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文章原始标题:China Built a Hypersonic Generator That Could Power Unimaginable Weapons


Turning gas into plasma creates an intense electrical current for powering potent hypersonic weapons.
Chinese researchers built a hypersonic generator that could power military lasers, rail guns, and microwave weapons.
The relative compact nature of the hypersonic generator opens the scope of potential uses.


Chinese scientists say one formidable explosion inside a shock tunnel can turn hot gas into the most powerful hypersonic generator a military has ever seen—strong enough to charge military lasers, rails guns, microwave weapons, and more.


The Chinese scientists were able to use a controlled detonation to turn hot gas into a plasma filled with racing ions, which converted to current. With shock waves accelerating the compressed argon gas to 14 times the speed of sound, the charged ion-filled plasma then passed through magnetohydrodynamics generators to produce electric current up to 212 kilowatts while using .26 gallons of gas. That’s enough power for a burst of energy unlike anything available now in a compact system.


“It has a large capacity and high efficiency," the scientists write, via the SCMP. “There is no need for intermediate energy storage components. The energy can be directly transferred to the load without a high-power switch. And the device can start up quickly.” The generator also has no rotating parts, increasing efficiency and ease of use.


With some of the largest weapons in development requiring a gigawatt of input energy, the researchers say they can produce that with 177 cubic feet of hypersonic plasma (that’s smaller than most vans).


China isn’t ready to deploy the new system just yet. There are plenty of logistical hurdles to sort out in how to transport a device that requires controlled detonation, and just how to handle the gas needed for a second charge when on the move. Still, if the next iteration of the science offers up an automated reloading of the technology, China’s hypersonic weapons just got a colossal burst of power.


That's the reason we won't survive as a species. Anytime a breakthrough is made, the decisions discussed are how can we use this as a weapon, not how can we use this to benefit mankind. And I'm not talking about Chinese, Russians, Americans or any other nationality; I'm talking about humans. We could all be living in a paradise if people could get along, but that's not our nature. - UP: 286 DN: 7


The US has a defense budget that's almost a trillion a year. It's become a corrupt industry that sells the military high-tech weapons that we'll never use. It's fraught with waste and fraud. - UP: 10 DN: 1


Mike R
That's the first thing I thought as well. Isn't there some commercial application? Everyone has been working on cold fusion as a power source, what about this? - UP: 0 DN: 0


I believe this is a fake news, because if it is genuine, the CCP will never release this weapon information with technical details, because it has always been regarded as extremely confidential by China. Therefore, it is most likely that the CCP deliberately unveiled this false information in order to intimidate or fool the West. - UP: 0 DN: 1


The Chinese had gun powder for several hundred years without ever using its explosive power as a weapon. It was immediately used as a weapon once christians got their hands on it. That 'religion of peace' is the source of the problem...not human nature. - UP: 0 DN: 1

中国人拥有火药长达数百年了,却从未将其爆炸威力用作武器。但基督徒一得到它,就立刻被用作武器了。“和平宗教”才是问题的根源... 而不是人性。

Antonio Margheriti
One would hope AI will take over and send these oppressive regimes into submission. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Dave G
I always wondered if the second amendment would ever be applicable to futuristic hi-tech handheld weapons that use say an energy cartridge rather than a magazine. At some point technology will make guns as we know them obsolete. - UP: 83 DN: 8


It’s my right to own a light saber - UP: 18 DN: 0


Nope, swords are illegal to carry! You will however still be allowed to carry a piece! - UP: 0 DN: 0


Republican Voted Against Trump
For those of you who downplay this out of spite or out of habit, remember that China put a rover on the moon. They are now only second to the US in terms of new tech development. It's not just cheap toys anymore. We should take this seriously. On the other hand, if it's news out of Russia then it's a lot less credible. - UP: 53 DN: 9


Today the Chinese lead the world in Science. Too bad American kids schools don't help us lead the world anymore. Why Chinese/Asian Americans are the best scientists in USA today. They respect education and cherish knowledge. - UP: 10 DN: 2

