everything right along the way, including opening up now. Statistically covid death rate would be one of the lowest in the world. that is the evolution trend of the virus itself. those naysayers are just jealous: wishing nothing but bad to China, which is the definition of jealou. - UP: 8


Hong J.
US media & US commit ethics issues when it politicitized vaccines. US media had been spreading fake news overseas that sinovac is not effective contradicting the facts. US dissuaded other developing countries not to use sinovac, demonized sinovac at early stage, while US hoards its biontech vaccines, and cannot provide biontech to other countries. India begged for pfizer last year, answer was no. Taiwan just got enough for few hundred thousand people,. instead, US unethically donate or sell Astrazenca, or johnson johnson vaccine which is similar to astrazenca. this vector based vaccines were  banned in USA due to blood clotting side effects. - UP: 7


Kenny G.
@Hong J. This is comment of the day, i have lived in CHina for 10 years no one was mandated to take the vaccine but i took 2 shots had no reaction to it, recently got covid and had very mild symtoms. Vaccine is perfectly fine and much safer than MRNA but no US drug companies are making a penny. So sick of these big pharma mouth pieces pushing an unsafe vaccine. - UP: 5

这是我现在的评论,我在中国生活了10年,没有人是被强制接种疫苗的,但是我打了2针,没有任何反应,最近得了新冠,症状非常轻微。疫苗完全没问题,而且比 mRNA 安全多了,但这样没有一家美国制药公司能赚到一分钱。我真受够了这些大型制药企业的喉舌推销一种不安全的疫苗。

Cyber O.
Import mRNA vaccines? Why the need to import if BioNTech and Fosun Pharma are already collaborating to manufacture up to 1B doses in China? - UP: 7

进口 mRNA 疫苗?如果 BioNTech 和复星制药已经在中国合作生产高达10亿剂的疫苗,为什么还需要进口呢?

Fred M.
@Cyber O. Americans would love this because of the high prices Pfizer charges. Trump played a part to get the production agreement with Biontech, for what was reported as a $1bn upfront fee. - UP: 1


James C.
Lol USA experts caring for China? They must have plenty of shares in Pfizer it seems. I didn't see Israel avoid waves of infections even though they all had Pfizer shots. Maybe the Moderna shots will be better, after all they patented unique DNA sequences similar to the covid-19 sequences back in 2016. Google it. - UP: 6

呵呵,美国专家关心中国?看起来他们一定持有大量辉瑞的股份。我没有看到以色列摆脱了一波又一波的感染,即使他们都有注射辉瑞疫苗。也许莫德纳的疫苗会更好,毕竟他们在2016年申请了与新冠病毒序列相似的独特 DNA 序列的专利。去搜索一下吧。

Paul W.
@James C. None of the vaccines help peoplle against being infected.  What they do is prevent serious illnesses and deaths. - UP: 2


Gibson B.
@Paul W. That's the latest line they use to encourage you to roll up your sleeve, but it still a lie. - UP: 0


Iwo A.
Every vaccination has side-effects - we all know that people died because of small-pox vaccination. Side-effects of a vaccination appear typically after a few days or at most weeks. It is also well known, that mRNA is dismantled within a few days - there is no hint whartsoever that it stays for long in the organism. There is more than one billion people on earth vaccinated with mRNA vaccines - there is a wealth of data, which very, very clearly shows how save it is. By the way China is developing mRNA vaccines as well...Questioning the efficiency of mRNA is peddling conspiricacy theories and endangering the life of people. - UP: 4

每一种疫苗都有副作用,我们都知道,有人会因为接种天花疫苗而死亡。接种疫苗的副作用通常在几天后或最多几周后出现。众所周知,mRNA 疫苗在几天内就会被分解,没有任何迹象表明它会在生物体中停留很长时间。地球上有超过10亿人接种了 mRNA 疫苗——有大量的数据,非常非常清楚地表明它有多安全。顺便说一下,中国也在开发 mRNA 疫苗... 质疑 mRNA 的有效性是在兜售阴谋论,危及人们的生命。

All things considered and keeping in mind the sustainability of China's zero- Covid policy until the recent widespread protests, the measures taken in coping with a pandemic of such ferocity and magnitude affecting 1.4 billion people was indeed a herculean feat that deserves commendation. What will now ensue will be left to the people's decision. Whether to continue putting their trust in the government that has always looked after their best interest? Or act like those of the western world who would impose their rights on their own kind to achieve what they want for themselves! - UP: 6


Alistair G.
@Ron L. No one is really surprised that China's Zero Covid policy had to stop at some point. But what has stunned people is the suddenness of going from Zero Covid to Living with Covid. In not even a matter of months, or weeks, but days. - UP: 4


