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文章原始标题:The Wandering Earth 2


A Chinese science fiction movie surprisingly great
EthanForever24 January 2023
I've heard of a lot of so-called "high-budget" Chinese films, and the vast majority of them are unimpressive, but this one is completely different.
The special effects are great, with minor flaws, but they don't affect the viewing experience; The narrative has weakened individual heroism, and it is overall more towards a grand narrative. The middle part of the emotional portrayal is rather stiff, so the actual rating is 9/10, but I will give it an extra because Marvel movies these years suck.
Overall, this sci-fi movie manages to tell a pretty attractive story with good visual effects, and it comes from China. It's nice to see new competition in the sci-fi movie industry.
BTW, some critics think that there are parts of the movie that put too much emphasis on nationalism, which I think is a bit overstated. It seems to be more about some of the plots or statements that people associate with their stereotypes of China, rather than the movie itself emphasizing a political ideology.


Much better than I thought
b-7811028 January 2023
It really hit my soul. This movie correctly show the spirit of china. The story is original, the special effects is very true, without thinking the possibility of science, the idea of space-elevator is shocking, which is the most favorite part I like. The feelings of people in front of disaster, is very true. As human, we're selfish when it comes to our family, but we could be great when it comes to the survival of human. There's no difference of nation, but as one entire human, we could choose to create a better future.
First, the family; then the nation; lastly, the world. With greate power, greate responsibility.


This film from China opened a new world for me.
Deserted025 January 2023
Once the best science fiction film in my mind was Interstellar , but this film from China opened a new world for me. Its thinking about the future of mankind is completely different from the personal heroism of Hollywood. I didn't think that collectivism was so magnificent. I think we should seriously consider this issue. The film also discusses the relationship between AI and people. The plot is very deep, the picture is beautiful, and the sound effect is also great. I think Hollywood needs to make changes. I'm tired of the old plot.
This film is the best science fiction film in recent years, just like Interstellar . Interstellar is the latest bestest film of science fiction films that any science fiction fan can't ignore. It perfectly shows the awesome romance of the universe. Cooper is in a different gravitational environment, and the time passed on him is different from the earth. In a moment, there are countless days and nights in the remote hometown. In a moment, there is eternity. It really shocked me at that time. But there are two problems. Cooper can say that his responsibility is to look for light, and Brand can say that he is carrying despair. What despair? Because mankind has given up, the world is desperate, the government and the people have given up. This kind of lonely burden on the whole world is really magnificent, but it is really unreal. Just like his ending, the five-dimensional space is too beautiful to be true. And I can understand that love can cross the Milky Way, can it cross time and space? It's fantastic.
But The Wandering Earth 2 is different. It is true that every flower, every tree, every person, and every thing are like the future that will happen soon. From the beginning of the vast space elevator project, the automatic takeover of quantum computers, including the details of Liu Peiqiang's multifunctional robot for security inspection,it shocked me deeply. It seems to be the same sense of reality as the recorded video sent 20 years later. In particular, the design of the space elevator, which is propelled by rocket and pulled by magnetic force, is too detailed, too real and too powerful. Every step of action has an operational plan in The Wandering Earth II. The feasibility verification of planetary engines, the upgrading and iteration of quantum computers, the training of astronauts, the lunar push-off plan, the lunar collapse plan, and the Internet root server restart plan. All these have steps, plans and implementation; In the process, there are command organizations, technical personnel, and alternative solutions. This is the real hard-core science fiction setting. Saving humanity necessarily requires the unity of the whole humanity. Science fiction, science fiction, theory can be fantasy, engineering should be closer to reality. Otherwise, it would be too much less scientific to imagine.
The dream of Interstellar beauty, while The Wandering Earth 2 is thick and real,and still beautiful to the extreme.


A milestone of Asian Sci-Fi movie, totally competing with Hollywood.
jungle-5054525 January 2023
The achievement of this movie is beyond art and film itself. It's a milestone of Asian Sci-Fi movies, a new chapter. Hollywood is not dominated Sci-Fi movie any more. The Sci-Fi scene is fantastic, epic and gorgeous! The space war, the spacecraft, the space elevator, and the solar storm are all incredibly awesome! More than the science part, the father-daughter love and the sacrifice of senior astronauts are touching. As well, even though all humankind is facing the disaster of the earth's destruction, the nations are still in conflict, which is thought-provoking. I am super looking forward to "Wandering Earth 3".


the greatest sai-fi moive I've ever seen
healex-4741223 January 2023
A movie with love, family, friendship, unity, hope, and coexisting. If you connect it with the current environment of our planet, you will find the greatest part of this movie. And you definitely will be touched. In our current planet, it emphsis on unity, coexisting, and help each other are the only hope for human civilazition to contine. I m touched many times and got tears dropped during watch this movie. In most movies, we always emphasis that AI is really bad when it got self-developed ability, but within this movie, it saved earth and will continue protect human and earth. This is the greatest sai fi movie in the film history of China and really really worthy to watch. Looking forward wandering earth 3.


Hope it is the begining of a Chinese Sci-fi Golden Age
hyperionjust25 January 2023
Compared to TWE1 (which literally was an audacious try with not-so-generous investment) , TWE 2 improves way more in terms of technology and plot design.
Personally I think 8/10 is a good representation of its quality, but i'll give it 10/10 considering it's importance for the entire Chinese Sci-fi development.
Good part: Great CGI and some good camera language, good plot design(although parts of the story/diaglogue require a basic understanding of modern chinese history to support, or otherwise they might be confusing or melodramatic for people without this knowlegde or cultural background) , very different from a Hollywood hero story but its overall good quality makes it entertainable. Frankly speaking it is probably more internationalistic than most Hollywood Sci-fi films with many characters from all over the world to contribute significant amount of effort and push the story forward.
Bad Part: 3hr length is just too long for many audience and a one-minute break to go to the restroom may result in difficulty to catch up with the story flow. Some jokes and rationale of actions can only be understood by Chinese audience and might seem odd for the rest of the audience. The sense of collectivism and nationalism may also create some discomfort especially for deep believers of traditional US liberalism.
But overall i'm happy to see a movie like this come out, and i truly hope china can make more sci-fi movies with better quality and better storytelling to provide more ways of thinking to the world's audience. Afterall, collision of ideas is what keeps us moving forward.


Much better than the 1st one
jsbms-5934024 January 2023
If you didn't care too much for the first one, go see this prequel anyways!!! It is so good, exceeded my expectations in every way. The storyline is not without its flaws, but 170 mins flew by. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! Wish there is an IMAX showing near me, but definitely worth to watch this masterpiece in theaters either way!
My husband, who does not understand any Chinese, enjoyed movie a lot as well. The US showing has both English and Chinese subtitles, which would be helpful for any English speakers. It is such a joy to see the 3 body problem (the tencent TV show) and Wandering Earth II in the same week, what a time to be alive!