今天,中国人在科学方面处于世界领先地位。 遗憾的是,美国的儿童学校不再帮助我们领导世界了。为什么华裔/亚裔美国人是当今美国最好的科学家。他们尊重教育,珍惜知识。

Charles > 1000101
The truth hurts now don't it. - UP: 0 DN: 0


greg > 1000101
you mean we can't steal their stuff like they steal ours? - UP: 0 DN: 0


The MM. > Destiny2Peace
China also reached Mars & have a Space Station as we speak, they sent their first astronaut in 2003, amazing what they achieved in 20 yrs. - UP: 7 DN: 4


velma > velma
How much technology did they steal?How much tech did they develop? - UP: 6 DN: 6


robert > robert
Imagine if nations shared information and worked together for the common good of mankind. Never mind, that is just communism so it must be evil, right? - UP: 0 DN: 1


Spook2 > velma
What did they achieve? That tech was built by the US and the Soviet Union during 5heir space race. All China needed to do was build the appropriate hardware because all 5he heavy lifting had already been done. - UP: 1 DN: 2


Mao > velma
Chinese play a big part in US rocket space program. A founding member of JPL is a chinese. - UP: 0 DN: 0

中国人在美国的火箭太空计划中发挥着重要作用。 喷气推进实验室的创始人之一就是中国人。

Stephen > Destiny2Peace
Japan, Germany and South Korea and probably others are way ahead of China in terms of actually building high tech things. China has such a shortage of scientists and at least as important technician and engineers to actually make machinery. - UP: 7 DN: 13


Charles > Charles
Maybe, but we do a good job in making China richer by buying all those cheap "made in China" products. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Charles > Destiny2Peace
And we need to stop buying all those cheap toys. keep our money in this country. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Brendan > Destiny2Peace
Actually, they lead the world in new patents, not the US, but yea, I get you. - UP: 0 DN: 0


John > Destiny2Peace
I'm not to worried about China. All bluster and no resolve. - UP: 0 DN: 2


Jack > Destiny2Peace
Maybe it’s time for China to take over as superpower. America is doing a terrible job. - UP: 0 DN: 0


DA > Destiny2Peace
stolen tech - UP: 2 DN: 8


Onbeyondzen > Destiny2Peace
Yup. Wake up, you lazy, undisciplined, preoccupied with gender/sexuality, spoiled rotten Americans. An enemy who you don't care to think about has you and your comfy, self-congratulatory, precious life style, and we are not talking about just social media. We are talking about missiles and war. Ukraine is the first casualty. We are losing like that frog in a slowly heating pot of water. Wake up! - UP: 0 DN: 0


Jonboy > Jonboy
China has a history of technological advances. Their civilization had certain things even before western civilization had them.. they went through a lull but now it seems as though they’ve not only caught up, but are exceeding.. it really won’t be long. Their country is unhindered in many regards, that their western opponents are chained by. Whether we like it or not, they will be a force to be reckoned with and when the reckoning comes it will be painful for everyone. - UP: 26 DN: 6

中国有一段技术进步的历史。他们的文明甚至在西方文明出现之前就有了某些东西... 他们经历了一段沉寂时期,但现在看来,他们不仅赶上来了,而且正在超越... 真的不会太久。他们国家在很多方面都是畅通无阻的,而他们的西方对手却被束缚着。不管我们喜欢与否,他们都将是一股不容忽视的力量,而当清算来临的时候,我们每个人都会感到痛苦。

Robobob > Robobob
Most of the biggest advances in late medieval times came from China; paper, gunpowder, printing, the compass. Europe, however, had some of the world's first corporations who knew how to better exploit that stuff to take over the world. - UP: 6 DN: 1


Nick > Robobob
Almost everything they have today was blatantly stolen from the west. The only reason they have a strong economy is because we handed them ours on a golden platter. yes they are force to be reckoned with because we stupidly made them a force to be reckoned with. - UP: 2 DN: 3


Exmachina > Exmachina
If we want 230 mph trains, we will need to copy them. If we want to make 4K let alone 8K HDTVs same. We can pretend we excel, but our educational system turns out 1/4 the number of engineers. Look also at international PISA scores of student achievement. Look around your home - where do your best electronic devices come from? - UP: 3 DN: 0

如果我们想要230英里/小时的火车,我们需要复制他们的。如果我们想制造4K的高清电视也是一样,更不用说8K了。我们可以假装自己很优秀,但我们的教育系统培养出来的工程师只有他们的四分之一。还可以看看国际 PISA 学生成绩的分数。看看你家里,你最好的电子设备来自哪里?