Fred M.
if you try to look at the COVID picture in Britain, the official figures are a maze of statitical estimates that means very little unless one puts in a big effort into undertanding them. I doubt very much that the politicians can translate these numbers into effective policies either. As a result, 0.5 million of the workforce has 'disappeared' and many work from home. Whilst I have no doubt that most contribute their best, I have observed an obsession with web meetings and not much haste in decision making.
So, you guys can speculate on the 'superiority' of certain chest beating policies in the West, the economic and inflation containing policies of the east certainly seem to have less impact on the well being of the people.
I can tell you that most NHS do not work in Britain as a result of the 'we pay all' and stay at home COVID measure that have contributed to 11.6 % inflation and massive strikes over the reduced ability of many in the population to pay every day bills. - UP: 6

因此,你们可以推测西方某些拍胸脯的政策的 "优越性",东方的经济和通胀政策显然对民众的福祉影响较小。

Gibson B.
@Fred M. Our government repeatedly gets elected on series of lies, and corrupt influences are everywhere. We are stuck with them until the next election. What we need is something like Switzerland where any significant changes to the law or diversion from election promises are subject to a referendum, albeit even the Swiss have corrupted this process recently. As the man said: cui bono. - UP: 1


Fred M.
@Gibson B. Agree. - UP: 0


Den L.
Chinese vaccine is not the problem.. its just that the omicron surge was just happening now since it was long been controled. - UP: 5

中国的疫苗不是问题... 只是,由于长期的控制,现在才刚刚出现奥密克戎的激增。

Kevin Y.
Commision from Pfeizer? - UP: 5


David L.
""said Mokdad, a former senior epidemiologist with the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention."" This is the US expert advising but the outcome of US experience in using mRNA is 1million death and not counting those that suffered invasive side effects of mRNA . Other published scientific research hv stated the inactivated vacc has a much better protection . - UP: 5


Jean-Francois T.
@David L. 1 milion death happened pre vaccine or when people refused to vaxx. Vaccines save lives. - UP: 3


Jack J.
Nice way to blame China for covid death. HKU already stated 3 shots of Chinese vaccine prevent 99.9% death, same as 3 shots of mRNA after 1 million+ infections in Hong Kong. Would Elderly in China who are hesitant to get vaccinated due to side effects even trust foreign mRNA vaccines ? unlikely as they are against all vaccines. - UP: 5

把新冠死亡归咎于中国的好方法。香港大学已经表示,注射3针中国疫苗可以预防99.9%的死亡,这与香港出现一百多万感染者后接种三针mRNA疫苗是一样的。由于担心副作用而对接种疫苗犹豫不决的中国老年人,会相信国外的 mRNA 疫苗吗?不太可能,因为他们针对的是所有疫苗。

Joe D.
In the US, nobody really cares anymore if "you" are wearing a mask or if "you" chose not to be vaccinated.  "I" am vaccinated and wearing a mask, that is how I make sure "I" stay alive or don't get some debilitating damage to my organs or brain. Let people decide if they want to be vaccinate and with what formula. In the end, the vast majority will choose the proven path of vaccination, clean hands, and N95 masks, not fear or propaganda. - UP: 4


Gibson B.
@Joe D. A recent randomised study in a hospital environment revealed that N95 and surgical masks are equally ineffective and deleterious to your health. The Journal of The Royal Society of Medicine tells us that "there is overall a lack of substantial evidence to support claims that masks protect either the patient or the surgeon". You keep wearing them, I prefer to breath normally. The fear and propaganda is what led you into this situation in the first place and is keeping you there. - UP: 1


Fred M.
China now has the own designed nasal spray. Why does it need Pfizer? - UP: 4


Peter L.
"Must import" mRNA vaccines? Interesting…… People I know who got infected with Omicrons are all ones who had 3 or 4 rounds of mRNA vaccines. My personal observation is that mRNA vaccines are not effective in preventing infections of Omicrons. It is said that mRNA vaccines can prevent severe cases and deaths. But, no clinical data to back it up, nor there is data of efficacy differences between mRNA and non-mRNA vaccines in preventing servere cases/deaths. Indonesia and Brazil have widely used non-mRNA vaccines, and the two countries seem all right in recovering from Covid. Does that tell something to us? - UP: 4

“必须进口”mRNA 疫苗?有意思... 我认识的感染奥密克戎的人都是接种了3-4针 mRNA 疫苗的人。我个人的观察是,mRNA 疫苗不能有效地预防奥密克戎的感染。据说 mRNA 疫苗可以预防重症病例和死亡。但是,没有临床数据支持这说法,也没有数据表明 mRNA 疫苗和非 mRNA 疫苗在预防重症病例/死亡方面的效力差异。印尼和巴西已广泛地接种非 mRNA 疫苗,两国似乎已经从疫情中恢复过来了。这说明了什么吗?