Jonboy > Exmachina
You act like the west didn’t steal or acquire certain ideas that paved the way for others. Regardless of how it was acquired, even if gifted, the point still stands that plenty of early innovation came out of China that the west benefit from. - UP: 0 DN: 0


not applicable > Robobob
“Their country is unhindered in many regards, that their western opponents are chained by.” you mean like freedom? - UP: 0 DN: 0


Jonboy > Jonboy
Sure certain freedoms, ethics, their nation is for the most part more homogenous, which deletes half the problems western nations, deal with. I’m not denying they have certain social issues, but they’re few compared to the west. Genetically and culturally they are more the same than not and it adds unity in ways the west has none of. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Harvey > Harvey
how about we power houses and industry, not weapons. - UP: 102 DN: 2


David > David
It's a great thought, and historically the civilian sector often benefits from military technology. Canned food, duct tape, penicillin, GPS, and the internet were all developed for military applications first. - UP: 2 DN: 0


Frank Lee Doobyus > David
That's the first question that occurred to me too, Harvey. If the process can "produce electric current up to 212 kilowatts while using .26 gallons of gas," there has to be a capability to power electricity for peaceful applications. Two questions, however: 1. How plentiful and accessible is argon gas and 2. If the explosion is so powerful it's currently only done in an underground tunnel, how is the weapon platform going to be anything but HUGE and massive? - UP: 2 DN: 1


Jake > David
it last for 0.0001 seconds. it can not power anything that is not a spike demand. - UP: 3 DN: 1


hector m > David
Blame the USA, because they're the one's who militarize everything, so other countries have to keep up. - UP: 0 DN: 0


cIFER > David
They learned from America how to become power hungry - UP: 0 DN: 1


TrumpleD > TrumpleD
We need to downsize our role in policing the world. Downsize our military and focus on research and education. We're seriously falling behind in most metrics of success and we can't continue investing in arms over "butter." - UP: 22 DN: 6


Michael > Michael
Yeah, how could we possibly have a military and invent new things at the same time? I mean we only have one brain that can think and plan. The US literally just pioneered immunotherapy and is driving in AI, electric cars, private space flights, etc.... All while having a military. We are more than capable of doing multiple things as a country. - UP: 1 DN: 0

是啊,我们怎么可能一边拥有军队一边发明新东西呢?我们只有一个大脑来思考和计划。不过,美国实际上刚刚开创了免疫疗法,并且在人工智能、电动汽车、私人太空飞行等... 所有这些都是在拥有军队的同时。作为一个国家,我们完全有能力做多种事情。

Jim Bradly > Michael
I notice how Yahoo reporters get so excited and love anything China comes up with. After all, Yahoo supports communism whole heartedly. I seem to recall so many times the Soviet Union had produced "Doomsday machines", but after the fall of the Soviets, when we able to pick apart their weaponry, we found most of it to be decades behind us. Probably the same bloviate that's coming from China now. - UP: 11 DN: 19


Dr. B00t > Dr. B00t
reading isn't one of your strong suits, it clearly says that this is a popular mechanics article.it doesn't fit in with your fantastic narrative so you just ignore that fact.very convenient - UP: 11 DN: 3


Jim Bradly > Jim Bradly
I wasn't ignoring anything. Popular Mechanics hypes all kinds of stuff. Yahoo hones in on anything that might give communism a chance to conquer the USA. Like most other lamestream fake news media, they hate the USA, and want to hold up anything that makes any other country (especially a communist one) look somehow superior, no matter how fake or fantastic the source. - UP: 0 DN: 2


Jubal > Dr. B00t
Y'all understand that Yahoo doesn't write these stories? The source for this one was Popular Mechanics! If you have an issue it's with the Yahoo Editors who cherry pick these stories. - UP: 1 DN: 0


TakingBackTheTruth > Dr. B00t
Dude, Yo...This isn't a Yahoo article. Yahoo just picks up all the stories from other sources. You really should spend more time learning instead of "Bloviating". - UP: 1 DN: 0

哥们... 这不是雅虎的文章。雅虎只是从其他来源收集所有的故事。你真的应该花更多的时间学习而不是“喋喋不休”。

Sd > Sd
Whether you write trash or endorse trash it's still garbage - UP: 0 DN: 0


Hariadi > Hariadi
i do hope america comes to its sense...don't go to war with china. just don't. compete in commerce and trade but don't ever think military victory is guaranteed. - UP: 15 DN: 2

我真心希望美国能理智一点... 不要和中国开战。不要。在商业和贸易方面竞争,但永远不要认为军事胜利是有必然的。

Expendable Assets > Expendable Assets
Do WE have this tech? If not, can we buy some from China? I ask this because it turns hot gas into energy. FINALLY - a use for our politicians. - UP: 6 DN: 0

我们有这种技术吗?如果没有,我们能从中国买一些吗?我这么问是因为它能把高温气体转化为能量。终于... 我们的政客有用武之地了。

knowhow > knowhow
Big Deal! Our Military is holding classes on Diversity and Sexual Identity. So take that China! - UP: 73 DN: 11


Kosciusko > Kosciusko
& our Tax $$ are eaten up by transgender surgery. - UP: 8 DN: 10


terry > terry
Could not that energy supply batteries to power electrical grids? - UP: 15 DN: 2


carl > carl
Grid cannot take it - UP: 2 DN: 0


Tony > carl
it’s an extreme way of generating power. fine for weapons but not practical e.g. expensive and dangerous. - UP: 0 DN: 0


My wife wont get a third job. > carl
Nope. we need more toys in the toy box. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Jj > Jj
They are doing this while we argue over wokeness. This Country is gonna get curb stomped if we don't unify and become Americans again and not liberals or conservatives. - UP: 76 DN: 12


DeSantis for GOP in 2024 > Butters
But isnt that the plan? Divide and conquer right? - UP: 6 DN: 1

但这不就是那个计划吗? 分而治之,对吧?

------ > Butters
It's inevitable from the looks of things - UP: 5 DN: 0


George > Butters
United we stand, divided we fall. - UP: 2 DN: 0


B R > Butters
"They are doing this while we argue over wokeness."Yea, because the US isn't investing anything in research. Oh wait we are. - UP: 0 DN: 2


B Viney > Butters
The research of Diversity and Sexual Identity. - UP: 0 DN: 7


John > Butters
China cannot even feed its people. They import all of their food and oil. - UP: 0 DN: 0


JoeDragonX > JoeDragonX
Cool but maybe they should concentrate on learning how to navigate large balloons first. - UP: 31 DN: 8


Tiny > Tiny
What is their problem with that? They navigated one across the country. - UP: 3 DN: 0


Robert > Tiny
America should learn how to shoot them down before touring all the missile silos first 🙄 - UP: 2 DN: 0


Nativegenocidesforlands > Tiny
come on, u useless crashed your multi billions dollars sub into under sea mountain....lollololol. And Chinese weather balloon only cost maybe 500k.... ...lolol - UP: 0 DN: 0

得了吧,你们这些没用的家伙把你们价值数十亿的潜艇撞到了海底山脉... 哈哈哈。而中国的气象气球只需要50万... 哈哈

Hai > Hai
Stop trading nor investing with China companies. - UP: 35 DN: 8


r > r
Good principle BUT totally impractical. - UP: 2 DN: 0


siamcharm > r
few are aware that we sell far more to the chinese than they do to us. do some homework. - UP: 1 DN: 0


caz > r
You missed that news special where the guy was anti China, and they asked him if they could remove everything in his home that had at least some component made in China. He was left with an American flag, the rest of his house was completely empty. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Sweet_Poison > r
Then what do you go for all your Amazon shopping? - UP: 1 DN: 0