Whiskers :.
How does the US explain 1 million+ deaths (four-hundred a week as we speak) even with Pfizer? - UP: 4


Andric N.
mRNA is not a proven vaccine in West, in fact, Sinovac which use a more traditional approach is much reliable . Using of western vaccine means millions of dollars will be channeled to West - UP: 4

mRNA 在西方还没有被证明是一种有效的疫苗,事实上,科兴疫苗使用更传统的方法更可靠。使用西方疫苗就意味着数百万美元将流向西方。

Gibson B.
This as a video of Pfizer CEO, Bourla, from March 2022, appears where he expresses his surprise that 'they' had insisted that mRNA technology be employed in developing covid19 vaccines, a technology which they had very little experience with, but which had never produce any effective vaccine or medicine before. The question is: who are 'they'? - UP: 3

辉瑞公司首席执行官博拉在2022年3月的一段视频中表示,他对“他们”坚持将 mRNA 技术用于开发新冠疫苗感到惊讶,这项技术辉瑞几乎没有什么经验,以前从未用此技术开发出任何有效的疫苗或药物。问题是:“他们”是谁?

Let's hope mRNA vaccines had no significant long term side effects, especially in children and child bearing age women. - UP: 3

让我们希望 mRNA 疫苗没有明显的长期副作用,特别是对于儿童和育龄妇女。

Alistair G.
@Sh L. There has been so much scaremongering in hong kong about the side effects of the Covid vaccines. Grown up children didn't let their own parents have it, and their parents then died unvaccinated earlier this year. - UP: 2


Gibson B.
@Alistair G. Yes, I read about them. They were aged 99 and 101. - UP: 0


@Sh L. Too bad and too late. Myocarditis and Pericarditis are just around the corner for pfizer mRna covid vaccine lovers - UP: 0


Lennon Y.
"according to two US-based experts."
I wonder who are the experts here. No names...
and SCMP is quick to report on that.
please end this Tabloid news - UP: 3


Neil C.
@Lennon Y. Try reading the article, not just the opening: "Ali Mokdad, a professor at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation...a former senior epidemiologist with the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention." - UP: 2

试着读一下这篇文章,不要只读开头:“ 华盛顿大学健康指标与评估研究所的教授阿里·穆克达德……他是美国疾控中心的前高级流行病学家”

Fred M.
@Neil C. So, what is your point? None that is relevant to using Pfsizer or anything else. People in Britain have had 5 different doses including Pfizer and Moderna and still get it. - UP: 2


Jean-Francois T.
Initially, US too relied on a foreign vaccine. Biontech, but better known as "Pfizer" vaccine because US company produced dosages, handled approvals, and distributed. Biontech has a similar agreement with the Chinese company fosun. So it would be known as the "Fosun" vaccine. As the old saying goes, "it doesn't matter if a cat is black or white if it catches mice." - UP: 2


Shaun K.
The other thing I want to share is that Sinovac is amazing. It does not clash with the taking of statins for higher cholesterol in the elderly. It does not cause thrombosis like for taking Astra Zeneca..If you are prone to cardiovascular diseases because of too much lipids in your blood, I will still urge you to take Sinovac for vaccination against covid. You will not definitely be protected against infections but if you are infected at all by the omicron virus, the prognosis is still mild and therefore unlikely to result in Long Covid...You absolutely do not want to be infected by Covid, without prior vaccination by something like Sinovac. - UP: 2

我想分享的另一件事情是,科兴疫苗很让人惊叹。它不会与服用他汀类药物治疗高胆固醇的老人发生冲突。它不会像接种阿斯利康疫苗那样导致血栓形成... 如果你因为血脂过高而容易患心血管疾病,我还是会建议你接种科兴疫苗,以抵御新冠。你不一定能避免感染,但如果你感染了奥密克戎,病情预计仍然很轻微,因此不太可能导致长新冠... 如果没有事先接种科兴这样的疫苗,你绝对不想被新冠感染。

Chris F.
Wait, wasn't it 2million, now 500k? Perhaps their vaccine does work..well. - UP: 1


Shaun K.
The dominant omicron virus infecting China if they bother to test now is still "BA.5" which is an omicron variety of virus, noted for causing very mild infections and very little hospitalisation. BA.5 has been in Hong Kong since around July and so called peaked in September before the infections went higher about last week when the 11,000 Mark was exceeded by other newer subvariants. Anyway the infections is still very much the same, mild with very few needing full ICU care.The low infections rate in Hong Kong is because of prior vaccinations with the majority receiving 3 shots of Sinovac.. I expect the majority in Beijing and Shanghai cities to have been vaccinated by the equivalent of 3 shots of Sinovac or SinoPharm. - UP: 1