Asian libertarian > r
Yellen and Bliken are begging China to buy our debts. - UP: 1 DN: 0


siamcharm > siamcharm
we have been greatly abusing the dollar with seizures, sanctions and debasement. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Tony > Tony
Here in the US, half the country is unable to define what is a woman. - UP: 47 DN: 9


rodica > rodica
Shh... we don't say woman anymore. It's offesive to the trans community, to the confused community, to unsuspecting brainwashed children and teenagers, to opportunistic delusional woke activists, to the binary-non binary-multi binary-gender fluid-pan sexual and whatever idiocy will come up next. - UP: 3 DN: 0

嘘... 我们不再说“女人”了。这是对跨性别群体的冒犯、是对性别困惑群体的冒犯、是对毫无戒心的被洗脑的儿童和青少年的冒犯、是对机会主义的妄想型觉醒活动家的冒犯、是对二元性别、非二元性别、多元性别、流动性别、泛性别以及接下来会出现的任何傻逼的冒犯。

SUNNY > yahoo!!
They are shameless thieves of US Intellectual Property - UP: 1 DN: 1


Tammy > Frank
If US tech is so great why arent Russia and China using it? Most U.S. hypersonic weapons, in contrast to those in Russia and China, are not being designed for use with a nuclear warhead. As a result, U.S. hypersonic weapons will likely require greater accuracy and will be more technically challenging to develop than nuclear-armed Chinese and Russian systems. Who invented hypersonic technology?Hypersonic weapons have been studied in China since the 1950s, notably by rocket scientist Qian Xuesen, known as the country's “father of space technology”. Qian proposed a design for a hypersonic glide vehicle as early as 1948. - UP: 1 DN: 1


According to ChatGPT: The first hypersonic missile was developed by the Soviet Union (now Russia) in the late 1950s and early 1960s. This missile, known as the Yu-71 or the R-37, was a long-range air-to-air missile that was capable of traveling at hypersonic speeds, meaning speeds in excess of Mach 5.The development of the Yu-71 marked a significant milestone in the field of missile technology and represented a major advance in the capabilities of air-to-air missiles. It was considered to be one of the most advanced missiles of its time and was widely regarded as a significant technological achievement.Since then, several other countries, including the United States, China, and India, have also developed hypersonic missiles, and hypersonic technology continues to be an area of active research and development. These missiles have a range of potential military and civilian applications, including fast global strike capabilities, hypersonic cruise missiles, and hypersonic gliders for use in reconnaissance and surveillance missions. - UP: 0 DN: 0

根据ChatGPT生成:第一枚高超音速导弹是由苏联(现在的俄罗斯)在20世纪50年代末和60年代初研制的。这种被称为 Yu-71或 R-37的导弹是一种远程空对空导弹,能够以高超音速飞行,即速度超过5马赫。Yu-71的研制标志着导弹技术领域的一个重要里程碑,也代表着空空导弹能力的一个重大进步。它被认为是当时最先进的导弹之一,被广泛认为是一项重大的技术成就。此后,包括美国、中国和印度在内的其他几个国家也开发了高超音速导弹,高超音速技术仍然是一个活跃的研究和发展领域。这些导弹有一系列潜在的军事和民用应用,包括快速全球打击能力,高超音速巡航导弹,以及用于侦察和监视任务的高超音速滑翔机。

Zoomuin > Frank
Please provide details of it, if possible. - UP: 1 DN: 0


Lakesidechat > Frank
who cares, they got it now ! My country would have stole it too.....America has stolen plenty.... - UP: 0 DN: 0

管他的呢,他们现在有技术了!我们国家也会去偷它... 美国已经偷了很多东西了...

hector m > Frank
And yet, the USA has failed three times to get their hypersonic missile. That, is a proven fact! - UP: 0 DN: 0


Tammy > Frank
Show me the evidence - UP: 0 DN: 0


AF > Frank
Yeah, Paper was invented by Americans - UP: 0 DN: 0


Jake > Jake
Take my kids to our state math competitions every year. Invariably, the 80% of the top 100 competitors are East Asians, and 15% are Indians, and 5% are white. - UP: 13 DN: 1


Soco > Tony
But we are very good at teaching kindergarten children about sexual identity issues....... The USA has lost its compass!!!! - UP: 2 DN: 1

但是我们很擅长教育幼儿园的孩子们关于性别认同的问题... 美国已经迷失方向了!!!

Jesse > Jesse
One thing that I do know is that Russia and China both have a huge habit of lying about capabilities. Why would I also not expect them to lie about scientific capabilities? Come on, China was furious that the US is blocking their chip ambitions. China doesn't even have the ability to produce chips the way that the US can. You expect me to believe that they've built a magical hypersonic plasma generator? Don't make me laugh. - UP: 5 DN: 1


U.S. cannot produced chips without the Dutch equipment. What U.S. can do China can't is to call upon Europe to comply with their politicized attacks on China's economic development. - UP: 4 DN: 0


siamcharm > siamcharm
its too late. china has own equipment.we are in for a big shock over next few years. - UP: 0 DN: 1


trumpocolipse > ECHE
most of their "discoveries" are built upon the work of western science and technology. very little of chinese or russian technology is from ground breaking research. most of china and russia was pulling rickshaws and potatoes 50yrs ago. you don't advance that fast without help from espionage. - UP: 0 DN: 0


siamcharm > siamcharm
you're 20 years out of date. tshingua is number one in many science areas. we depend on chinese nationals in all our unis. - UP: 0 DN: 1


Dawit > ECHE
US is buying chips from Tiawan, Which belongs to china - UP: 0 DN: 0


trumpocolipse > trumpocolipse
taiwan is using chip manufacturing technology developed in the west and the machines are built in the EU. most everything there are either copies or improvements on copies. for instance, the basic building block of modern electronics, the transistor and from that the processor are from decades of development of the western engineering. our rockets are still the most powerful. - UP: 1 DN: 0


Jerry > Jerry
All this hyper weapons stuff is scare tactics. All objects flying through air gets very hot the higher the speed. Material so far disintegrate and fail apart. Why do you think we have special tiles on re-entry vehicles? Tiles are expensive and bulky. Space is a different issue. No one not even the Russian have solved it even though they claim they have. Hyper sonic Mach 5 to 6 is the limit right now. Some day maybe. - UP: 4 DN: 2


Rusty > Aaron
These are weapons no humans inside not going to be reused . Heat shielding doesn't really matter only enough to protect the payload to delivery . - UP: 0 DN: 0


Daniel > Daniel
Wishful thinking... they are ahead of the us in Nuclear science because it has been unpopular for the last 3 decades for US based university professors and Federal grant funding... - UP: 0 DN: 2

一厢情愿的想法... 他们在核科学方面比我们领先,因为在过去的30年里,核科学在美国的大学教授和联邦拨款中一直不受欢迎...

Leslie > Tony
we have weapon that can shoot gas balloons. - UP: 1 DN: 0


TakingBackTheTruth > TakingBackTheTruth
As I'm sure you're aware, we didn't use a pin or a gun, it was a sidewinder missile. - UP: 0 DN: 0


joe > joe
Sounds like hypersonic is the new buzzword in weaponry. Just include it in the title of any new weapon - UP: 9 DN: 1


siamcharm > siamcharm
hypersonic means it travels at mach 6 plus - UP: 0 DN: 0


Bill > friend from afar
what kind of gas? - UP: 0 DN: 0


Jeremiah > Jeremiah
the article says the Chinese used argon gas. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Jay > Jay
This is exactly why we should cooperate and work with China for betterment of mankind instead of us picking a fight. Everyday we read the US bashing China for something. It will not work and needs to stop. Continuing Imperialism by US will dome us. Creating partnerships for global interest is the right thing to do. - UP: 1 DN: 0


w > w
Totally correct. We banned China from the “international”space station, they build their own. Together we’re better! - UP: 0 DN: 0


C Phelps > C Phelps
While young people in the US are concentrating on what gender to call themselves, China is developing weapons that can destroy the US in a heartbeat. - UP: 3 DN: 0


Carlos > Carlos
True. But the US already has weapons to burn the world over 10 times so there really isn't any point in more powerful weapons until people can travel through space. - UP: 1 DN: 0