如果他们现在费心检测的话,感染中国的主要病毒仍然是 "BA.5",这是奥密克戎的一种,而众所周知它引起的症状非常轻微和很少的住院治疗。BA.5自7月份左右开始在香港出现,并在9月份达到所谓的高峰,然后大约在上周,当其他更新的子变体超过1.1万大关时,感染率开始上升。无论如何,感染的症状仍然非常相同,轻微,很少需要全面的 ICU 护理。香港的感染率之所以偏低,是因为以前接种过疫苗,其中大部分人接种了3针科兴疫苗.. 我估计北京和上海的大多数人已经接种了3针科兴或国药疫苗。

Shaun K.
China had alot of Sinovac or SinoPharm which were not injected to everyone.. if China had bothered to have most at least vaccinated before last month, the infections would not have been so deadly or requiring hospitalisation or intensive care..An example is Hong Kong that relied on Sinovac up to 3 shots and our hospitals are still quite free.. - UP: 1

中国有很多科兴和国药疫苗,但并不是所有人都注射了... 如果中国在上个月之前至少费心地给大多数人接种疫苗,感染就不会如此致命,也不会需要住院或重症监护了.. 香港就是一个例子,当时依赖3针的科兴疫苗,我们的医院仍然很有余裕..

John H.
mRNA is now proven to be a $100 billion profit disaster; it is dangerous with excess deaths now hiting the 20% mark. Everything from heart to blood clots and over 200 now recognised adverse affects, many life threatening.mRNA is an ICU treatment that is not a vaccine, that does not prevent contation, does not prevent transmission and is only useful if the virus crosses the mucus blood barrier from the upper respitory system to the blood. It is a con and we are endangering all those that have taken the protocol. It is for ICU treatment. We have been lied to and all for the greed of Big Pharma. China has long been so succesful in holding the virus at bay and has done astonishingly well in its priority to save lives. China must continue this strategy and not fall for the lies of an unproven dangerous protocol. The extant vaccines are excellent with 86% effective rates on vaccination, unlike mRNA that becomes less effective and requires 3 shots and boosters every few months. Faucci is now a multiumillionaire having sold his soul and of our people; off the death and misery profits are made by these elements, our so called experts have lied and all for the maintainance of a protocol of treatment that is no such thing. - UP: 1

mRNA 现在被证明是一个1000亿美元的利益灾难。它很危险,现在超额死亡人数已达到20%大关。从心脏到血栓,现在已经有超过200种不良反应,许多危及生命。mRNA 是一种 ICU 治疗方法,它不是疫苗,不能防止感染,不能防止传播,只有当病毒从上呼吸道系统穿过粘液血液屏障进入血液时才有用。
这是一个骗局,我们正在危及所有那些已经接受协议的人。它是用于ICU治疗的。我们被大型制药企业的贪婪欺骗了。长期以来,中国在遏制病毒方面一直非常成功,在拯救生命这一优先事项上也做得惊人的好。中国必须继续实施这一战略,不能被未经证实的危险协议的谎言所迷惑。现在的疫苗很优秀,接种的有效率为86%,不像 mRNA 那样会变得不那么有效,需要每隔几个月打3针和加强针。福奇现在是一个出卖灵魂和我们人民的千万富翁,这些人从死亡和痛苦中获利,我们所谓的专家在撒谎,都是为了维持一个没有任何意义的治疗方案。

Den L.
its not the vaccine.. its just that its inly now that omicron start to surge in China after it loosen control of the spread... countries around the world suffer the same fate.. be it uses the Mrna or sino vac... it will surge in a very fast pace and down...US just hyping the situation.. - UP: 0

不是因为疫苗的问题.. 只是现在,中国放松对传播的控制之后,奥密克戎开始在中国激增... 世界各国都遭受着同样的命运.. 无论是接种 mRNA 疫苗还是科兴疫苗,它会以非常快的速度激增,然后下降。美国只是在炒作这种形势..

Shaun K.
Also if you are elderly, and you are regularly taking statins to lower your cholesterol then the treatment for covid when you have not been vaccinated yet, the new drug, Paxlovid is not right..There is a clash between this antiviral drug and consuming statin for lowering cholesterol..I think people in China should have taken their vaccination of Sinovac or SinoPharm when they were finding success with mechanical means of suppressing the spread of covid..- UP: 0