BlueberryJoe > BlueberryJoe
Well China and Russia each produces 20% more engineers than the United States. STEM is emphasize way more than in the U.S. even NASA still gets its rocket engines from Russia...but everyone is surprised that Russia and China are not the Russia and China from the 1990s. Lol. They are a generation ahead of America in industrial/manufacturing capacity. US domestic society is too fractured and unstable and messy. It won't survive the collapse of the US dollar as world reserve. When BRICS leaves dollar, how will they afford to re-industrialize much less compete with 2 ancient societies that emphasize science education? - UP: 4 DN: 4

中国和俄罗斯各自培养的工程师比美国多出20%。比美国更强调STEM,甚至 NASA 的火箭发动机仍然是来自俄罗斯的... 但是所有人都很惊讶,俄罗斯和中国不是20世纪90年代的俄罗斯和中国。哈哈。在工业/制造能力方面,他们领先美国一代人。美国国内社会过于分裂、不稳定和混乱。如果作为世界储备货币的美元崩溃了,它将无法生存。当金砖国家放弃美元的时候,他们要怎么样承担起再工业化,更不用说与两个强调科学教育的古老社会竞争?

Tigerhaze > Steve
Industrial capacity is not the same as quality; China can't even make a supersonic jet engine that won't melt down. - UP: 0 DN: 1


coldest > coldest
I wish all countries could be peaceful and then we wouldn't need weapons of mass destruction . - UP: 3 DN: 2


hejira > hejira
Wish Russia would stop their petty wars and especially the use of pawns and terrorists to take the countries which have no desire to be a part of the corrupt Russian Federation. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Sonny > Sonny
Don't worry, they stole and copy it from U.S. military. Almost of all of military equipment are stole from U.S. military. They doesn't know how to design something from the start. Only copies and build. - UP: 1 DN: 0


chris > chris
Let's use all this cool new technology to make life better.... not for weapons. Just a thought. - UP: 3 DN: 0

让我们用所有这些酷炫的新技术来让生活更美好吧... 而不是用于武器。只是我的一个想法。

george > george
Must have been ”stolen” from “US technologies” that we have not yet invented. That’s the really scary thing. And, our politicians are so smart that they have this vision that “time goes backward”. In a few years we would have the same technology invented, which had already stolen by the Chinese years earlier. - UP: 2 DN: 1


Jack > Jack
Every 6 months or so China claims to have invented something, or had some technological break-through that the West has been stumped on. Then 6 months go by and they can't back up their claims. Repeat forever. They are still just stealing Western intellectual property, and thus will always be a few years behind on everything. - UP: 1 DN: 0


If China can do this, then one of our national labs can do it better and make it work. - UP: 3 DN: 1


CorruptGOP > CorruptGOP
Now you know what China does with all of the trade we have sent them over the last three decades. They make weapons to destroy us. - UP: 2 DN: 0


George > George
US needs more defense budget although US defense budget is about 3 times of China’s. Sooner or later, U.S. Treasury will be dragged down by an arms race. - UP: 1 DN: 0


Wakeup > Wakeup
Can it be floated by a giant balloon? In that case, it will be invisible because no one can seem to see those. - UP: 1 DN: 0


Hariadi > Hariadi
😅...you only make americans more insecure with this facts. spare them the details...they are still shaken over the balloon incident🤭 - UP: 3 DN: 0


Sounds like a lot of power, but it also sounds like it is one very short burst and then would need to be recharged for another burst. The article doesn't talk about sustained power. - UP: 0 DN: 0


Kevin > Kevin
I remember reading almost a year ago about China working on some futuristic weapons, I guess this is part of it. - UP: 2 DN: 0


Tom > Tom
China has proven that they don't need hypersonic weapons. They have balloons. - UP: 2 DN: 0


Mjolnir > Mjolnir
LOL. China is building things like this and we're over here trying to figure out which bathroom we want to use. - UP: 2 DN: 0


Jeremiah > Jeremiah
If that can be somehow transferred to an engine, maybe we can use it in space for travelling. Maybe, just maybe, this could be the beginnings of a warp drive... - UP: 0 DN: 0